Information Systems: RFP - Aerial Mapping

Agency: City of Manchester
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
  • F - Natural Resources and Conservation Services
Posted Date: Jan 30, 2018
Due Date: Feb 9, 2018
Solicitation No: FY18-130-32
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Information Systems: RFP - Aerial Mapping

Questions: Jennie Angell at or 603-624-6577


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ArcGIS for Desktop¨Ï software by ESRI is necessary to view the contents of this geodatabase (RFP Zip).

Proposals Due:

Feb. 9, 2018 by 2:00 PM



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City of Manchester, New Hampshire
Request for Proposals FY18-130-32
Photogrammetric Mapping Update
Ortho Imagery Acquisition Project
Proposal Request Issued January 19, 2018
Proposals Due: February 09, 2018, 2:00 PM
The right is reserved to accept any proposal or any part or parts thereof, or to reject any or all
Any name appearing on the Comptroller General's list of ineligible contractors for Federally-
financed and assisted work is not an eligible Bidder. In addition thereto, a proposal based upon
the furnishing of equipment or components thereof, manufactured by such an ineligible
contractor, will be ineligible for consideration.
The Contractor will be required to comply with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
and Regulations.
All proposals are subject to the terms and conditions and specifications set forth in this Sealed
Proposal Invitation.
BY: Jennie L Angell
Director, Information Services
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1. Introduction
The City of Manchester, New Hampshire is seeking proposals for the update of their photogrammetric
mapping (planimetric and topographic), which was developed in 2010. In addition, the City is looking to
acquire new color and infrared aerial imagery for the entire City of Manchester, as well as the Manchester
Water Works watershed and service areas.
Photogrammetric mapping for the City of Manchester was last completed in 2010. During this project, the
following was delivered:
Planimetric Mapping City-wide planimetric mapping meeting ASPRS standards for 1”=100’
scale mapping accuracy. Features captured as part of this process include:
o Building Features Buildings, Out Buildings, Mobile Homes, Swimming Pools, Foundations, Decks
and Porches, Building Fire Walls, Building Heights
o Hydrographic Features Rivers, Streams, Ponds and Lakes, Wetlands, Ditches, Culverts, Dams
o Transportation Features Roads, Road Centerlines, Bridges, Trails, Railroads, Sidewalks,
Guardrails, Parking Areas, Driveways
o Boundary Features Cemeteries, City Border, Stone and Retaining Walls, Fences
o Vegetation Features Tree/Vegetation Lines, Hedge Rows, Street Trees
o Recreation Features Parks and Playgrounds, Recreation Areas, Field Outlines, Golf Courses
o Utility Features Fire Hydrants, Street Lights, Utility Poles, Manholes, Catch Basins, Signs, Signals
o Miscellaneous Features Smoke Stacks Silos, Storage Tanks, Monument Locations
Deliverables for this task included AutoCAD files and an
Esri geodatabase which conformed to City standards.
Topographic Mapping City-wide topographic mapping
in the form of 2-foot contours and spot elevations in
accordance with state accuracy standards.
Digital Ortho Imagery City-wide digital ortho imagery
development with both color and infrared deliverables.
Imagery was delivered with a 4-inch pixel resolution and
met applicable ASPRS standards for 100-scale mapping
accuracy requirements.
During the 2010 project, planimetric
mapping, topographic mapping, and
digital orthoimagery was delivered.
Mapping completed as during the 2010 project was developed
new. It was not an update of a previous mapping project. The intention of this project is to update the
2010 planimetric and topographic information and provide new digital ortho imagery. All available 2010
data will be provided to the selected contractor.
GIS data deliverables reside in the City’s GIS database, which is based on Esri software products including
ArcMap and ArcGIS Enterprise.
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2. Project Area
The project area includes the entire City of Manchester, the MWW watershed and franchise areas, and
200-feet beyond city borders and MWW and franchise areas.
Approximate Total Area of City:
Approximate Area of MWW Watershed
Approximate Area of MWW Franchise Area
Approximate Population (City):
Approximate Number of Parcels (City):
Approximate Miles of Local Road (City):
34.9 sq. mi.
37.5 sq. mi. (outside city limits & franchise area)
41.9 sq. mi. (outside city limits)
3. General Scope of Work
In general, this project is broken-down into
three distinct areas, each with different scope
and varying deliverables. They are as follows:
Area 1 Update 2010 planimetric and
topographic mapping (to similar accuracy
specifications) and deliver new, 4-inch pixel
resolution color and infrared digital
orthoimagery. Area 1 is comprised of the
City of Manchester.
Area 2 Deliver new, 4-inch pixel
resolution color and infrared digital
orthoimagery within the MWW watershed.
Also deliver new topographic mapping (2’
Area 3 Develop new, 4-inch pixel
resolution color and infrared digital
orthoimagery within the MWW franchise
area. Also develop new planimetric and
topographic mapping (2’ contours).
Mapping completed as part of the 2010 project met ASPRS Class 1 and National Map Accuracy Standards
for 1”=100’ scale mapping. Mapping developed through this project shall meet the current similar
standard, as stated in Section 4.
Optional Items In addition, as an option the City is requesting pricing for the delivery of 2-inch pixel
resolution digital orthoimagery within city limits (Area 1). Proposers are also asked provide pricing on
development of new planimetrics and 1-foot contours within Area 1. These optional items must meet or
exceed ASPRS standards as stated in Section 4.
Alternate Proposals In addition, alternate proposals are acceptable if the proposer feels that an alternate
approach will provide the City with a superior product. However, the proposer shall propose on the base
proposal and include scope for the alternate proposal on a separate page. Also include an associated cost
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3.1. Anticipated Number of
Changes since 2010
It is estimated that since 2010,
the following number of changes
have occurred in within the City
of Manchester (Area 1):
New Construction: 697
These numbers are provided as
a reference only and are only
estimates based on building
permit information. It will be
the responsibility of the
contractor to visually review the
new imagery to identify
To assist with finding major
changes, the City will provide
GIS data layers showing areas
where major changes have
occurred. Though these layers
will not highlight all changes,
they will depict where many of
the major changes have
occurred (based on permits).
Most new and changed roads,
new developments, and altered
areas will be provided.
Locations of minor or
unpermitted changes will not be
3.2. Contractor’s
Responsibility Regarding
Locations of building permit and parcel line change activity since 2010.
It will be the contractor’s responsibility to review new imagery (in Area 1) to identify where changes have
occurred. However, the City will provide files noting the location of known changes. Contractor shall be
responsible for adding new features, removing demolished features, and altering changed features as
outlined in Section 5.3 of this specification.
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3.3. Data to Be Provided by the City
To support this project, the following information will be
provided by the City to the selected Contractor.
Deliverables relate to Area 1 (within city limits) only.
Esri Geodatabase of 2010 Mapping Data (seamless)
AutoCAD files of 2010 Mapping Data (tiled)
Ground Control Report
DTM Files (AutoCAD and GIS)
Orthoimagery Tile Layout
GIS Dataset of Known Changes
Sample of existing Manchester planimetric mapping
3.4. Existing Information from Other Communities
For planimetric and topographic work to be completed in
Area 3 (MWW franchise area), it should be noted that the
towns of Goffstown, Bedford, Merrimack, and
Londonderry have existing 100-scale planimetric and
topographic mapping. These may be able to be used to
support the mapping effort in Area 3. However, it will be
the contractor’s responsibility to acquire the information,
if desired by the contractor. Using data from area
communities is not a project requirement.
The City of Manchester will provide information
from the City’s 2010 mapping project.
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