Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services

Agency: HGACBuy
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541820 - Public Relations Agencies
Posted Date: Aug 3, 2022
Due Date: Sep 8, 2022
Solicitation No: MC12-22
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Bid/RFP Notices

Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services


Procurement No.


Release date:

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Pre-Proposal Date:

Wednesday, August 17, 2022@ 10:00 AM CST

Questions Deadline:

Friday, August 19, 2022 @ 12:00 PM CST

ShareFile Access Request Deadline:

Wednesday, September 07, 2022 @ 12:00 PM CST

Closing Date:

Thursday, September 08, 2022 @ 12:00 PM CST

Board Approval Date:

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Estimated Contract Start Date:

December 01, 2022


MC12-22 Final
MC12-22 Attachment A Fee Schedule

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Serving Today • Planning for Tomorrow
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
Solicitation Number: MC12-22
Wednesday, August 03, 2022
Wednesday, August 17, 2022@ 10:00 a.m. CST
Information on how to register for the meeting is on page 14.
Friday, August 19, 2022 @ NOON CST
Wednesday, September 07, 2022 @ NOON CST
Requests made after this time will not be accepted.
Thursday, September 08, 2022 @ NOON CST
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
December, 2022
One (1) electronic copy in PDF format. Please combine all files being
submitted into one (1) pdf. Additional files may not be reviewed.
Pricing sheets must be submitted in Excel format.
Please read the submission instructions carefully, exceptions cannot be made if instructions are not followed:
SUBMISSION: To submit a response, Respondent must email the below information (1-4) to HGACBuySolicitations@h- to request an access invitation link to the ShareFile system where the Respondent will upload the Response. The
request for the link must be made before indicated deadline. Link requests received after this time will NOT be accepted.
1. Company Name and Company Representative Name
2. Representative Email Address (for ShareFile access email invitation)
3. Subject Line: ShareFile Access Invitation Request
4. The Solicitation Number (exactly as listed above)
If technical issues with the ShareFile System arise, preventing any Respondent from submitting a response within the
two (2) hours preceding the deadline, the solicitation due date and time may be automatically extended for a period
of 24 hours. Any technical issue must be with the ShareFile system and affect all respondents. H-GAC will verify the
technical issue or unavailability of the ShareFile system. Technical issues localized to a single Respondent will not be
considered cause for an extension. It is strongly recommended that submissions be uploaded no later than two (2)
hours prior to the stated deadline. H-GAC is not responsible for attempting to resolve any technical issues occurring
two (2) hours before the submission deadline, nor is H-GAC responsible for incomplete or late submissions. Recording
of submission time/date will occur via ShareFile. Submissions uploaded after the deadline will not be accepted or opened.
Responses may be submitted any time prior to the deadline. To satisfy any required public opening for RFP’s and RFQ’s, H-
GAC will post only the names of the companies which submitted responses as soon as possible after the closing date. For
IFB’s, responses will be opened live online, those interested must attend to view the responses. All times and dates for these
activities are posted under the named solicitation at
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
Page 1 /
Serving Today • Planning for Tomorrow
Submission of a response will constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of all the terms and conditions
contained in this Solicitation. Respondents, their authorized representative, and their agents are responsible for
obtaining, and will be deemed to have, full knowledge of the conditions, requirements, and specifications of this
Solicitation at the time a response is submitted to H-GAC.
Note: Submission must be signed by a duly authorized representative(s) of the respondent, which must be the actual
legal entity that will perform the contract if awarded and any total fixed price contained therein will remain firm for a
period of one-hundred eighty (180) days following the submission due date and can be further extended by mutual
written agreement.
Respondent is REQUIRED to sign this Signature Page and return with the submitted response. An unsigned
Submission will be deemed non-responsive. If Joint Response - each Respondent must complete this
Signature Page, and all required applicable forms (excludes pricing sheets).
Legal Name of Entity/Individual Filed with IRS for this Tax ID Number:
Doing Business As (DBA) Name:
Is Respondent business currently a Certified Small Business (SBA), Minority (MBE) or Disadvantaged
(DBE)? Yes_____ No________ If yes, copy of certificate must be attached.
Company Mailing Address and Billing Address (if different from company address):
City, State, Zip Code:
Tax ID Number (EIN):
DUNS Number (if applicable):
Unique Entity ID ( REQUIRED (See pg. 7):
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Authorized Signature personnel authorized to bind Respondent company to any contract/purchase
order that may result from this Solicitation:
Authorized Signature:
Printed Name:
Email Address:
