01-2022-019- George Flagg/ Fleur Floodgate Closure Project

Agency: City of Des Moines
State: Iowa
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 9, 2022
Due Date: May 27, 2022
Solicitation No: 01-2022-019
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01-2022-019- George Flagg/ Fleur Floodgate Closure Project RFP-DUE 5-27-2022 2PM 1 document

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Activity ID 01-2022-019
1. Purpose: The City of Des Moines, Iowa, (City) is hereby soliciting consultant proposals for
professional services to provide design, bidding and construction phase services for the George Flagg
Parkway and Fleur Drive Floodgate Closure Project. This request invites qualified Consultants to
submit proposals for accomplishments of the items of work described below under Scope of Services.
Proposals shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the requirements described in this Request
for Proposals (RFP). Once the Consultant is selected, a contract will be negotiated based on a mutually
agreed upon scope of services.
Consultant Expected Standards of Conduct COVID-19 Precautions
1. The City strongly encourages all its partners to adhere to CDC guidelines related to wearing
masks, social distancing and other methods of slowing the spread of COVID-19 while conducting
work on the City’s behalf.
2. Project Description:
Floodgate replacement (or mitigation). The City plans to replace this floodgate, and potentially
the adjacent floodwall, to raise the elevation in combination with providing stability mitigation
measures. The location of the floodgate is shown in Figure 1. Consultant shall responsible for
assessing and recommending the most appropriate final design configuration, in addition to
production of final design documents. This project will be bid via a City of Des Moines local
The proposed schedule for the roadway project is as follows:
May 27, 2022
Proposal Due Date
Week of June 6, 2022 City staff selection of Consultant to enter into negotiations for Professional
Services Agreement
Week of June 13, 2022 Project Design Scoping Meeting
July 6, 2022
Draft Professional Services Agreement due to City
August 8, 2022
Consideration by City Council for Approval of Professional Services
Agreement and Authorization to issue Notice to Proceed for Design Phase
Calendar Year 2024 Start Construction
3. Proposal Submission: Responses to the RFP must be received electronically by the City of Des Moines
as follows:
Due Date:
Friday, May 27, 2022
Prior to 2:00 p.m.
Deliver To:
Steven L. Naber, P.E.
c/o Linda R. Ross, Engineering Administrative Assistant
Email address: LRRoss@dmgov.org
For submission of very large files, please use the following FTP link:
Number of copies: Only electronic submissions of proposals are being accepted for this project, as
noted above. The City reserves the right to request up to five (5) hard copies of the proposal after
selection of a Consultant.
During the proposal evaluation, the City reserves the right to request additional written information to
assist in the evaluation of proposals.
Proposals and written responses to the City’s request for additional information shall be signed by the
Consultant (if an individual), by an officer of the proposing Consultant, or by a designated agent
empowered to bind the Consultant in a contract.
Upon receipt, the proposals shall become the property of the City of Des Moines for disposition or usage
by the City of Des Moines at its discretion.
4. Proposal Content: To standardize responses and simplify the comparison and evaluation of responses,
all proposals must be organized in the manner set forth below, separated into sections, and appropriately
labeled. All information and materials requested must be provided in the proposal under a single cover.
Attachment 2 must be completed and included inside the cover of the proposal. The proposal length
must be limited to a maximum of 20 single-sided pages, not including Attachment 2 and dividers and
covers. Minimum font size must be ten (10) point. Failure to materially comply with these requirements
may, at the City’s sole discretion, lead to a loss of Selection Criteria points or result in rejection of a
a. Business Organization. The full name and address of the Consultant’s organization and the branch
office that will perform the services described herein shall be stated. The Principal-in-Charge of the
branch office shall be identified.
b. Technical Approach and Scope of Work. The Consultant shall state its understanding of the project
as outlined in the Scope of Services. The approach in rendering the services required, including the
use of subconsultants, shall be detailed in a proposed Scope of Services.
c. Related Technical Experience. Descriptions of a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5)
projects of similar size and nature shall be submitted. The project description must contain the
scope of services performed, location and reference (contact person).
d. Project Staffing and Organization. Qualifications of the project manager and personnel, including
anticipated subconsultants, with specialized skills shall be highlighted. A list of subconsultants that
will be used and the work they will perform. Resumes for all key personnel listed shall be included
and show the following:
i. Name, specialty, and job title.
ii. Years of relevant experience with Consultant (and previous employers).
iii. Academic degree(s), discipline, and year degree(s) received.
iv. Professional registrations.
v. Office location where employed.
vi. A synopsis of experience, training or other qualities that reflect the individual’s related
experience and expected contribution to the project.
e. Timely Completion of the Project. Discuss the Consultant’s and anticipated subconsultant’s current
workload and its ability to complete the project in a timely manner. Include, if applicable, an
estimated schedule to complete the project.
f. Work Elements. Provide a matrix of work elements that would be included, personnel
classifications and hours you feel would be appropriate for the work requested. Provide a range of
total estimated fees for the professional services requested, including subconsultants.
g. Additional Information. Provide any additional information regarding Consultant’s experience and
capabilities that may be important to the success of the project.
