Heightened Awareness Crosswalk Study

Agency: City of Dublin
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jul 25, 2019
Due Date: Aug 7, 2019
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Heightened Awareness Crosswalk Study Date Posted
Request for Proposal View 7-25-19
RFP Due: 4 p.m. on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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City of Dublin, Ohio
Division of Engineering
Heightened Awareness
Crosswalk Study
The City of Dublin is requesting proposals to develop a study and resulting guide
document for determining the appropriate treatment for various styles of heightened
awareness crosswalks.
As such, the City is currently in the process of procuring the professional services of a
consulting engineering firm to prepare a report researching the types and appropriate
placement of different styles of crosswalks. The City of Dublin, Division of Engineering
is hereby requesting a PROPOSAL from selected, multi-disciplined, professional
engineering consulting firms. The majority of the design professionals involved with the
project must be located in Central Ohio. The selected firm will provide the professional
engineering services for this project in accordance with the attached Project Description
and Scope of Services.
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July24, 2019
1.1 The study will evaluate and categorize the various types of crosswalks
installed Citywide.
1.2 Perform and compile research and benchmarking with other like cities to
determine all types of crossings to be considered.
1.3 Establish criteria, including objective characteristics such as traffic volumes,
travel speeds, user types, and other elements as defined by the study, to
determine conditions warranting different types of crosswalk enhancements.
Enhancements may include elements such as pavement markings, textured
pavement, signs, push buttons, LED warning lights, etc. References should
be made to other municipal, regional, state, and/or federal policies and
1.4 A matrix to define appropriate crosswalk types by criteria will be established.
1.5 Graphics and detailed descriptions will be developed for each crosswalk type.
1.6 Preliminary programming level cost estimates shall be prepared for all
crosswalk types.
1.7 Provide guidance for specific geographic areas, such as Historic Dublin, the
Bridge Street District, and residential neighborhoods.
Historic Dublin – Consider the long term roadway network and
traffic control, based on existing studies, and evaluate the future
need for the existing heightened awareness crosswalk at SR
161/Bridge Street and Darby Street. Provide recommendations
regarding timing and details for future modifications.
Bridge Street District – Specific guidance should be provided for
this geographic area, which is anticipated to reflect the street
character of the existing Bridge Park development.
Evaluate the current Bridge Park pedestrian crossing sign
locations and provide guidance for crossings in the Bridge
Street District.
Consider the future Bridge Street District bike loop, based
on an existing study, with this evaluation.
Special attention should be paid to the stop controlled
intersections along Bridge Park Avenue east of Riverside
Drive, with specific recommendations for treatment types
and placement.
Residential Neighborhoods – Determine a standard for treating
neighborhood residential crosswalk requests, including mid-block
1.8 Priority locations for crosswalk upgrades will be identified by the study.
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July24, 2019
1.9 Conclusions and final recommendations that are supported by the study will
be prepared and incorporated into a summary report.
A detailed project schedule is required with submission of the proposal. The
project schedule must include dates for key tasks and the overall completion
date. The consultant must demonstrate the ability to meet their proposed
1.11 Status updates: Consultant will provide written project updates on a weekly
basis via e-mail.
2.1 The consultant shall prepare a final report that includes documentation from
the various aspects of the project to create a cohesive and comprehensive
account of the project.
At 30% completion, a draft report will be submitted to City staff
for review. Milestone date to be presented in the proposal by the
A 90% complete report will be submitted to City staff for review
prior to final submittal. All project documentation will be provided
in hard copy and electronic (PDF) format. Milestone date to be
presented in the proposal by the consultant.
The final report will be prepared in 8.5x11 format with graphics
not exceeding 11x17. The final report is due February 7, 2020.
2.2 Consultant must incorporate comments from Dublin and provide a disposition
of comments in subsequent submittals.
2.3 The consultant shall summarize, and format specifically, any and all
recommendations and graphics for posting on the City’s website.
3.1 The Consultant affirms that time is of the essence regarding the execution of
this project and furthermore accepts the City’s commitment to completion
dates listed in Section 2. Therefore, the Consultant commits to work with the
City to perform their professional services expeditiously.
3.2 Failure of the Consultant to comply with the above-established deadline will
jeopardize consideration of the Consultant for providing professional
engineering services on future City projects and may be used as cause to
reject future proposals submitted by the Consultant to the City.
Evaluation of the Proposals and ultimate selection of the consultant shall be based
on the following criteria:
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July24, 2019
4.1 Firm and Individual Qualifications
The competence of the firm to perform the required services as
indicated by its background and experience on similar projects.
Consultant should list and describe no more than five (5) projects
that best demonstrate their experience on similar projects and
additionally provide the Estimated Cost and the Final Cost of each
Technical qualification, training, education, and experience of the
offerer’s principals and key technical personnel who would be
assigned to perform the work. Resumes shall only be included in
the Proposal for those individuals who will actually be involved in
the project and assisting in the performance of the work. No
other resumes shall be included.
Name and experience of principal responsible for the work.
Name and experience of project engineer who would be
responsible for managing the project for the Consultant and would
be the primary contact with the City during the progress of the
Name and experience of engineers and/or technicians who would
be assisting in the performance of the work.
Name and experience of key personnel from all subconsultants
who would be assisting in the design and completion of this
4.2 Capacity to Perform the Work
Consultant’s statement of understanding of and approach to the
Scope of Services and other requirements relating to performance
of their work. The project understanding and approach needs to
cover all elements through the final study.
The capacity of the firm to perform the required services
competently and expeditiously to meet proposed schedules as
indicated by the firm’s size and availability of necessary personnel,
subconsultant(s) availability, current workload, and equipment
and facilities.
4.3 Time of Completion
The demonstrated commitment of the firm to perform the work
expeditiously and without delay.
The ability of the firm to meet the Time of Completion as outlined
in Sections 2 and 3.
4.4 Compensation
All professional services will be provided on a cost plus fixed fee
basis. Fees for additional items, as requested and authorized, will
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July24, 2019
be established separately. The proposed fee will be based on
completion of the report no later than February 7, 2020.
Failure to submit fee proposal may cause the City to reject
Proposal for this project.
4.5 References
Quality, responsiveness, timeliness, and cost of work previously
performed and completed for the City or other municipalities.
Completeness of thoroughness of work performed. Accuracy of
previous estimates of professional fees and estimated construction
costs relative to final construction costs.
Capabilities of key technical personnel who were assigned to
perform and complete the work.
Capabilities of key technical personnel from all subconsultants
who were assigned to perform and complete the work.
The ability of the consulting firm to meet schedules and deadlines.
The ability of the consulting firm to control costs and meets
Overall communication and cooperation of the consulting firm and
its principals and key technical personnel with the client.
5.1 Responding firms shall include in their Proposals all the information that is
requested in Section 4, Proposal Content. Firms are encouraged to provide
any additional information they feel will further demonstrate the firm’s
qualifications and abilities to acceptably complete this project but are hereby
instructed to limit such additional information to that which is directly
relevant to the services being requested.
5.2 The Proposal shall not exceed twenty-five (25) pages. Any superfluous
information included not relevant to the services being requested only
lengthens the review of a Proposal and could certainly detract from the true
merits of the Proposal. Three (3) hard copies shall be submitted.
5.3 The Proposal shall also be submitted electronically, via email or USB flash
drive. The submission must be compatible with Adobe Acrobat, in a single
file, and be formatted to print on standard office paper sizes. No pages shall
be larger than 11x17. Fax submissions will not be accepted.
5.4 All material submitted in accordance with this Request for Proposal (RFP)
becomes property of the City and will not be returned.
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July24, 2019

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