Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Agency: City of Lompoc
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 325120 - Industrial Gas Manufacturing
Posted Date: Aug 14, 2019
Due Date: Aug 29, 2019
Solicitation No: 2922
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Liquid Carbon Dioxide
  • Department: Management Services
  • Category: Purchasing
  • RFP Number: 2922
  • Start Date: 08/14/2019 12:00 PM
  • Close Date: 08/29/2019 2:01 PM
2922_Liquid Carbon Dioxide

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Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
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City of Lompoc
1300 West Laurel Avenue Lompoc, California 93436
Phone: (805) 875-8004
Please respond with current pricing.
Follow the form below. Include tax and
shipping charges, if any.
Reply to:
Maria Salazar, General Technician
Phone Number (805) 875-8004
By 2:00 PM August 29, 2019
For Department Use
Vendor to Complete this Information
Unit Price
Commercial grade Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
Minimum 99.5% pure. Suitable for use in treatment of
lbs potable water. Monthly Usage – 48240 pounds. Requesting
deliveries to fill two (2) tanks @ 52,000 lbs each.
Product must be in compliance with NSF/ANSI 60, Drinking
water chemicals, requirements.
Materials Safety Data Sheet and Certificate of Analysis
must accompany quotation.
California Sales Tax @ 7.75%
Exact Freight/Shipping. Indicate number of deliveries.
Estimated maximum storage capacity: 52000 lbs
Number of lbs/delivery: Delivery time ARO:
Indicate Shelf Life of Product:
FOB: Destination
Payment Terms: Net 30
Stock/Part No.
Please complete the following:
Company Name
Signature Of Authorized Representative
Name And Title (Please Print)
City, State And Zip Code
E - Mail Address
Phone Number
Web Page
Fax Number
The City of Lompoc is requesting deliveries of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as part of a one to three month
pilot testing program. The City is requested an initial delivery of approximately 104,000 lbs to fill two (2)
52,000 lbs capacity tanks. Monthly usage is estimated at 48,240 pounds. The first delivery is required in
the late October to early November timeframe. The City of Lompoc may or may not elect to enter into an
Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
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agreement with the successful bidder to supply our annual requirements for an initial three-year period with
an option to renew for two additional one-year periods.
1. Material Specification Statement. A certificate of analysis shall be provided upon request for each
load of chemical delivered. Delivered product must conform to AWWA Standards B510-06 and all
applicable requirements of NSF/ANSI 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals. Any product not
meeting State, Federal and/or AWWA standards or the specifications outlined in this bid request, will be
returned at no cost to the City. A quality assurance analysis performed by an independent laboratory,
may be run to verify the quality of the chemical product for any given delivery. .
2. Safety Data Sheets. This bid requires SDS sheets for all products offered. Failure to provide
information or other supplemental materials as specified in the RFP or bid will be reason for automatic
disqualification. The successful supplier must provide an SDS for product with each delivery.
3. Safety. Supplier shall conform to the rules and regulations pertaining to safety established by the
California Division of Industrial Safety. Furnished equipment, materials and services shall comply with
all OSHA standards and regulations, and all applicable governmental laws and orders. Supplier shall
provide proof of compliance, if requested by the City.
4. Quantity and Delivery. The quantity indicated is an estimation of our monthly usage. Quantity may be
increased or decreased depending on actual need during the contract term; however, no price
adjustments will be allowed as a result of a change in the quantity purchased. The City does not
guarantee either a minimum or maximum quantity.
5. Delivery Location. Water Treatment Plant, 601 East North Avenue; Lompoc, CA 93436.
a. Deliveries must be made in compliance with Attachment 1, Security Delivery Checklist –
Chemicals (page 3) and Attachment A, Indemnity and Insurance Requirements.
b. Delivery of chemicals will be consistent with these specifications and all State, Federal and
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) safety regulations. Drivers of all deliveries shall be
thoroughly trained and familiar with the related hazards, safety measures, and spill clean-up
procedures required for the type of chemical being delivered. Spills and/or leaks at time of
delivery, regardless of size, shall be properly and immediately cleaned up by the driver or other
personnel of the supplier in accordance with State, Federal and OSHA regulations.
c. All costs incidental to delivery and off-loading of chemicals must be included in the bid price. All
drivers must have any necessary equipment required for off-loading chemicals.
d. Supplier shall provide at the time of delivery, a dated receipt, signed by the driver, identifying
product and quantity. Delivery (shipping) tickets must be signed by on-site City personnel at the
time of delivery and a copy of the delivery ticket presented to him/her. No delivery can be made
when a City representative is not on site.
e. Any deliveries not meeting chemical quality, regulatory, safety or delivery requirements
will be returned at no cost to the City and must be re-delivered by the supplier within
forty-eight hours of the unacceptable delivery.
Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Attachment 1
Security Delivery Checklist - Chemicals
Purchase Order No. ________________________
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Notwithstanding requirements of the bid/proposal/or other solicitation document to which this may
be attached, the City of Lompoc from this date forward requires the following chemical security
delivery precautions.
1. Driver Photos on file at the Utility - The vendors will send to the Utility photos and names of
the drivers making the deliveries. Drivers without photos on file may have their deliveries rejected.
2. Shipment Driver by fax - The utility will be notified of the name of the driver before the truck
leaves the terminal.
3. Shipment Tag Serial Number by fax - The trucks will be sealed with a security tag, and the
serial number will be faxed to the utility after the truck has been loaded and is ready for shipping.
4. Shipment Tanker Number by fax - The tanker number will also be faxed to the utility in order
to match the numbers, assuring it is the same tanker that left the terminal.
5. Manifest Info - The manifests will contain all of the same information along with the serial
numbers, and tanker numbers.
6. Non-Compliant deliveries refused - Any discrepancies will result in delay of chemicals being
off-loaded until ultimately, discrepancies could result in the loads being refused.
City of Lompoc
Water Treatment Plant
601 East North Avenue
Lompoc, CA 93436
Shaun Ryan
Phone (805) 736-1617 Fax (805) 737-1800
Vendor Name ___________________________________________________
Authorized Signature_____________________________________________
Print Name ______________________________________________________
Please complete this form and fax back to Plant before each delivery
Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Page 4 of 5
DO NO WORK AND DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS ORDER OR CONTRACT until you have been notified that your
insurance certificate and endorsements are acceptable. Maintenance of proper insurance coverage is a material
element of the contract. Firms performing services or installations in the City of Lompoc must have a current City of
Lompoc Business Tax Number
The City of Lompoc requires that you furnish and maintain current certificates of insurance for the duration and term of
that contract within the scope and limits of the Indemnity and Insurance Requirements listed here. The certificates
and endorsements are to be signed by a person authorized by the insurers to bind coverage on their behalf.
You must provide a separate endorsement naming the City as an additional insured referencing your name and
policy number. Examples of such endorsements are ISO CG 25 04 11 85, ISO CG 25 03 11 85, ISO CG 25 01 11 85.
You must secure the following insurance coverage to protect the City from claims brought against the City,
employees, authorized representatives, agents, or third parties.
Worker's Compensation Insurance in an
amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence as
required by State of California statutes, and employer's
liability insurance (including disease coverage). Insurer
shall waive all rights of subrogation against the City, its
employees, representatives, and agents.
The policies shall not be canceled or materially
altered without 30 days prior written notice to the
The insurers utilized shall conform to the following
Automobile Liability Insurance with coverage
for any vehicle including those owned, leased, rented,
or borrowed. This insurance shall have an
endorsement naming the City as Additional Insured and
with a standard cross-liability clause or endorsement.
The limit amount for this insurance shall be not less
than $500,000 per occurrence combined single limit for
bodily injury and property damage.
General Liability Insurance including
premises and operations, products, completed
operations, contractual liability, independent
contractors, and broad form property damage
coverages. This insurance shall be on a commercial
insurance, occurrence form with an endorsement
naming the City as Additional Insured and with a
standard cross-liability clause or endorsement. The
limit amount for this insurance shall be not less than
$1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for
bodily injury and property damage.
The insurance policies described above shall
include the following provisions or have added by
The coverages shall be primary, and no
other insurance or self-insurance such as may be
utilized by the City shall contribute to a loss under
these policies.
Insurers shall have at least an "A-"
policyholder's rating and a "VII" financial rating in
accordance with the most current Best's Key Rating
Vendor shall furnish the City, within ten (10)
calendar days of receiving Notice of Award, or a
Request for Insurance letter, and not less than two (2)
working days prior to the commencement of the work,
with adequate certificates of insurance and with original
endorsements affecting coverage as will demonstrate
that the provisions and/or requirements of this section
have been complied with.
BUSINESS TAX NUMBER: Firms performing services
or installations in the City of Lompoc must have a
current City of Lompoc Business Tax Number. Please
contact the City of Lompoc, City Clerk Office at 875-
8242 for information.
Please send insurance certificates to:
City of Lompoc
Purchasing Division
1300 West Laurel Ave
Lompoc, Ca 93436
Fax 805 875-8632
Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
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“Registered Bidder Information Sheet”
Request for Quotation No. 2922
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
** Bid Opening Date: August 29, 2019 at 3:00 P.M.**
To stay informed of any changes or modifications to this bid you must:
1. Complete this form (print or type your information).
2. Fax the completed sheet to (805) 875-8600.
3. Circle which method was used to secure bid package.
Company Name
City, State And Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
(Please type or print)
Signature Of Authorized Representative
Name And Title (Please Print)
Email Address
Web Page
Purchasing Division
1300 West Laurel Avenue, Building #4A Lompoc, California 93436
Phone: (805) 875-8000 FAX: (805) 735-7628

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