Non-Process Facilities Program Manager A-E Services

Agency: District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority
State: District of Columbia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 561210 - Facilities Support Services
Posted Date: Apr 3, 2020
Due Date: May 5, 2020
Solicitation No: DCFA #504-WSA Addendum No. 1
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Solicitation Number: DCFA #504-WSA Addendum No. 1
Solicitation Title: Non-Process Facilities Program Manager A-E Services
Solicitation Description:

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water), requests the submittal of Technical and Price Proposals from qualified firms to provide Program Management services for DC Water Non-Process Facilities of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in the District of Columbia. Detailed information on the scope of work, procurement process and required content of the Proposal, submittal requirements, and evaluation process are contained in the RFP document which is available to download from Click on "Old Vendor Portal" and login and download the RFP (Contract No. DCFA #504-WSA) and e-mail Narcisse Atchamou with the firm’s name and contact information upon downloading the RFP. The Proposal must be received by DC Water not later than 2:00 PM on Tuesday May 5, 2020. For any questions or if you want to receive the RFP by email, please contact Narcisse Atchamou at

This RFP seeks qualified Architectural and Engineering (A-E) design firms to provide professional services to establish and manage a Facilities Capital Program (FCP) process. The Facilities Capital Program will support the Facilities Department in planning and executing the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for all DC Water non-process facilities in the Washington D.C. metro area.

The Non-process facilities program manager A-E services shall provide professional engineering and related services under the proposed agreement pertaining to the implementation of a significant capital improvements program (CIP) for the DC Water non-process facilities. Services will include preparing and updating master plans, facility plans, space/facilities management and associated tools, commissioning and start-up assistance, coordinating with designers, managing design-build projects and coordinating with construction managers. The program also entails assistance to the Facilities Management Department in matters requiring program management, engineering or technical expertise pertaining to existing, newly constructed, or proposed non-process facilities with an emphasis on innovation, reliability and cost savings solutions.

Solicitation Type: Request for Proposal (RFP)
Commodity Codes: 541310 - Architectural Services
541330 - Engineering Services
Procurement Type:
  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Open Market
  • Women Business Enterprise
Contract Type: Fixed Price
Release date of Solicitation: March 24, 2020
Close Date/Time or IFB Bid Opening Date/Time: May 05, 2020 2:00 PM
Procurement Contact: Narcisse Atchamou (Category Manager, Procurement)
Technical Contact: Narcisse Atchamou (Category Manager, Procurement)
Email Questions To: Narcisse Atchamou (Category Manager, Procurement)
Last Date for Questions: April 17, 2020 5:00 PM
RFQ or Bid Document Information
RFQ or Bid Document Fee:

- not specified -

Documents located at: Procurement/Material Management
Estimated Project Cost:

- not specified -

Pre-Bid / Pre-Proposal Conference
Conference Date/Time 04/14/20 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Conference Address


Conference Description

- not specified -

RFQ Document - You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file below. (get Adobe Reader)
Solicitation Documents
DCFA-504 Addendum 1
DC Water Documents - No Documents Attached -

