Janitorial Services

Agency: Oregon State University
State: Oregon
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561720 - Janitorial Services
Posted Date: Feb 9, 2020
Due Date: Mar 27, 2020
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Oregon State University is seeking a contractor to provide janitorial services for the Corvallis, OR campus. Responses to the solicitation must be received no later than the due date and time in accordance with the submittal instructions contained in the solicitation document. For additional information please contact Jennifer Koehne by email at jennifer.koehne@oregonstate.edu or by telephone at (541) 737-7353.
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No. P2020-000619-JK
Janitorial Services
PHASE 1- FEBRUARY 21, 2020 (2:00 PM, PT)
PHASE 2- MARCH 27, 2020 (2:00 PM, PT)
Oregon State University
Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management
644 SW 13th Avenue
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
OSU Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management Offices are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am-12:00 noon and 1:00 pm-5:00 pm.
Offices are closed during the 12:00 noon-1:00 pm lunch hour.
(Updated: March 11, 2019)
Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management is seeking Responsive Responsible Proposers to submit
Proposals for janitorial services for OSU facilities, athletics and student health services. The Request for
Proposal (RFP) process will be broken into two (2) phases- phase one (1) will be a qualifications phase in that
Proposers will submit their proof of qualifications and those who can demonstrate the ability implement and
manage a contract of this size will be moved onto phase two (2) and will be asked to provide a full Proposal
response addressing Statement of Work, preferred Qualifications and price. Those Proposers who cannot meet
the qualifications in phase one (1) will not move onto phase two (2). NOTE: read the instructions for each phase
carefully and make sure to follow all instructions.
OSU currently works with one main Contractor and several Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRF) for various
janitorial services across the Corvallis campus. Total estimated square footage being cleaned by current
Contractor is over four and a half (4.5) million square feet. While there are many buildings across the Corvallis
campus, and at other OSU campuses and locations across the State of Oregon, not all buildings or campuses
are covered under the work being performed by the current Contractor at the Corvallis location. The buildings
being cleaned are managed by three OSU departments: Facilities, Athletics, and Student Health Services.
These departments are the major Stakeholders and the day to day administrators/managers for the
contracted services.
1. Facilities Services: Facilities Services is responsible for planning, construction, operation and
maintenance of campus facilities funded by the State’s General Fund. They ensure a safe campus
environment for OSU students, faculty, staff and visitors while maintaining a comfortable environment
conducive to teaching, learning, research, work and recreation. The cleaning environment consists of,
but is not limited to, classrooms, laboratories, bathrooms and offices.
2. Athletics: The Athletics operations team is responsible for all athletic facilities on the Corvallis campus
and all events held at those facilities. Buildings requiring cleaning include but may not be limited to
Reser Stadium, Valley Football Center, Truax Indoor Center, P. Wayne Valley Sports Performance
Center, Gill Coliseum, Goss Stadium and Soccer/Softball facilities. The cleaning environment consists
of, but is not limited to, common areas, building entrances, offices, restrooms/locker rooms, kitchens,
training rooms. Athletics will also require cleaning services for some events held in their facilities.
3. Student Health Services: The Student Health Center is a medical facility that offers health and medical
services to OSU students and staff. The Student Health Center is comprised of one multi-level building
(Plageman Building) that includes but is not limited to medical patient facilities, offices and laboratories.
Each Stakeholder has their own unique janitorial needs and set their own requirements in terms of tasks,
frequency, level of cleanliness etc. OSU last went out to RFP for janitorial services in 2008. At this time, OSU
is looking to obtain proposals for ongoing janitorial services. This RFP process will be broken down into two
phases. The first phase will be a Request for Qualifications and the second phase will be the Request for
Proposal. Phase one will address Proposers capability and qualifications to perform the services requested.
Only those Proposers who meet qualifications as spelled out in this document will be moved onto phase two.
