Professional Auditing Services

Agency: Town of Paradise Valley
State: Arizona
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541211 - Offices of Certified Public Accountants
  • 541219 - Other Accounting Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Posted Date: Jan 7, 2020
Due Date: Feb 3, 2020
Solicitation No: P20-105-FIN
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Bid Number: P20-105-FIN
Bid Title: Professional Auditing Services
Category: Open Bids
Status: Open


The Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona (the “Town”) is requesting sealed proposals from qualified firms of certified public accountants to audit its financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, with the option of auditing its financial statements for each of the four (4) subsequent fiscal years, (three year contract with the option to renew for two additional years unless terminated, cancelled or extended as otherwise provided herein). While the main purpose of this solicitation if for audit services, additional CPA services may be requested under this proposal. Such additional services may include, but are not limited to, tax advisory and consulting services, reviews and training and educational seminars.

Publication Date/Time:
1/6/2020 12:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
2/3/2020 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
The Town of Paradise Valley 6401 East Lincoln Drive Paradise Valley AZ 85253-4399
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Procurement Coordinator: Peggy Ferrin
Download Available:
Business Hours:
M-F 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Licensed to practice in the State of Arizona
Related Documents:

Attachment Preview

Town of Paradise Valley
Notice of Request for Proposal
Request for Proposal No: P20-105-FIN
Proposal Due Date: February 3, 2020
Materials and/or Services: Professional Auditing Services
Mailing Address:
The Town of Paradise Valley
6401 East Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley AZ 85253-4399
Proposal Due Time: 2:00 P.M. AZ Time
Contact: Peggy Ferrin
Phone: (480) 348-3594
Pre-Proposal Meeting: None
Project No:
In accordance with Town of Paradise Valley Procurement Policy competitive sealed proposals for the material or services specified will be received by the Town of Paradise
Valley at the specified location until the date and time cited above. Proposals shall be in the actual possessi on of the Town of Paradise Valley on or prior to the exact date
and time indicated above. Late proposals will not be considered, except as provided in the Town of Paradise Valley Procurement Policy. Proposals shall be submitted in a
sealed envelope with the Request for Proposal number and the offeror’s name and address clearly indicated on the front of the envelope. All proposals shall be completed
in ink or typewritten. Offerors are strongly encouraged to carefully read the entire Request for Proposal Package.
To the Town of Paradise Valley: The undersigned on behalf of the entity, firm, company, partnership, or other legal entity listed below offers on its behal f to the Town a
proposal that contains all terms, conditions, specifications and amendments in the Notice of Reque st for Proposal issued by the Town. Any exception to the terms contained
in the Notice of Request for Proposal must be specifically indicated in writing and are subject to the approval of the Town prior to acceptance. The signature below certifies
your understanding and compliance with Paragraph 1 of the Town of Paradise Valley Standard Terms and Conditions contained in the Request for Proposal package issued
by the Town.
For clarification of this offer contact:
Company Name
Authorized Signature for Offer
Printed Name
Zip Code
Your offer is accepted by the Town, subject to approval of each written exception that your proposal contained. The contract consists of the following documents: 1.)
Request for Proposal issued by the Town; 2.) Your offer in Response to the Town’s Request for Proposal; 3.) This written acceptance and contract award.
As the contractor, you are now legally bound to sell the materials and/or services listed by the attached award notice, based on the solicitation of proposals, including
all terms, conditions, specifications, amendments and your offer as now accepted by the Town. The Contractor shall not commence any billable work or provide any
material, service or construction under this contract until the Contractor receives an executed Purchase Order or written Notice to Proceed.
Attested by:
Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Effective Date:
Duncan Miller, Town Clerk
Approved as to form:
Town Seal
Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona
Contract Number:
Official File:
Andrew Miller, Town Attorney
Contract Awarded Date
Jill Keimach, Town Manager
TOPV 01/06/2016
Page 1 of 36
Town of Paradise Valley
6401 East Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85345
Phone: (480-348-3594)
a. All proposals shall be on the forms provided in this Request For Proposal package. It is permissible to copy these forms if required.
Telegraphic (facsimile) or mailgram proposals will not be considered.
b. The Offer and Contract Award document shall be submitted with an original ink signature by a person authorized to sign the offer.
c. Erasures, interlineations, or other modifications in the proposal shall be initialed in original ink by the authorized person signing the
Vendor Offer.
d. If price is a consideration and in case of error in the extension of prices in the proposal, the unit price shall govern. No proposal shall
be altered, amended, or withdrawn after the specified proposal due date and time.
e. Periods of time, stated as a number of days, shall be calendar days.
f. It is the responsibility of all Offerors to examine the entire Request For Proposal package and seek clarification of any item or
requirement that may not be clear and to check all responses for accuracy before submitting a bid. Negligence in preparing a Proposal
confers no right of withdrawal after proposal due date and time.
2. INQUIRIES: Any question related to the Request For Proposal shall be directed to the Buyer whose name appears on the front. The Offeror
shall not contact or ask questions of the department for which the requirement is being procured. Questions should be submitted in writing
only by email. Any correspondence related to a Request For Proposal should refer to the appropriate Request For Proposal number, page,
