Golf Carts

Agency: City of Kingsport
State: Tennessee
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 336999 - All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  • 423860 - Transportation Equipment and Supplies (except Motor Vehicle) Merchant Wholesalers
Posted Date: Jun 15, 2024
Due Date: Jul 11, 2024
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Category* Solicitation Name Addenda Engineer/Architect Contact Pre-bid Meeting Bid Opening Date & Time / Reply Date
Golf Carts
Procurement Department - Brent Morelock 423-229-9315 or Jul 11,2024 04:00 PM ET

Attachment Preview

Sealed Price Proposals for the following will be received by the Procurement Manager until 4:00 P.M., Eastern
Time, July 11, 2024, and at that time publicly opened in Conference Room 436, City Hall located at 415 Broad
Street., Kingsport, TN. All proposals will be considered for award or rejection at a later date.
PROJECT: Golf Carts
Documents for the above referenced item are available online at
Interested parties may also contact the Procurement Department at (423) 229-9419.
By submission of a signed proposal bid, the bidder certifies total compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and all regulations promulgated thereunder.
No submitted proposals may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the scheduled closing time of
the receipt of proposals. All proposals shall be signed, sealed and addressed to the ProcurementManager, City
of Kingsport, 415 Broad Street., Kingsport, TN 37660 and marked “Golf Carts”. The City by its governing
regulations reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received, to waive any informalities in
bidding and to re-advertise.
PUB 1T: 06/15/24
Chris McCartt
City Manager
The City of Kingsport is seeking bids for the lease of 64 Golf Carts.
Vehicle(s) offered under this specification shall be equipped with all equipment furnished as standard by
the manufacturer, even if not stated in the below written specifications, with no fleet deletes. All values
specified below are considered minimums, unless otherwise stated. All options shall be factory installed.
Any deviations from the required specifications must be listed on this form or on a separate sheet and
enclosed as part of the bid package.
Where a brand or trade name appears in the specifications, it is understood that the brand or trade
name referred to, or its approved functional equivalent, shall be furnished.
Proposals are to be for a 3 year (36 month), 4 year (48 month), and/or 5 year (60 month)
operating lease .
The lease terms and/or the purchase will be part of the proposal.
Electric Powered Option Lithium Batteries and non ‐lithium batteries if available.
Full‐time Regenerative Braking
Rack and Pinion Steering
Dash Mounted Forward‐Reverse Direction Switch
USB Charge Ports
Sun Canopy
Split Windshield
Scuff Plates Rear Fenders
Message Holders (2)
Sweater Basket
Golf Course Name Plate
Club Rain Cover
Number Decal
Assorted Body Color Options. Color may be chosen based on price and availability.
Sand Bottle (2 per cart)
Seat Upgrade
Wheel Covers
Gravel Guards
Tow bar system that can be used on all carts
Full Installation
Freight Included
OEM Warranty to include parts, labor, service calls, shipping charges
All equipment must be factory equipment
Demonstration may be required upon request
Selection Criteria
Cost effectiveness & value – 75%
Acceptance of the terms of the RFP – 25%
A. Proposals will be received by the Procurement Manager until 4:00 P.M., Eastern Time on July 11,
2024 at which time it will be publicly opened in Conference Room 436, City Hall, 415 Broad
Street, Kingsport, Tennessee.
B. The Sealed Proposal shall be signed by an authorized representative and the sealed envelope
addressed as follows:
Procurement Manager
City of Kingsport
415 Broad Street
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660
Proposal for Golf Carts
C. An original hard copy and two (2) additional hard copies of the Proposal are required.
D. Proposals, modifications, or corrections received after the scheduled closing time of the receipt of
Proposals will not be considered. The City of Kingsport is not responsible for delays in delivery
by mail, courier, etc.
E. No submitted Proposal may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the scheduled
closing time of the receipt of Proposals.
F. No oral interpretation will be made to any Proposer as to the meaning of the Proposal
Specifications or any part thereof. Each written request for clarification or interpretation shall be
made in writing to the City.
NOTE – It is the intent of the City to issue one (1) addendum, if necessary. Written request for
clarification and/or interpretation must be submitted via email to the Procurement Manager by the end of
the business day, June 21, 2024 and addendum will be issued by 4:00 P.M., Eastern Time, on June 26,
2024 and will be available online at Written
requests for clarification shall be submitted to the Procurement Manager by email to
It shall be the Proposer’s responsibility to make inquiry as to the addenda issued. Any and all addenda
shall become part of the specifications and all Proposers shall be bound by such addenda, whether or not
received by Proposer.
General Terms and Conditions
A. Taxes – The City is exempted from Federal Excise Taxes, State of Tennessee and local sales taxes
and Proposer must quote prices which do not include such taxes, unless by law the taxes must be a
part of the price. Exemption Certificates will be furnished upon request.
