Megacode Kelly Advanced Manikin

Agency: Horry County Schools
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Dec 12, 2019
Due Date: Dec 20, 2019
Solicitation No: 1920 - 34
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1920 - 34 IFQ Megacode Kelly Advanced Manikin Jackson, Brooks 12/12/2019 Solicitation Open

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Horry County Schools
Office of Procurement Services
PO Box 260005, Building B, Conway, SC 29528-60025
Quote #: 1920-34MJ
Date Issue: 12/12/2019
Procurement Specialist: B. Maurice Jackson
Phone: (843) 488-6929
Fax: (843) 488-6945
Offer should be submitted to Procurement Specialist No later than 12/19/2019 12:00 P.M.
ALL QUOTES MUST INCLUDE FREIGHT/SHIPPING.FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid and included to:
Horry County Schools, Conway, 335 Four Mile Road, Conway, S. C. 29526
Please quote your lowest delivered price of the below listed item(s). The Procurement Office reserves the right to reject any or all quotes and to
waive any or all technicalities.
1. If an item cannot be furnished, indicate by NO QUOTE
2. All quotes must be signed by the Offeror’s representative and terms noted, failure to comply with this instruction
may result in disqualification of the quote.
3. No south Carolina sales tax will be paid on freight or labor.
4. The attached Terms and Conditions apply to all quotes and supersedes Vendor’s Terms and Conditions.
5. Offers may be submitted to the Procurement Officer via of fax to (843) 488 – 6945, email or
Hand Deliver to Physical Address: 335 Four Mile Road, Conway, SC 29526
6. All items must be delivered and invoiced prior to January 17th, 2020.
7. Training must be included with this purchase.
MegaCode Kelly Advanced (L)
Includes Manikin (SimPad Capable), 6 Neck Skins, 1
roll of Criothyroid Membrane Tape, Airway Lubricant,
Jacket, Pants, Carry Case, 6 Chest Tube Modules, BP
Cuff, Directions for use and Getting Started Class
Part# 200-05050
SimPad PLUS System (US)
Includes SimPad PLUS Remote Ctrl, SimPad PLUS
Link Box, AC Adapter, Battery, Headset & Microphone,
Wrist Strap, Manikin Strap, Ethernet Cable, Protective
Sleeve, and USB Cable. 204- 50150 LLEAP for SimPad
PLUS software license required for operation.
Part# 204-30001
Includes: License Key providing access to Manual
Mode, Automatic Mode, and Log Viewer Application.
Part# 204-50150
MegaCode Trauma Module Set
Part# 381500
Total Extended Price
Each $
Each $
Each $
Each $
By signing this quote, offeror certifies under penalties of perjury that they have complied with section 12-54-120(B) of the S.C. code of Laws
1976 as amended pertaining to payment of taxes.
Authorized Signature:
Printed Name:
Company Name:
Federal Tax Payer ID /SSN:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
SC Minority Certification Number (if applicable)
Vendor’s Best Delivery Date
Days ARO (after receipt of order)
Vendor’s Discount Terms:
Do you collect SC Sales Tax? Yes No
SC Tax Registration # (if applicable)
Offeror acknowledges receipt of amendments by indicating amendment number and its
date of issue. See "Amendments to Solicitation" Provision
Issue Date
Issue Date
DEFAULT: In case or default by the Contractor, Horry County Schools reserves the right to purchase any or all items in
default in the open market, charging the Contractor with any additional costs. The defaulting Contractor shall not be
considered a responsible Contractor until the assessed charge has been satisfied.
All amendments to and interpretation of this RFQ shall be in writing. The procurement officer shall not be legally bound by
any amendment or interpretation that is not in writing.
Any contract entered into by Horry County Schools resulting from this quotation shall be subject to cancellation at the end of
any fiscal or appropriated year unless otherwise provided by law.
Payment will be made in accordance with Section 11-35-45 of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code and
Disbursement Regulations. Delay in receiving invoices, as well as errors and omissions on the invoices, will be considered just
cause for withholding payment without losing discount privileges. The District reserves the right to withhold payment or
make such deductions as may be necessary to protect the District from loss or damage because of defective work, claims,
damages or to pay for repair of correction of materials furnished hereunder.
Quoted prices must remain firm for a period of thirty (30) days beyond the Request for Quotation deadline.
Unit prices will govern over extended prices unless otherwise stated.
