Parking Guidance System

Agency: City of Lawrenceville
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 812930 - Parking Lots and Garages
Posted Date: Jun 23, 2020
Due Date: Jul 16, 2020
Solicitation No: RP005-20
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Bid Number: RP005-20
Bid Title: Parking Guidance System
Category: Miscellaneous Services Bid Opportunities
Status: Open

The primary scope of work for this project includes materials and installation of a Parking Guidance System (“PGS”) in one (1) existing, above grade parking garage with approximately 200 spaces
Publication Date/Time:
5/28/2020 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
7/16/2020 3:00 PM
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Attachment Preview

May 28, 2020
The City of Lawrenceville is soliciting competitive sealed proposals from qualified contractors for a
Parking Guidance System for the Department of Administration.
Proposals must be returned in a sealed container marked on the outside with the Request for Proposal
number and Company Name. Proposals will be received until 3:00 P.M. local time on Thursday, June 25,
2020 at the Lawrenceville City Hall – Purchasing Office, 4th floor - 70 S. Clayton Street, Lawrenceville,
Georgia 30046. Any proposal received after this date and time will not be accepted. Proposals will be
publicly opened and only names of submitting firms will be read at 3:00 P.M. Proposals are legal and
binding upon the bidder when submitted. One (1) unbound original, four (4) bound copies, and one (1)
PDF Electronic Copy without FEE SCHEDULE should be submitted.
The FEE SCHEDULE should be in a separate sealed envelope.
Questions regarding proposals should be directed to Steve Murray, Purchasing Manager, at or by calling 678-407-6420, no later than 3:00 P.M. on June 11, 2020.
Successful contractor will be required to meet insurance requirements. The Insurance Company should be
authorized to do business in Georgia by the Georgia Insurance Department, and must have an A.M. Best
rating of A-5 or higher.
The written proposal documents supersede any verbal or written prior communications between the parties.
Evaluation criteria is outlined in the request for proposal documents. The City of Lawrenceville reserves
the right to reject any or all proposals to waive technicalities, and to make an award deemed in its best
Award notification will be sent to companies submitting a proposal via email.
We look forward to your proposal and appreciate your interest in the City of Lawrenceville.
Steve Murray, CPPB
Purchasing Manager
Page 2
Proposal Content
The proposal shall be responsive to the specific range of issues described in this Request for
Proposal. Contractors are asked to read the document carefully to insure that they address the
specific requirements of this request and submit all requested information. Fee Schedule shall be
submitted in a separate sealed envelope. Only one (1) Cost Proposal Schedule is required. The
proposing firm’s history and experience relevant to City of Lawrenceville needs should be
discussed, including a description of the firm’s direct experience with similar types of projects
and efforts.
Evaluation Procedures
The Proposal Evaluation Team will be comprised of four (4) evaluators. During the first phase of
the evaluation, the Evaluation Team will have access to all proposal materials except the
separately sealed pricing. Proposals will initially be scored based on the technical criteria.
Pricing will then be opened and points assigned by a mathematical formula. The evaluation team
may short list the highest scoring firms. The number of respondents short listed will be at the
discretion of the evaluation team. The evaluation team may invite any number of the highest rated
firms to participate in onsite interviews. All expenses related to the participation in the onsite
interviews are the responsibility of the contractor with no obligation to the City. The decision to
interview and the number of firms to interview is at the sole discretion of the evaluation team. The
interview (if required) will be evaluated and scored, and this score will be added to the overall
score. The City reserves the right to negotiate price and scope of work with the contractor scoring
highest in an attempt to reach agreement. If negotiations with the highest scoring contractor are
unsuccessful, the City may then negotiate with the second highest scoring contractor and so on
until a satisfactory agreement has been reached.
The prospective contractor’s proposal shall be responsive to the specific range of information,
subjects, and work items described in this Request for Proposal. Contractors are asked to read the
Request for Proposal carefully to insure that they address the specific requirements of this request
and submit requested information. Proposing contractors will be evaluated and scored based on
the information provided in their proposals as it relates to this request. The contractor’s proposal
shall be organized in the order and format described below. Each proposal shall include the
following information.
Background and Experience of the Company
Provide a narrative description of the company’s history, purpose, range of services, resources,
financial stability, and past and current business activities relevant to the requested Parking
Guidance System. Describe in detail the company’s experience with installing, managing and
maintaining Parking Guidance Systems. Indicate the numbers, types, and sizes (an average) of the
facilities previously and presently installed and serviced; and indicate the scope of services
provided by the company for each. Also describe any special capabilities of the company, such as
application development, programs and practices that set it apart from other firms. This part of the
