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Posted Date: Oct 24, 2016
Due Date: Nov 14, 2016
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For Professional Writing, Layout and Design, and Publishing Services, for the City of Commerce
History Book

Release Date:
October 24, 2016

Submission Deadline: November 14, 2016

Available online at


1. Introduction

2. Scope of Work

3. Desired Qualifications

4. Submittal Requirements

5. Insurance Requirements

6. Questions

7. Submission


The City of Commerce published an Enterprising Heritage book in 1991, which was a history book filled with historical photos, stories of their events and the inception of the City’s foundation. The City would like to create a Part II of this History Book to cover the next 25 years starting from the year 1992. The City is seeking a professional writing service that will include the research, writing and editing, layout and design and the publishing of this history book that contains photos and stories of the people involved and how their actions shaped the City of Commerce. The aim is to complete the research, writing and production of the book in approximately six months.


The City started out with a hardy band of residents and business leaders determined to avoid the higher property taxes annexation to any neighboring city might bring, these residents and business leaders set out in 1959 to incorporate the City of Commerce as the 67th city in Los Angeles County. On the low hills to the east of downtown Los Angeles, and north of the convergence of the Los Angeles and Rio Hondo rivers, these volunteers proclaimed their intentions to establish a “Model City” with unique advantages for industry and residents alike. The Citizens Committee for Incorporation called the new oasis in the East Los Angeles region the “City of Commerce.”

Once the City was incorporated, business people found a low-tax, pro-business environment with no municipal property tax and no utility taxes. A high level of fire and police services continued, provided by the county under contract. The new City Council and staff set a tone of cooperation few businesses found in any other City.

The original history book “Enterprising Heritage” published in 1991 is the exciting story of the founding and growth of one of Southern California’s leading industrial cities. This volume also traces the history of this place before it became a city, from it early industrial days of manufacturing soap, brick and tires.


Under guidance and oversight by City staff, the selected consultant or team will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Research. The consultant will conduct background research to fully understand the City of Commerce history. Sources should include primary materials and may include books, articles, original documents, interviews, photographs, maps, etc. The research should allow the consultant to develop a rich history of the City, including major events, significant projects, interesting facts and important people.

  • Writing. The consultant will write the contents of the book, including main text, sidebars, photo captions, index, bibliography, and jacket blurbs. All text shall be subject to review and approval by City staff.

  • Editing and Fact Checking. The consultant will edit the copy for style and for grammatical and spelling errors. In addition, the consultant will ensure the accuracy of all facts

  • Layout and Design. The consultant will used desktop publishing software and graphics software to layout the contents of the book, including cover designs, photos and page layout. All layout and design shall be subject to review and approval by City staff.

  • Book Publishing. The consultant will be responsible for the publishing/print production of the book including eBook format. All book productions will require City staff to review and approve before the final print.


Given the scope of work and the need to provide a high-quality product, proposers may wish to work as a joint team with City staff. The team should respond to this RFQ with one person designated as the project lead.

All submitted proposals will be reviewed and ranked by a selection committee. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Experience: demonstrated expertise in researching, writing, and editing a commercial quality history book.

  • Comprehension: demonstrated knowledge of the City of Commerce will be considered favorably.

  • Quality of Proposal: organization, analytic skills and creativity as demonstrated in past projects, client references as well as the proposal itself.

  • Cost: proposed timeline of delivery, budget and fees for proposed services.

Proposers may be asked to participate in interviews. A contract will then be negotiated with the most qualified proposer. A copy of this complete RFQ is available online at


The specific content of each proposal will vary, but all proposals must include the following information unless otherwise specified:

  1. Contact Information: The legal name of the firm, street address, and telephone number; the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the person to whom correspondence should be directed; and the address and phone number of the office where the work is to be undertaken.

  1. Overview/Background: A general description of the firm, including structure (i.e. individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture), history (including year firm was established as currently operated), and primary business areas.

  1. Resume(s): The resume of the proposed project manager and project team members to be assigned to this engagement, including the approximate number of hours each will commit to the project per task. Include resumes for each staff member and a project team organization chart.

  1. Experience/Expertise: A representative listing and project descriptions of similar nature completed by your firm. This should include client references that the City’s selection committee may contact concerning your firm’s performance.

  1. Sample Work: A full-color excerpt or the complete version of similar projects on which you have worked (samples will be returned).

  1. Project Approach: A description of your general approach to a project of this nature, including your research, writing and editing philosophy.

  1. Proposed Budget and Timeline: Estimated cost of the services to be performed, including a breakdown of the cost by task of a) basic services as described in this RFQ, b) additional services (if applicable), and c) sub-consultant fees (if applicable). This breakdown should include labor (hours and billing rates by position) as well as other costs, including travel. In addition, a timeline of the hours needed for each phase of this project.

  1. Proof of Insurance: Firms must show proof of the insurance requirements.


Please indicate as part of your proposal (1) whether you would be willing and able to comply with the following insurance requirements, (2) whether you currently have such insurance in place and (3) how much it would cost to obtain such insurance. Depending on the responses, the City of Commerce reserves the right to require such insurance or waive any or all of these insurance requirements.

As a condition precedent to the effectiveness of this contract, Consultant shall procure and maintain in full force and effect during the term of this contract the types and levels of insurance described below.

— The required insurance and the documents provided as evidence thereof shall be in the name of Consultant as indicated on this contract.

— If policies are written with aggregate limits, the aggregate limit shall be at least twice the occurrence limits or as specified below.

Commercial General Liability:

— Commercial General Liability insurance shall be provided or the equivalent, including provisions for defense of additional insured and defense costs in addition to limits.

— Policy limits shall be no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence for all coverage provided and two million dollars ($2,000,000) general aggregate.

— The policy shall not limit coverage for the additional insured to “ongoing operations” or in any way exclude coverage for completed operations.

— Coverage shall be included on behalf of the insured for claims arising out of the actions of independent contractors.

— The policy shall contain no provisions or endorsements limiting coverage for contractual liability or third party over action claims.

— Defense costs shall be excess of limits.

— The policy must include work performed “by or on behalf” of the Consultant.

— Additional Insured: The City of Commerce shall be added as additional insured with regard to liability and defense of suits or claims arising from the operations and activities performed by or on behalf of the Named Insured.

Evidence of Insurance:

The Consultant, concurrently with the execution of this contract, and as a condition precedent to the effectiveness of this contract, shall deliver either:

— endorsements on forms approved by the City of Commerce acting by and (“Evidence of Insurance”)

Please note that failure, for whatever reason, to provide the required documentation of insurance coverage within 2 weeks of selection could disqualify your firm from contract consideration.

Failure to Maintain Coverage:

Consultant agrees to suspend and cease all operations hereunder during such period of time as the required insurance coverage is not in effect and evidence of insurance has not been approved by the City. The City shall have the right to withhold any payment due Consultant until Consultant has fully complied with the insurance provisions of this contract.


Questions related to any part of this RFQ should be submitted via e-mail to

Beatriz Sarmiento, Library Director

For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address.

And cc For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address.

Emailed questions must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 1, 2016. Answers to all emailed questions will be posted on the City of Commerce web site ( as an Addendum.


Please submit three (3) hardcopies and one digital copy of your proposal no later than 3:00 p.m. on November 14, 2016. Proposals should be no more than 30 pages. Please submit proposals to the following address to:

City of Commerce
2535 Commerce Way
Commerce, CA 90040

Publication Date/Time:
10/24/2016 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
11/14/2016 3:00 PM
Contact Person:
Beatriz Sarmiento, Library Director
And cc
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