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State: Vermont
Type of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Sep 12, 2018
Due Date: Sep 28, 2018
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State of Vermont
Office of Purchasing & Contracting
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609
9/19/18 4:30PM EST
9/28/18 2:00PM EST
Stephen, Fazekas
(802) 828-2210
1.1 SCOPE AND BACKGROUND: Through this Request for Proposal (RFP) the Vermont Department of
Health (hereinafter the “State”) is seeking to establish contracts with one or more companies that can
provide Health Informatics consultation services.
Informatics is increasingly a part of Public Health and Public Health practice. In this context, informatics
has been defined as the “systematic application of information and computer science and technology to
public health practice, research, and learning” ([hi/comps/). Health Informatics projects
typically fall into one or more of three domains: use of information, use of information technology, and the
development, deployment, and maintenance of information systems. Informatics can also include the
creation and deployment of intuitive data display through various media: webpages, web applications,
PDF documents, and others.
The Vermont Department of Health (VDH) has various ongoing and in-development health informatics
projects within each of the above domains. The Department has also been charged by the Agency for
Human Services to increase use of cross-agency data as part of its strategic plan. By making data
sources more readily available we provide the opportunity to measure new outcomes, further our
understanding of existing health trends and find new opportunities for health improvement and equity.
VDH seeks a Health Informatics Consultant to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the
department’s changing and increasing needs around health informatics. By consultant, VDH means 1-2
people whose focus will be to provide recommendations and documentation per the deliverables outlined
later in this RFP (section 2). Applicants must demonstrate the following minimum requirements:
1. Demonstrated understanding of data systems and health informatics.
2. Demonstrated experience leading government or other organizations through consensus building
and strategic planning processes
3. Demonstrated ability to complete needs assessments that involve multiple parties.
4. Demonstrated ability to gather and incorporate end-user preferences into outputs such as strategic
and implementation plans and recommendations.
1.2 CONTRACT PERIOD: Contracts arising from this RFP will be for a period of 12 months with an option to
renew for up an additional 24 months depending on business needs. The State anticipates the start date
will be December 1, 2018
1.3 SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: All communications concerning this RFP are to be addressed in writing
to the State Contact listed on the front page of this RFP. Actual or attempted contact with any other
individual from the State concerning this RFP is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.
1.4 BIDDERS’ CONFERENCE: There will be no bidder’s conference for this RFP.
1.5 QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD: Any vendor requiring clarification of any section of this RFP or
wishing to comment or take exception to any requirements of the RFP must submit specific questions in
writing no later than the deadline for question indicated on the first page of this RFP. Questions may be
e-mailed to the point of contact on the front page of this RFP. Any comments, questions, or exceptions
not raised in writing on or before the last day of the question period are waived. At the close of the
question period a copy of all questions or comments and the State's responses will be posted on the
State’s web site Every effort will be made to post this
information as soon as possible after the question period ends, contingent on the number and complexity
of the questions.
2. DETAILED REQUIREMENTS/DESIRED OUTCOMES: In year one, December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019,
the Consultant will be expected to address the following deliverables:
2.1 Build consensus and understanding of the current status of health informatics within VDH by February
28, 2019. Activities will include, but are not limited to:
Identification of “core” staff involved in Health Informatics; leverage “core” group into a health
informatics advisory group to articulate VDH needs and cross-agency needs. The health
informatics advisory group will likely include both VDH and AHS staff, however, determination of
group members will be decided in coordination between VDH and the consultant. Establish and
document a process for meeting and decision-making around health informatics.
Lead health informatics group through process of identifying and defining what health informatics
means to VDH. This might include:
o Defining criteria or processes for identifying what projects are ‘health informatics’ projects
o Identifying any special/specific language that needs to be used when discussing health
informatics projects.
2.2 Within the first six months of the contract period, by May 31, 2019, complete a health informatics needs
assessment for VDH and projects assigned specifically to that department. The specific content and
approach for completing the needs assessment will be completed in collaboration with VDH leadership
and/or the health informatics advisory group.
