On-call Fire Alarm Services

Agency: University of Kansas Medical Center
State: Kansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Posted Date: Jul 18, 2022
Due Date: Aug 15, 2022
Solicitation No: RFQ RQ-00040 Specs (PDF) RQ-00040 Fire Detection and Alarm (PDF) RQ-00040 CDU Drawings (PDF) RQ-
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RFQ RQ-00040 Specs (PDF)

RQ-00040 Fire Detection and Alarm (PDF)

RQ-00040 CDU Drawings (PDF)

RQ-00040 Eaton Drawings (PDF)

KUMC RFQ Guidelines (PDF)

On-call Fire Alarm Services



KC Campus

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Submit Bid To
Mail Stop 2034
3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66160
If additional information is desired, contact Hayley Unke-Moore at hunkemoore@kumc.edu or 913 588 1117
Quotation No. RQ-00040
Date Mailed 07/18/2022
Closing 2:00 pm Central 08/15/2022
Items and Specifications
KUMC seeks to procure bids for On-Call Fire Alarm Services to fulfill the requirements as outlined in the
included specifications. KUMC reserves the right to negotiate with selected finalists should it be deemed
Pre-bid Conference – A mandatory online pre-bid conference will be held as an audio-only (no video) meeting
on Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 9:30am Central time.
All interested bidders must contact Hayley Unke-Moore at hunkemoore@kumc.edu no later than 12:00pm
Wednesday, July 27, 2022 to request pre-bid call-in details.
Attendance is mandatory at the pre-bid conference. Impromptu questions may be permitted, and spontaneous
unofficial answers provided. However, bidders should understand that the only official answer or position of
KUMC will be presented in writing.
KUMC RFQ Guidelines.pdf
• RQ-00040 CDU drawings.pdf
• RQ-00040 Eaton drawings.pdf
• RQ-00040 Fire Detection and Alarm.pdf
All suppliers must submit the following documents as part of their bid.
1. A signed copy of the KUMC RFQ guidelines.
2. References required from page 2 of this document.
3. Completed Contractor Qualifications and supporting information from page 3 of this document.
4. Completed Labor Rates from page 5 of this document. You must include
a. Labor rates for your company
b. Labor rates for your subcontractors, if applicable.
5. Completed bid forms for CDU and Eaton from pages 6 and 7 of this document. Bid forms must include:
a. Quotes for the project
b. Bond costs to include Performance Bond and Public Works Bond
Purchasing the above bonds in advance is not required; only providing the costs of such bonds is necessary to
submit your proposal.
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Contract Proposal
University of Kansas Medical Center is looking to establish an on-call Fire Alarm contractor who will help
upgrade legacy fire alarm systems across campus with an EST4 Fire Alarm system.
The on-call contract portion of this RFQ may be awarded to more than one supplier.
The University of Kansas Medical Center is requesting a three (3)-year contract with option to renew for two
(2) additional one (1)-year periods, if mutually agreed upon by both parties and subject to annual appropriations
by the governing body.
KUMC Objectives
Contractor will be available at short notice to perform the fire alarm work outlined in the scope of work below
on an as needed basis throughout the medical center. Job sizes range from work order sized projects to limited
renovations of various departments on the medical center campus and Fairway locations. The contractor must
have the ability and willingness to work with: in-house or on-call architects, engineers, construction forces, and
sub-contractors. Fire Alarm work under this contract will include, but is not limited to, furnishing and installing
fire alarm systems and maintaining/troubleshooting installed systems and databases, design, wiring diagrams
various calculations, and details, programming, graphics, testing and state inspections.
Scope of Work
It is understood that a contractor may not self-perform all scopes of work that might be needed on our
construction projects. Fire Alarm contractor shall manage their own forces and their subcontractors as required
for a complete job, as outlined by contract documents and/or a formal walkthrough of the agency requested
scope of work.
Qualifications and Criteria for Award:
The award will be made to the most qualified and responsive bidder(s) whose bid meets the requirements and
criteria set forth in this proposal, including the criteria below:
1. Licensed contractor in specified trade in Kansas and Missouri.
2. The contractor shall have experience in specified trade for a minimum of 10 years.
3. Each bidder shall submit a list of at least three (3) contracts of similar size completed within the last 24
months. List shall include telephone number and name of individuals familiar with the scope of the project
and the performance of the contractor. Failure to provide the information may lead to disqualification of
the bid.
4. Must have ability to service projects in a timely manner.
5. Must be able to respond within to critical situations, anytime during a year, if needed within 60 minutes.
