ITB 19-18 Pest Control Services

Agency: University of North Florida
State: Florida
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561710 - Exterminating and Pest Control Services
Posted Date: May 14, 2019
Due Date: May 28, 2019
Solicitation No: ITB 19-18
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  • ITB 19-18 Pest Control Services


    Bid Due:

    May 28, 2019 @ 2 p.m., Hicks Hall, Suite 2950


    Alexis Colbert


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    May 14, 2019
    Hicks Hall, Suite 2950, 1 UNF Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645
    Phone: 904-620-2730
    Acknowledgement Form
    Commodities/Contractual Services
    Fax: 904-620-2462
    ITB NO.
    2 p.m. on May 28, 2019
    and may not be withdrawn within 90 days after such date and time.
    ITB 19-18
    Alexis Colbert
    Pest Control Services
    Check All Applicable
    Government Classifications:
    African American
    Native American
    □ Small Business
    Government Agency
    American Women
    Women Owned
    Service Disabled Veteran
    The bid tabulation and Notice of Intended Decision with recommended award will
    be posted for review by interested parties at the University of North Florida (UNF)
    website – and will remain posted for a period of 72
    hours. Failure to file a protest in accordance with UNF Regulation 13.0020R, or
    failure to post the bond or other security as required in UNF Regulations
    13.0020R and 13.0030R, shall constitute a waiver of protest proceedings.
    SEALED BIDS: All Bid pricing sheets and this acknowledgement form must be executed and submitted in a sealed envelope. (DO NOT INCLUDE MORE THAN ONE PROPOSAL PER ENVELOPE.) The
    face of the envelope shall contain, in addition to the above address, the bid number, date and time of the bid opening and the company name. All Bids are subject to the conditions specified herein. Those which
    do not comply with these conditions are subject to rejection.
    1. EXECUTION OF BID: Bid must contain a manual original signature of authorized
    representative in the space provided above. Bid must be typed or printed in ink. Use of
    erasable ink is not permitted. All corrections to prices made by Bidder must be initialed.
    2. NO BID SUBMITTED: If not submitting a bid, respond by returning only this Bid
    acknowledgment form, marking it "NO BID" and explain the reason in the space provided
    above. Failure to respond 3 times in succession without justification may be cause for
    removal of the supplier's name from the Bid mailing list. NOTE: To qualify as a
    respondent, Bidder must submit a "NO BID", and it must be received no later than the
    stated Bid opening date and hour.
    3. BID OPENING: Shall be public on the date, location and the time specified on the bid
    form. It is the Bidder's responsibility to assure that the Bid is delivered at the proper time
    and place of the Bid opening. Bids which for any reason are not so delivered will not be
    considered. Offers by telephone, telegram e-mail or facsimile are not acceptable.
    NOTE: Bid tabulations will be furnished upon written request accompanied by a self-
    addressed, stamped envelope and payment of predetermined fee after the notice of
    intended decision or 30 days after the Bid opening, whichever is earlier. Bid tabulations
    will not be provided by telephone.
    4. DISQUALIFICATION OF BID/PROPOSAL: More than one bid/proposal from an
    individual, firm, partnership, corporation or association under the same or different
    names will not be considered. Reasonable grounds for believing that a bidder is involved
    in more than one proposal for the same work will be cause for rejection of all proposals
    in which such offerers are believed to be involved. Any or all proposals will be rejected
    if there is reason to believe that collusion exists between offerers. Proposals in which
    prices obviously are unbalanced will be subject to rejection.
    5. PRICES, TERMS AND PAYMENT: Firm prices shall be proposed and will include
    all packing, handling, shipping charges, and delivery to the destination shown herein.
    (a) TAXES: The University of North Florida does not pay Federal Excise and Sales taxes
    on direct purchases of tangible personal property. The Florida Tax Exempt Number is 85-
    8012708261C-2. This exemption does not apply to purchases of tangible personal
    property in the performance of contracts for the improvement of state-owned real property.
    (b) DISCOUNTS: Cash discount for prompt payment shall not be considered in
    determining the lowest net cost for bid evaluation purposes. However, every effort will be
    made to take the discount in the time offered.
    (c) MISTAKES: Bidders are expected to examine the specifications, delivery schedule,
    proposed prices, extensions, and all instructions pertaining to supplies and services.
