On-Call Electrical Contractor Services Set-Aside Program for Projects Estimated at under $100,000

Agency: State Government of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Sep 15, 2020
Due Date: Oct 20, 2020
Solicitation No: OC.ELEC2020.SBE
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Organization University of Connecticut
Project/Solicitation # OC.ELEC2020.SBE
Solicitation Type Request for Quote
Due Date 10/20/2020
Includes SBE/MBE Requirements YES
Qualified Partnership NO
Summary On-Call Electrical Contractor Services Set-Aside Program for Projects Estimated at under $100,000
Contact Name Cesar Alonzo
E-Mail cesar.alonzo@uconn.edu
Phone (860) 486-0012
FAX (860) 486-1953
WebSite https://cpfp.ubs.uconn.edu/construction-current-opportunities-2020-2/
Additional Description Open only to Small and Minority Business Enterprises as certified by the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services. To access this bid document in our HuskyBuy self-service online portal, please click this link: https://bids.sciquest.com/apps/Router/PublicEvent?CustomerOrg=UConnFullSuite If you need assistance in preparing your online bid submittal please reach out to the contact listed for this solicitation.

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Program Number: OC.ELEC2020.SBE
Procurement Agent: CESAR ALONZO, cesar.alonzo@uconn.edu
Bids for this solicitation (event) can be submitted through the HuskyBuy Portal:
Critical Dates:
RFQ Due Date and Time
Q&A (RFI) Due Date and Time
Pre-proposal Meeting
Location for Pre-proposal
Access to the Pre-proposal Webex Virtual meeting must be requested by email to the
Procurement Agent listed above.
University COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines
As part of UConn’s on-going effort to ensure a secure and safe working environment for its
students, workforce, clients, and visitors, the University has developed the “University COVID-19
Mitigation Guidelines for the Contractor Community.” A copy of the Guidelines can be found by
visiting the following website: https://updc.uconn.edu/contractors-working-at-uconn/ and clicking
on the document located under the Resources section. You may also find additional information
at: https://ehs.uconn.edu/ehs-covid-resources/.
These guidelines establish consistent standards for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 that must
be undertaken by the Contractor and are intended to assist UConn in meeting its commitments.
Program Description:
The University of Connecticut has developed a program that will partner with our contractors and
tradesmen and help streamline processes with our contractor community. This program
specifically provides opportunities to CT Small and/or Minority Business Enterprises (S/MBEs)
Prequalification – On-Call SMBE $0-$100K Electrical Contractor Program
Page 1
within the University portfolio. This implemented On-Call SBE/MBE Program utilizes Trade and
General Contractors for projects less than $100,000.
“On-Call” is a method of procurement by which the University enlists the services of various
Trades and General Contractors to perform project-specific work in support of capital projects and
deferred maintenance (DM) needs, to be performed using one of the “components” listed below.
Prequalified contractors in the $0-$100 On-Call SBE/MBE Program will be required to participate
in both components of the program. All-Inclusive Hourly Rates, Standard Wages, or Prevailing
Wages may be used as determined by specific project/assignment needs.
Component 1 – Equalization Component: The University is committed to an equalization
system that will ensure fair utilization of all contractors within the program. Through this process,
CPFP will provide ongoing oversight of contractor utilization and performance. The assignment
of contractors will be the sole responsibility of CPFP in collaboration with the initiating
department(s), mainly University Planning, Design and Construction (UPDC) and Facilities
Operations and Building Services (FOBS). Depending on project availability, it is the intent that
all contractors under these On-Call Contracts will be utilized within the duration of the
contract. CPFP will monitor and assign contractors based on utilization through equalization by
Project/Assignment and dollar volume. Consideration is given when the need arises for specialty
type services within a trade that are limited within the on-call categories. The University will
consider various criteria when selecting the On-Call Contractor for a project assignment, including
and without limitation, the following:
1. The size and complexity of the related project;
2. An On-Call Contractor’s past performance on previous On-Call assignments, including
quality and cost of services, as well as timeliness of performance;
3. An On-Call Contractor’s ability and sufficiency of staff resources to deliver the services to
be assigned in a timely and effective manner;
4. The Proposal of the On-Call Contractor that would be applicable to the scope of services;
5. The impact the scope of services may have on other work the On-Call Contractor is
currently performing;
6. The number and value of previous purchase orders issued to the On-Call Contractor under
its On-Call contract for services in the relevant trade category; and
7. Other criteria utilized by the University to determine the selection that would serve the best
interests of the University.
Utilizing the criteria set forth above, the University shall evaluate the quote for a particular
assignment and issue a purchase order to the On-Call Contractor if that quote is determined to
be in the best interest of the University.
For the Equalization Method, the University intends to utilize the following compensation
methods based on the particular needs of each assignment:
Fixed Fee Contract Sum: When submitting a proposal for an assignment using
this compensation method, contractors will provide a fixed fee for the work. Such
fixed fee shall include all labor, materials, equipment, subcontractor costs, and
overhead and profit; or
Time and Materials: When submitting a proposal for an assignment using this
compensation method, compensation for work performed will be the actual
