67-19NOV19- Plumbing Services- Term & Supply AWO 26

Agency: Boone County
State: Missouri
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Posted Date: Oct 31, 2019
Due Date: Nov 19, 2019
Solicitation No: 67-19NOV19
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67-19NOV19- Plumbing Services- Term & Supply
AWO 26

Attachment Preview

Boone County Purchasing
613 E. Ash Street, Room 113
Columbia, MO 65201
Robert Wilson, Buyer
(573) 886-4393
Fax: (573) 886-4390
Email: rwilson@boonecountymo.org
Bid Data
_________________________________________ __________
Bid Number: 67-19NOV19
Commodity Title:
Plumbing Services- Term and Supply
Location/Mail Address:
Bid Submission Address and Deadline
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
2:00 PM CT (Bids received after this time will not be considered)
Boone County Purchasing Department
Boone County Annex Building
613 E. Ash, Room 111
Columbia, MO 65201
Annex Building is located at corner of 7th & Ash St.
Bid Opening
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
2:00 PM, Central Time
Boone County Purchasing/Annex Building
613 E. Ash St, Room 111
Columbia, MO 65201
Bid Contents
Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
Primary Specifications
Response Presentation and Review
Response Form
Statement of Bidder’s Qualifications
Prior Experience
Instructions for Compliance with House Bill 1549,
Work Authorization, Certification of Individual Bidder/Affidavit
Debarment Certification
Affidavit for Compliance with Prevailing Wage (returned at end
of projects)
Affidavit of Compliance with OSHA Training (returned at end
of projects)
Standard Terms and Conditions
“No Bid” Response Form
State Prevailing Wage Order No. 26
October 31, 2019
County of Boone
Purchasing Department
1.0 Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
1.1. INVITATION – The County of Boone, through its Purchasing Department, invites responses
which offer to provide the goods and/or services identified on the title page, and described in
greater detail in the Primary Specifications.
1.2.1. County – This term refers to the County of Boone, a duly organized public entity. It may
also be used as a pronoun for various subsets of the County organization, including, as
the context will indicate:
1.2.2. Purchasing – The Purchasing Department, including its Purchasing Director and staff.
1.2.3. Department/s or Office/s – The County Department/s or Office/s for which this Bid is
prepared, and which will be the end user/s of the goods and/or services sought.
1.2.4. Designee – The County employee/s assigned as your primary contact/s for interaction
regarding Contract performance.
1.3. BIDDER / CONTRACTOR / SUPPLIER – These terms refer generally to businesses having
some sort of relations to or with us. The term may apply differently to different classes of
entities, as the context will indicate.
1.3.1. Bidder – Any business entity submitting a response to this Bid. Suppliers, which may be
invited to respond, or which express interest in this bid, but which do not submit a
response, have no obligations with respect to the bid requirements.
1.3.2. Contractor – The Awarded Bidder whose response to this bid is found by Purchasing to
meet the best interests of the County. The Contractor will be selected for award, and will
enter into a Contract for provision of the goods and/or services described in the Bid.
1.3.3. Supplier – All business/entities which may provide the subject goods and/or services.
1.4. BID – This entire document, including attachments. A Bid may be used to solicit various kinds
of information. The kind of information this Bid seeks is indicated by the title appearing at the
top of the first page. A “Request for Bid” is used when the need is well defined. A “Request
for Proposal” is used when the County will consider solutions, which may vary significantly
from each other or from the County’s initial expectations.
1.5. RESPONSE – The written, sealed response submitted by bidder according to the Bid
1.6. BID CLARIFICATION – Questions regarding this Bid should be directed in writing,
preferably by fax, to the Purchasing Department. Answers, citing the question asked but not
identifying the questioner, will be distributed simultaneously to all known prospective Bidders.
Note: written requirements in the Bid or its Addenda are binding, but any oral communications
between County and Bidder are not.
1.7. DEADLINE FOR QUESTIONS - Questions concerning these specifications should be
submitted to County no later than end of business on Friday, November 15, 2018.
1.8. BIDDER RESPONSIBILITY – The Bidder is expected to be thoroughly familiar with all
specifications and requirements of this Bid. Bidder’s failure or omission to examine any
relevant form, article, site or document will not relieve them from any obligation regarding this
Bid. By submitting a Response, Bidder is presumed to concur with all terms, conditions and
specifications of this Bid.
October 31, 2019
Bidders shall visit the site of work and become familiar with the condition under which work is
to be performed, concerning the site of the work, the nature of the equipment, the obstacles
which may be encountered, the work to be performed, and if awarded the Contract, shall not be
allowed any extra compensation by reason of any matter or thing concerning which such Bidder
might have fully informed himself, because of their failure to have so informed themselves
prior to the bidding. Successful Bidder(s) must employ, so far as possible, such methods and
means in the carrying out their work as will not cause any interruption or interference with any
other contractors.
1.9. BID ADDENDUM – If it becomes evident that this Bid must be amended, the Purchasing
Department will issue a formal written Addendum to all known prospective Bidders. If
necessary, a new due date will be established.
1.10. AWARD – Award will be made to the Bidder/s whose offer/s provide the greatest value to the
County from the standpoint of suitability to purpose, quality, service, previous experience,
price, lifecycle cost, ability to deliver, or for any other reason deemed by Purchasing to be in
the best interest of the County. Thus, the result will not be determined by price alone. The
County will be seeking the least costly outcome that meets the County needs as interpreted by
the County. County reserves the right to award to more than one service provider. Multiple
awards may be made on the basis of primary, secondary, and if necessary, a tertiary provider.
The primary provider shall furnish the County’s requirements until such time as the County
determines that it is in its best interests to seek performance from the secondary provider, then
tertiary provider. The County’s decision will be based upon ability of the primary source to
supply acceptable goods and/or services within the County’s time requirements. The County’s
decision to utilize secondary and tertiary sources shall be final and conclusive.
