On-Call Traffic Control Services **Addendum No. 1 Issued on 08/13/19**

Agency: City of Redding
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Aug 15, 2019
Due Date: Aug 29, 2019
Solicitation No: 5073
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On-Call Traffic Control Services **Addendum No. 1 Issued on 08/13/19**
  • Department: City Manager
  • Category: Purchasing Request for Bids, Purchasing Request for Quotations, Purchasing Request for Proposals
  • RFP Number: 5073
  • Start Date: 08/08/2019
  • Close Date: 08/29/2019 3:00 PM

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Addendum No. 1 -> 5073-Addendum No. 1

City of Redding Contact: Amber Edenburn, aedenburn@cityofredding.org

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(Bid Schedule No. 5073)
The City of Redding Electric Utility (REU) is requesting bids to provide Traffic Control Services,
on an as-needed basis, for REU projects. The work performed under this contract shall include
the furnishing of all labor (at prevailing wage rate), materials, applicable taxes, and equipment
necessary to perform traffic control services.
This contract will allow contractor to perform preapproved work on a firm price basis based on
applicable hourly rates supplied with contractor’s bid.
Interested Contractors are invited to submit bids in accordance with the requirements of this Bid
The term of this contract shall be for a one-year period, September 01, 2019, or date of award
whichever comes first, through August 31, 2020. If mutually agreeable, with all prices, terms,
and conditions remaining the same, the contract may be extended two (2) additional one (1) year
periods, through August 31, 2022.
The quantities provided in the Bid are approximate for the contract period and are being given as a
basis for the comparison of bids only. The City does not, expressly or by implication, agree that
the actual amount of work will correspond therewith and reserves the right to increase or decrease
the amount or portion of the work by type of task/line and to omit any portion of the work as may
be deemed necessary.
Contractor to provide all traffic control per the current Federal Highway Administration's
(FHWA) Manual on California Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CMUTCD) as amended by the
MUTCD California Supplement, Part 6, Temporary Traffic Control.
When the work order is for Traffic Control only, the Contractor shall mobilize to the site and set up
traffic control in accordance with either the Caltrans Standard Plan T11, Caltrans Standard Plan
T12, or Caltrans Standard Plan T13.
The Contractor shall be solely and completely responsible for furnishing, installing, and
maintaining all warning signs and devices necessary for the proper and continuous safe routing of
vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the performance of the work and in accordance with the
Standard Plans. The use of flaggers, barricades, and construction signing shall comply with Part
6, “Temporary Traffic Control” of the current edition of the California Manual of Uniform Traffic
Control Devices (California MUTCD).
The Contract unit price paid for “Flagger-Traffic Control” shall include full compensation for
furnishing all labor, subsistence, pickup, signs, cones, and incidentals, and for doing all the work
involved in setting up, maintaining, and taking down traffic control, including flagging, placing
and installing temporary traffic-handling equipment and devices, proper attire for flaggers, and
maintaining traffic, as shown on Standard Plans T11, T12 and T13, as specified in the Standard
Specifications and these special provisions, and as directed by REU Staff.
Flagger is defined as trained ATSSA or equivalent certified flagger or traffic control technician,
equipped with standard personal protective equipment including: hard-hat, gloves, EH rated boots,
safety glasses, ANSI Class-3 reflective vest, radio or other communication device, and
STOP/SLOW paddle.
Traffic control includes a vehicle (i.e. pickup truck) with warning flashers or beacons, arrow
board/message board, lights for night work (including flagger station lighting and light tower), and
which contains standard traffic control devices to perform any one of the following “Typical
Applications” as described in the current California MUTCD: TA-1, TA-3, TA-4, TA-6, TA-10,
TA-11, TA-13, TA-15, TA-16, TA-21, TA-22, TA-23, TA-24, TA-25, TA-26, TA-28, TA-29,
The standard traffic control equipment shall include: one trailer-mount or equivalent FAS, traffic
cones (28” day/night), barricades (type-I or type-II), and various signs as required by the Typical
Applications referenced above. All equipment shall meet or exceed the current California
MUTCD and be retroreflective to allow for day or night use.
Contractor shall follow all State, Federal, and local laws and regulations.
Hours of work will typically be Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 4:00pm, excluding City
Holidays. The City will make every effort to request traffic control services by 4:00pm the
previous day.
Work hours and days may vary, with possibility of nights, weekends, holidays and/or emergency
call out; contractor agrees to two (2) hour response time for emergency call-out work.
The Contractor must furnish and utilize equipment to properly perform the work in a workmanlike
manner in accordance with these specifications. Such equipment must be in good state of repair
and maintained in such state during the progress of the work. No worn or obsolete equipment
shall be used, and in no case shall the manufacturer's rating of capacity for any equipment be
The Contractor shall designate in writing before starting work an authorized representative who
shall have the authority to represent and act for the Contractor, and who shall be authorized by the
Contractor to execute all contract related documents including change orders and contract quantity
agreements. The designated person shall act as the Contractor's public relations representative to
answer and negotiate solutions to resolve public complaints that result from Contractor's activities.
The designated representative shall be available at all times during regular working hours
throughout the contract duration.
Anytime questions arise regarding traffic control on an REU project, the contractor’s “job set up”
employee will contact their supervisor (contractor employee) to answer employee questions and
provide direction. REU staff, including REU Working Foreman, will not provide direction to
traffic control contractor’s employees. Contractor to maintain sole responsibility for providing
project oversight and direction to contractor’s employees.
The Contractor shall furnish sufficient supervisory and working personnel capable of promptly
accomplishing accurately, and to the satisfaction of the REU Working Foreman, all work required
under this contract during regular prescribed hours, 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday,
as well as during on-call/emergency assignments which could occur at night, on weekends and/or
on holidays.
All personnel in the Contractors' field operations shall wear and maintain a presentable orange
safety vest while working along traffic areas.
If any person employed by the Contractor or any subcontractor fails or refuses to carry out the
directions of the Electric Utility Working Foreman, or is in the opinion of the Redding Electric
Utility Working Foreman, incompetent, intemperate or disorderly; or uses threatening or abusive
language to any person on the work representing the City; or who violates the provisions of the
State Motor Vehicle Code while working; or is otherwise unsatisfactory, shall, upon request by the
Redding Electric Utility Working Foreman, be removed from working on this contract with the
City of Redding.
The City of Redding will not accept a bid from a contractor who is not licensed in accordance with
the provisions of the California Business and Professions Code,'7,000 et seq.
The Contractor shall possess a Class AC-31" license.
Awarded Contractor must obtain a valid City business license.
Contractor shall be registered with the California State Department of Industrial Relations.
The award of the Contract, if it is awarded, shall be made on the basis of the lowest responsive
evaluated total price (hourly rates); overtime rates will not be factored into award evaluation. The
City reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to waive minor irregularities, as may be in the
City=s best interest.
After Notice of Award of a Bid by the Owner, the successful Bidder shall provide the

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