On-Call Development Review

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jul 7, 2021
Due Date: Jul 22, 2021
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On-Call Development Review City of Needles

Needes, CA


The City of Needles (City) Development Services Department, Planning Division, is requesting proposals from highly qualified consultants to provide on-call development review consulting services.

Development review involves the review of all development projects, including anything from the addition of metal garages to residential accessory dwelling units and new cannabis businesses. Projects are reviewed for matters such as compliance with the zoning regulations, the effect the project will have on the environment, and compatibility with neighboring developments.

The City is currently working on updating the Transportation Element, Housing Element, and Land Use Element of City of Needles Comprehensive General Plan.

This document outlines the requirements, selection process and the information necessary to submit a proposal for this project. The City is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify consultants who have extensive experience working with public entities. The City will utilize on-call development review services on an as needed basis. The selected firm will require final contract approval from the City Council.

The City of Needles has approximately 5,200 residents and is located on the "east coast" of California. The City of Needles is currently experiencing a significant economic development increase because of our affordable land prices and low power rates.

Our economic development initiative has attracted a $30 mil. industry cluster and has added 813,000 square feet of cannabis businesses land use entitlements which to date has added 15 new businesses with an active work force of 500 new employees working in the City.

The economic growth the City has experienced the last few years has also led to new development which has increased the total property value for the City of Needles by 12.5% last year ($398 Mill.) and 13.5% the year prior ($353 Mil). The 80 room 46,000 Hampton by Hilton Hotel which broke ground in March 2021 is an example of the City's commitment to attract new development in our city.

The City of Needles desires to obtain the services of one qualified firm to provide on-call development review consulting services for the city.


The City of Needles (City) invites qualified firms to submit written proposals for on-call development review consulting services. Should an award of contract be made, the selected Proposer will enter into a professional services agreement with the City of Needles to provide on-call development review consulting services.


The City of Needles is seeking proposals from firms capable of providing on-call development review consulting services for the City's Development Services Department's Planning Division. The proposal shall contain at least the following:

  1. Provide municipal planning services such as the following:
    1. General Planning-related development and land use project review
    2. Analyze projects for compliance with the City's General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Map Act, Design Guidelines, and applicable other policies.
    3. Review and process ministerial applications and discretionary entitlements, such as: Plan Checks, Use permits, Design Review, Tentative Maps, and General Plan and Zoning amendments.
    4. Complies and analyzes data on economic, social, environmental, and physical factors affecting land use.
    5. Works with other City staff to help explain processes and suggest improvements regarding potential projects, feasibility analysis, conceptual development plans and code interpretation.
    6. Ability to write Planning Commission and City Council staff reports, resolutions, ordinances, and conditions of approval.
    7. Analyze projects for CEQA compliance.
    8. Ability to review projects and provide comments within timelines specified by the Permit Streamlining Act and the City (shorter timelines may be required for certain projects).
    9. Provide strong emphasis on the management of multiple projects and competing properties while maintaining quality, meeting schedules, and staying within budget.


The proposal shall clearly address all the information requested herein and not exceed 10 pages. To achieve a uniform review process and obtain the maximum degree of comparability, proposals, must be organized and contain all information as specified below:

  1. Cover Letter: Maximum of two pages serving as an executive summary which shall include an understanding of scope of services.
  2. Brief Company Profile: General company information including number of employees, location of company headquarters and branch offices, number of years in business and organization, disciplines, and staffing. Describe the general qualification of the firm as they relate to the work proposed with this RFP.
  3. Organization and Staffing. Provide a list of the Consultant's employees and agents which the consultant anticipates assigning to this project. This list shall include a summary of the qualifications, licenses, and experience of each individual; and the professional Planning level of work to be performed by each individual. The City will retain under its agreement with the successful Consultant the right of approval of all people performing under the agreement.
  4. Description and Approach. The proposal should demonstrate the Consultant's knowledge of the needs and objectives of the work proposed under this RFP.
  5. Cost Proposal. The cost proposal shall include the hourly rate for services. Include any sub-consultant's fee schedule, if applicable. This should include hourly billable costs of each team member, Senior Planner, Associate Planner, etc., and if a monthly retainer is required.
  6. Résumé, Relevant Projects/Services with References. Provide résumés of the individual(s) from the Proposer's firm or entity that will be directly responsible for carrying out the contract, three pubic agency references to include name, address, contact person and phone number of the municipality/company, length of time services were provided, and a description of the services provided.