and paragraph number. However, the Offeror shall not place the Request For Proposal number on the outside of any envelope containing
questions or concerns since such an envelope may be identified as a sealed proposal and may not be opened until after the official Request
For Proposal due date and time.
3. PROSPECTIVE OFFERORS CONFERENCE: A prospective offerors conference may be held. If scheduled, the date and time of this
conference will be indicated within this document. The purpose of this conference will be to clarify the contents of this Request For Proposal
in order to prevent any misunderstanding of the Town's position. Any doubt as to the requirements of this Request For Proposal or any
apparent omission or discrepancy should be presented to the Town at this conference. The Town will then determine if any action is necessary
and may issue a written amendment to the Request for Proposal. Oral statements or instructions will not constitute an amendment to this
Request for Proposal.
4. LATE PROPOSALS: Late Proposals will not be considered, except as provided by the Town of Paradise Valley Procurement Policy. A
vendor submitting a late proposal shall be so notified.
5. WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSAL: At any time prior to the specified proposal due date and time, a Vendor (or designated representative) may
withdraw the proposal. Telegraphic (facsimile) proposal withdrawals will not be considered.
6. AMENDMENT OF PROPOSAL: Receipt of a Solicitation Amendment shall be acknowledged by signing and returning the document prior to
the specified proposal due date and time.
7. PAYMENT: The Town will make every effort to process payment for the purchase of goods or services within thirty (30) calendar days after
receipt of goods or services and a correct notice of amount due, unless a good faith dispute exists as to any obligation to p ay all or a portion
of the account. Any proposal that requires payment in less than thirty (30) calendar days shall not be considered.
8. NEW: All items shall be new, unless otherwise stated in the specifications.
9. DISCOUNTS: Payment discount periods will be computed from the date of receipt of material/service or correct invoice, whichever is later,
to the date Buyer's payment is mailed. Unless freight and other charges are itemized, any discount provided will be taken on full amount of
invoice. Payment discounts of thirty (30) calendar days or more will be deducted from the proposal price in determining the low bid. However,
the Buyer shall be entitled to take advantage of any payment discount offered by the Vendor provided payment is made within t he discount
10. TAXES: The Town of Paradise Valley is exempt from Federal Excise Tax, including the Federal Transportation Tax. Sales tax, if any, shall
be indicated as a separate item.
11. VENDOR REGISTRATION: After the award of a contract, the successful Vendor shall have a completed Vendor Registration on file with the
Town of Paradise Valley.
TOPV 01/06/2016
Page 2 of 36
Town of Paradise Valley
6401 East Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85345
Phone: (480-348-3594)
a. Unless the Offeror states otherwise, or unless provided within this Request For Proposal, the Town reserves the right to award by
individual line item, by group of line items, or as a total, whichever is deemed most advantageous to the Town.
b. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Request For Proposal, The Town expressly reserves the right to:
(1) Waive any immaterial defect or informality: or
(2) Reject any or all proposals, or portions thereof, or
(3) Reissue a Request For Proposal.
c. A response to a Request For Proposal is an offer to contract with the Town based upon the terms, conditions and specifications
contained in the Town's Request For Proposal and the written amendments thereto, if any. Proposals do not become contracts unless
and until they are accepted by the Town Council. A contract is formed when written notice of award(s) is provided to the successful
Offeror(s). The contract has its inception in the award document, eliminating a formal signing of a separate contract. For that reason,
all of the terms and conditions of the procurement contract are contained in the Request For Proposal; unless modified by a Solicitation
Amendment or a Contract Amendment.
TOPV 01/06/2016
Page 3 of 36
Town of Paradise Valley
6401 East Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85345
Phone: (480-348-3594)
1. CERTIFICATION: By signature in the Offer section of the Offer and Contract Award the Vendor certifies:
a. The submission of the offer did not involve collusion or other anti-competitive practices.
b. The Vendor shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment in violation of Federal Executive
Order 11246.
c. The Vendor has not given, offered to give, nor intends to give at any time hereafter any economic opportunity, future
employment, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, trip favor, or service to a public servant in connection with the submitted
offer. Failure to sign the offer, or signing it with a false statement, shall void the submitted offer or any resulting contracts,
and the vendor may be debarred.
2. GRATUITIES: The Town may, by written notice to the Contractor, cancel this contract if it is found by the Town that
gratuities, in the form of entertainment, gifts or otherwise, were offered or given by the Contractor or any agent or
representative of the Contractor, to any officer or employee of the Town with a view toward securing an order, securing
favorable treatment with respect to the awarding, amending, or the making of any determinations with respect to the
performing of such order. In the event this contract is cancelled by the Town pursuant to this provision, the Town shall be
entitled, in addition to any other rights and remedies, to recover or withhold from the Contractor the amount of the gratuity.
Paying the expense of normal business meals which are generally made available to all eligible Town government customers
shall not be prohibited by this paragraph.
3. APPLICABLE LAW: In the performance of this agreement, contractors shall abide by and conform to any and all laws of
the United States, State of Arizona and Town of Paradise Valley including but not limited to federal and state executive orders
providing for equal employment and procurement opportunities, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act and any
other federal or state laws applicable to this agreement.