1.11. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS – The successful bidder(s) shall be obligated to enter into a
written contract with the County within 30 days of award, on contract forms provided by the
County. If bidders desire to contract under their own written agreement, any such proposed
agreement shall be submitted in blank with their bid. County reserves the right to modify any
proposed form agreement or withdraw its award to a successful bidder if any proposed
agreement contains terms and conditions inconsistent with its bid or are unacceptable to county
legal counsel.
1.12. CONTRACT EXECUTION – This Bid and the Contractor’s Response will be made part of
any resultant Contract and will be incorporated in the Contract as set forth, verbatim.
1.13. PRECEDENCE – In the event of contradictions or conflicts between the provisions of the
documents comprising this Contract, they will be resolved by giving precedence in the
following order:
a. the provisions of the Contract (as it may be amended);
b. the provisions of the Bid;
c. the provisions of the Bidder’s Response.
1.14. CONTRACT PERIOD- The initial contract period will be effective from December 1, 2019
and extend through November 30, 2020, and may be renewed by the County for up to an
additional four (4) one-year periods unless cancelled by the Purchasing Director in writing prior
to any renewal period. Contractor’s quoted costs shall remain firm during the initial contract
period. Adjustments to costs for subsequent renewal terms shall be in accordance with the
percentages quoted on the Response Form of this bid. Any renewals will be based on agreement
by both parties as to pricing, past vendor service, etc. Contract may be cancelled by Boone
County upon 10 days written notice to Contractor for non-compliance with these bid
requirements, performance problems, or other just cause so deemed by the County.
October 31, 2019
1.15. TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE – The Purchasing Director may, by written notice,
terminate this contract in whole or in part when it is in the best interest of the County. If this
Contract is so terminated, the County shall be liable only for payment in accordance with the
payment provisions of this contract for services rendered to the effective date of termination.
Termination for convenience shall be effective thirty (30) days from the Contractor’s receipt of
notice unless a longer time period is provided in the notice.
1.16. CONTRACT EXTENSION – The County Purchasing Director may exercise the option to
extend the contract on a month-to-month basis for a maximum of 6 months from the date of the
final contract period’s expiration if it is deemed to be in the best interest of Boone County.
1.17. PRICING – All prices shall be as indicated on the Response Form. The County shall not pay
nor be liable for any other additional costs including but not limited to: taxes, packing,
handling, shipping and freight, insurance, interest, penalties, termination payments, attorney
fees, liquidated damages, etc. Additionally, the County shall not be subject to any minimum
annual quantities or total prices.
bound by the County’s standard “boilerplate” terms and conditions for Contracts, a sample of
which is attached to this Bid.
October 31, 2019
County of Boone
Purchasing Department
2.0 Primary Specifications
2.1. PURPOSE / INTENT – Boone County, hereafter referred to as “County”, seeks bid offers
from qualified vendors with the intent to contract with an individual(s) or organizations(s),
hereinafter referred to as “Contractor” for a Term and Supply contract to provide all labor,
materials, tools, equipment, transportation, services, and supervision in the performance of
Plumbing Services, “as needed” for various commercial properties of Boone County,
Missouri. Services will be requested by the Facilities Maintenance and Road & Bridge for “as
needed” maintenance and/or repairs. County may, during the course of this contract, add or
delete service locations. This shall not be cause for Contractor’s prices to change during any
given contract period. The County reserves the right to bid any one job with an estimated cost
of $6,000.00 or more.
2.2. ESTIMATED USAGE – Based on past usage, the estimated total expenditures against this
contract are expected to meet or exceed $6,000 annually. However, this amount is an estimate
only and as such, does not constitute a guarantee on the part of the County.
2.3.1. Work Hours- The Contractor shall provide unlimited service during normal business
hours. Normal business hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and excluding
holidays as defined in the Response Form section.
2.3.2. Security - Contractor shall be responsible for providing and updating a list of the
Contractor’s employees working at any of the locations. Contractor shall comply with all
security measures required by Boone County. All aspects of building security will be
discussed with the Contractor by County department designees after contract is in place
and before Notice to Proceed on any project is provided.
2.3.3. Equipment/Safety- Contractor shall be responsible for providing and for the placement
of barricades, tarps, plastic, flag tape and other safety/traffic control equipment required
to protect its employees, the public, surrounding areas, equipment and vehicles. The flow
of vehicular traffic shall not be impeded at any time during work under the contract. The
safety of the Contractor’s employees and the public is of prime concern to the County,
and the Contractor must take all necessary steps to ensure proper safety during the
performance of the contract. Any bidders that have a history of safety problems or a high
incidence of accidents will not be considered for award of a contract.
2.3.4. Workmanship- Where not more specifically described in any of the various sections of
these specifications, workmanship shall conform to all of the methods and operations of
best standards and accepted practices of the trade or trades involved, and shall include all
items of fabrication, construction or installation regularly furnished or required for
completion (including any finish, and for successful operations as intended). All work
shall be executed by personnel skilled in their respective lines of work.
2.3.5. Cleaning- Contractor shall keep the premises clean of all rubbish and debris generated by
the work involved. Contractor, at his/her expense, shall dispose of all surplus material,
rubbish, and debris. The work area shall be cleaned at the end of each workday. All
materials, tools, equipment, etc., shall be removed or safely stored. The County is not
responsible for theft or damage to the Contractor’s property. All possible safety hazards
to workers or the public shall be corrected immediately and left in a safe condition at the
end of each workday. If there is a question in this area, the County department’s
representative shall be consulted.
October 31, 2019

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