Furniture for the Upper Arlington Community Center

Agency: City of Upper Arlington
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238390 - Other Building Finishing Contractors
  • 337127 - Institutional Furniture Manufacturing
  • 337211 - Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing
  • 423210 - Furniture Merchant Wholesalers
Posted Date: Apr 3, 2024
Due Date: Apr 30, 2024
Solicitation No: UA24-42
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Bid Number Bid Title Bid Type Bid Issue Date Bid Close Date/Time
UA24-42 Furniture for the Upper Arlington Community Center Request for Proposal Purchasing 4/3/2024 4/30/2024 12:00:00 PM (ET)

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RFP Number:
Issue Date:
Close Date and Time:
April 03, 2024
April 30, 2024 @ 12:00 PM
This Request for Proposal contains:
Proposal Requirements
First Floor Furniture Plan
Mezzanine Furniture Plan
Second Floor Furniture Plan
Third Floor Furniture Plan
Fourth Floor Furniture Plan
Fifth Floor Furniture Plan
Furniture Alternates Pricing Form
Furniture Pricing Form
Bidding Forms
Required Contract Terms
Information to Vendors
Local Business Preference
• Vendor must quote firm or fixed prices for a period of 60 calendar days, unless otherwise noted in
the specifications.
• The proposed prices or agreed price will remain firm once a purchase order has been issued and
delivered to the Vendor.
• By submitting a proposal for the City’s consideration, Vendor acknowledges and agrees that the
attached terms will be part of any contract with the City.
The Bob Crane Community Center is the new community center for Upper Arlington. The location of
the building is in Upper Arlington, Ohio where the Kingsdale Plaza Macys used to be located. This is a
6 level (5 floors plus a mezzanine) new construction project.
The facility features office suites, a cafe, program rooms, an indoor pool/party room, outdoor patios, and
small soft seating areas. These areas are throughout the entire facility, and there will be elevator access
for all floors above ground level.
The design features a transitional design aesthetic. As this is a high traffic facility, all seats will require a
moisture back and all furniture will need to be easily cleaned. Additionally, all furniture must be
comfortable and sturdy.
MSA Sport is the Project Architect and is managing the FF&E. ECBC - Elford/Continental Building
Company is the Construction Manager (CM) for the project. Furniture space plans have been prepared
by the Architect and coordinated with the CM and Engineers for power and data locations. The
furniture distributor will need to confirm that all furniture requiring power and data have access
The products specified in the attached documents are Basis of Design to determine quality and design
intent. Alternate furniture products that meet a similar quality and design intent will be considered with
the appropriate documentation. Furniture Distributorships will work with MSA Sport and the Owner
on all Fabric and finish selections.
Furniture for the project will be purchased by the City of Upper Arlington. The selected distributor will
be contracted directly to the Owner and will provide final design and furniture selection, procurement,
and installation of all items.
Installation date for this project will be January 2025. This is subject to some fluctuation with the
construction schedule.
The following scope of services shall be undertaken by each Distributor:
1. Review existing Architectural Documents to become familiar with the existing space.
2. Review the floor construction plan, furniture plan, electrical and data plans as prepared by MSA
3. Review the specifications herein, as well as any and all additional documents or appendices.
4. Prepare furniture selection proposal, including any alternates, for owner review. Proposal shall
conform with all requirements listed in the RFP and listed herein.
5. Coordinate with MSA Sport and the Owner on all fabric and finish selections.
6. Prepare a furniture installation plan and schedule. To be fully coordinated with the CM and
arrange coordinated deliveries of items. Distributor is responsible for all debris removal from
the site.
7. Inspect furniture installation for conformance with RFP documents and space plan.
8. Prepare a punch list for installations.
9. Oversee corrections to installation as requires to secure owner approval, and punch list damage
to completed spaces.
10. Furniture must be recorded and completed by installer.
1. The RFP Documents include Overall Floor Plans which indicate all furniture within the scope of
this furniture bid. All furniture is tagged with a Plan Code that correlates to the Furniture
Specification Package. Each Plan Code designates a type of furnishing from which there are
several options that may be proposed, these options are indicated in the Furniture Specification
Package. Each Vendor is to select only one option for each Plan Code to include on their
Proposal Form. When filling out the Proposal Form the Vendor shall indicate which option they
are including by filling out the Type Mark on the form. Any additional options that a Vendor
may be able to provide are to be included as alternates on the Alternate Proposal Form. Only
options listed for each type of furnishing are to be proposed.
2. Systems Furniture is included in this RFP.
3. Vendors shall provide the following for a complete Proposal: Propsal Form and Alternate
Proposal Form
4. Requirement Documentation as well as any other information regarding their teams or offerings.
5. Vendors are responsible for complete review of the RFP documents and completion of requested
information. Vendors requiring clarification of the RFP documents should submit all questions
via Ionwave.
6. Furniture Distributors shall provide a tabulation sheet showing each item selected, quantity, list
price, net price, and installed value. Fees indicating the total project cost should be divided into
final documentation and owner approval, procurement, installation, and close out. All project
related fees must be indicated in this summary.
7. Cut sheets are to be provided for each item, including alternates.
8. When submitting an alternative: Identify a product that matches construction, warranty, function,
and general looks of the specified product. Power and data quantities must be met or exceeded
without exception.
9. Furniture Distributors shall submit warranties and sustainability documentation for each items
specified and/or all substitutions. Substitutions may be rejected if they do not meet or exceed
those specified herein.
10. Vendors are responsible for confirming that all workstations, offices and furniture specified are
