Q--Monitor Technicians - Base + 3 Option Years - VALBHS AMENDMENT (A00001) to RFQ VA262-17-Q-2037

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
State: California
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • Q - Medical Services
NAICS Category:
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
Set Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Posted Date: Oct 11, 2017
Due Date: Oct 27, 2017
Solicitation No: VA26217Q2037
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Solicitation Number :
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Synopsis :
Added: Oct 04, 2017 12:25 pm Modified: Oct 11, 2017 2:50 pm Track Changes
A00001 to RFQ VA262-17-Q-2037


Q: For Factor 2 - Past Performance, will the VA accept past performance of key personnel rather than past performance of the business?

A: No, the past performance of a business will be the only factor evaluated.

The current proposed NAICS code is 561320 Temporary Help Services. The 2017 NAICS code definition for 561320 is: establishments primarily engaged in supplying workers to clients' businesses for limited periods of time to supplement the working force of the client. The individuals provided are employees of the temporary help services establishment. However, these establishments do not provide direct supervision of their employees at the clients' work sites. https://www.census.gov/cgibin/sssd/naics/naicsrch?input=561320&search=2017+NAICS+Search&search=2017

This contract is for one year, with 3 one-year options, with an annual hour allotment of 20,800 Hours (83,200 cumulative); by definition this service cannot be considered or categorized as temporary by the federal government, nor will the resultant Technicians be providing services to the VA for limited periods of time .

We respectfully request the Long Beach VA re-examine the NAICS code with its SB liaison. Q: Can the NAICS code be changed to the more appropriate NAICS Code 621999 - Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services? (which is defined as establishments primarily engaged in providing ambulatory health care services (except offices of physicians, dentists, and other health practitioners; outpatient care centers; medical and diagnostic laboratories; home health care providers; ambulances; and blood and organ banks)). https://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/sssd/naics/naicsrch

Further support for the 621999 NAICS code grouping, comes from the ONET portal as these technician belong to the 621 category Health Care and Social Assistance grouping, as supported by the multitude of cross-reference labor codes and definitions: https://www.onetcodeconnector.org/ccreport/29-2031.00.

A: After re-examination, NAICS code 561320 is the appropriate NAICS code for this acquisition. Personnel are required on an as-needed basis to supplement existing VALBHS staff. The requirement of 20,800 hours is the estimate needed for the base year of the IDIQ Contract only.

Changes to the Schedule of Service and Price will be amended to be as follows:

VALBHS - VA Tibor Rubin Medical Center, 5901 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90822







--Base Period: 11-01-2017 10-31-2018--


Monitor Technician









--Option Period One (1): 11-01-2018 10-31-2019--


Monitor Technician









--Option Period Two (2): 11-01-2019 10-31-2020--


Monitor Technician









--Option Period Three (3): 11-01-2020 10-31-2021--


Monitor Technician



Per B.5 of the solicitation:

#1 - There is a there is a Call requirement, Contract Monitor Technician providers shall reside within commuting distance of the VALBHS (within 50 miles).

#19.3 - Contract Monitor Technicians shall be available to work 24/7; including holidays, and shall participate in call coverage a minimum of two (2) weeks per month.

There is nothing in the solicitation that explains the call requirement or on-call process, nor is there any line item for on-call rate billing. Q: Can you please provide a detailed explanation to the on-call portion of this requirement and what the process will be for the organization that wins this contract, the monitor techs that are providing services, and how it affects the scheduling and billing for providers?

A: Contract Monitor Technicians are scheduled in advance on the bi-weekly unit work schedule. The VALBHS requires the contractor to find coverage when a contractor is unexpectedly unable to report for duty. The VALBHS may also call the contractor in an attempt to find coverage when VALBHS staff is unexpectedly unable to report for duty, but does not expect the vendor to guarantee availability to cover VALBHS staff call-outs.

Consequently, the language of call and on-call as well as Contract Monitor Technician providers shall reside within commuting distance of the VALBHS (within 50 miles) will be removed.

The remaining language will state, Contract Monitor Technicians shall be available to work 24-7.

Q: Can you please provide the current contract number for which these services are being provided by AHP, and the current number of hours and FTEs attached to the contract?

A: Current FSS Contract V797D-40320; Task Order VA262-17-F-4237. The period of performance is for four (4) months in an estimated quantity of 17,410 hours for Contract Monitor Technician services.

Per B.5 #2 Monitor Technicians are also referred to as EKG Monitor Technicians which corresponds with the SCA Code 12030 EKG Technicians attached to the solicitation. In order for pricing and competition to be level amongst the responding organizations, please confirm that the VA is categorizing these services as SCA code 12030 EKG Technicians with a minimum $30.63 hourly rate, as there are no other relevant codes that correspond. Q: If the VA is not categorizing these technicians under the 12030 SCA Code, can you please advise the appropriate code?