documented costs incurred by the contractor for materials, labor (all-inclusive rate
or prevailing wage rate times hours worked) and subcontractor costs. Applicants
submitting a Prequalification Application for any of the trade categories will
be required to submit All Inclusive Hourly Rates to be used with the Time
and Materials compensation method. Rates will be reviewed and may be
Prequalification – On-Call SMBE $0-$100K Electrical Contractor Program
Page 2
negotiated, at the University’s discretion, for final disposition and
acceptance into the On-Call Program.
Component 2– Lump Sum Bid Component: An Invitation to Bid is issued to the entire group
of prequalified contractors for projects/assignments with an estimated value less than
$100,000. Contract Award is issued to the lowest qualified responsible bidder.
Scope of Work:
Previous project relevant work history must be submitted demonstrating the range of work listed
below. Limiting it to a small selection that does not show the desired diversification required can
affect a Company’s prequalification into the program. The Electrical Contractor shall have the
ability and experience to self-perform:
General electrical work
Demolition, waste removal, disposal and waste recycling of electrical equipment.
Abatement and disposal of hazardous materials of electrical equipment.
Trade Coordination: Masonry, carpentry, mechanical, plumbing, etc.
Installation of wiring and controls associated with:
o Mechanical/HVAC equipment.
o Fire alarm/fire protection equipment.
o Data and communications.
Installation and maintenance of <600V switchgear, up to 5000A capacity.
Installation and maintenance of <600V Panelboards, up to 2000A capacity.
Installation, maintenance, servicing, and testing of <600V circuit breakers.
Installation, maintenance, servicing <600V disconnect switches.
Installation, maintenance, servicing lighting & lighting controls systems of both normal and
emergency types.
Installation, maintenance, servicing central inverter systems and associated batteries
Capacity to provide thermography services on energized gear, by sub-contractor
Installation of dry-core <600V Primary/Secondary transformers.
Installation, verification, repair, and testing of grounding electrode systems.
Installation of generating equipment & associated transfer equipment for legally required
emergency/standby systems.
Installation, maintenance, servicing dry-core Unit-Substation equipment, <13.8kV Pri/
<600V sec; primarily secondary side and downstream.
In addition to the ability and experience, the contractor must demonstrate appropriate licensing
for the trade, including E-1 Unlimited Electrical Contractor.
Program Schedule/Duration:
The Master Agreement is planned to start: January 1, 2021.
Program duration: Three (3) years. The University reserves the right to extend the Master
Agreement for up to two (2) additional 1-year extension.
Financial Ability:
The Contractor must demonstrate the financial ability and to complete a construction project with
a minimum value of at least $100,000.
Prequalification – On-Call SMBE $0-$100K Electrical Contractor Program
Page 3
Project Staffing:
The Contractor must demonstrate the ability to staff the project with high quality, experienced
personnel. The contractor must demonstrate its ability to provide an adequate level of staffing to
oversee each assignment/project through completion. The firm must demonstrate each individual
staff members’ experience on past relevant projects performing work of a similar scope and nature
to this project and in a comparable position as assigned on this project. The firm must demonstrate
appropriate licensing for their proposed personnel, including E-2 Unlimited Electrical
Project Relevant Experience:
A minimum of six (6) examples must be submitted that are in progress (at least 75% complete)
or completed within the past three (3) years. Experience in commercial and institutional settings
is preferred. For a project to be considered, the value of that project must ideally be within the
following ranges:
2 each - $1 to $33,999
2 each - $34,000 to $65,999
2 each - $66,000 to $99,999
A detailed description of the work performed and how it relates to the scope of work outlined in
the Prequalification Application shall be included.
Threshold Building Project:
This program may include projects/assignments that might be subject to “Threshold Building”
In order to participate in projects/assignments subject to “Threshold Building” designation
contractors must possess a valid license, registration or certification issued by the Department of
Consumer Protection in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 20-341gg if a
project(s) is for a “Threshold Building” as defined in Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 29-
276b. (Pursuant to C.G.S. §29-276b, the term “threshold limit” shall apply to any structure or
addition thereto (1) having four stories, (2) sixty feet in height, (3) with a clear span of one hundred
fifty feet in width, (4) containing one hundred fifty thousand square feet of total gross floor area,
or (5) with an occupancy of one thousand persons. If a joint venture, all joint venture partners
shall be licensed, registered or certified).
Note: If your company possesses a “Threshold Building” license please respond Yes to Question
11.1.6 under Tab 11 Licenses and Misc. Documents. Not having this license will not be considered
a disqualifier for this request for qualifications.
Supplier Diversity Requirements:
If prequalified, the awarded Contractor is hereby notified that, for any work on a project, the
contractor must self-perform a minimum of fifty (50%) percent of the entire scope of work, and a
minimum of seventy-five (75%) percent of the entire scope is required to be awarded to DAS
certified SBE/MBE Contractors including your self-performed portion of the work. The contractors
are responsible for ensuring that they and the SBE/MBE’s they have elected are eligible
contractors, and that they meet state requirements.
Prequalification – On-Call SMBE $0-$100K Electrical Contractor Program
Page 4

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