5. Presubmittal Conference: A conference will not be held, however, Consultants submitting proposals
are strongly encouraged to make a site visit.
6. Insurance Requirements: Attachment No. 1, Insurance and Indemnification Requirements, describes
the minimum insurance the Consultant must have in order to enter into a professional services contract
with the City of Des Moines. All Consultants that submit proposals in response to this RFP will be
required to accept and comply with Attachment No. 1, Insurance and Indemnification Requirements if
selected, and all proposals must include a completed Attachment 2 inside the cover of the proposal. These
requirements are not subject to negotiation.
7. Form of Contract: The City of Des Moinesstandard form of contract will be used for this professional
services agreement. A copy of the standard form of contract will be provided upon request.
The contents of this RFP, of a proposal submitted in response thereto, and of the City's official response
to a question, objection, or request for clarification or interpretation regarding the RFP, and of any
exception to the RFP submitted by the successful Consultant and accepted by the City, shall become part
of the contractual obligation and shall be deemed incorporated by reference into the ensuing contract.
8. Scope of Services: A proposed Scope of Services is included as Attachment 4. The proposed Scope of
Services is not intended to be a detailed scope of work that will be required as a part of the final
professional services agreement, but is intended to provide general information to Consultants wishing to
submit proposals. It is the intent of the City to draw upon the expertise and experience of Consultants
submitting proposals as to their recommendations as to exact tasks of work to accomplish City goals. The
City will negotiate the detailed Scope of Services with the successful Consultant should the City elect to
proceed with the project.
9. Contact Person: Any questions concerning the proposals should be directed to Chris Kuhl, Civil
Engineer I, 400 Robert D. Ray Drive, Des Moines, IA 50309, 515-208-4073, or ckkuhl@dmgov.org .
10. Consultant Questions, and Requests for Clarification or Interpretation: After issuance of an RFP,
persons or entities who intend to respond to such RFP by submission of a competitive proposal, and
who have questions regarding the RFP, or who object to any term, provision, or requirement of the RFP,
or who desire clarification or interpretation of any term, provision, or requirement of the RFP, may
submit such questions, objections, or requests for clarification or interpretation to the Contact Person
named above no later than seven calendar days prior to the proposal due date. Such questions,
objections, requests for clarification or interpretation shall be submitted in writing and shall clearly
identify the individual or entity submitting same, including the name, address, telephone number, FAX
number and e-mail address, if any, of such person or entity.
11. City’s Response to Consultant Questions, Objections, and Requests for Clarification or
Interpretation Issuance of Addenda to RFP: Steven L. Naber, P.E., City Engineer, will respond in
writing to all questions, objections, requests for clarification or interpretation presented to the City as
provided above or raised or presented at the presubmittal conference as provided above. Only the City's
written responses shall be considered the City's official response binding upon the City. In addition to
making a written response, the City may issue addenda amending the RFP by changing, deleting, or
adding terms, provisions, or requirements to the RFP.
Written answers to all written inquiries will be sent to all Consultants that have been sent this RFP and
posted on the City website at https://www.dsm.city/departments/engineering_-
In no case will verbal communications override written responses or requirements of this RFP.
12. Consultant’s Communications with City Officials and Employees Restricted – Consultants
Prohibited from Attempting to Improperly Influence City Officials or Employees Violation May
Be A Crime- Violation May Result in Rejection or Return of Proposal: After issuance of an RFP
by the City, persons or entities who intend to respond to such RFP by submission of a competitive
proposal, and who desire to pose questions, objections, requests for clarification or interpretation
regarding any term, provision, or requirement of the RFP, shall not attempt to contact or communicate
with, in writing, electronically, or orally, any City official or employee other than the designated Contact
Person. After issuance of an RFP, persons or entities who intend to respond to such RFP by submission
of a competitive proposal shall not contact or communicate with, in writing, electronically, or orally,
any City official or employee in an attempt to gather information which would be helpful in responding
to the RFP, or in an attempt to influence the City's consideration of its competing proposal. In addition,
the City may refuse to accept or may return the proposal of any person or entity determined to be in
violation of this provision. Contacting other Evaluation and Selection Committee members will be
considered inappropriate and may lead to a loss of Selection Criteria points or disqualification, at the
discretion of the City Engineer.