Contractor specifically understands and acknowledges the applicability to it of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1989. In addition, if this agreement
pertains to construction, Contractor must also comply with A.R.S. § 34-301, as amended (Employment of Aliens on Public
Works Prohibited) and A.R.S. § 34-302, as amended (Residence Requirements for Employees).
Under the provisions of A.R.S. § 41-4401, Contractor hereby warrants to the Town that Contractor and each of its
subcontractors (“Subcontractors”) will comply with, and are contractually obligated to comply with, all Federal immigration
laws and regulations that relate to their employees and A.R.S. § 23-214(A) (hereinafter, “Contractor Immigration Warranty”.
A breach of the Contractor Immigration Warranty shall constitute a material breach of this agreement and shall subject
Contractor to penalties up to and including termination of this agreement at the sole discretion of the Town. The Town may,
at its sole discretion, conduct random verification of the employment records of Contractor and any Subcontractors to ensure
compliance with the Contractor Immigration Warranty. Contractor agrees to assist the Town in regard to any random
verifications performed.
Neither Contractor nor any Subcontractor shall be deemed to have materially breached the Contractor Immigration Warranty
if Contractor or the Subcontractor establishes that it has complied with the employment verification provisions prescribed by
§§ 274A and 274B of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act and the E-Verify requirements prescribed by A.R.S. §23-
The provisions of this Paragraph must be included in any contract Contractor enters into with any Subcontractors who
provide services under this agreement or any subcontract. “Services” is defined as furnishing labor, time or effort in the
State of Arizona by a contractor or subcontractor. Services include construction or maintenance of any structure, building or
transportation facility or improvement to real property.
TOPV 01/06/2016
Page 4 of 36
Town of Paradise Valley
6401 East Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, Arizona 85345
Phone: (480-348-3594)
Contractor warrants, for the term of this agreement and for six months thereafter, that is has fully complied with the
requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and all related or similar legal authorities.
This contract shall be governed by the Town and Contractor shall have all remedies afforded each by the Uniform
Commercial Code, as adopted in the State of Arizona, except as otherwise provided in this contract or in statutes pertaining
specifically to the Town. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona and suit pertaining to this
contract may be brought only in courts in the State of Arizona.
This contract is subject to the provisions of ARS §38-511; the Town may cancel this contract without penalty or further
obligations by the Town or any of its departments or agencies if any person significantly involved in initiating, negotiating,
securing, drafting or creating the contract on behalf of the Town or any of its departments or agencies, is at any time while the
contract or any extension of the contract is in effect, an employee of any other party to the contract in any capaTown or a
consultant to any other party of the contract with respect to the subject matter of the contract.
4. LEGAL REMEDIES: All claims and controversies shall be subject to resolution according to the terms of the Town of
Paradise Valley Procurement Policy.
5. CONTRACT: The contract between the Town and the Contractor shall consist of (1) the Solicitation, including instructions,
all terms and conditions, specifications, scopes of work, attachments, and any amendments thereto, and (2) the offer submitted
by the Vendor in response to the solicitation. In the event of a conflict in language between the Solicitation and the Offer, the
provisions and requirements in the Solicitation shall govern. However, the Town reserves the right to clarify, in writing, any
contractual terms with the concurrence of the Contractor, and such written contract shall govern in case of conflict with the
applicable requirements stated in the Solicitation or the Vendor's offer. The Solicitation shall govern in all other matters not
affected by the written contract.
6. CONTRACT AMENDMENTS: This contract may be modified only by a written Contract Amendment signed by persons
duly authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Town and the Contractor.
7. CONTRACT APPLICABILITY: The Offeror shall substantially conform to the terms, conditions, specifications and other
requirements found within the text of this specific Solicitation. All previous agreements, contracts, or other documents, which
have been executed between the Offeror and the Town are not applicable to this Solicitation or any resultant contract.
8. PROVISIONS REQUIRED BY LAW: Each and every provision of law and any clause required by law to be in the contract
will be read and enforced as though it were included herein, and if through mistake or otherwise any such provision is not
inserted, or is not correctly inserted, then upon the application of either party, the contract will forthwith be physically amended
to make such insertion or correction.
9. SEVERABILITY: The provisions of this contract are severable to the extent that any provision or application held to be
invalid shall not affect any other provision or application of the contract which may remain in effect without the invalid
provision or application.
10. RELATIONSHIP TO PARTIES: It is clearly understood that each party will act in its individual capacity and not as an
agent, employee, partner, member of a joint venture, or associate of the other. An employee or agent of one party shall not be
deemed or construed to be the employee or agent of the other for any purpose whatsoever. The Contractor is advised that
taxes or Social Security payments will not be withheld from any Town payments issued hereunder and that the Contractor
should make arrangements to directly pay such expenses, if any.
11. INTERPRETATION-PAROL EVIDENCE: This contract represents the entire agreement of the Parties with respect to its
subject matter, and all previous agreements, whether oral or written, entered into prior to this contract are hereby revoked
and superseded by this contract. No representations, warranties, inducements or oral agreements have been made by any of
TOPV 01/06/2016
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