Phase two will be the Request for Proposal where Proposers will be able to address the scope of work and
pricing proposals. It is anticipated that there will be an onsite pre-proposal conference meeting for those
Proposers moving onto phase two. A summary of the services requested will be provided in this document to
assist Proposers in determining if they want to participate in this competitive process. For those Proposers
moving onto phase two, a more detailed scope of work will be provided.
P2020-000619-JK Janitorial Services
Page 1
Founded in 1868, Oregon State University is a comprehensive, research-extensive, public university located in
Corvallis. Oregon State is one of only two American universities to hold the Land Grant, Sea Grant, Space Grant
and Sun Grant designations. Oregon State is also the only Oregon institution to have earned both Carnegie
Foundation classifications for Highest Research Activity and Community Engagement, a recognition of the depth
and quality of its graduate education and research programs.
Through its centers, institutes, Extension offices and Experiment Stations, Oregon State has a presence in all of
Oregon's 36 counties, including its main campus in Corvallis, the Hatfield Marine Sciences Center in Newport
and OSU-Cascades Campus in Bend. Oregon State offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees
through 11 academic colleges, the Honors College, Graduate School and online Ecampus, enrolling more than
31,000 students from every county in Oregon, every state in the country and more than 110 nations.
The Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) department of Oregon State University
(“OSU”) is the issuing office and is the sole point of contact for this Request for Proposal. Address all concerns
or questions regarding this Request for Proposal to the Administrative Contact identified below.
Jennifer Koehne
Procurement Contract Officer
Telephone: 541-737-7353
As used in this Request for Proposal, the terms set forth below are defined as follows:
a. "Addenda" means an addition to, deletion from, a material change in, or general interest explanation of the
Request for Proposal.
b. “Contract” means the resulting services agreement between OSU and the Contractor.
c. “Contractor” means the Proposer awarded the Contract under the RFP and is responsible for all Contractor
responsibilities under the Contract.
d. "Exhibits" means those documents which are attached to and incorporated as part of the Request for
e. "Proposal" means an offer, binding on the Proposer and submitted in response to a Request for Proposal.
f. "Proposer" means an entity that submits a Proposal in response to a Request for Proposal.
g. "Proposal Due Date and Time" means the date and time specified in the Request for Proposal as the
deadline for submitting Proposals.
h. "Request for Proposal" (RFP) means a Solicitation Document to obtain Written, competitive Proposals to be
used as a basis for making an acquisition or entering into a Contract when price will not necessarily be the
predominant award criteria.
i. "Responsible" means an entity that demonstrates their ability to perform satisfactorily under a Contract by
meeting the applicable standards of responsibility outlined in OSU Standard 03-015, section 4.15.
j. "Responsive" means a Proposal that has substantially complied in all material respects with the criteria
outlined in the Request for Proposal.
k. “Written or Writing” means letters, characters, and symbols that are intended to represent or convey
particular ideas or meanings and are made in electronic form or inscribed on paper by hand, print, type, or
other method of impression.
P2020-000619-JK Janitorial Services
Page 2
Issue Date
Pre-Proposal Conference Phase 1
Deadline for Requests for Clarification or Change Phase 1
Qualifications Due Date and Time Phase 1
February 7, 2020
February 12, 2020 (10:00 am, PT)
February 14, 2020 (2:00 pm, PT)
February 21, 2020 (2:00 pm, PT)
This Schedule of Events is subject to change. Any changes will be made through the issuance of Written Addenda.
A voluntary Pre-Proposal Conference will be held via a web conference on February 12, 2020 at 10:00am PT
to go over the process and instructions for phase 1. Questions around Statement of Work will not be taken at
this time. A mandatory phase 2 pre-proposal conference, comprising of a site visit for those Proposers moving
to phase 2, will be scheduled to go over Statement of Work and provide Proposers an opportunity to view OSU
facilities. Contact Jennifer Koehne at jennifer.koehne@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-7353 to receive web
conference detail and instructions on how to participate.
Proposers must be able to demonstrate their ability to manage an account the size of OSU. OSU has set a
minimum level of qualifications that a Proposer must meet in order to demonstrate that ability. In phase 1, a list
of the required qualifications will be outlined along with a list of submittals that OSU will require from the Proposer.