    Failure to do so will be at bidder’s risk. Unit prices proposed will govern in award.
    (d) INVOICING AND PAYMENT: The University’s obligation is payable only and solely
    from funds appropriated for the purpose of this agreement. The University shall mail the
    Successful Vendor’s payment within 40 days after receipt of an acceptable invoice and
    receipt, inspection and acceptance of the goods and/or services provided in accordance
    with the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Failure to mail payment within 40 days
    shall result in the University paying interest at the rate established pursuant to Florida
    Statutes §55.03(1), Fla. Stat. These provisions apply only to any undisputed amounts for
    which payment has been authorized.
    (e) CONDITION AND PACKAGING: It is understood and agreed that any item offered or
    shipped as a result of this Proposal shall be a new, current standard production model
    available at the time of this Proposal. All containers shall be suitable for storage or
    shipment and all prices shall include standard commercial packaging.
    (f) SAFETY STANDARDS: Unless otherwise stipulated in the Proposal, all manufactured
    items and fabricated assemblies shall comply with applicable requirements of Occupational
    Safety and Health Act and any standards there under.
    6. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: In accordance with the Code of Ethics for Public Officers
    and Employees, §112, Fla. Stat. (Part III), the Agency shall not hire, and shall not permit
    any subcontractor or other person, firm or business entity with whom the proposer/bidder
    is engaged in a combined effort to perform this agreement to hire any person who is a
    University officer or employee unless the University consents in writing after full written
    disclosure of the surrounding facts. No officer or employee of the University shall have
    a financial interest, direct or indirect, in this contract unless the University consents in
    wiring after full written disclosure of the surrounding facts. If the proposer/bidder is an
    employee of any agency or entity of the State of Florida, the proposer/bidder must
    attached a completed dual compensation form evidencing approval by the
    proposer/bidder’s primary employer.
    7. SELECTION: As the best interest of the University of North Florida may require, the
    right is reserved to make selections by individual item, group of items, all or none, or a
    combination thereof; to reject any and all bids or waive any minor irregularity or
    technicality in ITB’s received. Bidders are cautioned to make no assumption unless their
    ITB has been evaluated as being responsive.
    8. INTERPRETATIONS/DISPUTES: Any questions concerning conditions or
    specifications shall be directed in writing to the Purchasing Department. Inquiries must
    reference the date of Bid opening and the Bid number. No interpretations shall be
    considered binding unless provided in writing by the University of North Florida in
    response to requests in full compliance with this condition. Any person who is affected
    adversely by the University's notice of intended decision shall file with the University a
    notice of protest, in writing, within 72 hours after the posting of the Bid tabulation or after
    receipt of the notice of the University's decision or intended decision and shall file a formal
    written protest within 10 days after the date the notice of protest was filed. With respect
    to a protest of the specifications contained in a Invitation to Bid, the notice of protest shall
    be filed, in writing, within 72 hours after the receipt of the project plans and specifications
    or intended project plans and specifications and the formal written protest shall be filed
    within 10 days after the date the notice of protest is filed. Failure to file a notice of protest
    or failure to file a formal written protest within the time prescribed in section §120.57(3),
    Fla. Stat., or failure to post the bond or other security required by UNF Purchasing
    Regulation 13.0010R and BOG Regulations18.0020R, 18.0030R or any other provision
    of law within the time allowed for filing a bond or other security shall constitute a waiver
    of proceedings under §120, Fla. Stat.
    9. GOVERNMENTAL RESTRICTIONS: In the event any governmental restrictions may
    be imposed which would necessitate alteration of the material, quality, workmanship or
    performance of the items offered in this Bid prior to their delivery, it shall be the
    responsibility of the successful Bidder to notify the purchaser at once indicating, in writing,
    the specific regulation which requires an alteration. The University of North Florida
    reserves the right to accept any such alteration, including any price adjustments
    occasioned thereby, or to cancel the contract at no expense to the University.
