Port Monmouth Road School

Agency: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation
State: New Jersey
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237990 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
Posted Date: Aug 15, 2019
Due Date: Sep 17, 2019
Solicitation No: ET-0098-M01
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contract no. district general description advertisement date proposal due date bid open addendum#
ET-0098-M01 Keansburg Port Monmouth Road School 08/14/2019 09/17/2019 10/09/2019 NA

Attachment Preview

Contract No.
Contract Name
Port Monmouth Road School Addition and Renovation
School District
The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (“NJSDA”) is seeking the services of a Construction Manager ("CM") to manage
the Port Monmouth Road School Addition and Renovation Project in the Keansburg Public School District.
The Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (“RFQ/RFP”) defines the steps needed for participation in the
procurement, and is issued pursuant to the Authority's regulations governing the procurement of professional services
consultants, N.J.A.C. 19:38C-1 et seq.
The RFQ/RFP package is available at the following link: click here to view RFQ/RFP.
Brief Description of Work:
Construction Management Services for a project consisting of new construction and renovations totaling approximately 47,000
square feet.
The contract for General Construction Services includes the following scope of work:
1) The new construction of a 27,580 sf addition consisting of a food service area, CST offices, Pre-K classrooms, Nurse’s
area, Parent Community Room and SGI rooms and support spaces; and
2) The renovation of 18,930 sf of the existing structure including reconfiguring the existing building to include new Pre-K
Classroom Gross Motor Area, OT/PY space, Main Office, Teacher Work/Dining Room and support spaces. Renovation
will also allow for connection to the addition, correction of code related deficiencies and upgrades including a new
mechanical system, electrical and plumbing system and new fire suppression.
Procurement Overview:
This is a "Price and Other Factors" solicitation for Construction Management Services. This solicitation seeks responses from
interested firms in the form of a simultaneous submission of:
1. A Qualifications and Technical Proposal, which provides information regarding the firms' past experience and
qualifications for evaluation by a Selection Committee charged with evaluation and scoring of the submittals with
reference to the non-price "Other Factors" criteria identified in the RFQ/RFP. The "Other Factors" to be
considered, and their relative weights, are as follows:
Responsive Firm's CM Experience on Similarly Sophisticated Projects (20 Points)
Staffing Proposal (30 points)
Key Team Members' Experience on Similarly Sophisticated Projects (50 points)
2. A sealed Price Proposal, which will remain sealed until completion of the "Other Factors" evaluation and scoring,
and which states the firms Total Compensation Amount price for the services required for the project. The Price
Proposal will be subject to scoring in accordance with the terms of the RFQ/RFP.
Responsive firms will be evaluated and scored by a Selection Committee on the basis of their written Qualifications and
Technical Proposal submissions. The responsive firms will be ranked on the basis of such scores, and a shortlist of the six (6)
most highly-ranked firms will be determined. The shortlisted firms will participate in interviews with the Selection Committee
and will be separately scored on the basis of the interview using the same criteria and point values used to evaluate the
Qualifications and Technical Proposal. The scores for the written submission and the interview will be combined into a total
"Non-Price Score."
Once all the Non-Price Scores for all shortlisted firms have been calculated, the Authority will open the sealed Price Proposals
and will review them for responsiveness, and determine a Price Score for each responsive Price Proposal. The lowest responsive
Price Proposal shall be scored by awarding the maximum number of points for the price component, which shall be 100. All
other Price Proposals shall be scored by awarding points based on the percentage that each proposal exceeds the lowest Price
The Non-Price Scores will be adjusted by a weighting factor of 60% and the Price Scores will be adjusted by a weighting factor
of 40%, before being combined in a Final Combined Score. The Authority will recommend award of the contract to the
responsive firm with the highest Final Combined Score.
