Integrated Employment Services

Agency: State Government of Delaware
State: Delaware
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 561311 - Employment Placement Agencies
Posted Date: Jul 3, 2020
Due Date: Aug 24, 2020
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Bid Solicitation Details
Bid Status Details
Integrated Employment Services,
Contract Specific Message:

Non-mandatory pre-bid meeting
Solicitation Ad Date 7/3/2020
Deadline for Bid Responses 8/24/2020 at 11:00 a.m. Local Time
Supporting Documents RFP - Professional Services
Contact Information

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I. Overview
II. Scope of Services
III. Required Information
IV. Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
V. Contract Terms and Conditions
VI. RFP Miscellaneous Information
VII. Attachments
Appendix C - Budget Summary
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I. Overview
The State of Delaware Department of Delaware Health and Social Services seeks proposals
for the provision of Integrated employment services to Vocational Rehabilitation consumers
served through the Division for the Visually Impaired. It is the goal of this Request for Proposal
to identify a vendor(s) and execute a contract to provide these services.
This request for proposals (“RFP”) is issued pursuant to 29 Del. C. §§ 6981 and 6982.
The proposed schedule of events subject to the RFP is outlined below:
Public Notice
Date: July 3, 2020
Pre-Bid Meeting
Date: July 14, 2020, 1:00 PM (Virtual)
Deadline for Questions
Date: July 17, 2020
Response to Questions Posted by: Date: July 24, 2020
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals Date: August 24, at 11:00 AM (Local Time)
Estimated Notification of Award Date: September 15, 2020
Each proposal must be accompanied by a transmittal letter which briefly summarizes the
proposing firm’s interest in providing the required professional services. The transmittal letter
must also clearly state and justify any exceptions to the requirements of the RFP which the
6982(b) Version: November 15, 2019
Department of Health and Social Services
Division for the Visually Impaired
applicant may have taken in presenting the proposal. ([Applicant exceptions must also be
recorded on Attachment 3).
The State of Delaware reserves the right to deny any and all exceptions taken to the RFP
A pre-bid meeting will be held on July 14, 2020, at 1:00 PM via teleconference at: (302) 526-
5475, ID No. 3661350#. While not mandatory, the pre-bid meeting gives applicants an
opportunity to walk through the RFP boilerplate, the RFP process, and address any questions
or concerns from potential bidders.
II. Scope of Services
The Division for the Visually Impaired is seeking competitive integrated employment
services that incorporate WIOA 2014 legislative directives per Rehabilitation Services
Administration (RSA) regulations consistent with DVI Policy. The purpose is to assist job
seekers who are blind and severely visually impaired to be offered the full array of
vocational services including pre-employment exploration, skills attainment, career
pathways assistance, supported employment and retention. DVI intends to empower all
DVI eligible job seekers to explore, plan, implement and achieve their short, mid and long-
term goals resulting in employment with supports as needed.
III. Required Information
The following information shall be provided in each proposal in the order listed below. Failure
to respond to any request for information within this proposal may result in rejection of the
proposal at the sole discretion of the State.
A. Minimum Requirements
1. Provide Delaware license(s) and/or certification(s) necessary to perform services as
identified in the scope of work.
Prior to the execution of an award document, the successful Vendor shall either furnish
the Agency with proof of State of Delaware Business Licensure or initiate the process
of application where required.
2. Vendor shall provide responses to the Request for Proposal (RFP) scope of work and
clearly identify capabilities as presented in the General Evaluation Requirements
3. Complete all appropriate attachments and forms as identified within the RFP.
4. Proof of insurance and amount of insurance shall be furnished to the Agency prior to
the start of the contract period and shall be no less than as identified in the bid
solicitation, Section V, Item 8, subsection g (insurance).
B. General Evaluation Requirements
1. Experience and Reputation
2. Expertise (for the particular project under consideration)
3. Capacity to meet requirements (size, financial condition, etc.)
Department of Health and Social Services
Division for the Visually Impaired
4. Location (geographical)
5. Demonstrated ability
6. Familiarity with public work and its requirements
7. Distribution of work to individuals and firms or economic considerations
8. Other criteria necessary for a quality cost-effective project
IV. Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
A. RFP Issuance
1. Public Notice
Public notice has been provided in accordance with 29 Del. C. §6981.
2. Obtaining Copies of the RFP
This RFP is available in electronic form through the State of Delaware Procurement
website at and at
Paper copies of this RFP will not be available.
3. Assistance to Vendors with a Disability
Vendors with a disability may receive accommodation regarding the means of
communicating this RFP or participating in the procurement process. For more
information, contact the Designated Contact no later than ten days prior to the deadline
for receipt of proposals.
4. RFP Designated Contact
All requests, questions, or other communications about this RFP shall be made
through Bonfire at Communications made to other State
