Leader Radio Solicitation Notice

Agency: Department of the Army
State: Maryland
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • 58 - Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment
NAICS Category:
  • 334220 - Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
Posted Date: Sep 21, 2017
Due Date: Oct 13, 2017
Solicitation No: W15p7t17r0003
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Solicitation Number :
Notice Type :
Synopsis :
Added: Aug 15, 2017 4:08 pm Modified: Aug 16, 2017 7:28 am Track Changes

This synopsis is to inform industry that the Army Contracting Command - Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG) intends to issue a solicitation in accordance with FAR Subpart 15.101-2 Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) to onramp the 2-Channel Leader Radio suite in support of Project Manager Tactical Radios (PM-TR)/ Product Manager Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit (PdM-HMS). The solicitation, when issued, will be for a Firm Fixed Priced (FFP) Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. The Leader Radio suite ordering period will be coterminous with the Rifleman Radio contract suite and will include a base ordering period beginning from award through 28 April 2020 and a 5 year option ordering period thereafter. The Government may make up to approximately two (2) awards as a result of the LPTA process.

This announcement is a continuation of the Special Notice posted to www.fbo.gov for Draft Solicitation Number: W15P7T-17-R-0003. ACC-APG intends to release the Request for Proposal (RFP) on or after 1 September, 2017. If your company is interested in this planned procurement, then it is advised that you monitor this notice and solicitation number at www.fbo.gov. It is the responsibility of the potential offeror to monitor this site for additional information pertaining to this requirement. The Primary Point of Contact for this effort is Nancy S. Williams, nancy.s.williams12.civ@mail.mil .

This notice of intent is not a request for proposal. This notice is issued solely for information and planning purposes and it does not constitute a final solicitation or a promise to issue a final solicitation in the future. This notice does not commit the Government to contract for any supply or service whatsoever. Respondents are advised that the Government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred as a result of this notice. All costs associated with this notice will be solely at the interested parties' expense.

All communications SHALL be submitted ONLY in writing AND directly to the email address identified above. Contractors shall not contact any other Government Personnel other than the person identified above. Contacting any Government personnel other than the Primary Point of Contact could result in an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) and could result in an offeror being excluded from competition and/or award.

Added: Sep 07, 2017 4:00 pm
This Request for Proposal (RFP) W15P7T-17-R-0003 is issued in support of Project Manager Tactical Radios (PM-TR)/ Product Manager Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit (PdM-HMS) to onramp the 2-Channel Leader Radio suite to the Rifleman Radio contract. This RFP is for a Firm Fixed Priced (FFP) Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract/modification and is issued in accordance with FAR 15.101-2 Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA). The Leader Radio suite ordering period will be coterminous with the Rifleman Radio contract suite, which includes a base ordering period beginning from award through 28 April 2020 and a 5 year option ordering period thereafter. The Government may make approximately two (2) awards as a result of the LPTA process.

This RFP is a continuation of the Synopsis posted to www.fbo.gov on 15 August 2017 for Solicitation Number: W15P7T-17-R-0003. Respondents are advised that the Government will not pay for any costs incurred as a result of this RFP. Any costs associated with responding to this RFP are solely at the responder's expense.

All communications shall be submitted only in writing in accordance with the RFP instructions.