B. Indemnification – The City of Kingsport, its officers, agents and employees shall be held harmless
from liability from any claims, damages and actions of any nature arising from the use of any service
and/or materials furnished by the Proposer, provided that such liability is not attributable to
negligence on the part of the using agency of failure of the using agency to use the materials in the
manner outlined by the Proposer in descriptive literature or specifications submitted with the
Proposal. The City will not indemnify the successful Proposer.
C. Patent Liability – The successful Proposer, at his own expense, will defend any suit which may be
brought against the City to the extent that it is based on a claim that the goods furnished through a
contract/agreement infringes a United States patent, and in any such suit will pay those costs and
damages which are attributable to such claims and finally awarded against the City.
D. Limitation of Remedies – Any remedies in the Proposer’s Proposal, to include Agreement, License
Product Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Literature, etc., that may be considered in agreement to
waive the legal rights of the citizens of the City of Kingsport may be considered cause for rejection.
E. All agreements related to the purchase and sale of any product pursuant to this bid document will
include the following conditions: "Notwithstanding anything in this section to the contrary, any
provision of provisions of this Section will not apply to the extent they are (it is) finally determined
by a court of competent jurisdiction, including Appellate review if pursued, to violate the laws or
Constitution of the State of Tennessee."
F. Insurance – During any work performed by the successful Proposer(s) on the premises of the City or
otherwise, the successful Proposer(s) agrees to take such measures as to effectually prevent any
accident to persons or property during or in connection with the work; and especially to indemnify
and save harmless the City from all loss, costs, damages, expense and liability for property damage
and for bodily injuries to, or death of, any persons, including without limitation, as to both property
damage and bodily injury, and the Proposer and the City and their representative agents and
employees, occasioned in any way by the acts or omissions of the Proposer, or the Proposer’s agents,
employees, during or in connection with said work, excepting only property damage, bodily injury
or death caused by the sole negligence of the City, its agents or employees.
The successful Proposer shall maintain such insurance as will protect it from claims under Workers’
Compensation Acts and from any claims for bodily injuries, including death, either to its employees
or others, and from all claims on account of property damage, which may arise in connection from
said work.
All Certificates of insurance and policies shall contain the following clause: "The insurance covered
by this Certificate will not be canceled or materially altered, except after thirty (30) days written
notice has been received by the City."
Insurance required with a minimum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) limits are
Comprehensive General Public and Professional Liability, Comprehensive Automobile Liability and
Owner’s Liability. Malpractice Insurance is required with a minimum limit of One Million Dollars
($1,000,000.00) per occurrence, Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) aggregate.
This requirement will be effective for the life of any contract/agreement entered into by the Proposer
and the City.
G. F.O.B. – All prices will be quoted F.O.B. Kingsport, Tennessee, delivery to City of Kingsport’s
location shall be without additional charge.
H. By submission of a signed Proposal, the Proposer certifies total compliance with Title VI and Title
VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and all regulations promulgated thereunder.
I. Contracts and purchases will be made or entered into with the lowest, responsible, compliant
Proposer meeting specifications for the particular grade or class of material, work or service desired
in the best interest and advantage to the City of Kingsport. Responsible Proposer is defined as a
Proposer whose reputation, past performance, and business and financial capabilities are such that he
would be judged by the appropriate City authority to be capable of satisfying the City’s needs for a
specific contract or purchase order.
J. The City reserves the right to determine the low Proposer either on the basis of the individual items
or on the basis of all items included in its Request for Proposal, unless otherwise expressly provided
in the Request for Proposal. The City reserves the right to accept any item or group of items of any
kind and to modify or cancel in whole or in part, its Request for Proposal. The City reserves the
right to award to multiple vendors.
K. All contracts or purchase orders issued for this award will be governed by the laws of the State of
Tennessee. Arbitration is not permitted and if a dispute arises between the parties concerning any
aspect of the contract or purchase order and it cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, any party
may resort to resolution of the dispute by litigation in the state or federal courts for Kingsport,
Sullivan County, Tennessee. The parties waive their right to a jury trial. Mandatory and exclusive
venue and jurisdiction for any disputes shall be in state or federal courts for Kingsport, Sullivan
County, Tennessee.

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