Proposers, through their submittals, will demonstrate their ability to meet the qualifications. Qualifications will
be evaluated on a yes/no basis. If a Proposer meets all of the qualifications they will be invited to phase 2. If a
Proposer does not meet all of the qualifications, they will be notified that they will not be moving onto phase 2.
All proposers will have an opportunity to review the solicitation file at the end of phase 1 and an opportunity to
appeal per OSU Standard 03-015, section 5.20. Those Proposers moving onto phase 2 will follow the process
and instructions outlined under phase 2 after they are invited to move forward.
Only those Proposers who clearly demonstrate their ability to meet the following qualifications will
advance beyond phase 1. Review this list carefully and provide all required submittals by the date and
time listed under Section 2.01.
In order to qualify as a Responsive Proposer, and move onto phase 2, the Proposer needs to meet the
qualifications below.
a. Minimum of ten (10) years providing janitorial services in general.
b. Minimum of three (3) years providing the janitorial services contemplated under this RFP at institutions
of at least one (1) million square feet that includes clients in higher education, military, hospitals or
equivalent sized corporate accounts.
c. Demonstrated knowledge/use of APPA, Leadership in Educational Facilities (APPA) standards or other
industry known/accepted standards.
d. Demonstrated management plan with escalation paths.
e. Ability to provide a dedicated customer service manager.
f. Demonstrated employee programs for employee retention, recognition, advancement.
g. Demonstrated training programs.
h. Demonstrated health safety programs.
i. Demonstrated quality assurance (QA) program including reports.
P2020-000619-JK Janitorial Services
Page 3
j. Ability to meet the requirements for working in the Student Health Center including mandatory TB and
Hepatitis B vaccinations and annual screening for janitorial staff as well as training in cleaning for
infectious diseases that meet healthcare standards.
k. Bonded and insured.
Submit one (1) electronic or hard copy of Proposers qualifications submittals via any of the methods detailed in
the section below titled SUBMISSION. If submitting via hard copy, include one (1) electronic copy (PDF format)
of your qualifications on CD/DVD/flash drive.
It is the Proposer’s sole responsibility to submit information in fulfillment of the requirements of phase 1. If
submittals are not substantially compliant in all material respects with the criteria outlined in phase 1, it will cause
the submission to be deemed non-Responsive.
Proposers must submit the following information:
Required Submittals:
Provide a two (2) to three (3) page narrative that includes all relevant company
history or detail that clearly demonstrates Proposer meets each of the
qualifications under 3.01. Ensure that your narrative addresses the following:
Check Off
Number of years in business providing janitorial services overall and
number of years providing janitorial services for accounts the size of OSU.
Relevant work experience with higher education, military, hospital or
corporate accounts with at least one (1) million square feet of facilities.
Experience in use of APPA or other industry known/accepted standards.
High level overview of management plan, employee programs, training
programs, health and safety programs, and QA programs.
Detail on how Proposer will be able to provide a dedicated customer
representative to the account.
Detail on how Proposer will be able to meet requirements for working in the
Student Health Center.
Detail on how you can meet bonding and insurance requirements.
OSU will review the qualification submittals of all Proposers that are received by the date and time listed in
section 2.01. That review will include a determination as to whether the Proposer meets a qualification based
on their submittal as a pass/fail. If a proposer does not meet all of the qualifications in phase 1 they will not
move onto phase 2. All Proposers will be notified in writing of their status after the review and all Proposers
will have the opportunity to review the Phase 1 file. A Proposer has the right to appeal the decision pursuant to
OSU Standard 03-015, section 5.20.
Any Proposer who feels adversely affected or aggrieved may submit an appeal within three (3) business days
after OSU issues the invitations to phase 2. The appeal must be clearly identified as an appeal, identify the type
and nature of the appeal, and include the Request for Proposal number and title. The rules governing appeals
are at OSU Standard 03-015, section 5.20.
P2020-000619-JK Janitorial Services
Page 4

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