Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courthouse Judges Elevator Modernization

Agency: City of Lynchburg
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238290 - Other Building Equipment Contractors
Posted Date: Sep 6, 2019
Due Date: Oct 8, 2019
Solicitation No: 2020-016
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10/8/2019 2020-016 Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courthouse Judges Elevator Modernization MRT

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Include This Page as the First Page in Your Proposal Response
City of Lynchburg, Virginia
Procurement Division
Proposal Title: Juvenile and Domestic Relations (JDR) Courthouse Judges Elevator Modernization
This is the City of Lynchburg's Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 2020-016, issued September 6, 2019. Direct
inquires for information to: Melissa Tillman; Phone: 434-455-4228; Fax: 434-845-0711 or e-mail
at melissa.tillman@lynchburgva.gov . All requests for clarification of or questions regarding this RFP must be
made in writing and be received by 2:00 p.m. on September 23, 2019. All responses to this solicitation shall be
in strict accordance with the requirements set forth in this proposal document and the ensuing contract documents.
Sealed proposals will be publicly accepted prior to 4:00 p.m., October 8, 2019; however only the names of firms
responding will be available for announcement. Proposals received after the stated due date and time shall not be
considered. Submit proposals in a sealed, opaque envelope, and put the RFP number, title, due date and time on the
lower left front. Offerors are responsible for having their proposal stamped by Procurement Division staff before
the deadline indicated above and acknowledge all addenda so issued in the space provided below. Any alteration or
changes to this Request for Proposals will be made only by written addendum issued by the City of Lynchburg,
Procurement Division.
All Offerors are responsible for obtaining issued addenda from the City’s Procurement
website: http://www.lynchburgva.gov/current-soliciations
Acknowledge receipt of addenda here: No. _____Date: _______ No. ______Date: _______ No. _______ Date: ______
Procurement Division
Third Floor City Hall
900 Church Street
Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
Information the Offeror deems Proprietary is included in the proposal response in section(s):
See Paragraph B. on page 2 for guidelines on submitting proprietary information.
In compliance with this Request for Proposals and all the conditions imposed therein, the undersigned offers and
agrees to furnish the services in accordance with the attached proposal or as mutually agreed by subsequent
negotiations. By my signature below, I certify that I am authorized to bind the Offeror in any and all negotiations
and/or contractual matters relating to this Request for Proposals. Sign in ink and type or print requested
Full Legal Name of Offeror:
Phone: ( )
E-mail address:
Typed or Printed Name, Title
City Procurement Signature
1 |P a g e
A. An original (1), so marked, and (3) copies, so marked, for a total of (4) of the proposal document
are required. In addition, submit one (1) copy of proposal in an electronic format on a USB. The
City will not assume responsibility for reproduction where an insufficient number of copies have been
supplied. In any such case, the City will notify the Offeror of the deficiency and request that the
appropriate number of copies be delivered within 24 hours. Failure to comply with this or other
requirements of this Request for Proposal shall be grounds for the City to reject such proposals.
Telegraphic or facsimile submission of proposals is not acceptable and any such proposals will not be
considered. Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible bank or in any way restrain or
restrict competition. All responsible Offerors are encouraged to submit Proposals. The content of the
RFP and the successful Offeror’s Proposal will become an integral part of the Contract, but may be
modified by provision of the Contract. Offerors must be amenable to inclusion in a Contract any
information, exclusive of that which is determined to be proprietary, provided either in response to this
RFP or subsequently discussed and agreed upon during the selection/negotiation process. The
information received will be considered contractual in nature, and will be used in validation and
evaluation of Proposals, and in subsequent actions related to Contract execution and performance of
B. Submission of Proprietary Information
Trade secrets or proprietary information submitted by an Offeror in connection with this procurement
transaction shall not be subject to public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act;
however, the Offeror must invoke the protection of this section prior to or upon submission of the data
or the materials, and must identify the data or other materials to be protected and state the reason why
protection is necessary. (Section 2.2-4342 F. of the Code of Virginia). Offerors shall submit, in a
separate section of the proposal, any information considered proprietary and any copyrighted
material and clearly identify the information as proprietary and/or copyrighted information.