Will include completion of an inventory of current and upcoming VDH health informatics
projects. The inventory is expected to be largely completed using stakeholder interviews,
however, the exact format of the inventory will be decided in collaboration with the health
informatics advisory group.
2.3 Develop a strategic and comprehensive plan for prioritizing and integrating health informatics activities
at VDH by August 31, 2019. The goal of this plan is to achieve a more streamlined, consistent, and
systematic process for sharing data to accomplish improved public health outcomes. The plan should
address the three domains of informatics projects: using data; using Information Technology; and
developing, deploying, and maintaining information systems with intuitive display. It should include
strategies for current, ongoing, and future projects. At a minimum this process will require the consultant
Work with VDH leadership and the health informatics advisory committee to identify priorities
related to health informatics. Accomplishment of this task will likely require the use of the
inventory results, needs assessment, and other activities identified by the Consultant.
o Identified priorities may be related to specific projects or more general informatics
o Utilize priorities to develop a 3-year health informatics strategic plan (exact 3-year span
is TBD) that is both comprehensive and includes detailed strategies and activities for
accomplishing the stated goals.
This will be an iterative and collaborative process whereby the consultant will
work with the advisory committee to provide specific and detailed
recommendations for actions or steps to accomplish the stated goals. VDH
Leadership will have an opportunity to provide input and revisions to the draft
strategic plan.
2.4 The department wishes to assess the ability of its department-wide informatics systems (e.g., Public
Health Data Explorer) to meet current needs, as well as those anticipated moving forward. Activities
related to this deliverable will be completed by the end of the contract period, November 30, 2019. As
part of this assessment, the consultant will:
Develop and implement a process to identify current and anticipated future needs for data
management, data sharing, data reporting, and data visualization.
Identify current and anticipated future needs for data sharing, data reporting, and data
Complete assessment of current tools/software ability to meet current needs and anticipated
future needs (as identified in 2.2 above). At a minimum, this assessment should include: costs
(upfront; ongoing), usability for web visitors, usability of content authoring tools available to
analysts, and usability of system administrative tools.
Identify options for replacement of reporting systems, including assessment of each potential
solution’s ability to meet current and future needs.
Develop a Return on Investment (ROI) estimate that includes investments in: supplies,
software, IT infrastructure, and VDH staff time.
Develop an implementation/migration plan in collaboration with AHS Master Data Management
for how to improve the existing system or implement and migrate to a new data management
and data reporting system.
Make recommendations to VDH leadership and other internal stakeholders on the best
approach to meet current and expected needs. Activities are dependent on consultant findings
and definition of Health Informatics agreed to in 2.1 above.
2.5 Explore and identify options for sustainability of Health Informatics activities at VDH by October 1, 2019.
This will include, but not be limited to:
Identify options for ongoing funding of Health Informatics activities. This will include both
internal options (VDH and/or Agency of Human Services), as well as funding sources outside
of Vermont State Government.
Identify options for Health Informatics structure, including who and/or where within VDH
responsibility for these activities could be assigned. Structure may include operational and/or
governance aspects. Determination of the bounds will be made in collaboration between the
Consultant and the VDH health informatics advisory group.
Provide sustainability recommendations to VDH Leadership that includes both funding
opportunities and program structure. Included with these recommendations should be next
steps towards developing a sustainable Health Informatics model at VDH.
3.1 PRICING: Bidders must price the terms of this solicitation at their best pricing. Any and all costs that
Bidder wishes the State to consider must be submitted for consideration. If applicable, all equipment
pricing is to include F.O.B. delivery to the ordering facility. No request for extra delivery cost will be
honored. All equipment shall be delivered assembled, serviced, and ready for immediate use, unless
otherwise requested by the State.
3.1.1 Prices and/or rates shall remain firm for the initial term of the contract. The pricing policy submitted by
Bidder must (i) be clearly structured, accountable, and auditable and (ii) cover the full spectrum of
materials and/or services required.
3.1.2 Cooperative Agreements. Bidders that have been awarded similar contracts through a
competitive bidding process with another state and/or cooperative are welcome to submit the
pricing in response to this solicitation.
