Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
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  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Apr 26, 2021
Due Date: May 28, 2021
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Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy City of Manhattan

Manhattan, KS

NOTE: This is a condensed version of the RFQ. For the complete version visit https://cityofmhk.com/bids.aspx?bidID=961


The City of Manhattan is interested in the following elements to develop a strategic plan for suitable housing. A detailed scope of work and project schedule will be finalized after the consultant is selected that will finalize the work and timeline, including meetings, presentations, and public engagement.

A. Baseline Analysis

Baseline and historical trends of the City's and region's demographics, economic conditions, the rental, and homeownership market conditions, including student housing and housing for supportive services (e.g., homeless, elderly, special needs populations, transitional housing, etc.), as well as cost of living indicators will be analyzed to develop an understanding of the present housing market.

B. Needs and Gap Analysis

The baseline data and historical trends will then be used to develop forecasts of the City's housing needs, using growth projections, anticipated supportive population needs and different housing markets (i.e., rental vs. owner-occupied, price points, bedroom needs) to meet projected needs. It is anticipated that this analysis will forecast 20-years into the future, using standard intervals, such as five-year intervals.

C. Suitable Housing Vision and Goals

Manhattan's vision for suitable housing and the development of appropriate goals, objectives and/or guiding principles to make the vision a reality need to be crafted. The development of the study's vision and goals could occur after the baseline and gap analysis is completed to allow community members, stakeholders, the study steering committee and the City Commission to use research and data to create the best direction for suitable housing. Facilitated discussions with key members of the community, as well as innovative ways to engage the community, are expected to gather input to draft the study's vision and goals.

D. Barriers Analysis

The barriers analysis of Manhattan's housing market will consist of a critical review to identify factors preventing Manhattan's residents and prospective residents from accessing suitable housing. The analysis should review currently adopted building and land development codes to ascertain their impact on housing costs, and their impact on the development of the needed affordable housing as identified in the scope of analysis. The analysis should also look at the local lending and financing environment, to identify any barriers to specific populations, neighborhoods, and housing types that may need to be addressed.

E. Suitable Housing Policies and Strategies Recommendations

Recommendations for short-, mid- and long-term policies, strategies and programs will be created using the above analysis to achieve the vision and goals for the strategic plan for suitable housing. The recommendations should include both best practices, as well as innovative tools and strategies to ensure long-term affordability and suitability for Manhattan residents. Policy recommendations should also build upon the existing housing and growth recommendations in the 2015 Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan and develop decision criteria for when greenfield development should be promoted versus inward redevelopment strategies and when and how development costs should be incentivized or not by the City through benefit district financing.

F. Suitable Housing Policies, Strategies, Oversight and Evaluation

A system to oversee the recommended policies, strategies, and programs, and to routinely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented initiatives will be created.

The Consultant will lead a number of public open houses, workshops, and meetings with community stakeholders, City Advisory Boards, and the City Commission to gather information and direction to complete the study. The RFQ response should include a proposed public engagement plan. The City has purchased Bang the Table's EngagementHQ software to facilitate community engagement and outreach, and the proposed public engagement plan must include the use of this software and services and be located on City's site, www.EngageMHK.org . The use of the software and services will be at no additional cost to the consultant and training on the software platform will be provided by Bang the Table staff. For more information about the EngagementHQ software, please go to https://www.bangthetable.com/wp-content/uploads/prospectus-us.pdf .

The specific topics, meeting types, number of meetings and schedules will be negotiated with the final scope of work, once a consultant is selected. The following meetings and public engagement should be considered as minimum requirements to respond to this Request for Qualifications:

  • Present findings from the baseline analysis and needs and gap analysis to the study steering committee, the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board, and the City Commission.
  • Facilitated focus meetings with the public, stakeholders, study steering committee, Planning Board and City Commission to gather input to draft the strategic plan's vision and goals.
  • Present findings from the barrier analysis and recommendations for suitable housing policies and strategies to the study steering committee, the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board, and the City Commission.
  • Presentation of the final draft of the Strategic Plan for Suitable Housing to the study steering committee, the Planning Board, and the City Commission.
  • All findings, documents and public engagement efforts must be located on the City's engagement website, www.EngageMHK.org .


Following are key dates identified for the Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy Study Project:

April 22, 2021 — Advertise Request for Qualifications

May 17, 2021 — Questions due from consultants

May 21, 2021 — Responses to questions available on City website

May 28, 2021 — Consultant submissions of qualifications due

Week of June 7, 2021 — Selection Committee review of submissions

Week of June 21, 2021 — Consultant Interviews, if needed (tentative timeframe)

July 6, 2021 — City Commission approves Selection Committee recommendation

July 2021 — Negotiation-Scope of Work and Contract

August 3, 2021 — City Commission approval of Contract and Scope of Work

August 2021 — Notice to Proceed

August 2022 — Project completion

The Project is estimated to require 12 months to complete.


