2020-25 Propane Provision & Services

Agency: Cole County
State: Missouri
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 454310 - Fuel Dealers
Posted Date: Jul 19, 2020
Due Date: Aug 13, 2020
Solicitation No: 2020-25
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Bid Number: 2020-25
Bid Title: 2020-25 Propane Provision & Services
Category: Building Maintenance, Repair & Operational Supplies, Equipment & Services
Status: Open

Publication Date/Time:
7/19/2020 7:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
8/13/2020 3:00 PM
Bid Opening Information:
08/13/2020 @ 3:00pm
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 13 at 3:00 p.m. Central
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Company Name
Direct Contact Name (Typed/Printed)
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
Mailing Address
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
Office Telephone Number
Direct Line or Extension
I hereby certify that I am submitting the following information on behalf of the above-referenced company and understand
that by virtue of executing and returning with this response this REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM, I further certify full,
complete and unconditional acceptance of this solicitation and all attachments and the contents of any Addendum released
hereto. (Submission must be signed by an officer or employee having authority to legally bind the respondent.)
______________________________________ _______________________________________
Authorized Signature
Authorized Name (Typed/Printed)
______________________________________ _______________________________________
Sealed offers will be accepted by the Cole County Commission for consideration in provision of the following:
Submissions will be received at the office of the Cole County Commission, 311 East High Street, Room 200,
Jefferson City, Missouri until 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 13, at which time they will be publicly opened and
taken under advisement. Bidders should be aware that submissions are public record under state
law. Specifications are available at www.colecounty.org or by contacting Jessica Bryant at
jbryant@colecounty.org or (573) 634-9168.
NEWS TRIBUNE: July 19, 26 & August 2
Legal Notices
Cole County Commission
311 East High Street
Jefferson City MO 65101
1.1 NOTIFICATION. This document constitutes a request for competitive, sealed offers per the Terms and
Conditions of Bidding and any special conditions set forth herein for the provision of propane and related
services to the Cole County Department of Public Works, 5055 Monticello Road, Jefferson City,
Respondents are responsible for being thoroughly familiar with all specifications and requirements of this
solicitation. Failure to examine any relevant document or provision thereof will not relieve the successful
respondent from any obligation under this bid. Qualified organizations are invited to prepare an offer in
response to this document and in doing so, concur with all terms, conditions, specifications and addenda
to this bid unless specifically noted otherwise in a separate section within their submission titled
questions concerning the meaning or intent of these specifications must be submitted IN WRITING and
received at least five (5) business days prior to the date scheduled for bid opening. All inquiries shall be
directed to:
Jessica Bryant
As of the issuance date of this solicitation and continuing until the final date for acceptance of
submissions, all respondents are specifically directed not to discuss, hold meetings, conferences, or
technical discussions with any County employee for the purpose of responding to this solicitation except
as explicitly permitted by this bid document. Respondents should not otherwise ask any County officials
or employees questions about the bid or related issues, either orally or by written communication.
Respondents directly contacting other County employees risk elimination from further consideration.
1.3 ISSUANCE OF ADDENDA. Every attempt shall be made to ensure that all written questions receive an
adequate and prompt response. However, in order to maintain a fair and equitable bid process, all
respondents will be advised of any questions submitted, the County’s response, and any other pertinent
information related to this solicitation via the issuance of addenda, which will be posted at
www.colecounty.org. An addendum may contain information that could affect bid responses. It
shall be the responsibility of the respondent to verify whether or not any addenda have been
issued prior to submitting a bid response to Cole County.
All issued addenda are incorporated by reference as if fully set out herein. Respondents are cautioned
that the only official position of Cole County is that which is issued by Cole County in these specifications
or by addendum/amendment thereto. No other means of communication, whether written or oral, shall
be construed as a formal or official response or statement. The County assumes no liability if a
contractor fails to incorporate addenda into their bid. Failure to have requested an addendum
covering any questions affecting the interpretation of these specifications shall not relieve the
awarded party from delivering the completed project, product and/or service in accordance with
the intent of these specifications.
1.4 SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS. A fully executed response, including the specification pages comprising
this invitation and any related illustrative documentation and/or issued addenda shall be:
submitted in a sealed envelope identified by bid number, bid title, and bid opening date/time;
complete and signed by an official authorized to obligate the agency or company submitting the bid;
inclusive of (1) complete original bid and two (2) exact duplicates.
It is the responsibility of each respondent to deliver its submission to the office of the Cole County
Commission, 311 East High Street, Room 200, Jefferson City, Missouri on or before the date and exact
time indicated for public bid opening. Fax and email submissions will not be considered. Responses will
be time and date stamped; those received late will be determined non-responsive and returned unopened
to the sender without exception.
1.5 BID OPENING. Submissions will be publicly opened in the Cole County Commission Chambers on
Thursday, August 13 at 3:00 p.m. Central. Respondents and the public are invited but not required to
