Muck Transport and Disposal

Agency: City of Lynchburg
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 484220 - Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local
  • 562111 - Solid Waste Collection
  • 562211 - Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
Posted Date: Nov 17, 2023
Due Date: Nov 21, 2023
Solicitation No: 2024-035
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11/21/2023 2024-035

Muck Transport and Disposal


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Addendum No. 1 SBS

Attachment Preview

DUE: 4:00 PM, NOVEMBER 21, 2023
Invitation for Bid Prepared By:
Stephanie Suter, CPPO, CPPB, Procurement Manager
(Bidder: The general rules and conditions that follow apply to all purchases by the City of Lynchburg, through its
Procurement Division and become a definite part of each formal solicitation, purchase order or other award issued
by the Procurement Division, unless otherwise specified. Bidders or their authorized representatives are expected
to fully inform themselves as to the conditions, requirements and specifications before submitting bids. Failure to
do so will be at the bidder's own risk, and a bidder cannot secure relief from the conditions on the plea of error.)
Subject to all applicable laws, ordinances, policies, resolutions, regulations and all limitations imposed thereby, bids
on all solicitations issued by the Procurement Division will bind bidders to the conditions and requirements herein
set forth unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.
1. DEFINITIONS: The definitions in the Virginia Public Procurement Act and Lynchburg Public Procurement Code
apply. In addition, the following definitions apply to these General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders:
a. BID: The written offer of a bidder to the City, submitted in response to a solicitation by the City, to provide
the City specific goods or services at specified prices and/or other conditions specified in the solicitation,
unless indicated to the contrary, as used herein, bid includes a bid submitted in response to an Invitation
for Bid.
b. BIDDER: Any person who submits a bid to the City.
c. CITY: The City of Lynchburg, Virginia
d. CONTRACTOR: Any person, including without limitation, any company, individual, firm, corporation,
partnership joint venture, or other organization with which the City contracts.
e. INVITATION FOR BID (IFB): A written request made to prospective vendors (bidders) for their bids on goods
or services desired by the City when initiating Contractor selection by means of Competitive Sealed Bidding.
f. NON‐PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Any services not specifically identified as professional services in the
definition of professional services
g. PROCUREMENT MANAGER: The Procurement Manager employed by the City.
h. SOLICITATION: The document published by the City notifying the public and prospective bidders that the
City is seeking vendors to submit bids to provide goods or services to the City and providing information
regarding the procurement process, the City's requirements, and terms and conditions of any resulting
i. STATE: Commonwealth of Virginia.
2. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: For City solicitations done through the Procurement Division, all contact between
bidders or prospective bidders and the City shall be only with the Procurement Division. Any questions which
may arise as a result of this solicitation may be addressed to Stephanie Suter, CPPO, CPPB, Procurement
Manager at 434‐455‐3970, or by email to Inquiries must be received at least
7 business days prior to the due date in order to be considered. Contact initiated by a bidder concerning this
solicitation with any other City representative, not expressly authorized elsewhere in this document, is
prohibited. No bidder or potential bidder shall initiate or engage in any discussions with any other employee of
the City or any member of the City Council while a solicitation is outstanding concerning the contents of such
solicitation or with the intent to influence or interfere with the contract award authorized by and described in
such solicitation. A violation hereof may result in the disqualification of such bidder.
3. ADDENDA: Any changes or supplemental instructions to this Invitation for Bid shall be in the form of written
addenda. All addenda are downloadable from the Procurement web site at‐solicitations. Each bidder is responsible for determining that all addenda
issued have been received and shall acknowledge receipt of all addenda in the space provided or by returning a
copy of each signed addendum. Failure to do so may result in rejection of the bid. All addenda so issued shall
become part of the IFB and any resulting contract documents. Oral answers shall not be authoritative and shall
not provide any basis for reliance by a bidder.
4. BRAND NAME OR EQUAL ITEMS: Unless otherwise provided in the Invitation for Bid, the name of a certain brand,
make or manufacturer does not restrict bidders to the specific brand, make or manufacturer named. Such a
brand name conveys the general style, type, character and quality of the article desired, and any article which
the City, in its sole discretion, determines to be the equal of that specified, considering quality, workmanship,
economy of operation, and suitability for the purpose intended shall be accepted.
5. FORMAL SPECIFICATIONS: When an Invitation for Bid indicates that it is a "formal specification" (no substitute),