complete, and will be fully functional upon installation. Identify any items which are anticipated
or required for a complete installation, but not shown in RFP and identify all concerns (eg:
function, durability) within final Proposal submission.
11. Vendors are responsible for cross referencing specifications with floor plans to provide accurate
proposals (eg: floor plans represent location of shared panels in workstations).
1. All proposals must be complete for all items listed by each manufacturer as noted in the
specifications and/or plans. Proposals will be submitted on a unit cost basis and total Project
basis including all associated freight, storage, delivery, installation and any other labor,
materials, services and equipment necessary to complete the work.
2. All proposals shall be based on specified items indicated in Furniture Specification Package.
Furniture may not be substituted for alternates unless approval has been granted through process
If a Vendor discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error in the RFP, the
Vendor should immediately provide the City with written notice of the problem via Ionwave and request
that the RFP be clarified or modified. The City may modify the document prior to the date fixed for
submission of proposals by issuing an addendum to all potential Vednors. All addendum will be
distributed via IonWave portal.
If prior to the date fixed for submissions, a Vendor knows of or should have known of an error in the
RFP but fails to notify City of the error, the Vendor shall propose at its own risk, and if awarded of the
contract, shall not be entitled to additional compensation or time by reason of the error or its later
Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted via the IonWave portal at:
All questions must be submitted no later than 12:00 PM on Wednesday April 17, 2024. Questions and
answers regarding the RFP will be shared via addendum on the IonWave Portal no later than April 24th,
The City may modify the RFP prior to the date fixed for submission by posting an addendum via the
IonWave portal.
All alternates recommended by Distributors must be presented on the Proposal Alternate form provided
within this RFP. Alternates not listed within the document must be submitted for review and approval
through the process outlined above regarding questions. All requests to review alternates must be
submitted no later than 12:00 PM on Wednesday April 17th, 2024.
Submit Proposals online at:
Contact the Purchasing Administrator at for more information about IonWave and
to register as a Vendor.
An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals that are received to determine the lowest and best
Following the initial review and screening of the written Proposals, using the selection criteria described
below the City reserves the right to determine the suitability of proposals on the basis
of a proposal’s meeting administrative requirements, technical requirements, the review team’s
assessment of the quality and performance of equipment and services proposed, the review team’s
assessment of past experiences with Distributorships, and cost.
During the evaluation process, a Vendor’s representative may be required to answer questions with
regard to the proposal and/or request revised pricing offers from such Vendors or have discussions with
those Vendors falling within a competitive range, and make an award and/or conduct negotiations
This Request for Proposal does not commit the City of Upper Arlington to awarding a Contract.
Vendors shall bear all costs incurred in the preparation of the Proposal and participating in the Proposal
evaluation process. The City reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, to accept the Proposal it
considers most favorable in its sole discretion, and to waive minor irregularities. the City further
reserves the right to seek new Proposals when such procedure is considered by it to be the best interest
of the City.
1. Provide comprehensive, single point of contact, project management to facilitate the ordering
and installation of this furniture package.
2. Furnish design team with material samples for Owner and Architect approval.
3. Attend up to 10 Project Coordination meetings with Project Design team.
1. Prepare detailed furniture installation drawings for review and approval by the Owner and
2. Prepare specifications on quotation form for review and approval by Owner and Architect
3. Prepare detailed components list for approval by the Owner and Architect
4. Place all furniture orders.
5. Confirm all COM fabrics are approved by furniture manufacturers and coordinate all COM
fabric orders, installation, and/or substitutions. Any and all substitutions must be reviewed and
approved by the Owner and the Architect.
6. Assist design team, as required, with the coordination of electrical point of connection locations
for all systems furniture and ancillary furniture.
7. Distributor shall submit two sets of memo samples (preferably 6”x 6” or larger, no smaller than
2”x 4”) for all final fabric and finish selections. Submit one set to Owner and one set to MSA
8. Distributor must submit a revised space plan showing proposed furniture selections. Key items
to a final space plan indicating data and power hook up when applicable.
1. The Furniture Distributor shall use its own storage facilities. No storage of materials prior to the
start of installation will be allowed at the project site, and no additional charges will be allowed
due to additional storage needs.
2. The Furniture Distributor is responsible for scheduling, receiving, inspecting and installing all
items. The Owner and Architect will neither receive, nor unload any shipments. Should any
product arrive damaged or defective, the Furniture Distributor is responsible for all coordination
and communication for receipt of all necessary replacements within the installation timeline.
Should any replacement for damage product not arrive in time for the set installation date, the
Furniture Distributor is responsible for all installation costs incurred. The Owner shall not be
responsible for any additional costs due to delays in shipments, damaged or defective items
arriving after set installation date or additional installation dates to correct items on punch list.
3. Provide on Proposal form, a separate line item for installation services. Include hourly rates
identifying type of service.
4. Coordinate with the Construction Manager the preparation of a detailed schedule for installation
of furniture.
5. Participation in on-site subcontractor meetings (up to 6 meetings)

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