Offerors may not declare their entire proposal proprietary nor may they declare proposed
pricing to be proprietary. References may be made within the body of the proposal to proprietary
information; however all information contained within the body of the proposal not in the separate
section labeled proprietary shall be considered Public Information.
C. Proposals having any erasures or corrections must be initialed by the Offeror in ink.
D. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive informalities, and to
reissue any request for proposals and to award contracts to multiple Offerors. Any contract resulting
from this Request for Proposal shall not be exclusive to the Contractor. The City reserves the right
to contract with firms not party to the resultant contract for similar work if it determines this to be in
their best interest.
E. By submitting a proposal, the Offeror agrees that the proposal will not be withdrawn for a period of 90
days following the due date for proposal responses.
F. By submitting a proposal, the Offeror certifies that it has not combined, conspired or agreed to
intentionally rig, alter or otherwise manipulate, or to cause to be rigged, altered or otherwise
manipulated its proposal for the purpose of allocating purchases or sales to or among persons, raising
or otherwise fixing the prices of the goods or services, or excluding other persons from dealing with
the City.
G. By submitting a proposal, the Offeror certifies that its proposal is made without collusion or fraud
and that it has not offered or received any kickbacks or inducements from any other Offeror,
supplier, manufacturer or subcontracting firm in connection with its proposal; and that it has not
2 |P a g e
conferred on any public employee having official responsibility for this procurement transaction any
payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, services or anything of more than nominal
value, present or promised.
H. Nothing herein is intended to exclude any responsible Offeror or in any way restrain or restrict
competition. All responsible Offerors are encouraged to submit proposals.
I. It is the policy of the City of Lynchburg to maximize participation by minority and women
owned business enterprises in all aspects of City contracting opportunities. The City does not
discriminate against faith-based organizations.
J. The City will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any Offeror in preparing and submitting
a proposal. All proposals submitted will become the property of the City.
K. By submitting a proposal, the Offeror is certifying that Offeror is not currently debarred by the City, or
in a procurement involving federal funds, by the Federal Government. A copy of the City
debarment procedure in accordance with Section 18.1-10 of the City’s Procurement Ordinance is
available upon request.
The City of Lynchburg is seeking modernization to the Judges Elevator located at the Juvenile and Domestic
Relations Courthouse, 909 Court Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. The goal is to completely remove all of the
KONE proprietary equipment and modernize the elevator within the space confines, with non-proprietary
equipment and controls.
The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courthouse Building has three elevators which were installed in 2010.
The City inadvertently accepted three (3) KONE ECO-SPACE Gearless Traction Passenger Elevators which
contained proprietary equipment. There have been multiple issues with obsolete equipment, maintenance and
overall operation of the elevators, which has led the City to seek modernization of these elevators.
The City hired Elevator Contractor, O.C. Britt from Britt & Associates to help convert the elevators to non-
proprietary controls and provide CEI services during the process. Mr. Britt provided General and Technical
Specifications and these were used to bid out the Judges Elevator. This project was originally advertised as IFB
2020-011, a mandatory pre-bid was held and on the bid due date, no bids were received.
This project is being re-advertised as an RFP and we are seeking solutions from industry experts on how to fully
modernize the elevator within the space confines with non-proprietary equipment and controls. This includes
replacement controllers, fixtures and door operator interface boards.
The goal is to modernize one elevator per year, due to funding. The first elevator to be modernized is the Judges
Elevator, as it has been down operationally for the past few months. Then the Public Elevator and Detainee
Elevator will be bid out as funding allows.
The City of Lynchburg’s Public Works Building Maintenance Division is seeking a solution on how to fully
modernize the Judges Elevator at the JDR Courthouse from proprietary to non-proprietary equipment. Based
3 |P a g e
on specifications gathered by O.C. Britt, industry experts confirm that the KONE ECO-SPACE Gearless
Traction Passenger Elevators can be converted to non-proprietary equipment & controls. The City understands
the challenge to convert the elevator and is seeking a solution to provide the judges with a functional elevator
to access their courtrooms.
Details regarding the elevator are included in Attachment A- General Specifications and Attachment B-
Revised Technical Specifications in Section IX. These are included from the original IFB 2020-011 and provide
details that can be incorporated into the Offeror’s proposal, as needed. Attachment C contains 6 photos
regarding the motor plate information.
