Proposal for Route N16-Inscription House: Subgrade Preparation, Road Reconditioning

Agency: Navajo Nation
State: Arizona
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 238910 - Site Preparation Contractors
Posted Date: Nov 12, 2021
Due Date: Dec 7, 2021
Solicitation No: BID No. 21-05-2479LE
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Proposal for Route N16-Inscription House: Subgrade Preparation, Road Reconditioning
Navajo Nation Division of Transportation
BID No. 21-05-2479LE

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N16-Inscription House,
Ts'ah Bii Kin Chapter
Road Maintenance project for 3.5
miles: Single & Double Coarse Chip
Seals with Culvert Replacements.
A Navajo DOT project in partnership
with Coconino County, Arizona.
Request for Proposals
Bid Number: 21-05-2479LE
The Navajo Nation Office of the Controller - Purchasing Department, and Navajo Division of
Transportation - Department of Roads, are accepting qualifications and sealed bids for route N16-
Inscription House: subgrade preparation, road reconditioning, 24-ft AB base course, 2-mile of
single course chip seal (included is chip seal repair prior to single course), 1.5-mile of double
course chip seal, permanent signage, drainage improvements, and culvert replacement for total of
3.5 miles.
Contacts for a bid packet are L. Etsitty, Navajo Nation Purchasing Department,,
(928) 871- 6317; or, D. Jackson, Navajo DOT, Department of Roads,,
The closing date for this project is December 7, 2021, at 2:00pm, Window Rock, AZ, time. Any
RFPs received after the closing date will be considered non-responsive and returned to the sender.
No facsimile or emailed RFPs will be accepted.
Section 1 - Overview
1. Request for Proposal (RFP) Packet – The Instructions on the proposal preparation, required
documents, eligibility requirements, and evaluation criteria are provided herein.
The RFP package may be obtained from the Navajo Division of Transportation website, beginning
November 11 - The Proposal Packet can also be obtained
from the Navajo Nation Purchasing Department,, or, D. Jackson, Navajo DOT,, (505)371-8350.
Note: If a firm download’s from the websites given above or gets a copy of the RFP from another
source other than from Mr. Jackson, please contact Mr. Jackson by email so that if an addendum(s)
or questions are issued/answered, your firm will receive the information.
2. This maintenances project includes the following challenges:
No local water sources. There is no bid item for water; the contractor is expected to
incorporate this cost into the maintenance activities requiring water.
Approximately 67% of the 1.5-mile route is rock – 24-in. thick plus depth of sandstone at
some locations. There is no bid item for rock excavation.
o There will be 9 to 14 foot flat-bottom ditches on each side of 1.5 miles of the route.
On the existing double chip seal, no heavy equipment, belly dumps with or without AB,
water trucks, or any other heavy vehicles which may damage the existing chip seal is
permitted in this area of the project.
General Scope of Work (SOW) – From the BOP to 1.5 miles is 6-inch subgrade preparation, road
reconditioning, 24-ft AB base course (5-inch thick), 22-ft double coarse chip seal, fog seal,
permanent signage, drainage improvements, and 1-culvert cleanout. Then from 1.5-mile to EOP is
a single course chip seal, chip seal repair, and 2 culvert replacements, and 1-culvert relocation.
Total project length is approximately 3.5 miles. Furthermore, the subgrade, AB course, and surface
course will be treated as per the typical cross-sections in the SOW. Ground disturbance will be
intensive and extensive. The Navajo Nation is the lead agency and is using Navajo Nation Road
funds for the project. Coconino County is also a partner and is providing funding for this project.
Note: The Contractor selected for this project is not expected to start maintenance activities until
the Spring or Summer of 2022. No change order(s), regardless of the NTP date, will be
entertained for price increases to complete this maintenance project. The Contractor’s initial
bid amount is what the Owner shall consider FIRM and non-negotiable.
3. Schedule of Activities: Note, all times are Window Rock, AZ, 2021, times.
Due Date:
i. Advertised Period
ii. Non-mandatory pre-bid meeting at project site.
iii. Deadline to Submit RFP Questions
iv. Final Response to Written RFP Questions
v. RFP Submittal Deadline
vi. Evaluation of proposals
vii. Final Selection of Firm
November 11-20, 2021.
December 2, 10:30am.
December 3.
December 4, 12:00pm.
December 7, by 2:00pm.
December 10.
December 15.
4. Inquiries – Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted by email to the Project Contact
listed below. Written questions as to the intent or clarity of this RFP can be submitted to the Project
Contact until December 3. Written responses to written questions and any RFP amendments will
be distributed by email to all parties who obtained an RFP package and have notified L. Etsitty,
NN Purchasing Department, or D. Jackson, Navajo DOT. No further questions, in any form, will
be entertained after the December 3, deadline. Project Contact: D. Jackson, Engineer, Navajo
Division of Transportation, Telephone: (505) 371-8350, and Email:
5. Proposal Submittal Deadline – Proposals must be physically submitted to the following address
by December 7, no later than 2:00 PM (local Window Rock, AZ time).
Navajo Division of Transportation
Attention: Don Jackson
Navajo Transportation Complex
#16 Old Coal Mine Road
Mentmore, NM 87319
Late, facsimiled or e-mailed proposals will not be accepted. These will be returned to
the firm un-rated and firms responding in such fashion shall be considered non-
6. Addendum to the RFP – In the event it becomes necessary to revise any part of the RFP, Navajo
DOT shall issue a written addendum on the specifics of the change and inform all concerned.
Addendums will also be made available for download from the Navajo DOT website
( The addendum(s) does not need to be included as part of the RFP
document. However, the consulting firm should acknowledge receipt and review of the
addendum(s) under the Letter of Interest.
7. Rejections of Proposals – The Navajo DOT reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and
to waive informalities in the proposals received whenever such a rejection or waiver is in the best
interest of the Navajo nation.
8. Proprietary Information – Any restrictions on the use of data contained within any proposals
must be clearly stated in the proposal. Each page that contains proprietary information must be
stamped or imprinted “Proprietary”.
9. Ownership of Proposals – All materials submitted with the RFP accepted for rating shall become
the property of Navajo DOT and not returned to the firm. The Navajo DOT has the right to use
any or all information presented in the RFP subject to limitations outlined in Paragraph 8, above.
Disqualifications or non-selection of a firm or proposal does not eliminate this right.
10. Cost Incurred – The Navajo DOT is not liable for any cost incurred by the firm prior to issuance
of a signed contract for services.
11. Contractual Obligation – The contents of the proposal may become part of contractual
obligations of the contract award. Failure of the firm to accept these obligations may result in
cancellation of the award for services.
12. Evaluation Criteria – Proposals accepted for rating shall be evaluated based on the criteria and
point system set forth in Part 12(a) that follows.
Part 12(a) – Rating System on Evaluation Criteria
Each proposal will be evaluated and rated as follows. Descriptions of the components are provided
in Section 3 – Proposal Content and Evaluation Criteria
1. Overall professionalism and conciseness of proposal…..
15 points
2. Qualifications & Experience, of firm & project team…...
30 Points
3. Approach to Scope of Work, including FP-14 Specifications,
and to include Project Understanding & Project Scheduling.
4. Listing of Equipment for SOW; and Product Certifications as
Stated in Specifications.
40 Points
15 Points
Total Points
100 Points
A Short List of qualified candidates will be determined from the 100 points. To get to the
Short List, the firms must receive a minimum of 80 points.
Preference Points: If a Priority 1 firm makes the Short List, that firm will receive an additional
ten (10) points added to their score ranking. If a Priority 2 firm makes the Short List, that firm
will receive an additional five (5) points added to their score ranking. Non-priority firms do
not receive additional points. This is a requirement from the Navajo Nation Business
Opportunity Act. Firm must provide documentation per the Business Regulatory Department
as prioritized under Section 204 (A) (1) and (2) of the revised Navajo Nation Business
Opportunity Act, of its Priority 1 or 2 status.
It is intent of Navajo DOT to rank the firms according to the responses submitted. The Navajo
DOT reserves the right to conduct detailed interviews in person, of qualified/responsive firms,
if warranted.
13. Standard Contract – The Navajo Nation reserves the right to incorporate contract provisions
which are based on applicable requirements, such as, Navajo Nation Laws, State, and local
requirements, etc. into the contract documents. This includes provisions of the Navajo Business
and Procurement Act, at 12 N. N. C. § 1501et Seq., and the Navajo Business Opportunity Act, at
5 N. N. C. § 201 et Seq.
14. Taxes – All work performed, and services provided within the territorial jurisdiction of the
Navajo Nation is subject to the six percent (6 %) Navajo Sales Tax (24 N. N. C. § 601 et Seq.).
15. Insurance – The Navajo Nation will require the successful firm, at its sole expanse, to procure
and maintain adequate and sufficient insurance for all potential liability, such as, commercial
general liability, automobile liability, worker’s compensation, performance & payment bonds, etc.
The general contractor shall provide all bonds and insurance prior to the Notice to Proceed with
Construction. For the Proposal, provide affidavit from surety indicating Contractor’s ability to
provide said bonds.
16. Bonding documentation required. The Navajo Nation’s Representative must receive written
documentation of all required bonds prior to the issuance of a Notice to Proceed for the Project,
and Contractor shall not commence any work or services under this Contract until such
documentation is received by the Navajo Nation.

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