A: SCA code 12030 for EKG Technicians with a minimum $30.63 hourly rate will be utilized.

Q: In reference to the solicitation "10 FTE-EQUIVALENT MONITOR TECHNICIANS Sol No. VA26217Q2037", the SF 1449 states due date as Oct 25, 2017, but FBO states due date is Oct 20, 2017. Is Oct 25, 2017 the correct due date?

A: The Offer due date will be amended via RFQ VA262-17-Q-2037 as A00001 to October 27, 2017 (10-27-2017) for 12:00 Noon, PST.

On page 52 of 88 in the solicitation under item 12030 the wage determination amount is listed for EKG Technicians as $30.63. Q: Can you please confirm that this amount; $30.63 is the correct wage determination amount for an EKG Monitor Technician?

A: The wage determination listed for EKG Technicians under Section D.1 of the solicitation is the most current and up to date wage determination for the California county of Los Angeles.

On page 44 of 88 of the solicitation, it is stated that FAR clause 52.222-17, Non-displacement of Qualified Workers is applicable to this contract award. Q: Is there currently EKG monitor technicians performing work that would need to be considered upon award of this contract?

A: Yes, see the answer for question 4.

Q: Can the contracting team please confirm that it is anticipated that work will be performed "on-site" at the VA Tibor Rubin Medical Center at 5901 E 7th St. Long Beach, CA 90822?

A: Yes, the Contract Monitor Technician work will be performed on-site at the VA Tibor Rubin Medical Center at 5901 E 7th St. Long Beach, CA 90822.

On pages 10 - 11 of 88 in the solicitation the contracting team states that employees could be drug tested on-site, but it does not specify whether or not employees need to be drug tested prior to starting work. Q: As this is a common requirement, we anticipate that employees should be drug tested prior to starting work; can the contracting team please confirm this requirement?

A: Yes, employees will be drug tested prior to starting work.

Related to the on-boarding of employees, can the VA please outline what specifically what they are looking for in terms of background checks? We acknowledge the HHS/OIG Requirement listed as item 15, and the VA Directive and Handbook 0710, Personnel Suitability and security Program, but are unable to find specifics in regards to what tier monitor technicians are classified as, and what level of background checks will be required prior to approval and starting work. Q: Can you please clarify?

A: A National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) is the minimum level of investigation required of federal employees as a condition of employment with the federal government. This investigation is appropriate for positions designated as public trust positions that require responsible and trustworthy employees, but with no national security impact such as Contract Monitor Technicians.

The solicitation likewise references liability insurance on pages 49 and 50 of 88 in the solicitation. Q: Is the VA able to comment in any further degree of specificity regarding liability insurance requirements beyond the $1,000,000 limit?

A: In accordance with VAAR 852.237-7 Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance the following minimum liability insurance coverage levels shall apply to this contract:

General Liability of not less than: $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

The Contractor must present to the Contracting Officer, prior to award, evidence of general liability insurance without any exclusionary clauses that would void the general liability coverage.

Q: Can the contracting team please state what the dress code requirements for the employees will be?

A: (see below)

Personal Hygiene and Appearance. Contract Monitor Technician staff shall be neat, clean, well-groomed, and shall otherwise exercise good personal hygiene. Appropriate and professional attire shall be worn at all times; a laboratory style coat must be worn over scrubs when Contract Monitor technician staff is not performing duties in a clinical examination area, emergency or procedure rooms. Medical scrubs are not to be worn outside the facility.

Identification Badge. An identification (ID) badge will be issued by the VALBHS to Contract Monitor Technician staff providing services under the contract. The appropriate ID badge shall be worn at all times while on Government facility grounds, clearly displayed on the outermost garment (i.e., scrubs, coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, blouse, lab coat etc.).

On page 65 of the solicitation, under the General Instructions for Bidders, the solicitation refers to a CD being included with the submitted responses. Q: Would a thumb drive also be acceptable?

A: Yes, a thumb drive is acceptable.

Q: Where the solicitation has been released as an IDIQ contract, is it anticipated that additional employees beyond the initial 10 EKG Monitor Technicians will be required?

A: No, it is not anticipated additional employees beyond the initial 10 will be required.

Q: Can the contracting team please provide a current job description for the telemetry (EKG) monitoring technician position?

A: Telemetry monitor technicians are primarily responsible for noting changes in the condition of patients via continuous monitoring of EKG records on a central station monitor, as well as admitting and discharging patient from monitoring equipment and ensuring all telemetry boxes are returned and cleaned per hospital policy upon patient discharge. Technicians are also responsible for alerting appropriate clinical providers of changes in patient condition which require assessment, and proper preparation of documentation of patient statuses for placement into patient records.