attend the formal bid opening. All documents will be made available for public inspection, but no
decision relating to the award of the contract or agreement will be made at the bid opening.
1.6 ADVICE OF AWARD. Award notification letters, along with a bid tabulation summarizing responses
received, will be sent via email to all parties that submitted a response upon bid award by the Cole County
2.1 INCURRING COSTS. Cole County shall not pay for any information requested herein nor be obligated or
liable for any cost incurred by any respondent in submitting a response.
2.2 RESERVATIONS. The right is hereby reserved to reject any or all submissions for any reason, in part or
in whole, received in response to this solicitation; to waive or not waive informalities or irregularities in
any response or the bidding procedures; to request supplementary information from respondents as
determined necessary to effectively evaluate responses; to cancel this solicitation, advertise for new and/or
purchase off of cooperative purchasing contract(s); and to accept, request clarification or further negotiate
the terms, conditions and/or methodology of any response if, in Cole County’s sole judgment, the best
interests of Cole County will be so served.
2.3 MODIFICATION/WITHDRAWAL. Receipt of written notice or an in-person request from a properly
identified individual prior to the official date and time set for bid opening must occur in order to modify
or withdraw a submission which has been delivered to the office of the Cole County Commission.
2.4 VALIDITY. Respondents agree that submissions will remain valid for consideration by the County for a
minimum period of ninety (90) calendar days after the date specified for bid opening.
2.5 RESPONSE MATERIAL OWNERSHIP. All material submitted in response to this solicitation becomes the
property of Cole County and may be disclosed upon proper Sunshine Law request per 610.021(12) RSMo.
2.6 EXCEPTIONS. The wording of this solicitation may not be changed or altered in any manner. Changes,
additions or limiting provisions made on the invitation will render the bid informal and may cause its
rejection. Taking exception to any clause in part or in whole does not necessarily disqualify a respondent;
any such exception shall be clearly identified and described in full detail in the respondent’s submission
on a separate page clearly titled “EXCEPTIONS.” Any exception will be evaluated and accepted or
rejected by Cole County, whose decision shall be final and conclusive. In the absence of such
declaration(s), the response shall be accepted as in strict compliance with all terms, conditions, and
specifications requested and the awarded party shall be held responsible for providing the product or
service accordingly.
2.7 RESTRICTIVE LANGUAGE. It shall be the responsibility of respondents to ask questions, request changes
or clarification, or otherwise advise Cole County if any language, specification or requirement of this
solicitation appear to be ambiguous, contradictory, and/or arbitrary, or appear to inadvertently restrict or
limit responses to a single source. Such notification must be directed to the Purchasing Agent and received
at least five (5) business days prior to the date set for bid opening.
2.8 INTERPRETATION. If the bidder has any questions which arise concerning the true meaning or intent of
the Plans, Specifications or any part thereof, which affect the cost, quality, quantity, or character of the
project or service, he shall request in writing that an interpretation be made and an addendum be issued
which shall then be posted at www.colecounty.org. Failure to have requested an addendum covering any
questions affecting the interpretations of the Plans and Specifications shall not relieve the successful
respondent from delivering the product, service or completed project in accordance with the intent of the
Plans and Specifications. Should any differences arise as to the meaning or intent of these specifications,
Cole County’s interpretation shall be final and conclusive.
2.9 EQUIVALENT MATERIAL/EQUIPMENT. Any listed manufacturer/model number(s) or a definite
reference to a particular item or piece of equipment is intended to establish a minimally acceptable design,
type, quality, functional capacity, and/or desired performance level. It is to be understood that any
equivalent alternate which will perform adequately the duties imposed by the general design may be
proposed and bid so long as sufficient details necessary to establish equivalency are included in the
submission. Acceptance is subject to approval of the County which may request further information,
sample(s) and/or a demonstration prior to bid award. Cole County shall be the sole judge of equivalency.
2.10 LIKE OR SIMILAR PRODUCT. Cole County reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to obtain like or
similar product(s) to that which has been specified herein when use of such product is deemed in the best
interest of the County.
2.11 QUALIFICATIONS OF RESPONDENTS. Cole County may make such investigations as deemed necessary
to determine the ability of any respondent to provide the product and/or service described herein.
Respondent shall furnish to the County all such information and data for this purpose that the County may
request. The County reserves the right to reject any submission if the evidence submitted by the
respondent or investigation of such respondent fails to satisfy the County that such respondent is properly
qualified to carry out the obligations of the contract and/or to complete the work contemplated herein.
2.12 PRICES. Prices must be stated in units of quantity specified and must be firm. Price submitted for each
item shall include all cost, of whatever nature, that is involved in achieving the good or service per the
Specifications. Bids qualified by escalator clauses may not be considered.
2.13 TAX EXEMPTION. Cole County is funded by public monies and as such has been approved by the State
of Missouri for sales/use taxexempt status. The Missouri tax identification number and certificate is
available to the awarded party upon request.
2.14 CANCELLATION. The County reserves the right to cancel any or all of an order or contract if delivery is
not made or work is not started as guaranteed. In case of delay, the Contractor must contact the County
to notify of said delay and arrange an alternate schedule if agreeable to the County.

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