13. Cost of Responding to this RFP: The City will not pay for any information requested in the RFP or
any cost incurred in submitting proposals, responding to additional questions, or participating in the
interview process.
14. Evaluation and Selection Process: Proposals will be evaluated by an Evaluation and Selection
Committee established by the City using the Selection Criteria included in Attachment 3 to identify the
Consultant or Consultants best qualified to meet the City’s needs on this project. The Consultants
deemed best qualified by the Evaluation and Selection Committee will be invited for additional
presentations and interviews. However, the City reserves the right to request interviews of any, all, or
none of the Consultants.
15. City Rejection of Proposals and Reservation of Rights: The City reserves the right to:
a. Reject any or all proposals in whole or in part and to waive irregularities in proposals received.
b. Request additional information or modifications to proposals prior to award if in the best interests
of the City.
c. Use any ideas submitted in proposals, except for those which are protected by an enforceable patent
or other proprietary right and such idea is identified as protected by patent or other proprietary right
and identified as confidential pursuant to Section 21.
d. In the event of unsuccessful contract negotiations or contract termination, the City reserves the right
to enter into contract negotiations with any other qualified consultants, person(s), or entity.
16. Post Evaluation Notification of Consultants: All Consultants submitting proposals will receive a
written response from the City as to which Consultant the Evaluation and Selection Committee selected
to proceed with contract negotiation and consideration of award for services related to this RFP. All
proposals submitted in response to the RFP become the property of the City and will not be returned to
unsuccessful Consultants.
17. City Council Consideration of Evaluation and Selection Committee Recommendation as to Best
Proposal Opportunity for Input by the Public: When the Evaluation and Selection Committee’s
recommendation comes before the City Council for consideration, the City Council may request that
the Consultant whose proposal is recommended for selection appear before the Council to give a
presentation or to answer questions regarding its proposal. Competing Consultants will not be allowed
to speak at that time unless a prior request has been made by such a Consultant and permission to speak
granted by the Mayor, or unless a City Council member requests that the competing Consultant be
allowed to speak and the Council consents to such request. Members of the public may likewise be
allowed to speak regarding the selected proposal.
The City reserves the right to select another Consultant or other person(s), or entity to complete the
Scope of Services if at any phase of project development the City determines, at its sole discretion, that
the selected Consultant is not performing work in accordance with executed professional services
18. Award of Contract: Award of contract by the City Council or City Engineer, if any, will be to the
Consultant deemed best qualified by the City, in accordance with the Selection Criteria included in
Attachment 3, to perform the services outlined in this RFP.
19. Assignment of Contract Prohibited Unless Approved in Writing by the City: No contract awarded
pursuant to RFP shall be assignable by the successful Consultant without the written consent of the City
20. Statutes and Rules: Chapter 2, Municipal Code of the City of Des Moines, contains policies and
procedures for procurement under which this request for proposal is issued. The terms and conditions
of this bid or request for proposal, the resulting contract or purchase order or activities based upon this
bid or request for proposal shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Iowa. Where statutes and
regulations of the United States Government are referenced herein, they shall apply to this bid or request
for proposal and resulting purchase order or contract. Wherever differences exist between federal and
state statutes or regulations affecting this procurement, interpretation shall be in the direction of that
which is most beneficial to the interests of the City of Des Moines.
21. Proposals Not Confidential: Consultant Requests for Confidentiality Under Iowa Open Records
Law, Chapter 22 of Iowa Code; Disclosure of Proposal Content: Under Chapter 22 of the Iowa
Code, “Examination of Public Records”, all records of a governmental body are presumed to be public
records, open to inspection by members of the public. Section 22.7 of the Iowa Code sets forth a number
of exceptions to that general rule, establishing several categories of “confidential records”. Under this
provision, confidential records are to be kept confidential, “unless otherwise ordered by a court, by the
lawful custodian of the records, or by another person duly authorized to release such information”.
Among the public records which are considered confidential under this Iowa Code provision, are the
3. Trade secrets which are recognized and protected as such by law.
6. Reports to governmental agencies which, if released, would give advantage to competitors
and serve no public purpose.
Under Chapter 22 of the Iowa Code, the City, as custodian of the proposal submitted in response to a
Request for Proposals, may, but is not required, to keep portions of such proposals confidential under
exceptions 3. and 6. (noted above). If a responding individual or company in good-faith reasonably

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