    name, manufacturer's brand name and number, Bid number and item reference. Request
    for return of samples shall be accompanied by instructions which include shipping
    authorization and name of carrier and must be received with the Bid. If instructions are not
    received within this time the commodities shall be disposed of by the University of North
    18. INSPECTION, ACCEPTANCE AND TITLE: Inspection and acceptance will be at
    destination unless otherwise provided. Title and risk of loss or damage of all items shall be
    the responsibility of the contract supplier until accepted by the University, unless loss or
    damage results from negligence by the University. The contract supplier shall be
    responsible for filing, processing and collecting all damage claims. However, to assist him
    the in the expeditious handling of damage claims, the University will: (a) record any evidence
    of visible damage on all copies of the delivering carrier’s Bill of Lading (b) report damage
    (visible or concealed) to the carrier and contract supplier confirming such reports in writing
    within 15 days of delivery, requesting that the carrier inspect the damaged merchandise (c)
    retain the item and it’s shipping container, including inner packing material until inspection
    is performed by the carrier, and disposition given by the contract supplier (d) provide the
    contract supplier with a copy of the carriers Bill of Lading and damage inspection report.
    19. PATENTS AND ROYALTIES: The Bidder shall indemnify and hold harmless the
    University of North Florida Board of Trustees, its officers, agents and employees from liability
    of any nature or kind, including cost and expenses for or on account of any copyrighted,
    patented, or un-patented invention, process, or article manufactured or used in the
    performance of the contract, including its use by the University of North Florida. If the Bidder
    uses any design, device, or materials covered by letters, patent or copyright, it is mutually
    agreed and understood without exception that the ITB bid prices shall include all royalties
    or costs arising from the use of such design, device, or materials in any way involved in the
    20. NONCONFORMANCE TO CONTRACT CONDITIONS: Items may be tested and/or
    inspected for compliance with specifications by the Florida Department of Agriculture and
    Consumer Services, or by other appropriate testing facilities. The data derived from any
    tests for compliance with specifications are public records and open to examination thereto
    in accordance with §119, Fla. Stat. Items delivered not conforming to specifications may be
    rejected and returned at vendor's expense. These items and items not delivered as per
    delivery data in the bid and/or purchase order may result in bidder being found in default in
    which event any and all re procurement costs may be charged against the defaulting
    contractor. Any violation of these conditions may also result in the bidder's name being
    removed from the University of North Florida's vendor mailing list and the Department of
    Management Services, Division of Purchasing, mailing list.
    10. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: Applicable provision of all federal, state, county and local
    laws and of all ordinances, rules and regulations shall govern development, proposal and
    evaluation of all Bids received in response hereto and shall govern any and all claims
    and disputes which may arise between person(s) submitting a Bid response hereto and
    the University of North Florida, by and through its officers, employees and authorized
    representatives or any other person, natural or otherwise. Lack of knowledge by any
    Bidder shall not constitute a cognizable defense against the legal effect thereof. Any
    violations of these conditions may also result in the Bidder's name being removed from
    the University of North Florida's vendor mailing list and the Department of Management
    Services, Division of Purchasing, mailing list.
    11. LOBBYING: Contractor is prohibited from using funds provided under any contract
    or purchase order for the purpose of lobbying the Legislature or any official, officer,
    commission, board, authority, council, committee, or department of the executive branch
    or the judicial branch of state government.
    21. PUBLIC RECORDS: All bid information submitted and opened becomes subject to the
    Public Records Law set forth in §119.071, Fla. Stat., amended and approved by the
    Governor of the State of Florida, filed June 2, 2011.
    22. PUBLIC RECORDS CANCELLATION: With respect to a resulting contract and/or
    purchase order, proposer/bidder will allow public access to all documents, papers, letters or
    other material subject to the provision of Florida’s Public Records Law, §119, Fla. Stat., and
    made or received in conjunction with this Agreement. Refusal by proposer/bidder to allow
    such public access will be grounds for unilateral cancellation of this Agreement by UNF and
    for imposition of any remedy or penalty available under law. Proposer/bidder will indemnify
    and hold harmless the University of North Florida, Board of Trustees and State of Florida,
    their officers, employees and agents from and against any and all costs, losses, damages,
    liabilities, expenses, demands and judgments, including court costs and attorney’s fees,
    which may arise out of, or be consequent upon, any public records which proposer/bidder
    maintained or should have maintained in conjunction with this Agreement.
    12. ADVERTISING: In submitting a Bid, the Bidder agrees not to use the results
    therefrom as a part of any commercial advertising.
    13. ASSIGNMENT: Any Contract or Purchase Order issued pursuant to this Invitation to
    Bid and the monies which may become due hereunder are not assignable except with
    the prior written approval of the purchaser.