3.1.3 Cooperative Agreements. Bidders that have been awarded similar contracts through a
competitive bidding process with another state and/or cooperative are welcome to submit the
pricing in response to this solicitation.
3.1.4 Retainage and/or Penalties. In the discretion of the State, a contract resulting from this RFP may
provide that the State withhold 10% of the total amount payable for some or all deliverables, such
retainage to be payable upon satisfactory completion and State acceptance in accordance with the
terms and conditions of the contract.
VDH may also issue incentives and/or penalties should the following performance areas have
indicators that fall below the prescribed levels:
1. Incentive payment of 5% of total contract amount will be paid if 80% of advisory committee
engaged, either by physical presence or virtual contribution, at all check-ins.
2. Credit back to state of up to 2% of total contract amount if staff from at least four divisions
are not engaged within three months of the contract start date.
3. Credit back to state of up to 2% of total contract amount if consultant does not respond to
VDH feedback on draft documents within one week.
3.2.1 Best and Final Offer (BAFO). At any time after submission of Responses and prior to the final
selection of Bidder(s) for Contract negotiation or execution, the State may invite Bidder(s) to
provide a BAFO. The state reserves the right to request BAFOs from only those Bidders that meet the minimum
qualification requirements and/or have not been eliminated from consideration during the
evaluation process.
3.2.2 Evaluation of Responses and Selection of Bidder(s). The State shall have the authority to
evaluate Responses and select the Bidder(s) as may be determined to be in the best interest of
the State and consistent with the goals and performance requirements outlined in this RFP.
Vermont Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Act No. 54), Bidders must comply with the following
provisions and requirements.
3.3.1 Self Reporting: For bid amounts exceeding $250,000.00, Bidder shall complete the appropriate
section in the attached Certificate of Compliance for purposes of self-reporting information
relating to past violations, convictions, suspensions, and any other information related to past
performance relative to coding and classification of workers. The State is requiring information
on any violations that occurred in the previous 12 months.
3.3.2 Subcontractor Reporting: For bid amounts exceeding $250,000.00, Bidders are hereby notified that
upon award of contract, and prior to contract execution, the State shall be provided with a list of
all proposed subcontractors and subcontractors’ subcontractors, together with the identity of
those subcontractors’ workers compensation insurance providers, and additional required or
requested information, as applicable, in accordance with Section 32 of The Vermont Recovery
and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Act No. 54). This requirement does not apply to subcontractors
providing supplies only and no labor to the overall contract or project. This list MUST be
updated and provided to the State as additional subcontractors are hired. A sample form is
available online at The subcontractor
reporting form is not required to be submitted with the bid response.
For bid amounts exceeding $25,000.00 Bidders are requested to complete the Climate Change
Considerations in State Procurements Certification, which is included in the Certificate of Compliance for
this RFP.
After consideration of all relevant factors, a bidder that demonstrates business practices that promote
clean energy and address climate change as identified in the Certification, shall be given favorable
consideration in the competitive bidding process. Such favorable consideration shall be consistent with
and not supersede any preference given to resident bidders of the State and/or products raised or
manufactured in the State, as explained in the Method of Award section. But, such favorable
consideration shall not be employed if prohibited by law or other relevant authority or agreement.
3.5 METHOD OF AWARD: Awards will be made in the best interest of the State. The State may award
one or more contracts and reserves the right to make additional awards to other compliant bidders at
any time if such award is deemed to be in the best interest of the State. All other considerations being
equal, preference will be given first to resident bidders of the state and/or to products raised or
manufactured in the state, and then to bidders who have practices that promote clean energy and
address climate change, as identified in the applicable Certificate of Compliance.
3.5.1 Evaluation Criteria: Consideration shall be given to the Bidder’s project approach and
methodology, qualifications and experience, ability to provide the services within the defined
timeline, cost, and/or success in completing similar projects, as applicable, and to the extent
specified below.
Proposals will be assigned points and scored as follows:

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