Attachment Preview

APRIL 3, 2020
Proposers shall acknowledge receipt of this Addendum on Acknowledgement of Addenda as specified
under Section 12 Additional RFP Terms and Conditions, page 31, item 11.
This Addendum is hereby included in and made a part of the Contract Documents.
This Addendum is being provided to all Proposers.
All requirements of the original Solicitation shall remain in force except as amended by this addendum.
Interested Prime and Sub-Consultants should email an intent to respond to the POC
( as soon as possible with the Proposer’s contact information to
assure that future communications and addendums are received timely.
The following corrections, changes, additions, deletions, revisions, and/or clarifications are hereby made
a part of the Contract Documents for the above referenced project. In case of conflicts between this
Addendum and previous issued Documents, this Addendum shall have precedence.
Proposers shall make the following changes to all pertinent sheets, pages, and paragraphs of the Request
for Proposal.
Addendum No. 1 consists of the following:
Rev. A: Section 7, Paragraph 7.1 DC Water Point of Contact
Rev. B: Section 7, Paragraph 7.5 Evaluation Criteria & Weights
Rev. C: Section 7, Paragraph 7.9 Price Proposal Evaluation
Rev. D: Section 8, Sub-section 8.2 Proposal Sections and Contents
Rev. E: Section 8, Sub-Section 8.3 Bid Submission
Rev. F: Section 8, Paragraph 8.7 Statement of Qualifications
Rev. G: Section 8, Paragraph 8.8 Technical Approach
Rev. H: Section 8, Paragraph 8.13 Price Proposal
Rev. I: Section 9, Paragraph 9.5 Electronic Document Format, Naming Convention and File
Rev A: Modify Section 7 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, paragraph 7.1 DC Water Point of
Contact as follows:
All inquiries, questions, communications (verbal or written), and solicitation’s queries also known as
the Requests for Information (RFIs) regarding this RFP must be submitted via email only to the DC
Water POC provided on the cover page of this RFP document. The Proposal may only be submitted
via email to the POC. Proposers shall not discuss anything about this RFP with anyone at DC Water
other than the POC.
Rev. B: Delete Section 7 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, paragraph 7.5 Evaluation Criteria &
Weights in its entirety and replace with the following:
7.5 Evaluation Criteria & Weights (REVISED)
1. Professional qualifications of the proposed team, necessary for performance of the required
services; 15%
2. Technical Approach:
Specialized experience and technical competence of the firm and its personnel (including a joint
venture, association or professional subcontractor), considering the type of services required and
the complexity of the Project and Capacity to perform the work (including any specialized
services) within the time limitations, considering the firm’s current and planned workload; 25%
3. Past performance and history of contract claim with DC Water, other governmental entities and
private industry, considering cost control effectiveness, quality of work, and compliance with
performance schedules;10%
4. The firm’s familiarity with types of problems applicable to the Scope of Work listed above; 10%
5. Compliance with Subcontracting participation goals (Fair Share Utilization) on projects and DC
Water Business Development Plan requirements; 5%
6. The firms proposed method to accomplish the work addressing the variety of technical
requirements, physical locations, and stakeholders; 20%
7. Price Proposal; 15%
8. Avoidance of personal and organizational conflicts of interest prohibited under state and local
law; Pass/Fail
9. Good Faith Effort Documentation; Pass/Fail.
DCFA 504 Non Process Facility Program Manager
Addendum 1
April 3, 2020
Page 2 of 8
Rev. C: Delete Section 7 INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS, paragraph 7.9 Price Proposal
Evaluation in its entirety and replace with the following:
7.9 Price Proposal Evaluation (REVISED)
Upon Completion of Technical Evaluations, a Competitive Range will be established. Proposers
will be notified in writing whether they have been included in the Competitive Range. Sealed
Price Proposals will be requested only for those Technical Proposals deemed to be in the
Competitive Range. Proposers in the Competitive Range shall receive written instruction to
submit a Price Proposal. Price Proposals shall be submitted in the format described in Section
8.14. Price Proposal scores shall be combined with Technical Proposal Scores in accordance to
the Evaluation Criteria and Weights, to produce a final score.
DCFA 504 Non Process Facility Program Manager
Addendum 1
April 3, 2020
Page 3 of 8
Rev. D: Delete Section 8 REQUIRED CONTENTS OF PROPOSAL, Sub-section 8.2 Proposal Sections
and Contents in its entirety and replace with the following:
8.2 Proposal Sections and Contents (REVISED)
Sec No.
Proposal Section Name
Cover and Transmittal Letter
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Statement of Qualifications
Organizational chart of proposed Team and Form
330-16f Section G (use form in Appendix 1)
List of all proposed Sub-consultants, description of
their roles, and proposed percentage of the work
Key Personnel Resumes
Use Standard Form 330 (Rev 8/2016) page 2
Additional Resumes for non-key personnel may be
provided for up to 5 individuals utilizing the same
Firm Experiences
Use Standard Form 330 (Rev 8/2016) page 3
Technical Approach
District of Columbia Professional Engineering License
Registration to do Business in D.C.
Good Faith Effort Checklist (use form in Appendix 3)
Acknowledgements and Certifications & Standard DC
Water Procurement Forms (Complete and submit all
forms in Appendix 4)
Labor Classification and Rates (use form in Appendix 5)
Audited Overhead Rates (use form in Appendix 6)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Forms
(use form in Appendix 3)
MBE and WBE Certificates (use Form in Appendix 3)
1 page(s)
5 page(s)
1 page(s) each
1 page(s) for each
1 resume per each Key
Maximum 5 additional
resumes for non-Key
Minimum 3 Projects
Maximum 5 Projects
10 page(s)
DCFA 504 Non Process Facility Program Manager
Addendum 1
April 3, 2020
Page 4 of 8
Rev. E: Delete Section 8 REQUIRED CONTENTS OF PROPOSAL Sub-Section 8.3 Bid
Submission, in its entirety and replace with the following:
8.3 Bid Submission (REVISED)
8.3.1 Electronic Submission of Proposals and Notification of Intent to Submit Proposal as a Prime
1. Proposals shall be submitted electronically to DC Water.
2. Firms who intend to respond as a Prime Consultant shall send an e-mail to no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the Proposal
Due Date.
3. The email shall (1) confirm the firms’ intent to submit as a Prime Consultant, and (2) include the
Name, Title, Email Address and Telephone Number for a Primary and for a Secondary point
of contact.
4. DC Water shall respond via email to each firm with upload instructions that include an electronic
hyperlink to a secure upload folder whose contents are visible only to DC Water Procurement to
the firm.
5. Upon receipt of the email and upload link, the firm shall upload a test file. DC Water will confirm
receipt of the test file no later than three (3) days prior to the due date for Proposals.
6. Each firm shall be solely responsible to notify DC Water of its intent to submit a Proposal, to
obtain an upload link, to confirm its ability to upload its Proposal [Bid], and to deliver its Proposal
prior to the Solicitation Due Date and Time.
8.3.2 Project Specific Submission Instructions
1. Technical Proposals One (1) electronic copy of the Technical Proposal shall be uploaded to a
DC Water OneDrive folder no later than 2:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.
2. Price Proposals shall be submitted electronically in a similar manner as Technical Proposals.
Price Proposals shall be submitted ONLY BY SHORTLISTED FIRMS who shall receive
separate notification and instruction.
3. Address Proposal and all Correspondence to:
Rudy Gonzalez, Contracting Officer
c/o Narcisse Atchamou
DC Water
1385 Canal Street SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
DCFA 504 Non Process Facility Program Manager
Addendum 1
April 3, 2020
Page 5 of 8

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