All clarifications to this Solicitation will be in writing and identified as a Letter of Clarification. Verbal communications
and other written documents intended to clarify and interpret will not legally bind the Houston-Galveston Area Council.
Only information supplied by a Letter of Clarification and posted to the H-GAC website should be used in preparing
submissions. Any Letter of Clarification will be posted on the H-GAC website
as soon as available. H-GAC does not assume responsibility for the receipt of any Letters of Clarification by
Respondent(s). Respondents must frequently check for updates.
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
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Serving Today • Planning for Tomorrow
Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Background
The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) is the region-wide voluntary association of 133 local
governments and local elected officials in the 13-county Gulf Coast Planning region of Texas. Local elected
officials organized H-GAC in 1966 after authorization by State enabling legislation. Its service area is 12,500
square miles and includes more than 7-million residents. H-GAC is governed by a 36-member Board of Directors
composed of local elected officials, who serve on the governing bodies of member local governments. All H-GAC
programs are carried out under the policy direction of its Board of Directors. H-GAC’s mission is to serve as the
instrument of local government cooperation, promoting the region’s orderly development and the safety and
welfare of its residents. H-GAC is the regional organization through which local governments consider issues and
cooperate in solving area-wide problems. Agency programs emphasize local government concerns, such as
transportation, air and water quality, criminal justice, demographic analysis, mapping programs, and
intergovernmental purchasing. H-GAC also serves its citizens through workforce development programs, services
to the aging and elderly, and small business finance programs.
About The Cooperative
H-GAC is a government agency which provides a Cooperative Purchasing Program as part of its service to other
government agencies. The Program currently makes blanket type contracts covering products and services for
the use of its membership of more than 4500 local government participants in Texas and other States (Customers)
which include cities, counties, emergency services districts, school districts, and non-profit organizations. Any
local government or non-profit organization may participate in the Program if their state law allows. There is no
cost to join and become a member of the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program.
H-GAC's Cooperative Purchasing Program, known as HGACBuy, was established pursuant to Texas Interlocal
Cooperation Act [Texas Local Government Code, Title 7, Chapter 791]. The Act allows local governments and
certain non-profits to contract or agree under the terms of the Act to make purchases or provide purchasing
services and other administrative functions appropriately established by another government entity. The Interlocal
Contract (ILC) is the required legal document that establishes a link between the Customer (local governments
and certain non-profits) and HGACBuy and gives the Customer access to HGACBuy contracts.
HGACBuy contracts are established based on the requirements of Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 252
and/or other applicable State of Texas or Federal procurement requirements. Products and services are contracted
after having been subjected to either a competitive bid (ITB); competitive proposal (RFP); or Request for
Qualification and Pre-Qualification (RFQ) depending on the category type.
Contracts are blanket type, usually for a term of two (2) or three (3) years. Use of HGACBuy for purchases by
any Customer is strictly at the discretion of that entity. Customers issue purchase orders and pay the HGACBuy
Contractor directly. The Customer also sends HGACBuy a copy of the purchase order and the Contractor is
responsible for reporting the sale to HGACBuy as a contract requirement.
The Cooperative Purchasing Program (HGACBuy) of the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments is
soliciting offerings for the furnishing of products/services as described in this Solicitation. Texas Local
Government Code (Title 7, Chapters 771 and 791) establishes the authority for H-GAC to provide cooperative
contract products and services to Texas local governments and in other states if their statutes allow. With that
authority, H-GAC makes varied categories of contracted products and services available.
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
Page 3 /
Serving Today • Planning for Tomorrow
Additional Resources and Forms
Required Forms –
HGACBuy Website –
HGACBuy Open Solicitations –
HGACBuy Sample Contract –
HGACBuy Customer and Contractor Handbook -
Note: Sample Contract and Handbook are reference material only, do not constitute a contract, or become
incorporated as requirements of this Solicitation. Only information supplied in this Solicitation or by a
Letter of Clarification posted to the HGACBuy website should be used in the preparation of a submission.
Contract Term
H-GAC intends to award one or more contracts for the products/services requested under this Solicitation. The
term of the resulting contract(s) will be for a period of two (2) years and until any outstanding orders against the
contract have been fulfilled. H-GAC may, at its option, extend the contract for up to one (1) additional one-year