or otherwise states that the article specified, and no other, shall be provided, then the bidder shall furnish the
article in strict conformity with the specification and may not offer a purported equal or substitute. The bidder
shall abide by and comply with the true intent of the specifications and not take advantage of any unintentional
error or omission. The bidder shall fully complete every part as the true intent and meaning of the specifications
and drawings. Whenever a specification requires articles, materials, or workmanship to conform to laws,
ordinances, regulations, building codes, underwriter laboratory standards, ASTM standards, or similar law or
standards, the specification shall be construed to require at least the minimum acceptable standard allowed by
the cited law or standard under the circumstances unless otherwise indicated.
6. OMISSIONS AND DISCREPANCIES: Unless otherwise indicated, any specification for an item of equipment shall
be interpreted to include not only the item of equipment specified, but also those parts, items, appurtenances
and accessories reasonably necessary to make the equipment complete and working.
7. TIME FOR RECEIVING BIDS: All sealed bids will be received in the Procurement Division Office, Third Floor, City
Hall. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure bids are received by Procurement Staff and time stamped
prior to the deadline for bids. Bids received prior to the time of opening will be securely kept unopened. No
responsibility will be attached to the Procurement Division for the premature opening of a bid not properly
addressed, received, and identified. Any bid opened prematurely will be resealed and kept securely until the
time of opening. Bids, to include addenda or changes to a response, shall not be accepted via a FAX machine or
by Internet E‐mail. Late bids will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.
8. SIGNATURE: All bids shall be signed on the Terms and Signature Sheet in order to be considered. Bids submitted
without a signature shall be rejected. If the Bidder is a partnership or corporation, the Bidder shall show the title
of the individual signing the bid, and if the individual is not an officer of the partnership or corporation, if
requested, the Bidder shall submit proof that the individual has the authority to bind the partnership or
9. BID BONDS: Only when specifically requested in the bid documents shall each bid be accompanied by a bid bond
with surety satisfactory to the City or a Cashier's or a Certified Check, made payable to the City of Lynchburg. In
the event of default by the Bidder, the deposit shall be and represent liquidated damages to the City. Bids
received without a bid bond, when specifically requested, shall be rejected.
10. BID MODIFICATION AND WITHDRAWAL: Any bidder may withdraw or modify its bid, in writing containing the
original signature of the bidder, which writing must be received by the City prior to the date and time set for
submission of bids. Withdrawal or modification must be in writing and be delivered by one of the following
means: (i) hand delivery by the bidder itself, a courier, or other delivery service; (ii) by mail (no consideration
shall be given to any postmark); or (iii) by marking(s) on the exterior of the bid submission envelope, but only if
the marking is dated and includes the original signature of the bidder. Written modifications of bids should not
reveal the bid price contained in the previously submitted sealed bid, but should simply provide the desired
addition, subtraction or modification, so that the final price or terms of the bid will not be known to the City
until the sealed bids are opened. Modifications shall be on the interior envelope and sealed prior to submittal.
No bid shall be altered or amended after the specified time for opening.
11. BIDDERS PRESENT: At the time fixed for the opening of sealed bids, their contents will be made public for the
information of bidders and other interested parties who may be present either in person or by representative.
All bids will be opened at the time and place specified and read publicly and remain available for inspection in
the Procurement Division during regular City business hours by bidders prior to award (unless a determination
is made not to make an award) and by the general public after an award is made. The City will post all notices
of award to the Procurement Website.
12. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS: A bidder may withdraw its bid from consideration if the price bid was substantially lower
than the other bids due solely to a mistake therein, provided the bid was submitted in good faith, and the
mistake was a clerical mistake, as opposed to a judgment mistake, and was actually due to an unintentional
arithmetic error or an unintentional omission of a quantity of work, labor or material made directly in the
compilation of a bid, which can be clearly shown by objective evidence drawn from inspection of original
working papers, documents and materials used in the preparation of the bid sought to be withdrawn. The
following procedure as stated in Section 18.1‐11 of the Lynchburg Procurement Code shall be used to request
withdrawal of a bid:
a. To withdraw a bid after bid opening due to error, a bidder must satisfy the substantive requirements
of Va. Code §2.2‐4330. In addition, the following procedures shall apply:
1. The bidder shall give notice in writing of his claim of right to withdraw his bid within two business days
after the conclusion of the bid opening procedure and shall submit original work papers with such