Added: Sep 20, 2017 3:32 pm
This change provides solicition amendment 0001 as specified in the updated documents.
Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
September 7, 2017
Download/View Exhibit_N_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_DATA_PACKAGE(NSP)(18AUG17).pdf
Exhibit_P_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_DATA_PACKAGE(Priced)(18AUG... (669.22 Kb)
Download/View Exhibit_P_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_DATA_PACKAGE(Priced)(18AUG17).pdf
Description: Exhibit P CDRLS-TECHNICAL DATA PACKAGE(Priced)(18AUG17)
Exhibit_R_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_MANUAL_(PRICED)(18AUG17).p... (291.36 Kb)
Download/View Exhibit_R_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_MANUAL_(PRICED)(18AUG17).pdf
Description: Exhibit T CDRLS-MANAGEMENT(PRICED)(18AUG17)
Description: Exhibit U CDRLS-BUSINESS(NSP)(18AUG17)
Description: Exhibit W CDRLS-TECHNICAL(NSP)(18AUG17)
Description: Exhibit X CDRLS-TECHNICAL(PRICED)(18AUG17)
Description: Exhibit Y CDRLS-LOGISTICS(NSP)(29AUG17)
Description: Exhibit Z CDRLS-LOGISTICS(PRICED)(29AUG17)
Attachment_0011_-_LR_Performance_Requirements_Docume... (1,151.08 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0011_-_LR_Performance_Requirements_Document_(5SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment 0011 - LR Performance Requirements Document (5SEP2017)
Attachment_0012_-_Leader_Radio_Statement_of_Work_(25... (1,727.34 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0012_-_Leader_Radio_Statement_of_Work_(25AUG2017).pdf
Description: Attachment 0012 - Leader Radio Statement of Work (25AUG2017)
Attachment_0013_-_Qualification_Test_Strategy_(18AUG... (108.15 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0013_-_Qualification_Test_Strategy_(18AUG2017).pdf
Description: Attachment 0013 - Qualification Test Strategy (18AUG2017)
Attachment_0014_-_PRD_Compliance_Matrix_(6SEP2017).x... (97.88 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0014_-_PRD_Compliance_Matrix_(6SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment 0014 - PRD Compliance Matrix (6SEP2017)
Description: Attachment 0015 - DD254 (26Jun17)
Attachment_0016_-_Warranty_Tracking_Information_and_... (21.66 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0016_-_Warranty_Tracking_Information_and_Source_of_Repair_(18....xlsx
Description: Attachment 0016 - Warranty Tracking Information and Source of Repair (18Aug17)
Attachment_0017_-_Leader_Radio_Pricing_Spreadsheet_(... (539.28 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0017_-_Leader_Radio_Pricing_Spreadsheet_(5SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment 0017 - Leader Radio Pricing Spreadsheet (5SEP2017)
Attachment_0018_-_VOL_IIB_XXXX_TECH_SPECS_DDMMYY.XLS... (20.58 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0018_-_VOL_IIB_XXXX_TECH_SPECS_DDMMYY.XLSX
Description: Attachment 0018 - VOL IIB XXXX TECH SPECS DDMMYY
Description: Attachment 0019 - Bailment Agreement(5SEP2017)
Attachment_0020_-_Test_Delivery_Schedule_(5SEP2017).... (28.49 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0020_-_Test_Delivery_Schedule_(5SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment 0020 - Test Delivery Schedule (5SEP2017)
Attachment_0021_-_Compass_Input_Template_(18AUG2017)... (50.23 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0021_-_Compass_Input_Template_(18AUG2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment 0021 - Compass Input Template (18AUG2017)
Attachment_0022_-_Desired_Objectives_List_(5SEP2017)... (23.98 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0022_-_Desired_Objectives_List_(5SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment 0022 - Desired Objectives List(5SEP2017)
Attachment_0023_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.02 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0023_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AA_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0023_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AA
Base Year
Attachment_0024_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.50 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0024_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AB_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0024_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AB
Base Year
Attachment_0025_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.52 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0025_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AC_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0025_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6223_SUBCLIN6223AC
Base Year
Attachment_0026_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.44 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0026_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AA_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0026_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AA
Base Year
Attachment_0027_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.41 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0027_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AB_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0027_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AB
Base Year
Attachment_0028_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6... (47.41 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0028_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AC_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0028_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN6224_SUBCLIN6224AC
Base Year
Attachment_0029_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.02 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0029_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AA_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0029_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AA
Option Year
Attachment_0030_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.50 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0030_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AB_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0030_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AB
Option Year
Attachment_0031_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.52 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0031_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AC_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0031_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8223_SUBCLIN8223AC
Option Year
Attachment_0032_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.44 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0032_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AA_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0032_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AA
Option Year
Attachment_0033_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.41 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0033_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AB_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0033_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AB
Option Year
Attachment_0034_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8... (47.41 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0034_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AC_DD....xlsx
Description: Attachment_0034_-_VOL_IIIB_XXXX_WARRANTY_INPUT_CLIN8224_SUBCLIN8224AC
Option Year
Attachment_0035_-_L_INSTRUCTIONS_CONDITIONS_NOTICES_... (110.59 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0035_-_L_INSTRUCTIONS_CONDITIONS_NOTICES_(6SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment 0035 - Section L - Instructions Conditions Notices (6SEP2017)
Attachment_0036_-_M_EVALUATION_FACTORS_FOR_AWARD_(6S... (82.07 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0036_-_M_EVALUATION_FACTORS_FOR_AWARD_(6SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment 0036 - SECTION M - EVALUATION FACTORS FOR AWARD (6SEP2017)
Description: W15P7T-17-R-0003
SF 33
Package #2
Posted Date:
September 20, 2017
Description: SF 30 Amendment 0001
Attachment_0011_-_LR_Performance_Requirements_Docume... (1,152.51 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0011_-_LR_Performance_Requirements_Document_(20SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment_0011_-_LR_Performance_Requirements_Document_(20SEP2017)
Attachment_0012_-_Leader_Radio_Statement_of_Work_(20... (1,729.53 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0012_-_Leader_Radio_Statement_of_Work_(20SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment_0012_-_Leader_Radio_Statement_of_Work_(20SEP2017)
Attachment_0014_-_PRD_Compliance_Matrix_(20SEP2017).... (98.12 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0014_-_PRD_Compliance_Matrix_(20SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment_0014_-_PRD_Compliance_Matrix_(20SEP2017)
Attachment_0018_-_VOL_IIB_XXXX_TECH_SPECS_DDMMYY_(19... (17.28 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0018_-_VOL_IIB_XXXX_TECH_SPECS_DDMMYY_(19SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment_0018_-_VOL_IIB_XXXX_TECH_SPECS_DDMMYY_(19SEP2017)
Attachment_0020_-_Test_Delivery_Schedule_(19SEP2017)... (28.58 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0020_-_Test_Delivery_Schedule_(19SEP2017).xlsx
Description: Attachment_0020_-_Test_Delivery_Schedule_(19SEP2017)
Attachment_0035_-_L_INSTRUCTIONS_CONDITIONS_NOTICES_... (113.19 Kb)
Download/View Attachment_0035_-_L_INSTRUCTIONS_CONDITIONS_NOTICES_(20SEP2017).pdf
Description: Attachment_0035_-_L_INSTRUCTIONS_CONDITIONS_NOTICES_(20SEP2017)
Exhibit_R_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_MANUAL_(PRICED)(19Sept17).... (274.35 Kb)
Download/View Exhibit_R_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_MANUAL_(PRICED)(19Sept17).pdf
Description: Exhibit_R_CDRLS-TECHNICAL_MANUAL_(PRICED)(19Sept17)
Description: LR_Question_and_Answer(20SEP2017)
Contracting Office Address :
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005-1846
United States
Place of Performance :
6001 Combat Drive
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Nancy S. Williams,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 4438614974

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