Hard copies consisting of two [2] original collated binders and one [1] unbound, 8.5" x11" collated copies of the proposal (except for plans which may be 11" x 17") and one [1] electronic copy of the submittal must be received by the City of Needles City Clerk no later than July 22, 2021, at 3:30 pm. Late proposals, electronic transmittals and facsimiles will not be accepted. Deliver hard copies to:

City of Needles/ Dale Jones, City Clerk
817 Third Street
Needles, CA 92363

All communication regarding this RFP must be directed to Patrick Martinez, Director of Development Services at (760) 326-5740 x 126 .

Consultant selection will require City Council approval for the contract for development review services for initial three-year duration.

Proposal documents are available at the City of Needles website https://cityofneedles.com/rfp-rfq-opportunities , all proposals must be on the forms provided or in the same format. Consultant selection will be based upon weighted criteria as cited in the Request for Proposal document. A standard selection criterion includes, but is not limited to experience, availability, schedule, response time and cost. The City of Needles reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive formalities or to accept any proposal which appears to serve the best interest of the City of Needles.


All questions must be submitted via email to Patrick Martinez at pmartinez@cityofneedles.com no later than 5 p.m. on July 14, 2021.

Responses form the city will be posted as an addendum on the City's website at https://cityofneedles.com/rfp-rfq-opportunities no later than 5 p.m. on July 16, 2021.


Request for Proposals Issued: Wednesday June 30, 2021

Deadline for Submitting Questions: Wednesday July 14, 2021

Proposal Submission Deadline: Monday July 22, 2021, 3:30 PM

Review: July 22 ,2021 – July 30, 2021

Council Consideration: August 10, 2021


The city intends to engage the most qualified consultant available that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the City's needs. City staff will use the following criteria to evaluate proposals:

  • Understanding of Work to be Performed (the Scope of Services)
  • Demonstrated Quality Firm and Professional Staff Technical Skill, Experience, Performance and Approach
  • Familiarity with City, County, and State Procedures
  • Firms and Professional Staff References/Satisfaction of Client
  • Completeness and Quality of Proposal
  • Cost Approach to performing this type of service.

The City may request a qualification interview with the highest ranked consultant(s) prior to determining the final ranking. This selection will be conducted according to the City's adopted procedures. The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.


Once the consultant is selected, the resulting agreements will be documented as a formal written contract and will incorporate all terms and conditions of the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT and this RFP.

There is no guarantee of any specific amount of work, or any dollar amounts assigned through the term of the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT . City work may be assigned based upon the consultant's expertise and workload.

The City may offer a separate solicitation and procurement to be conducted for any project. The City will assess each Public Works project or Capital Improvement project and may consider the estimated cost, specialized nature of the project, and other factors, to determine whether a separate solicitation and procurement will be required / desired.



The City reserves the right to:

  • Request additional information from any individual or organizations
  • Extend the due date of the RFQ.
  • Interview any or all individuals or organizations
  • Reject, in whole or in part, any or all submittals, and to waive minor irregularities in the submittal.
  • Cancel, in whole or in part, or modify this Request for Qualifications solicitation.
  • Issuance of this RFQ and receipt of proposal does not commit the City to award a contract. Any statements made by City staff or representatives are not a contract or a commitment of any kind by the City and do not commit the City to award an exclusive negotiating agreement or constitute an offer to sell the property.
  • Individuals or organizations are responsible for all costs associated with preparing their submittal. No reimbursement will be made by the City for any cost incurred by proposers in preparation of the response to this RFQ.
  • All responses to this RFQ shall become the property of the City. The City may use any and all ideas and materials included in any submittal, whether or not the respondent is selected as the developer.
  • Proposals and all other information and documents submitted in response to this RFQ are subject to the California Public Records Act, California Government Code §§ 6250 through 6276.48) ("CPRA"), which generally mandates the disclosure of documents in the possession of the City upon the request of any person upon conclusion of the selection process, unless the content of the document falls within a specific exemption category.
  • Non-Liability: By participating in the RFQ process, each Respondent agrees to hold the Successor Agency and City and its and their officers, employees, agents, representatives, and consultants harmless from all claims, liabilities, and costs related to all aspects of this RFQ, the Property and any information provided by the City or the Successor Agency regarding the Property.


For additional information or questions about this solicitation of proposals please contact:

  • Patrick Martinez, Director of Development Services (Sole Contact) pmartinez@cityofneedles.com 760-326-2115 ext. 126
  • Contact regarding this RFQ with other city officials will disqualify proposals.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021
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Bid Due: 12/07/2021