    14. LIABILITY: The Bidder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University of
    North Florida Board of Trustees, its officers, agents and employees from any and all
    judgments, orders, awards, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees, and also all
    claims on account of damages to property, including loss of use thereof, or bodily injury
    (including death) which may be hereafter sustained by the Bidder, its employees, its
    subcontractors or the University of North Florida, its officers, agents, or employees or
    third persons arising out of, or in connection with, this Invitation to Bid and which are the
    result of the Bidder’s breach of contract or of the acts or omissions of the Bidder, its
    Officers, agents and employees. This condition does not apply to contracts between
    government agencies.
    15. FACILITIES: The University reserves the right to inspect the Bidder's facilities at any
    time with prior notice.
    23. ACCOUNTING AND AUDIT: The proposer/bidder agrees to maintain at its principal
    place of business those business records, books, account information and related materials
    relevant to any resulting Agreement/purchase order. The University of North Florida, and
    the Auditor General of the State of Florida, or any of their authorized representatives, will
    have the right upon reasonable notice to review such materials, whether by its own
    representative or by a certified public accountant during reasonable business hours and
    in a manner that does not disrupt proposer’s/bidder’s business operations.
    Proposer/bidder agrees to retain any documents relevant to this Agreement/purchase order
    for a period of at least 3 years after the final payment or termination of this
    Agreement/purchase order, whichever is later. Records related to unresolved audit findings,
    appeals, or litigation shall be retained until the action is completed or the dispute resolved.
    Invoices for fees or other compensation shall be submitted in detail sufficient for proper pre-
    audit service. The proposer/bidder agrees to include this Accounting and Audit provision in
    any contract it has with any subcontractor, consultant or agent whose services will be
    charged directly or indirectly to this Agreement.
    24. TRAVEL: Bills for any travel expenses must be submitted in accordance with §112.061,
    Fla. Stat. No travel expenses may be paid to, or for the benefit of, any individual, by the
    University, in excess of the amount permitted by §112.061, Fla. Stat.. Any expenses in
    excess of the amounts prescribed by law shall be borne by the bidder.
    16. SERVICE AND WARRANTY: Unless otherwise specified, the Bidder shall define
    any warranty service and replacements that will be provided during and subsequent to
    this contract. Bidders must explain on an attached sheet to what extent warranty and
    service facilities are provided.
    25. GOVERNING LAW; FORUM: Any resulting Agreement will be governed by and
    construed under the laws of the State of Florida which will be the forum for any lawsuit
    between the parties arising from or incident to the resulting Agreement. The venue for any
    legal proceeding will be in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.
    17. SAMPLES: Samples of items, when called for, must be furnished free of expense on
    or before Bid opening time and date and, if not destroyed, may upon request be returned
    at the Bidder’s expense. Each individual sample must be labeled with Bidder's
    13.0010R, 13.0020R and 13.0030R.
    PUR: 7033 Revised 02/19/13
    1. Statement of Objective
    The University of North Florida Board of Trustees (UNF or University), a public body corporate, is soliciting bids
    for the monthly pest control and related services for the entire University of North Florida Campus inclusive but
    not limited to the main campus; MOCA; Housing and Residence Halls; Athletic Facilities and Food, dining and
    concession areas.
    2. Coverage and Participation
    The intended coverage of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) and any agreement resulting from this solicitation may be for
    the use of all departments at the University. With the consent and agreement of the successful Vendor, the other
    state universities, community colleges, district school boards, other educational institutions and other governmental
    agencies within the State of Florida may assess an agreement resulting from this solicitation issued and
    administered by the University of North Florida.
    3. Term of Contract: Renewal may be only for a period not to exceed three years or the term of the original
    contract, whichever period is longer. Any renewal options must be stated in the bid. This contract is effective for
    the period July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2022. The contract may be renewed for one additional three year period
    under the same terms and conditions upon mutual agreement of both parties. Pricing will remain firm for the first
    three years of contract. Vendor will be allowed to modify pricing during the renewal period should the University
    and Vendor agree to renewal. Pricing increase should be based on current consumer price index.