On page 65 of the formal solicitation section (b)(i) it indicates that a CD with an electronic version of the offer needs to be included as part of the proposal. It then states in section (c); three paragraphs down that the priceless shall also be included on a compact disk. Considering the granularity of the proposal submission and formatting requirements we'd like to confirm that a pricelist needs to be submitted on a separate CD. Q: Is that correct?

A: Yes, please include the pricelist on a separate CD (or thumb drive per question 14).

Q: Will the Post-Award Conference be conducted on-site or via conference call?

A: If a post-award conference is desired, it will be conducted via conference call.

Q: May you kindly provide historical hourly utilization of Overtime (OT) rates for hours worked by incumbent staff beyond the normal tour of duty of six (6), twelve (12) hour shifts, and one (1) eight-hour shift amounting to eighty (80) hours per two (2) week period?

A: Unknown at this time.

Q: Can you please provide the OT historical utilization averages on a daily, weekly, and month basis?

A: Unknown at this time.

Q: Based on pricing sheets, is the new contract services projected to commence on 1 November 2017? If not, what is the projected contract implementation date?

A: On or about December 1, 2017 (12-01-2017).

Q: Can we request a formula based calculation on the Estimated Quantity Hours of 20,800 for the base period, and reflected Option Periods on what appears to be Regular Hours?

A: Estimated 10 contract monitor technicians multiplied (x) by an estimated 2,080 hours per technician = estimated 20,080 hours.

10 x 2,080 = 20,800 hours (estimated)

Q: Who prepares the scheduling of routine, OT, and on-call coverage requirements?

A: The Nursing Supervisor of the assigned work area is responsible for the scheduling of contract personnel, including routine shifts and OT. On-Call scheduling is not used for contract monitor technicians.

Q: Is there currently an incumbent staff of 17 or 10 FTE Monitor Techs?

A: No there is not an incumbent staff of 17 or 10 FTE Monitor Techs.

Q: How many civil servant Monitor Techs exist within the relevant functional areas of service for this contract?

A: Five (5) FTEE.

Is the incumbent contract considered a FTE and Per Diem business model, and is that the expectation for this follow-on contract?

A: No, the incumbent contract is not considered an FTE and Per Diem business model; this contract is considered a new requirement.

Q: What is the number of Back-up Staff on the incumbent contract?

A: None (0).

Q: Out of the existing incumbent staff, what is the percentage of those contracted staff that the facility would like to see the follow-on contract retain as part of their contract staff?

A: Unknown at this time.

Q: What is the number of incumbent staff that holds the preferred Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification?

A: 100% of incumbent staff holds ACLS certification.

Q: Can you please advise as to if the facility will accept and consider (beyond the candidate resume) a written statement by the candidate as to their experience base regarding the nine (9) listed skill set requirements?

A: Facility will only consider resumes and may request to conduct interviews with potential candidates on a case by case basis.

Q: What is the on-boarding turn-around time from point of candidate profile acceptance by the facility?

A: Depending on background processing times at national program office, turn-around time is approximately 30-60 days.

Based on the minimum of eight (8) and maximum of ten (10) candidate profiles required with submission of bid response Q: what is the number of techs (beyond the 10 FTEs, if any) that the Facility will review and approve as back-up/replacement provider staff?

A: The facility does not have a requirement in terms of a number of contractors to be reviewed/approved for back up staff. The number of back up staff needed may fluctuate based on the availability of Contract Monitor Technicians accepted from the contractor. Facility will request profiles for back up staff based on the ability of the contractor to cover requested shifts.

Q: What is the frequency of Holiday rotation for the existing staff (and what FTE count is that based on i.e., 17, 10, etc.)?

A: Unknown at this time.

Holiday pay is not authorized Q: Does CA Department of Labor require an OT Pay rate for any worker providing services on any of the ten (10) national holidays?

A: Hours worked on holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays are treated like hours worked on any other day of the week. California law does not require that an employer provide its employees with paid holidays, that it close its business on any holiday, or that employees be given the day off for any particular holiday. If an employer closes its business on holidays and gives its employees time off from work with pay, such a circumstance exists pursuant to a policy or practice adopted by the employer, pursuant to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, or pursuant to the terms of an employment agreement between the employer and employee, as there is nothing in the law that requires such a practice. Additionally, there is nothing in the law that mandates an employer pay an employee a special premium for work performed on a holiday, Saturday, or Sunday, other than the overtime premium required for work performed in excess of eight hours in a workday or 40 hours in a workweek.