term. H-GAC reserves the right to extend and/or expand the scope of the contract if deemed to be in the best
interest of H-GAC and subject to H-GAC Board of Directors approval.
No Guarantee of Usage
H-GAC makes no guarantee of volume or usage under any contract resulting from this Solicitation. Services will
be requested and contracted on an as needed basis and the type and value of each assignment will vary.
Multiple Awards
H-GAC reserves the right to award contract(s) for line items or groups of line items, at its sole discretion. H-
GAC will not make separate awards for sales in Texas and for sales outside the state of Texas. In the case of
acquisitions governed by the Motor Vehicle Division, the dealer is awarded the contract in Texas, and the
Manufacturer is awarded the contract outside of Texas.
Sample Contract
A sample contract is available to view at
which the successful Respondent will be expected to sign. The actual final contract will be the same or nearly the
same as the sample, however H-GAC reserves the right to update the actual contract as required for program or
regulation requirements. NOTE: Successful Respondents MAY NOT process any purchase orders for sales until
all contract documents have been completely executed.
Post Award Meeting
H-GAC reserves the right to require the awarded Contractor attend a post award meeting with H-GAC staff and/or
other designated persons at H-GAC offices in Houston, Texas within thirty (30) calendar days after the award.
The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the terms and conditions and to provide additional information
regarding the work tasks and requirements.
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
Page 4 /
Serving Today • Planning for Tomorrow
Solicitation Requirements
Respondent must be compliant with all licensing, permitting, registration or other applicable legal or regulatory
requirements imposed by any governmental authority. It is Respondent’s responsibility to ensure that this
requirement is met. H-GAC reserves the right to request copies of any license, permit, or other compliance related
documentation at any time. Listed below are other requirements of responding to the Solicitation:
A. Contractor Orientation and Training
H-GAC believes that Contractor's familiarity with the operational policies and requirements of the
Cooperative Purchasing Program is a key factor in achieving Customer satisfaction. The Contact Person
listed on Contractor Status and Contact Form or an alternate, will be required to participate in an H-GAC
vendor orientation and training as soon as possible after contract execution. In addition, other Contractor's
staff who will be involved in any way with the HGACBuy Program should participate in orientation. The
orientation may be presented as a teleconference or webinar or may be held in H-GAC's offices as
determined by H-GAC and Contractor to be the most efficient and effective form of delivery. Please visit for more information.
B. Nationwide Sales Opportunity
HGACBuy contracts provide various products and services to local governments and qualifying non-
profits throughout the nation, and desires to make established contracts available to Customers wherever
and whenever practicable. Once a contract is executed, Contractor is expected to expand the scope of its
marketing effort to include sales to Customers in all areas of the United States. Please also view important
guidelines and additional information regarding marketing the program at:
C. Corporate/Sales Commitment
Contractor is required to make some basic commitments to ensure the overall success of the HGACBuy
program. By submission of a response, Respondent agrees that HGACBuy has the support of senior
management and HGACBuy will be the primary government contracting vehicle when offering
services/products awarded from this solicitation to eligible Customers nationwide. A further commitment
to aggressively market the program, both independently as well in partnership with HGACBuy.
D. Manufacturer as Respondent
If Respondent is a manufacturer or wholesale distributor, the response received will be evaluated based
on a response made in conjunction with that manufacturer’s authorized dealer/reseller network. Unless
stated otherwise, a manufacturer or wholesale distributor Respondent is assumed to have a documented
relationship with their dealer/reseller network where that network is informed of, and authorized to
accept, purchase orders pursuant to any Contract resulting from this Solicitation on behalf of the
manufacturer or wholesale distributor Respondent. Any listed dealer/reseller will be considered a sub-
contractor of the Respondent. The relationship between the manufacturer and wholesale distributor
Respondent and its dealer/reseller network must be indicated at the time of the submission.
E. Dealer/Reseller as Respondent
If Respondent is a dealer/reseller of the products/services proposed, the response will be evaluated based
on the Respondent’s authorization to provide those products and services from the manufacturer.
F. Approval by Manufacturer
Any awarded contractor must be approved by the manufacturer to sell, install, and service the brand of
equipment submitted. Respondents to this solicitation must submit an approval letter from each
manufacturer; authorization letters must include the regions in which equipment may be sold or serviced.
Marketing, Public Relations and Event Services
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