Procurement Requirements:
To participate in the procurement, firms must be prequalified by both the Department of Treasury-Division of Property
Management and Construction and the NJSDA in the Construction Management (P029) discipline as of the due date for
Responses to the RFQ/RFP.
Bidders are required to comply with the requirements of N.J.A.C. 17:27 et seq. and N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 et seq. pertaining to
affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.
The NJSDA requires the selected Consultant to provide opportunities to Small Business Enterprise (“SBE”) firms and Disabled
Veteran Owned Business (“DVOB”) firms to participate in the performance of this engagement, consistent with the NJSDA’s
25% SBE and 3% DVOB Set-Aside Goals.
In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:7G-41.1, a firm shall be precluded from submitting a proposal for this procurement if such firm
or any affiliated firm is engaged under a prime contract with NJSDA to provide work and services as the general contractor for
this project, or is engaged as a subcontractor to the general contractor for this project.
No firm may propose as a Key Team Member any person who has assisted the Authority by materially participating in the
preparation of an RFQ/RFP for this Construction Management Services procurement or for the Construction procurement for
the Project. “Materially participating in the preparation of an RFQ/RFP” shall mean the preparation of the RFP or RFQ/RFP
themselves, as well as the preparation of plans, specifications, reports or other documents that are produced with the intent to
be incorporated into a Project Manual that is part of that RFP or RFQ/RFP. Failure to observe this prohibition shall result in
disqualification of the conflicted person from the Proposed Team, and rejection of the entire proposal that includes the
ineligible person.
Procurement Submission Dates and Deadlines:
A. Notice of Intent to Participate:
The NJSDA will not hold a traditional pre-proposal conference for this procurement. All firms interested in
submitting a proposal must sign-in electronically by sending a mandatory e-mail Notice of Intent to Participate to
Dave Kutch at dkutch@njsda.gov no later than 2:00 PM on August 29, 2019.
B. Questions from Interested Firms:
Interested Firms may submit written questions regarding this procurement to the NJSDA by sending them by e-mail
to Dave Kutch at dkutch@njsda.gov no later than 2:00 PM on August 29, 2019. The questions and NJSDA answers will
be provided via an addendum to the RFQ/RFP to each firm that submitted a timely e-mail Notice of Intent to
C. Interested firms must submit a Qualifications and Technical Proposal utilizing the Forms provided by the Authority,
which provides responses to the non-price “Other Factors” evaluative criteria requirements of the RFQ/RFP. The
Qualifications and Technical Proposals (one (1) unbound original and six (6) bound copies) must be received by the
NJSDA no later than 2:00 PM on September 17, 2019. Faxed or e-mailed Submittals will not be accepted.
D. Interested firms must submit with the Qualifications and Technical Proposal a sealed “Price Proposal” which contains
the Total Compensation Amount price the firm intends to offer for the Construction Management Services as well as
other required information. The Price Proposal must be submitted on the form provided by the NJSDA. The Price
Proposal must be separately sealed and submitted with the Qualifications and Technical Proposal and received by the
NJSDA no later than 2:00 PM on September 17, 2019. Faxed or e-mailed Price Proposals will not be accepted.
Any Qualifications and Technical Proposal or Price Proposal received after the date and time listed above will be
returned unopened. Qualifications and Technical Proposals and sealed Price Proposals shall be delivered to the
NJSDA at the following address:
If U.S. Mail:
P.O. Box 991
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0991
Attention: Dave Kutch, Senior Procurement Analyst
Subject: Construction Management Services Proposal - ET-0098-M01
If Fed Ex, UPS, Courier, or Hand Delivery:
32 East Front Street
Trenton, NJ 08625-0991
Attention: Dave Kutch, Senior Procurement Analyst
Subject: Construction Management Services Proposal - ET-0098-M01
E. The sealed Price Proposals will be publicly opened and read at a bid opening at the NJSDA office at 2:00 PM on October
9, 2019.
For further information on NJSDA, please visit us at www.njsda.gov.
DATE ADVERTISED: August 14, 2019

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