    4. Proposed Calendar of Events
    The proposed schedule for solicitation and award will be as follows:
    Distribution / Posting ITB on Website
    Pre-bid meeting
    Deadline for Bid Questions
    Responses to Questions
    Bid Due Date
    May 14, 2019
    May 16, 2019 @10 a.m. Bldg 53
    May 22, 2019
    May 24, 2019
    May 28, 2019 2 p.m.
    All times are Eastern Time unless otherwise noted.
    5. Bid Submission
    Submit one complete copy of your response in full accordance with the requirements of the bid document. Bids are
    to be delivered sealed and are due by 2 p.m. on May 28, 2019. Bids received after 2 p.m. will be returned unopened.
    It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that sealed bids are delivered to UNF Procurement Services prior
    to the deadline and labeled accordingly. It is also the responsibility of the bidder to carefully review the bid
    requirements in this ITB and submit all information requested. The University will not accept bid responses received
    by facsimile or email. If bidder fails to submit with its sealed bid all items requested by this ITB, the bid submittal
    may not be considered.
    Bidders are requested to use an identification label on their envelopes/packages when returning their response.
    The label should clearly identify the bid number, date and time of closing and company name. Each bidder is fully
    responsible for ensuring that its bid is timely received and shall assume the risk of non-delivery or untimely delivery
    caused by its chosen delivery method, whether by US Mail, public carrier or otherwise.
    6. Pre-Bid Meeting
    To help ensure that all bidders are fully informed of the requirements of this solicitation, a pre-bid meeting will be
    held at 10 a.m. on May 16, 2019 at the University of North Florida, Hicks Hall, Building 53 4892 1st Coast Tech
    Pkwy, Jacksonville, Florida, 32224, Naples Conference Room.
    Bidders are encouraged to submit questions by facsimile or email in advance of the meeting to UNF Procurement
    to Alexis Colbert at email and Leslie Cunningham Clarifications
    and answers to any questions will be confirmed, in writing, in the form of an addendum to the Invitation to Bid by
    the date noted above in the Proposed Calendar of Events. All addenda must be acknowledged by signature on the
    form provided in this document.
    Any site visits can be scheduled by calling Mike Maroney, Manager of Maintenance Utilities at 904-620-1545. All
    site visits must happen after the Pre-Bid Meeting and before the deadline for questions on May 22, 2019. No Site
    Visits will be scheduled prior to the pre-bid meeting or after the deadline for questions.
    7. Solicitation Security (Not applicable)
    8. Performance and Payment Bond (Not applicable)
    9. Method of Award
    A contract and/or purchase order will be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder whose bid meets
    the requirements and/or criteria set forth in the ITB. When multiple responses that are equal in all respects are
    received to a competitive solicitation, the University will give preference to responses that include commodities
    manufactured in the state, businesses with a drug-free workplace program, and/or out-of-state manufacturers which
    maintain offices located in the state to determine the contract award or, if these conditions do not exist or are the
    equivalent between two or more responses, the contract award will be determined by toss of a coin. A preference
    for Florida based vendors is established by Florida law. To the extent of any inconsistency between this paragraph
    9 and the preference for Florida Based Vendors set forth in paragraph 10 hereof, paragraph 10 shall control.
    The University may award this bid in whole or in part; whichever is in the best interest of the University.
    10. Clarifications
    No interpretation of the meaning of any part of this ITB, nor corrections of any apparent ambiguity, inconsistency or
    error herein, will be made to any bidder orally. All requests for written interpretation or corrections MUST be in
    writing. Additional information or clarifications must be submitted in writing via email or fax to the University of North
    Florida Procurement Services, attention Alexis Colbert at AND Leslie Cunningham at
    All requests must be received by May 22, 2019. All such interpretations and supplemental instructions will be in the
    form of written addenda to the ITB document which, if issued, will be posted to the purchasing website. It is the
    responsibility of the bidder, before submitting its bid, to check the UNF Procurement Services website @ to obtain any updates/addendums.
    11. Disqualification of Bid
    More than one bid from an individual, firm, partnership, corporation or association under the same or different names
    will not be considered. Reasonable grounds for believing that a bidder is involved in more than one bid for the
    same work will be cause for rejection of all bids in which such bidders are believed to be involved. Any or all bids
    will be rejected if there is reason to believe that collusion exists between bidders. Bids in which the prices obviously
    are unbalanced will be subject to rejection.
