Land Development Code Revision/Update

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Posted Date: Nov 2, 2021
Due Date: Nov 30, 2021
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Land Development Code Revision/Update City of Lawrence

Lawrence, KS

General Project Information

The City of Lawrence (the City) seeks responses to this Request for Proposals (RFP) from firms experienced and qualified in land use planning, infrastructure assessment, data collection and analysis, and public engagement to streamline and revise the Lawrence Land Development Code.

Lawrence's current Land Development Code was adopted in July 2006 and contains the Subdivision Regulations for Lawrence and the Unincorporated Areas of Douglas County, Kansas. The current Land Development Code was drafted over four years and was intended to reflect the community's values and expectations as included in the previous comprehensive plan, Horizon 2020, which was adopted in 1998. In November 2019, the City of Lawrence and Douglas County adopted a new comprehensive plan, Plan 2040 .

In 2021, the City created the Lawrence Strategic Plan , which sets out strategies and progress indicators for our five outcome areas: Unmistakable Identity; Strong, Welcoming Neighborhoods; Safe and Secure; Prosperity and Economic Security; and Connected City. The outcomes represent what we are in business to do and what we plan to accomplish for our community. Additionally, the City is striving to ensure the five outcomes are completed while meeting the six commitments related to how our team will do our work and to ensure the community we create is reflected in the decisions that the city makes every day. Those include Community Engagement, Efficient and Effective Processes, Equity and Inclusion, Sound Fiscal Stewardship, Engaged and Empowered Teams, and Environmental Sustainability. These Outcomes and Commitments inform and guide the work and community Lawrence is striving to become in the future.

Section 1: Proposal Information

The City of Lawrence's objective for the Revision process is to revise and update the Land Development Code to:

  • Implement the mission, vision, goals, and action items outlined in Plan 2040: A Comprehensive Plan for Unincorporated Douglas County & The City of Lawrence .
  • Identify barriers to comprehensive plan implementation and opportunities to streamline the development review and approval process to the extent feasible.
  • Promote ongoing coordination between the City of Lawrence and Douglas County development review and approval processes in the developing urban fringe areas.
  • Review and incorporate review of City's Historic Resources chapter .
  • Advance and further housing availability, especially affordable housing, throughout the community.
  • Create development regulations that utilize best practices to ensure accessibility and inclusion for participating in code processes.
  • Create regulations that are concise, consistent, and effective for use by community members, developers, property owners, design professionals, and City administration.
  • Create development regulations that utilize best practices that are effective and practical within the existing and future economic development opportunities and job growth.
  • Review the code for existing barriers to redevelopment and infill opportunities, and create regulations which encourage these development opportunities.
  • Ensure the Land Development Code incorporates and enhances the City sustainability endeavors , climate change goals, and confirms to the City's adopted sustainability principles .
  • Incorporates graphics and internet/mobile-based platforms and implementation approaches to make the Land Development Code more user-friendly, searchable, and easier to understand for citizens, business and property owners, and consultants and developers
  • Incorporate the City's Strategic Plan's Outcomes, Commitments, and Progress Indicators

Section 2: Minimum Specifications

A successful team shall outline a strong public and stakeholder participation process and deliver a streamlined Land Development Code that meets the City's objectives. This process includes reviewing the code for possible impediments and means to encourage redevelopment and reuse of both residential and commercial infill opportunities. The scope of this project shall consist of collecting and analyzing data and input regarding current conditions and assessing the area for proposed uses and conditions. Additional data from past and upcoming 2022 community surveys will be made available. Lawrence values a robust and multi-faceted approach to public input and engagement of stakeholders following the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) model. Community engagement efforts shall begin early in the process and continue throughout the phases of the project. The Bidder shall be expected to collect the best available data, provide written analysis, and provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based products to be included as part of the document and analysis.

With the recently adopted comprehensive and transportation plans, the new strategic plan, community-driven affordable housing efforts and the recently adopted sustainability principles, the city believes this is an ideal time to consider revising the Land Development Code. At this time, we would anticipate the project to include a thorough review of all existing development codes and ordinances, and recommends a major update that aligns with the community's vision as laid out in the various plans.

The expectation for this project shall be a revised and implemented user-friendly, flexible, and intent-grounded code applying the various planning efforts, while continuing to strive for high-quality development the community has experienced and expects. To provide a general framework for this revision process, staff envisions a multi-phased approach. The Bidder must outline and describe specific phases in their proposal based on their experience with similar projects.

The City of Lawrence is specifically interested in the following elements for the Land Development Code; however, other elements may be identified through the development of the plan. It is expected that one of the first steps taken should be engagement with stakeholders to solidify the goals of the project.

