Invitation For Bids for Qualified Web Developers to Redesign NTD's Website

Agency: Navajo Nation
State: Arizona
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
Posted Date: Jan 22, 2020
Due Date: Feb 21, 2020
Solicitation No: BID No. 20-10-2228LE
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Invitation For Bids for Qualified Web Developers to Redesign NTD's Website
Navajo Nation Tourism Department (NTD)
BID No. 20-10-2228LE

Attachment Preview

BID NO. 20-01-2228 LE
The Navajo Nation Navajo Tourism Department (NTD) is soliciting sealed
Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified Web Developers to redesign
NTD’s Website.
Proposal inquiries or questions should be directed to:
Navajo Tourism Department
ATTN: Arval T. McCabe
Post Office Box 663
Window Rock, Arizona 86515
Phone: (928) 810-8501
The proposal requirements shall be available for pick-up during regular
working hours (DST) beginning January 27, 2020 through February 7,
2020 at the Navajo Tourism Department, Suite 209, Karigan Professional
Office Building, 100 Taylor Road, St. Michaels, Arizona 86511 (2nd Floor).
The seal proposal shall contain (1) original and two (2) copies.
Bid packages shall be delivered to the Navajo Tourism Department Office,
Suite 209, located on the second floor of the Karigan Professional Office
Complex before 5:00 pm, Friday, February 21, 2020.
Faxed, e-mail, post marked, and unsealed bids will not be accepted. Bids
received after the due date and time will not be accepted.
The Navajo Tourism Department reserves the right to reject any or all
qualifications and to waive any informality in the qualifications received
whenever such rejection or waiver is in the best interest of the Navajo
Tourism Department.
The Navajo Business Opportunity Act, 5 N.N. C. § 201 et. seq. shall be
applied in the selection process.
This Invitation for Bids to be published in the NAVAJO TIMES on January
30, 2020 and February 6, 2020. THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC and
ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL on January 30, 2020 and February 6, 2020.
Please read through the scope of work and provide a thorough description of your proposed solution. Be
sure to answer all questions and address all bulleted requests.
The Navajo Tourism Department (NTD) seeks to update the design and structure of its existing website to
improve the organization and presentation of the content provided. Our core objective for the website is to
increase user acquisition and engagement through design. Unlike our current website, our new website
must provide users to quickly navigate to desired pages and eliminate page navigation confusion.
An opportunity exists to re-engineer the "" website to better reflect the mission of the
NTD and incorporate the latest web technology. This project involves the re-design and re-structure of the
"" website, which is currently outdated in appearance, structure, presentation of
content, and not mobile-friendly.
Our goal is to bring the current website, its content to a new outlook and the website brand to 2018
Standards. A site that can deliver large amounts of constant changes of information to our key audiences.
3-B Technical Expertise
NTD is looking for a vendor that will be able to support the Navajo Tourism Department in future online
activities and endeavors. The vendor should have the capacity and knowledge beyond building websites
with content management. While NTD is looking for recommendations for a content management system
(CMS), NTD recognizes that there will be needs outside of the standard features of a CMS. The vendor
should have technical resources to provide any type of web programming needs for Navajo Tourism
How would you describe your familiarity with Content Management Systems and implementing
them for government agencies?
Please describe projects where you have had to add customizations beyond what a CMS offers.
o Describe at what length the customization was.
Describe your methodology used for projects like this.
If there are any other projects that show you have developed websites this size, please list them
here. Please note if any were for the Navajo Nation. (Do not include examples you listed in the
Experience & Qualifications section)
3-C Hosting & Maintenance
NTD is seeking a turn-key solution and looking for recommendations on what types of hosting
infrastructures are available. NTD wishes to minimize its resources to maintain this website and is
seeking recommendations on how this can be accomplished. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is
in line with what NTD is looking for.
Please describe turn-key solutions you have built, specifically for government agencies.
How did your solution benefit the agency after implementation?
What hosting infrastructures have you recommended for other government agencies?
What experience do you have in redundancy, back-ups, and disaster recovery? Describe your
disaster recovery plan for this project.
What is your guarantee that the website will be up 24/7/365?
3-D Other Relevant Skills
NTD has a lot of information that could be spatial in context. If NTD decided to display that information on
a map or Geographic Information System (GIS), the vendor should be able to complete the work.
Please list past examples of web-related GIS work you have developed.
Please list the types of GIS technology you are proficient at.
Have you worked with ESRI before? If yes, please list examples.
Please list how many in-house developers you currently employ.
3-E Proposed Solution
The finish project shall deliver high-quality work through bidirectional communication, responsive
customer satisfaction, client education, accurate project management, product quality, and an ethical
approach to business. A web-based, database-driven administration tool (CMS) that allows key
management personnel to easily update content without directly assessing source code. Upon completion
of the development of the site, the NTD will assume full responsibility for web site content maintenance
and administration. All content, coding and graphics shall become sole property of the NTD.
Goals of the re-design of ""
Vendor must provide a proposed timeline of all tasks required to complete project and their
approach to scheduling this type of project.
A flexible informative website that is easy to maintain.
Organization is looking for a high-end design to give the ‘Discover Navajo’ website a professional
look and feel
Vendor must describe their approach to website design and include the number of “mock-ups”
that they are willing to design
Organization is requesting guidance on interactive and animated design elements in the design
A user-friendly site with an intuitive interface.
Vendor must provide the amount of pages they are willing to develop in their proposed solution.
A web site that incorporates fast loading, mobile ready, tracking enabled, SEO Savvy, DMS
Enabled, Conversion Optimized, E-mail marketing, Social media, Strong Security and
Progressive Web Applications.
Top priority in providing current content (data) for potential visitors to and on the Navajo Nation
and surrounding area. Provide information on who, what, where and how we are to educate and
inform prospective customer.
Make a presence. Increase traffic to "".
Search Engine Optimization best practices: become number one when searching on the Internet
for Navajo Tourism.
Make website simple and easy to use. Not confusing. Navigation structure well designed. Stay
When searching with the website, make searching easy and simple.
Make a full brand design of the website for Navajo Nation Tourism Department.
Develop website free of errors.
Have website content comprehensive.
Incorporate pictures/graphics throughout the website.
Website development with current technology.
Website management: easy to maintain and update.
Provide calendar of events.
Provide accurate and functional store/business locator that works across all devices.
Incorporate social media elements.
Please include information on how you will be testing your solution before handing it over to NTD.
3-F Training
Describe your plan to train NTD staff on using the CMS, its security model that manages
users/permissions, and
Will you be providing training manuals?
Are you proposing to train NTD staff long distance, on-site, or just providing training manuals?
How are you willing to assist in on-going training sessions to keep the CMS fresh for NTD
Are you willing to travel to the Navajo Nation for training session(s)?
How many training sessions are provided? Be specific i.e. Full day/half day, # of days, hours,
3-G Ongoing Support
Will you be providing ongoing support for the proposed solution?
What is your approach to support? Please list support rates/packages.
What types of support can NTD expect if your solutions was chosen? (Phone, email, in-person,
web, etc.)
Please describe what you consider to be support as opposed to something that was in the
original scope of work and should be covered by the guarantee of your work.
What kind of options/prices are available for support outside of normal business hours (M-F
8A.M. 5PM)? What types of support?
Are there any options for a support package that provides support 24/7/365? What types of

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