proposal should be concise and not be overly long.
Page 3
Provide three (3) references for Parking Guidance Systems contracts presently underway or for
services completed within the past five (5) years. References must be for services on individual
facilities of not less than 100 parking spaces and whenever possible should show the company’s
ability to expand services to multiple facilities. References must indicate the client, the facility or
facilities included in the contract, the size(s) of the site or sites maintained, the full range of
services provided, and the contract time frame. Each reference shall include a contact person who
has direct knowledge of the services, and a current phone number and e-mail address for the
contact. This latter information is critical. The City’s inability to contact references may result in
a reduction in points for this category.
Service Delivery/Staffing, Training and Supervision/Equipment
Without simply reiterating the Scope of Services within the Request for Proposal, provide a
description of the firm’s proposed services that shows an understanding of the scope requested by
the City and indicates the firm’s ability to efficiently, timely and comprehensively provide a
Parking Guidance System and the resources necessary to make it operational. The proposal should
include the expected solution and an explanation of the application to the City deck and future
expandability to other decks the City may build.
Describe the functionality, operation and type of equipment to be provided in sufficient detail to
allow the City to evaluate the viability of the proposed solution. Describe any special processes,
design, materials/supplies, and/or personnel skill-sets that will be included in the delivery of the
project. The scheduling and process for installation of necessary equipment within the deck must
be explained in such detail to allow an evaluation of the impact on use of the deck for parking by
the public during the project. Indicate how the firm will provide supervision and insure quality
control. Also describe any special capabilities of the company, such as application development,
app integration abilities, programs and practices that set it apart from other firms. This part of the
proposal should be concise and not be overly long.
Provide the name of the on-site project manager(s) that will be responsible for the proposed
services and include copies of resume(s). Provide information on how employees are hired and
trained and describe the company’s processes for maintenance of system security and promotion
of safety during project installation.
Ongoing Maintenance and Service
Explain expectations of how the system will be maintained once installed to include materials
needed and availability, any maintenance contracts offered and warranty period and conditions.
This section must include how environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust, and
wind will impact the system operation and maintenance.
Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated based on their relative responsiveness to the criteria described above
and with those criteria’s values weighted as shown below:
1. Background and experience of company
Maximum points
Page 4
2. References – comparability and quality
3. Exhibited understanding in the proposed solution and application to the
City deck and future expandability
4. Ongoing maintenance
5. Cost Proposal
Total 100
6. Optional Interview and/or site visit
The City of Lawrenceville reserves the right to seek clarification on missing or ambiguous
materials. Submitted proposals which fail to provide the requested documents/forms in this RFP
may be deemed non-responsive.
At the discretion of the Proposal Evaluation Team, interviews may be conducted during the last
phase of the evaluation process. The dates and nature of the interview requirements will be
communicated to the invited proposers. Interviews will require the active participation of the
proposed project manager. All costs associated with the presentation/interview are the
responsibility of the respondent.
Page 5
Dollars and
Termination for Cause: The City may terminate this agreement for cause upon ten (10) days prior
written notice to the supplier of the contractor’s default in the performance of any term of this
agreement. Such termination shall be without prejudice to any of the City’s rights or remedies by law.
Termination for Convenience: The City may terminate this agreement for its convenience at any time
upon thirty (30) days written notice to the contractor. In the event of the City’s termination of this
agreement for convenience, the contractor will be paid for those services actually performed. Partially
completed performance of the agreement will be compensated based upon a signed statement of
completion to be submitted by the supplier, which shall itemize each element of performance.
Certification of Non-Collusion in Bid Preparation
The City requires that all who enter into a contract for the physical performance of services with the
City must satisfy O.C.G.A. § 13-10-91 and Rule 300-10-1-.02, in all manner, and such are conditions
of the contract.
In compliance with the attached specifications, the undersigned offers and agrees, if this proposal is
accepted by the City Council within ninety (90) days of the date of proposal opening, to furnish any or
all of the items upon which prices are quoted, at the price set opposite each item, delivered to the
designated point(s) within the time specified in the Cost Proposal Schedule.
Legal Business Name
Federal Tax ID
Representative Signature
Printed Name
Telephone Number
E-mail address
Fax Number

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