Horry County Schools shall not consider payment discounts in the award of this contract when such discounts are for thirty
(30) days or more after final inspection and acceptance of contract requirements. Payment discounts for less than thirty days
are encouraged but shall not be a factor in award determination. Please state your discount terms using the above referenced
information as the District’s position on the matter.
All materials and products offered must be guaranteed to meet and comply with the requirements all the specifications,
terms and conditions indicated or referred to.
The award will be made in accordance with Section 11-35-1550 (b)of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.
The District reserves the right to reject any and all quotations and to cancel the solicitation; waive any and all technicalities;
the District reserves the right to reject any quotation in which the delivery tine indicated to be of substantial length to cause
disruption and/or delay in operation for which the item(s) is/are intended; ambiguous quotations which are uncertain as to
terms, delivery, quantity or compliance with specifications may be rejected.
The contractor assumes sole responsibility and shall hold harmless Horry County Schools, its Board of Education, employees
and agents from and against any and all claims, actions or liabilities of any nature which may be asserted against them by
third parties in connection with the performance of the successful Contractor, its Boars, employees and agents under this
agreement. Horry County Schools agrees to accept responsibility for claims, actions or liabilities resulting from negligent acts
of its employees occurring within the scope of their employment which may be asserted against them by third parties in
connection with the performance of Horry County Schools, its Board, employees and agents under this agreement.
Contractor agrees not to refer to award of this contract in commercial advertising in such a manner to state or imply that the
products or service provided are endorsed or preferred by the user.
Upon award of a contract under this quotation, the person, partnership, association or corporation to whom the award is
made must comply with the laws of South Carolina that require such person or entity to be authorized and/or licensed to do
business in this State. Notwithstanding the fact that applicable statutes may be exempt or exclude the successful Contractor
from requirements that it be authorized and/or licensed to do business in this State, by submission of this signed quote, the
Contractor agrees to subject itself to the jurisdiction and process of the courts of the State of South Carolina as to all matters
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and disputes arising or to arise under the contract and the performance thereof, including any questions as to the liability for
taxes, licenses or fees levied by the State.
Termination: Subject to the provisions below, the contract may be terminated for any reason by the District providing a
thirty-day advance notice in writing is given to the contractor.
Termination for Convenience: In the event that this contract is terminated or cancelled upon request and for the convenience
of the District may negotiate reasonable termination costs, if applicable.
Termination for Cause: Termination by the District for cause, default, or negligence on the part of the Contractor shall be
excluded from the foregoing provisions; termination costs, if any, shall not apply. The thirty day advance notice requirement
is waived and the default provision in this bid shall apply.
HIPAA Law: The Contractor agrees that to the extent that some or all of the activities within the scope of this Contract are
subject to the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996, P.L. 104-91, as amended (“HIPAA”), or its implementing
regulations, it will comply with the HIPAA requirements and will execute such agreements and practices as the Horry County
Schools may require to ensure compliance.
LICENSES, PERMITS, INSURANCE: All costs for required licenses, permits and insurance shall be borne by the
Horry County Schools requires all contractual activities to be performed in a manner that is consistent with all applicable
federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules, rulings and ordinances. These include, but are not limited to: the Occupational
safety and Health Act, The Environmental Protection Act, The South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Act.
IMPORTANT– Please Note - Contractors, we MUST have your Federal ID # (company) or Social Security # (individual) before
processing any invoices for payment. Failure to provide this information will result in delay of payments until this information
is received. Please include this information with your quote.
Is the bidder a South Carolina Certified Minority Business?
Is the bidder a Minority Business certified by another governmental entity?
If so, please list the certifying governmental entity:
Will any of the work under this contract be performed by a SC certified Minority Business as a subcontractor?
If so, what percentage of the total value of the contract will be performed by a SC certified Minority Business as a subcontractor? Yes
Will any of the work under this contract be performed by a minority business certified by another governmental entity as a
If so, what percentage of the total value of the contract will be performed by a minority business certified by another governmental
entity as a subcontractor?
If a certified Minority Business is participating in this contract, please indicate all categories for which the Business is certified:
Traditional minority
Traditional minority, but female
Women (Caucasian females)
Hispanic minorities
DOT referral (Traditional minority)
DOT referral (Caucasian female)
Temporary certification
SBA 8 (a) certification referral
Other minorities (Native American, Asian, etc.)
(If more than one minority contractor will be utilized in the performance of this contract, please provide the information above for each
minority business.)
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