Elevator #2: Judges Elevator
Type: KONE ECO-SPACE Gearless Traction Passenger Elevator
Rated Capacity: 2500 lbs.
Rated Speed: 150 fpm.
Travel: 4 landings.
Openings: Front 4, Rear 0
Provide pre-engineered elevator system by manufacturer/s regularly engaged in the manufacture of elevator
systems and that complies with ASME A17.1 in its entirety, ASME A17.2 in its entirety, and additional
requirements specified herein.
1. Manufacturer/s Qualifications
The manufacturer shall be an entity regularly engaged in manufacturing, installing, and servicing elevators
of the type required for the project. This shall include the manufacturer of the machine, controller, signal
fixtures, door operators, cab, entrances, and all other major parts of the elevator operating equipment. The
major parts of the elevator equipment shall be manufactured in the United States, and can be an assembled
system. The manufacturer shall have a documented, on-going quality assurance program. All parts and
materials will carry the manufacturer’s warranty for 36 months.
2. Installer Qualifications
The installer shall be the manufacturer/s or an authorized agent of the manufacturer/s with not less than (5)
five years of satisfactory experience installing elevators equal in character and performance to the project
3. Regulatory Requirements
Insure compliance with all Regulatory requirements contained herein and of local authorities.
4. Elevator Specialist
Work specified in this section shall be performed under the direct guidance of the Elevator Specialist. The
Elevator Specialist shall be regularly engaged in the installation and maintenance of the type and
complexity of the elevator system specified in the Contract documents, and shall have served in a similar
capacity for at least three systems that have performed in the manner intended for a period of not less than
24 months. The Elevator Specialist oversees the acceptance inspections and tests, signs and certifies the
successful results. The Elevator Specialist, after completion of the acceptance inspections and tests, shall
certify in writing that the installation is in accordance with the contract requirements.
5. Elevator Inspector
The Elevator Inspector is provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia to inspect the installation of the
elevator to assure that the installation conforms to all contract requirements. The Elevator Inspector is
4 |P a g e
responsible for witnessing the acceptance inspections and tests, approving all results, signing and
certifying the successful results. The Elevator Inspector, after completion of the acceptance inspections
and tests, will certify in writing that the installation is in accordance with code requirements.
The following shall be submitted in accordance with below detailed procedures:
Detail Drawings: Detail drawings including dimensioned layouts in plan, section, and elevation showing
the arrangement of elevator equipment in pit, hoistway and in the machine room, accessories, supporting
systems, anchorage of equipment, clearances for maintenance and operation; and details on hoistway,
doors and frames, operation and signal stations, controllers, motors, guide rails and brackets, cylinder and
plunge unit, and points of interface with normal power, and fire alarm system. Indicate electrical power
requirements and branch circuit protection device recommendations. Indicate elevator system capacities,
sizes, performances, safety features, finishes and other pertinent information. Show floors served, travel
distances, maximum loads imposed on the building structure at points of support and all similar
considerations of the elevator work.
Provide drawings to show any revised building electrical system required to make the supplied elevator
system function as specified. Prepare drawings with complete wiring diagrams showing electrical
connections and other details required to demonstrate sequence of operations and functions of system
devices. Drawings shall include the appropriate sizing of electrical protective devices which are frequently
different from National Electrical Code standard sizes.
Submit one (1) set of wiring diagrams in plastic or glass cover, framed and mounted in elevator machine
room. Deliver two (2) sets to Contracting Officer. Coded diagrams are not acceptable unless adequately
Pre-Engineered Elevator System: Include information on machines, motors, unintended motion devices,
governors, governor rope tension assembly, controllers, hall/car operating stations, rail guide systems,
door operators and reversing edges on elevators and accessories. For elevator supporting systems, include
information on car control and emergency power systems. On data sheets, provide document identification
number or bulletin number, published or copyrighted prior to the date of contract bid opening. Pre-
engineered units can be supplied by multiple manufactures, to make up a pre-engineered unit.
Field Quality Control: A plan detailing the testing procedures shall be submitted 60 days prior to
performing the elevator tests.
Heat Loads: Calculations for total anticipated heat loads generated by all the elevator machine room
Weight Loads: It is at the discretion of the Contractor if they feel that “Load Weighing” is needed for
proper operation and they should include this in their proposal.
5 |P a g e

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