The City of Manhattan will utilize a qualifications-based selection process in determining a consultant to assist with this project. Successful consultants must provide a team with the demonstrated qualifications, experience, and expertise to complete the Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy Study. Team members must demonstrate an understanding of the requirements for the project, provide references for similar successful projects, demonstrate effective public engagement skills, and show an ability to work within a finite budget and schedule. Key criteria the Selection Committee will consider in selecting the successful firm include:

  1. Professional Qualifications. The education, training, registration, and relevant experience of the proposed key project personnel.
  2. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence. The firm's specialized experience and technical competence on similar projects, expertise in various housing financing and partnership opportunities, and including the effectiveness of the proposed project team to address unique local issues at a detailed level, and incorporating appropriate community engagement processes that foster participation from a diverse range of housing consumers and particularly citizen groups who are more reluctant to participate in these types of studies (management structure and coordination of disciplines, offices and/or subcontractors).
  3. The capacity of the Firm to Accomplish the Required Services on Schedule and within Budget. The firm must demonstrate the ability to complete projects within specified completion dates and budget. Submit a proposed budget by task area.
  4. Past Performance. Past performance of work on similar or comparable housing market analyses, policies, and strategies that have been successfully adopted and implemented should be demonstrated, including the ability to understand and address unique local issues. Include references and letters of commendation with a focus on innovative analysis and housing policies and strategies.
  5. Understanding of Project. A clear understanding of the type of project work to be performed and a plan to complete the work should be demonstrated.
  6. Quality Assurance. The team's quality control processes and management approach that will be used on the project.


All firms submitting a proposal should be prepared to participate in an interview. A Selection Committee comprised of members of the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board, Manhattan City Commission and representatives of City administrative staff will be charged with evaluating submissions, interviewing consultant teams, and recommending a consultant to provide the services identified in this RFQ. Interviews will take place with the time given for a formal presentation, followed by a question-and-answer period.

Following the interviews and reference checks, the Selection Committee will forward a recommendation to the Manhattan City Commission. The City Commission will select the consultant it determines to be the most suitable.


Following the selection of the successful firm, a detailed Scope of Work will be developed by the City and consultant identifying specific purposes, objectives, tasks, and deliverables of the Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy project. The consultant will be required to enter into a standard City of Manhattan contract, which will be subject to approval by the Manhattan City Commission.

The City of Manhattan has budgeted $95,000 for the Housing Market Analysis and Policy Strategy Study, including reimbursable fees and expenses. In order to provide maximum flexibility, the City of Manhattan will require a time and expense agreement, with an established maximum fee.


All submissions must include the following information:

  1. Identification of Consulting Team
    1. Project Director with a list of team members and identification of responsibilities for each member.
    2. Contact information for the Project Director, including an e-mail address.
  2. Qualifications:
    1. Resumes of all principals and professional staff involved, demonstrating qualifications and related experience and expertise.
    2. Descriptions of similar projects successfully completed by the firms involved in the team, completed by the principal staff assigned to this project and any innovative market analysis and housing policies and strategies incorporated into these recent studies.
    3. The City of Manhattan values the diversity of our community and strives to find ways to engage all segments of the City. Please explain the following:
      1. Describe similar past projects conducted in diverse communities, if any. Please give examples of how you fostered inclusivity within these diverse communities.
      2. Describe how you plan to foster inclusivity in this project and, how you may work to address the diverse needs of Manhattan residents.
    4. A detailed description of the types of public participation processes used successfully by the team on similar projects.
    5. Description of other relevant experiences of the team.
  3. Response to the six key criteria mentioned in Criteria for Selection.
  4. References:
    1. List of references, including a brief description of projects and contact name and telephone number.

No pre-submission conferences will be held in conjunction with this RFQ. Questions concerning this project must be submitted via e-mail to Chad Bunger, AICP, CFM Assistant Director of Community Development ( bunger@cityofmhk.com ) by 5:00 P.M. on Monday, May 17, 2021. Clarifications to the RFQ and responses to all questions will be posted online at www.cityofmhk.com by May 21, 2021. No interpretation made to any respondent regarding the meaning of the RFQ shall be binding upon the City unless set forth in writing and distributed via addendum by the City.


All submissions must be no more than 35 numbered pages, (excluding cover, table of contents, cover letter, and dividers) in an 8.5” x 11” format, with two (2) bound copies and one unbound copy along with a complete PDF on a flash drive, delivered to the address below before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Chad Bunger, AICP, CFM
Assistant Director of Community Development
Community Development Department
City of Manhattan
1101 Poyntz Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502-5497

Phone: 785-587-2424

E-mail: bunger@cityofmhk.com

Submissions shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope. The City of Manhattan will not accept oral submissions or copies received by telephone, facsimile machine, or email. All submissions received after the deadline will be returned. The City of Manhattan reserves the right to reject any and all submissions or portions of submissions, to waive minor deficiencies, or to solicit new submissions on the original project or on a modified project, as may be deemed necessary or in the best interest of the City.

All persons awarded and/or entering contracts with the City of Manhattan shall be subject to and required to comply with all applicable City, State and Federal provisions pertaining to non-discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Affirmative Action.

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Friday, May 28, 2021
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