Per the State of California website at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/FAQ_Holidays.htm

Q: Must all specified Training requirements (specified within this section and previously mentioned within the Solicitation) be completed prior to the candidate commencing services, or are these training requirements completed on the first day of assignment?

A: All specified training requirements must be completed prior to the commencement of services.

In the interest of providing continuity of service and recognizing this Right of First Refusal pertains to Government Personnel. Q: how soon after contract award will the Government provide new incoming contractor information like the listing of names and numbers of contracted incumbent staff the Facility would like to retain?

A: This information will be disseminated in conjunction with the COR and contracted incumbent staff upon contract award(s).

Based on this IDIQ procurement model will additional Task Orders be applied to this contract over and beyond the ten (1) FTEs and On-Call Staff?

A: It is unlikely there will be over 10 contract monitor technicians staffed at the VALBHS.

Q: Is a formal Phase-in/Phase-out Plan required as part of the bid response submission?

A: Formal phase-in/out is not required.

Q: Can you kindly advise as to which Occupational Code and Title is recognized by the Facility for the hiring of the Monitor Techs?

A: SCA code 12030 for EKG Technicians with a minimum $30.63 hourly rate will be utilized.

Q: Will the Facility authorize EPAs to address the incremental increases arising throughout the contract period for Health & Welfare or should that estimated value be calculated in to the pricing proposal?

A: The estimated value of incremental increases should be calculated into the pricing proposal (Section D.1).

Q: Can you please clarify the Facilities interpretation as to pricing will be evaluated based on fairness and reasonableness.

A: A fair and reasonable price determination assessment by the Government will be conducted so that an offeror s proposed price for the services requested can be considered fair and reasonable on the basis of applying one or more price analysis techniques.

There are two different schedules provided in the RFQ: 1) in Section B.4 (p. 7) which asks for overtime rate but doesn t provide hours; and 2) in Section D.1, Price Worksheet (p. 50) that requires unit price and estimated amount for 20,800 hours, but does not address overtime. Q: Which schedule does the Government want completed?

A: The government requests both schedules be completed. Overtime is not given in quantities as all hours are estimates only (IDIQ contract); this includes the provision of overtime. The proposed overtime rate (e.g., 1.2x, 1.3x in accordance with CA state law) is all that is requested.

Q: Must a candidate resume include references? If so, how many and must they be supervisory or PEER references?

A: Yes, 2-3 references are required. Peer or Supervisory are acceptable, however supervisory are preferred.

Must the candidate resume include exact description as pertinent to each candidate s experience/training regarding the nine (9) Skill Set requirements listed on Page 9, 3.1., or is an addendum to the resume acceptable that would address candidate s capability within each of the listed requirements from this Section within the PWS?

A: No, a standard resume detailing work history and skills is acceptable.

Q: Can you please verify that based on best-value trade-off evaluation, if all candidate submissions by multiple bidders are equitable in skill set and quality the second ranking factor will then be bidder s Past Performance, and third factor being Price?

A: Correct please refer to E.4 under BASIS FOR AWARD. Award will be made to a responsible offeror(s) on the basis of a best-value trade-off. The evaluation factors are identified in paragraph 2 (pg. 66) and are listed in descending order of importance.

Q: Can you please clarify specifics regarding the Call requirement additionally, can you kindly provide historical hourly utilization on the existing contract of regarding Call usage rate?

A: The Call usage rate has been nullified and removed from the RFQ.

Q: Will a pricing CLIN be added for on-call coverage requirements?

A: No, a pricing CLIN will not be added for on-call coverage requirements.

Q: Will a pricing CLIN be added if an On-Call beeper is necessary?

A: No, a pricing CLIN will not be added; an On-Call is not necessary.

Q: Should to proposal be mailed/delivered to:

ATTN: Mr. Timothy Wanamaker

RE: VA262-17-Q-2037

Department of Veterans Affairs

Network Contacting Office 22

4811 Airport Plaza Drive

Suite 600

Long Beach, CA 90815

A: Yes, this is the correct address.
Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Posted Date:
October 4, 2017
Description: VA262-17-Q-2037 VA262-17-Q-2037_2.docx
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
October 4, 2017
Description: VA262-17-Q-2037 VA262-17-Q-2037.docx
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Posted Date:
October 11, 2017
Description: VA262-17-Q-2037 VA262-17-Q-2037_3.docx
Contracting Office Address :
Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 22;4811 Airport Plaza Drive;Suite 600;Long Beach CA 90815
Place of Performance :
Department of Veterans Affairs;VA Long Beach Healthcare System (VALBHS);VA Tibor Rubin Medical Center - Inpatient Units;5901 E 7th St;Long Beach, CA
Point of Contact(s) :
Timothy Wanamaker


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