6. Must have NICET (Levels 2, 3, & 4) certified technicians on staff to perform work.
7. State of KS requires submittals to be stamped by a KS professional engineer.
8. List what stamps/certifications the company’s employees carry.
9. Must have a single point of contact and ability to devote same set of workers to projects.
10. Must have the ability to work with in-house or on-call architects, engineers, construction forces to help
trouble shoot/suggest cost savings/improvements to design.
11. Must have in-house capability to accomplish all tasks related to design and installation of an enterprise
addressable fire alarm system which includes network of fire alarm panels, monitoring of fire alarm
systems (by KUM C maintenance staff and police dispatch) and communication of fire alarms to the fire
12. List labor rates and how they are structured.
Page 2 of 7
13. Previous experience at KUMC is preferable.
14. Price.
15. Must be able to staff the projects accordingly for the size of each job and keep the same staff during the
entire project.
16. Subcontractor shall provide necessary assistance and support for other on-call trades.
17. Subcontractor for electrical wiring shall be responsible shall core drill concrete or masonry walls/floors
as necessary for their work. Electrical subcontractor shall be responsible to fire caulked rated penetrations.
18. Subcontractor shall furnish and install backing/support for raceway and fire alarm panels/devices.
19. Coordinate with other subcontractor(s) on tasks like patching, painting etc..
20. Subcontractor shall acknowledge this is an active healthcare facility and shall adhere to KUMC Infection
control requirement shall always provide a clean and organized workspace.
21. Subcontractor shall properly tag all equipment and wiring and other devices to meet KUMC Standards.
22. Must be located within 30 miles for the main University of Kansas Medical Center campus.
Supplier Name __________________________
RQ-00040 On-call Fire Alarm Services
Contractor Qualifications & Capabilities Requirements
The contractor will be required to have a minimum of one (1) tech certified as NICET 2, NICET 3, and NICET
4 certifications within the Kansas City region. In addition, the contractor will be required to have at least two
(2) techs certified in EST 4 Fire Works software. Validation documentation must be provided with your
• NICET 2 Certifications:
• NICET 3 Certifications:
• NICET 4 Certifications:
• Fire Works Certifications:
________ Number of Techs
________ Number of Techs
________ Number of Techs
________ Number of Techs
The contractor must have in-house design capabilities that provide detailed shop drawings and wiring diagrams.
The contractor must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the design and installation of an enterprise fire
monitoring system that includes monitoring stations, servers, and software programming. Also, the contractor
must have experience with State of KS AHJs for fire alarm installations.
Please describe or list out your experience:
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Code Compliance:
All work under this contract shall be compliant with local and adopted State Code requirements. All work is
subject to inspection by the architect/engineer and the authority having jurisdiction. (State of Kansas, Unified
Government, and City of Fairway depending on funding source of the Project and Project location.).
Cost Sheet – Fire Alarm Services
It is our intent to award this to multiple suppliers. There will be times when the awarded supplier(s) will be
asked to provide a competing quote for projects. KUMC does not compensate suppliers for time and effort to
prepare bids which do not result in a PO.
Hourly billing rates to include:
1. Contractor employee pay rate
2. Employer FICA contributions
3. Employee federal and State unemployment insurance costs
4. Workmen’s Compensation, Fidelity and liability insurance costs
5. General administrative and overhead expenses
6. Project estimating time
7. Gross profit margin
8. Any additional employee payroll contributions.
It is anticipated that most of the work to be performed by contractor’s employee(s) will be on the University of
Kansas Medical Center Campus and Fairway Campus. The University of Kansas Medical Center will incur no
expenses other than the flat hourly rate stated herein.
Page 4 of 7
Supplier Name __________________________
RQ-00040 On-call Fire Alarm Services
Complete the labor rates listed below and add any other relevant roles and rates for you and your
subcontractors, if applicable
Working Rates
Fire Tech
Performed Contract
Standard Time Saturdays Per
Per Hour
Sunday &
Holidays Per
Project PM/
Project Engineer
Materials Markup
Markup Percentages
$1,000 – 5,000
$5,000 – 25,000
Over $25,000
Materials and Subcontractor Markups
Unless KUMC chooses to supply materials and/or equipment, the contractor shall purchase and supply all
materials for a project. Materials shall be invoiced at a cost % markup.
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