2. The mistake may be proved only from the original work papers, documents and materials
delivered as required herein.
b. This section shall be deemed to be incorporated automatically into all invitations to bid issued by the city
pursuant to the Lynchburg public procurement code. Nonetheless, the city manager or his designee(s)
should ensure that this section is set out in all invitations to bid.
If a bid is withdrawn under the authority of this section and the solicitation is not cancelled, the lowest
responsive and responsible remaining bid shall be deemed to be the low bid. No bidder who is permitted to
withdraw a bid shall, for compensation, supply any materials or labor to or perform any contract or other work
agreement for the person or firm to whom the contract is awarded or otherwise benefit, directly or indirectly,
from the performance of the project for which the withdrawn bid was submitted.
13. ERRORS IN BID: When an error is made in extending the total prices, the unit bid price will govern. Erasures in
bids must be initialed by the bidder. Carelessness in quoting prices or in preparation of the bid otherwise will
not relieve the bidder. Bidders are cautioned to recheck their bids for possible errors. Errors discovered after
public opening cannot be corrected, and the bidder will be required to perform if his bid is accepted, unless the
bidder successfully withdraws its bid in accordance with paragraph 12, Withdrawal of Bids.
14. BIDDERS INTERESTED IN MORE THAN ONE BID: If more than one bid is offered by any one person, by or in the
name of their clerk, partner, firm, or corporation, all such bids may be rejected. A contractor who has quoted
prices on work or supplies to a bidder is not thereby disqualified from quoting prices to other bidders or firms
submitting a bid directly for the work, material or supplies.
15. TAX EXEMPTION: The City of Lynchburg is exempt from payment of Federal Excise Tax and State and Local Sales
and Use Tax on all tangible personal property purchased or leased by the City for its use or consumption. Tax
exemption certification will be furnished upon request. Sales tax, however, is paid by the City on materials and
supplies that are installed by a contractor and become a part of real property. Contractors are not exempt from
paying taxes on these categories, as they are considered to be a cost of doing business and should be considered
in pricing when preparing a bid.
16. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Section 2.2‐4342‐F of the Code of Virginia states: “Trade secrets or proprietary
information submitted by a bidder, offeror, or contractor in connection with a procurement transaction or
prequalification application submitted pursuant to subsection B of 2.2‐4317 shall not be subject to the Virginia
Freedom of Information Act (2.2‐3700 et seq.); however, the bidder, offeror, or contractor shall (i) invoke the
protections of this section prior to or upon submission of the data or other materials, (ii) identify the data or
other materials to be protected, and (iii) state the reasons why protection is necessary.” Bids not in compliance
with section 2.2‐4342F will be subject to disclosure.
17. GOVERNING LAW: Any contract resulting from this Invitation for Bid shall be governed by the provisions hereof
and by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any dispute arising out of this Contract shall be resolved in
the Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in and for the City of Lynchburg.
18. AWARD DECISION: Before the Contract is awarded, the bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid must satisfy
the City that it has the requisite organization, capital, equipment, ability, resources, personnel, management,
business integrity, and experience in the type municipal work for which it has submitted a bid. The bidder shall
verify to the City that it has the sufficient and qualified personnel to provide for the Contract Work. Failure by
the lowest responsive bidder to sufficiently satisfy the City of its ability to meet any of the above requirements
may serve as grounds for rejection of the bid.
The Owner reserves the right to cancel the Advertisement for Bids, reject any and all bids, waive any and all
informalities, and disregard all conforming, nonconforming, conditional bids or counterproposals.
19. FACTORS OTHER THAN PRICE IN AWARD DECISION: The following factors in addition to price (as they apply)
shall be a consideration in the award decision:
a. The ability to provide references which may substantiate past work performance and experience in the type
of work required for the contract. The lowest responsive bidder(s) may be required to furnish a contractor
qualifications statement, to include references, prior to any such award. The City may contact all references
furnished by bidders. The right is further reserved by the City to contact references other than, and/or in
addition to, those furnished by the bidder. If, in the sole opinion of the City, a bidder is determined to be
non responsible as a result of any investigation conducted by or for the City, award will not be made to that
b. The previous and existing compliance by the bidder with laws and ordinances relating to the contract or
c. Whether the bidder is in arrears on a debt or contract or is in default on a security to the City or whether
the bidder's county taxes or assessments are delinquent.
d. The quality of performance/workmanship of previous contracts for goods and/or services delivered to or
performed for the City.

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