    12. Bid Withdrawal
    Bid proposals submitted prior to the bid opening date may be withdrawn by written notice to the UNF Procurement
    Services. Such notice must be received at the address provided herein prior to the time designated for opening the
    bid. Bidder may withdraw the bid at any time prior to bid opening.
    A withdrawn bid may be resubmitted up to the time designated for the receipt of the bid provided that it is then fully
    in conformance with the requirements of the ITB.
    13. Independent Contractor
    All of the vendor's employees furnishing services to the University shall be deemed employees solely of the vendor
    and shall not in any way be considered employees or an agent acting for and/or on behalf of the University. The
    vendor shall perform all services as an independent contractor and shall discharge all its liabilities as such. No acts
    performed or representations, whether oral or written, made by the contractor with respect to third parties shall be
    binding on the University of North Florida.
    14. Employment of Undocumented Workers
    Vendor shall comply with any applicable law prohibiting the employment of undocumented aliens.
    15. Public Entity Crimes
    The University will not accept a competitive solicitation or purchase commodities, contractual services, construction,
    repairs and leases from a person or affiliate who has been convicted of a public entity crime and has been placed
    on the State of Florida’s convicted vendor list for a period of 36 months from the date of being added to the convicted
    vendor list. A “person” or “affiliate” includes any natural person or any entity, including predecessor or successor
    entities under the control of any natural person who is active in its management and who has been convicted of a
    public entity crime.
    16. Right to Terminate
    In the event that any of the provisions of a contract resulting from the bid award are violated by the successful
    bidder, the University may serve written notice upon such bidder of its intention to terminate the contract. Such
    notice is to state the reason(s) for such intention to terminate the contract, and unless within 30 days after serving
    such notice upon the bidder, such violation shall cease and satisfactory arrangements for correction are made, the
    contract shall, upon expiration of said 30 days, cease and terminate, but the liability of such bidder and his surety
    for any and all such violations(s) shall not be affected by any such termination.
    17. Contractual Intent/Right to Terminate and Recommence ITB Process
    The University intends to contract with vendor(s) whose bid(s) is/are considered to be in the best interests of the
    University. However, the University may terminate this ITB process at any time up to Notice of Award, without prior
    notice, and without liability of any kind or amount. Further, the University reserves the right to commence one or
    more subsequent ITB processes seeking the same or similar products or services covered hereunder.
    18. M/WBE and Service-Disabled Veteran Utilization
    UNF is committed to encouraging and promoting the utilization of minority, women and service-disabled veteran
    business enterprises. We make all efforts reasonably necessary to ensure that these businesses have a full and
    fair opportunity to compete for performance on UNF projects.
    19. Non-Discrimination Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement
    The University of North Florida is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who
    interact in our community. To accomplish this intent, UNF conforms to both the spirit and the letter of all laws and
    regulations that prohibit discrimination and harassment on the basis of genetic information, race, color, religion,
    age, sex, disability, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin or veteran status
    in any program, service or activity it offers. Similarly, UNF will not commit or permit retaliation. The contracting
    party will adhere to such provisions and provide to the University, upon request, evidence of compliance federal
    and state law and University provisions. A failure to so adhere or to provide such evidence shall constitute a
    material default under the agreement.
    20. Affirmative Action
    The University of North Florida and its vendors, contractors and subcontractors shall abide by the requirements of
    41 CFR 60–300.5(a). This regulation prohibits discrimination against qualified protected veterans, and requires
    affirmative action by covered prime contractors and subcontractors to employ and advance in employment
    qualified protected veterans. The University of North Florida and its vendors, contractors and subcontractors shall
    abide by the requirements of 41 CFR 60–741.5(a). This regulation prohibits discrimination against qualified
    individuals on the basis of disability, and requires affirmative action by covered prime contractors and
    subcontractors to employ and advance in employment qualified individuals with disabilities.
    21. Notice of Intended Award Decision
    A Notice of Intended Decision will be posted for review by interested parties on the University Procurement
    Services’ s website at and will remain posted for a period
    of three business days (72 hours). The University has no obligation to furnish this information by any other means
    than posting to this website.
    22. Protest Procedures
    Any vendor / interested person who is disputing the specifications or is adversely affected by a decision or intended
    decision concerning this competitive solicitation or contract award and who wants to protest such specifications,
    decision or intended decision shall file a protest in compliance with the University of North Florida regulations.

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