General Counsel and Legal Advising Services for Board of Trustees and College Administration

Agency: Laramie County Community College
State: Wyoming
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted Date: Apr 13, 2018
Due Date: Apr 18, 2018
Solicitation No: RFP-18157
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General Counsel and Legal Advising Services for Board of Trustees and College Administration

  • Proposal due date: April 18, 2018 at 5 p.m. in Administration AM-108.

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Cheyenne Wyoming
Request for Proposals
to provide
General Counsel and Legal Advising Services
Board of Trustees and College Administration
Solicited by:
Department of Administration and Finance
Division of Contracting and Procurement
1400 East College Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82007
March 30, 2018
Laramie County Community College
Request for Proposals – General Counsel and Legal Advising Services
Table of Contents
I. Background Information
A. Solicitation Intent
B. Scope of Services
C. Qualification Requirements
II. RFP Schedule of Events
A. RFP Schedule of Events
III. Selection Criteria
IV. Proposal Content
A. Cover Letter
B. Tab 1 – Law Firm Profile
C. Tab 2 – Law Firm Resume/Portfolio
D. Tab 3 – Philosophy and Experience
E. Tab 4 – Fee Schedule
V. Submission of Proposals
VI. General Requirements
Appendix A: Professional Insurance Requirements
Page 1
Laramie County Community College
Request for Proposals – General Counsel and Legal Advising Services
I. Background Information
A. Solicitation Intent
Laramie County Community College (LCCC) is soliciting proposals from law firms to
provide a variety of legal services to the Board of Trustees and College Administration
in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this Request for
Proposal (RFP). The intent of the RFP is to retain a law firm who is versed in the higher
education environment and is able to provide a broad range of legal services for
matters pertaining to the formation and operation of the College, particularly with
reference to federal and state statutory and case law governing higher education in
Wyoming. Exception: At times the College may engage the services of other law firms
or legal services for specific projects or instances when specific expertise is needed.
In addition, the intent of this RFP process is to retain one (1) law firm for a
minimum period of up to three (3) calendar years, beginning on July 1, 2018.
B. Scope of Services
The selected firm shall act as the chief legal advisor of the College and shall have
general charge of all legal matters pertaining to the College as assigned by the Board of
Trustees and the College Administration acting through the College President. Counsel
shall attend meetings of the Board of Trustees; shall represent the College in all legal
proceedings; shall advise the College and the President on legal matters as may be
required. The firm is also responsible for assisting in college-wide standards for contract
administration and regulatory compliance. Additionally, specific services include, but not
limited to:
Represent the College, when necessary and appropriate, before external
agencies in compliance and regulatory reviews and complaints;
Upon request, review College contracts prior to execution;
Manage and monitor litigation and supervise outside counsel of the College in
certain matters brought by or against the College;
Provide counsel, opinion and guidance relating to specifically identified College
policies and procedures and monitor standard contract administration policies
and procedures;
Interpret and apply relevant federal, state and local legislative and regulatory
laws pertaining to College activities such as those relating to procurement, civil
and human rights, construction and other matters as needed;
Provide legal opinions and advice on specialized matters including intellectual
property, free speech, copyright, civil rights, real estate, and regulatory
Provide counsel and opinion on matters involving Wyoming ethics laws;
Provide counsel and guidance for insurance related and risk management
Page 2
Laramie County Community College
Request for Proposals – General Counsel and Legal Advising Services
Coordinate responses to subpoenas, court orders, public records, and other
legal matters;
Provide litigation activities relating to court appearances, hearings, trials and
Attend monthly and special Board of Trustees meetings;
Attend annual conferences and/or seminars related to legal issues pertaining to
the College and as directed by the Board of Trustees and/or the College
President; and
Provide written reports, summaries and responses as requested by the Board of
Trustees, College President and/or the Administration, and maintain legal
records as deemed necessary.
C. Qualification Requirements
Firms who respond to this RFP shall meet at a minimum, the following requirements:
Member of good standing of the Wyoming State Bar Association;
Experience with Wyoming law, especially the Administrative Procedures Act;
Experience with Title IX Training, handling Title IX investigations, working with
Experience with employment law and policy;
Minimum of ten (10) years experience in the provision of legal services;
Significant experience in higher education law and legal matters;
Ability to provide legal counsel and services on a wide range of topics;
Ability to provide same day response, when requested to do so;
Lead attorney with appropriate experience and located in Cheyenne, WY;
Shall have no substantive conflict of interest in representing the College; and,
Knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order as it relates to parliamentary duties at
public meetings.
II. RFP Schedule of Events
A. Proposed Schedule
1. April 18, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m.: Deadline for submittal of Proposals.
2. April 19 – May 1, 2018: Review of Proposal submittals, recommend a short list
and/or a finalist, depending upon number of submittals and quality of same. In
the event a short list is developed, LCCC reserves the right to conduct a second
round of qualifying.
3. May 7-21, 2018: possible onsite interviews
4. June 1, 2018: RFP Recommendation approval by Board of Trustees.
5. July 1, 2018: Recommended firm begins contractual services.
Page 3
Laramie County Community College
Request for Proposals – General Counsel and Legal Advising Services
III. Selection Criteria
In order to select the best qualified firm, LCCC is requesting specific information from
which all received proposals will be reviewed and evaluated:
Firm’s profile, resume and portfolio.
Firm’s knowledge and experience in higher education.
Qualifications of personnel assigned to this opportunity.
Fee Schedule.
IV. Proposal Content
A. All participating firms shall provide the following information in their Proposals, sorted
and organized in either “Tabs” or “Headings” as defined below:
Cover Letter: Provide a cover letter indicating the name of the firm making the
submission (or firms in the case of a joint venture) indicating your interest in being
selected for this opportunity. Include a brief description of why your firm is well suited
for, and can meet the needs of this general counsel opportunity. The letter shall be
signed by the individual(s) authorized to bind the respondent or group to any
statements or representations made therein and to represent the information presented
as authentic.
Tab/Heading #1 – Law Firm Profile:
Provide firm’s name, business address, telephone, fax and e-mail address.
Provide a brief description of the firm’s size, date of establishment, type of
organization, and organizational structure.
Provide a detailed description of firm’s capabilities and resources.
Tab/Heading #2 – Law Firm Resume/Portfolio:
Describe the firm’s history and experience in legal counsel services to
governmental agencies and especially higher education institutions.
Describe your firm’s staffing proposal for providing legal services stated herein;
specifically identifying individuals and their respective expertise.
Describe your firm’s scope of services currently being provided to clients.
Describe why your firm is qualified to perform the services outlined in the RFP.
Tab/Heading #3 – Philosophy and Experience:
Describe your firm’s philosophy for the provision of legal services to the College.
Summarize two (2) examples of legal issues your firm has successfully handled.
Provide a minimum of three (3) and no more than six (6) references.
Tab/Heading #4 – Fee Schedule:
Monthly Retainer Fee: This fee shall encompass: a) attendance at the monthly
Board of Trustees meeting; and (b) normal legal services required to conduct
college business each month such as reviews, renderings, research, and
general legal advice (fee shall include any monthly administrative costs
associated with the service). NOTE: For purposes of this RFP, each firm shall
Page 4

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