of Delaware personnel or attempting to ask questions by phone or in person will not
be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the vendor. Vendors should rely
only on information posted at The RFP designated
contact is:
Jamie Towns
1901 N. Dupont Highway
Biggs Building #3
New Castle, DE 19720
5. Consultants and Legal Counsel
The State of Delaware may retain consultants or legal counsel to assist in the review
and evaluation of this RFP and the vendors’ responses. Bidders shall not contact the
State’s consultant or legal counsel on any matter related to the RFP.
6. Contact with State Employees
Direct contact with State of Delaware employees other than the State of Delaware
Designated Contact regarding this RFP is expressly prohibited without prior consent.
Department of Health and Social Services
Division for the Visually Impaired
Vendors directly contacting State of Delaware employees risk elimination of their
proposal from further consideration. Exceptions exist only for organizations currently
doing business in the State who require contact in the normal course of doing that
7. Organizations Ineligible to Bid
Any individual, business, organization, corporation, consortium, partnership, joint
venture, or any other entity including subcontractors currently debarred or suspended
is ineligible to bid. Any entity ineligible to conduct business in the State of Delaware
for any reason is ineligible to respond to the RFP.
8. Exclusions
The Proposal Evaluation Team reserves the right to refuse to consider any proposal
from a vendor who:
a. Has been convicted for commission of a criminal offense as an incident to
obtaining or attempting to obtain a public or private contract or subcontract, or in
the performance of the contract or subcontract:
b. Has been convicted under State or Federal statutes of embezzlement, theft,
forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving stolen property, or
other offense indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty that
currently and seriously affects responsibility as a State contractor:
c. Has been convicted or has had a civil judgment entered for a violation under State
or Federal antitrust statutes:
d. Has violated contract provisions such as;
1) Known failure without good cause to perform in accordance with the
specifications or within the time limit provided in the contract; or
2) Failure to perform or unsatisfactory performance in accordance with terms of
one or more contracts;
e. Has violated ethical standards set out in law or regulation; and
f. Any other cause listed in regulations of the State of Delaware determined to be
serious and compelling as to affect responsibility as a State contractor, including
suspension or debarment by another governmental entity for a cause listed in the
B. RFP Submissions
1. ALL PROPOSALS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE at Responses submitted by hard copy, mail,
facsimile, or e-mail will not be accepted.
2. Acknowledgement of Understanding of Terms
By submitting a bid, each vendor shall be deemed to acknowledge that it has carefully
read all sections of this RFP, including all forms, schedules and exhibits hereto, and
has fully informed itself as to all existing conditions and limitations.
Department of Health and Social Services
Division for the Visually Impaired
3. Proposals
To be considered, all proposals must be submitted through Bonfire at and respond to the items outlined in this RFP. The
State reserves the right to reject any non-responsive or non-conforming proposals.
All proposals must be submitted prior to 11:00 AM (Local Time) on August 24, 2020.
a. Proposals must be received before the Proposal Due Date and Time, as identified
in the Procurement Schedule for this RFP. Responses received after the Proposal
Due Date and Time will not be accepted
b. Upload your submission at:
Important Notes:
• • Logging in and/or uploading the file(s) does not mean the response is submitted.
Users must successfully upload all the file(s) and MUST click the submit button before
the proposal due date and time.
• • Users will receive an email confirmation receipt with a unique confirmation
number once the submission has been finalized. This will confirm that the proposal
has been submitted successfully.
• • Each submitted item of Requested Information will only become visible to DHSS
after the proposal due date and time.
• If the file is mandatory, you will not be able to complete your submission until the
requirement is met.
• •Uploading large documents may take significant time depending on the size of
the file(s) and your Internet connection speed. The maximum upload file size is 1000
• • Minimum system requirements: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google
Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Java Script must be enabled.
• Notarizations are no longer required.
Need Help? Please contact Bonfire directly at or 1(800)654-
8010 ext. 2 for technical questions or issues related to your submission. You can also
visit their help forum at
Any proposal submitted after the Deadline for Receipt of Proposals date will not be
accepted. The contents of any proposal shall not be disclosed as to be made available
to competing entities during the negotiation process.
Upon receipt of vendor proposals, each vendor shall be presumed to be thoroughly
familiar with all specifications and requirements of this RFP. The failure or omission
to examine any form, instrument or document shall in no way relieve vendors from any
obligation in respect to this RFP.
4. Proposal Modifications
Any changes, amendments or modifications to a proposal must be submitted through
Bonfire prior to the proposal due date. Changes, amendments or modifications to

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