  1. Housing Affordability & Availability
    1. Stronger integration of the Affordable Housing Advisory Board's efforts and their Lawrence Housing Toolkit into our land use codes must also be possible. This would allow the code to consider ways to foster and grow affordable housing throughout the community, and to ensure ways of providing housing options for all ages and abilities. In turn this allows an opportunity to review potential ways of providing a variety of housing types and locations that meet the needs of all community members. In recent years, many cities have reviewed their codes to ensure that housing variety, in terms of scale, size, pricing and units, are meeting the community's expectations.
      1. 2018 Lawrence Housing Market Analysis
      2. Affordable Housing Advisory Board's Lawrence Toolkit
  2. Economic Development & Job Creation
    1. Code revisions shall account for ways to directly affect our potential economic/industry diversity and help attract new and growing employment opportunities and industry clusters by streamlining development processes to improve consistency, efficiency, and response timeliness.
    2. Code improvements shall also consider providing greater flexibility and opportunities for spaces, especially given the recent changes in employment and commuting patterns.
      1. City of Lawrence Economic Development Strategic Plan
  3. Accessibility, Inclusion, & Environmental Justice
    1. The City of Lawrence seeks a Land Development Code that is equitable and impartial so that no group is disadvantaged or burdened along with having inclusive representation and participation for all. The City also seeks a code that ensures no population, including historically marginalized groups, bears a disproportionate share of negative environmental consequences resulting from industrial, municipal, and commercial operations or from the execution of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies.
    2. The Code's development processes shall reflect meaningful involvement processes that allows for effective access, the ability to make informed decisions, and equitable participation.
  4. Infrastructure Planning, Rehabilitation, & Investment
    1. Study and propose revisions that maximize the City's investment in existing infrastructure and aligns goals and actions items of the City's comprehensive plan.
      1. City of Lawrence Strategic Plan
      2. Plan 2040: A Comprehensive Plan for Unincorporated Douglas County & The City of Lawrence
      3. Transportation 2040: Metropolitan Transportation Plan Lawrence - Douglas County
  5. Climate Change, Adaptation, Mitigation
    1. Douglas County and the City of Lawrence will continue to experience increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events including flooding and heat as a result of climate change.
    2. Douglas County and the City of Lawrence are committed doing our part to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions because we know that our actions have impacts beyond our own borders.
  6. Process Revision & Efficiency
    1. Create regulations that are concise, consistent, and effective for use by community members, developers, property owners, design professionals and City administration.
    2. Incorporates graphics and internet/mobile-based platforms and implementation approaches to make the Land Development Code more user-friendly, searchable and easily understandable for community members, business and property owners, as well as consultants and developers.

The city envisions that throughout the plan's development, the following efforts will be required at a minimum:

  1. Development of a transparent, robust, and innovative outreach/public input campaign, utilizing many methods and formats to ensure engagement of all segments of Lawrence and stakeholders.
  2. Management and attendance at stakeholder meetings, which includes meetings with steering committees, governmental bodies, and staff; meetings with key stakeholder groups to be identified by the City; and meetings with the general public.
  3. Attendance at Lawrence City Commission and Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission meetings where presentations will be necessary.
  4. Preparation of documents that are suitably prepared for public distribution, which describes the nature of the project, research undertaken, the findings, conclusions, and recommendations. This shall include all digital products, such as PDF copies and GIS digital products. All documents must be suitable for publication online in an easy to read format.
  5. Frequent communication by phone and/or email with city contacts.

Section 3: Content

Proposals shall include standard components such as a cover letter, main proposal, résumés, hourly rates, proposed budget, proposed timeline, and other pertinent information. Proposals shall reflect the following considerations:

  1. A single-page cover letter.
  2. Main proposals shall be no more than 20 pages and shall include the following information:
    1. Identification of project personnel who will be responsible for the work, the percentage of work on this specific project, and the percent of work this project represents for that project team member, including any subcontractors.
    2. The proposal shall include an estimate of city staff hours required for the project as compared to Bidder's hours, including the percent of work for this project that will be required of City staff by role/position.
    3. The proposal shall include information on the Bidder's unique qualifications and/or capabilities.
    4. The proposal shall include descriptions of similar projects, including client contact information, project budget, completion date and key city participants. Links to similar projects may be included in the Addenda section as described below.
    5. The proposal shall include a proposed budget or multiple budget scenarios based upon option packages for approaching this project within the budgeted amount ($400,000).
    6. The proposal shall include the project timeline, including proposed project phases and detailed timelines for specific tasks as proposed by the firm.
    7. The proposal shall include a plan for public engagement throughout the process. The section on public engagement shall also include information on the Bidder's experience utilizing steering committees to guide a similar process.
    8. The proposal shall include information on the Bidder's experience with creation and maintenance of a project website. Links to similar project websites or examples may be included in the Addenda section as described below.
  3. Addenda to the main proposal shall include the following:
    1. Résumés for key employees of the Bidder, as well as any subcontractors.
    2. Links to examples of similar projects and/or project websites, as described above.
    3. Three (3) references from prior clients, not to exceed 1-page each.

Bidders are asked to direct all questions regarding this RFP to Brandon Thorngate at . All questions and answers received during the proposal period will be posted as an addendum on DemandStar, and be emailed to vendors.

This posting has been abbreviated: Further details and full RFP request available at: DemandStar:

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Request Type
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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