Agency: Denver public Schools
State: Colorado
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 1, 2018
Due Date: May 7, 2018
Solicitation No: BD1864
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Bid number: BD1864
Bid Due Date: 5/7/2018
Term of Contract:
Vianey Garcia
, Buyer 720-423-5617

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Denver Public Schools
Enterprise Management
Food and Nutrition Services
2320 West 4th Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
April 4, 2018
Invitation to Bid, #BD1864, Frozen and Refrigerated Foods
(1) Invitation For Bid Cover Sheet
(2) General Terms and Conditions
(3) Special Terms and Conditions.
(4) Specification and Pricing Form
(5) Use of Federal Funds Forms (2)
(6) Product Submission/Information
To: All prospective bidders:
Thank you for obtaining this Invitation for Bid on-line.
Please note: Denver Public Schools Purchasing Department is posting bids in two manners- 1) on the DPS
website and 2) using an on-line ‘Bid Provider’ service known as ‘Bid Net’. This is a revision to the District’s
previous bid documents, please review carefully.
Enclosed, please find a Request for Proposal to provide Denver Public Schools with Frozen and
Refrigerated Foods for Food and Nutrition Services. Unless otherwise noted, (bidders) must provide a
bid on all of the requirements stated within this request. Bidders must be able to commit the resources
necessary to provide the materials or services requested in a timely manner and conform to the scope of
work enclosed. To be considered valid in the selection process, all bids must follow the critical dates, as
set forth below:
Critical dates:
1) IFB Issue date – April 4, 2018
2) Questions due date – April 13, 2018. Responses to questions will be provided in writing to all
prospective bidders, by April 16, 2018.
3) Bid due date - Bids must be received in the District’s Enterprise Management Office on or before,
May 2, 2018, 3:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time. Bids received after this date and time will not be
considered and individual extensions to the due date will not be granted. If you are hand delivering the
bid on the due date, allow enough time to find parking (there is parking but space is limited) and security
check-in. The District will not accept an e-mail or fax response to this Invitation For Bid. You are
responsible to address the envelope as follows- Denver Public Schools, Enterprise Management Food
and Nutrition Services, 2320 W. 4th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80223, Attn: #BD1864.
4) Bid Expiration date- Bidder must indicate an expiration date for the pricing. Any expiration date shall
not be less than (90) days from the bid due date as indicated herein.
Please be advised that the award is based upon the content of the bidder’s response. Organized,
succinct and straight forward submissions are appreciated. There is no need to go to excessive costs in
preparing elaborate packaging. Prior to a formal award, all contract terms and conditions must be agreed
upon by all parties. Please address any inquiries to the buyer: Vianey Garcia via email
Invitation to Bid BD1864
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Invitation to Bid BD1864
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Denver Public Schools
Enterprise Management
Food and Nutrition Services
2320 West 4th Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Bid number:
Bid title:
Bids will be received until:
Goods or services to be delivered to or performed at:
For additional information please contact the buyer:
Email Address:
Documents included in this package:
April 4, 2018
Frozen and Refrigerated Foods
May 2, 2018
3:00 p.m., local standard time
at: 2320 W. 4th Avenue,
Denver, Colorado 80223
Denver Public Schools
c/o Americold
4475 East 50th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
Vianey Garcia, Senior Buyer
Invitation For Bid Cover Sheet
General Terms and Conditions
Special Terms and Conditions
Specification and Pricing Form
Use of Federal Funds Forms (2)
Product Submission/Information
The undersigned hereby affirms that (1) he/she is a duly authorized agent of the vendor, (2) he/she has
read all terms and conditions and technical specifications which were made available in conjunction with
this solicitation and fully understands and accepts them unless specific variations have been expressly
listed in his/her offer, (3) that the offer is being submitted on behalf of the vendor in accordance with any
terms and conditions set forth in this document, and (4) that the vendor will accept any awards made to it
as a result of the offer submitted herein for a minimum of ninety calendar days following the date of
Name of Company: ____________________________________________
Address: ________________________ City/State: ________________
Contact Person: ___________________ Title: _____________________
Authorized Representative’s Signature: ____________________________
Printed Name: ____________________ Title: _____________________
Email Address: ___________________ Approved by: ______________
Reviewed by: ______________
Fax: _____________
Zip: ______________
Phone: ___________
Phone: ___________
Date: ____________
Date: ____________
Date: ____________
Invitation to Bid BD1864
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Denver Public Schools
Enterprise Management
Food and Nutrition Services
2320 West 4th Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
I. APPLICABILITY. These General Terms and Conditions apply, but are not limited, to all bids,
proposals, qualifications and quotations (hereinafter referred to as “Offers” or “Responses”) made to
the Denver Public Schools (hereinafter referred to as "District") by all prospective suppliers (herein
after referred to as "Vendors") in response, but not limited, to Invitations for Bid, Requests for
Proposals, Requests for Qualifications, and Requests for Quotations (hereinafter referred to as
A. General Conditions. Vendors are required to submit their Offers in accordance with the
following expressed conditions:
1. Vendors shall make all investigations necessary to thoroughly inform themselves regarding
the plant and facilities affected by the delivery of materials and services as required by the
conditions of the Solicitation. No plea of ignorance by the Vendor of conditions that exist or
that may hereafter exist as a result of failure to fulfill the requirements of the contract
documents will be accepted as the basis for varying the requirements of the District or the
compensation to the Vendor.
2. Vendors are advised that all District contracts are subject to all legal requirements contained
in the District Board policies, the Purchasing Department's policies and procedures including
state and federal statutes. When conflicts between the Solicitation and these legal
documents occur, the highest authority will prevail.
3. Vendors are required to state exactly what they intend to furnish to the District via this
Solicitation and must clearly indicate any variances to the terms, conditions, and
specifications of this Solicitation no matter how slight. If variations are not stated in the
Vendor’s Offer, it shall be construed that the Vendor’s Offer fully complies with all conditions
identified in this Solicitation.
4. Denver Public Schools intends and expects that the contracting processes of the District and
its Vendors provide equal opportunity without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age
or disability and that its Vendors make available equal opportunities to the extent third parties
are engaged to provide goods and services to the District as subcontractors, vendors, or
otherwise. Accordingly, the Vendor shall not discriminate on any of the foregoing grounds in
the performance of the contract, and shall make available equal opportunities to the extent
third parties are engaged to provide goods and services in connection with performance of
the contract (joint ventures are encouraged). The Vendor shall disseminate information
regarding all subcontracting opportunities under this contract in a manner reasonably
calculated to reach all qualified potential subcontractors who may be interested. The Vendor
shall maintain records demonstrating its compliance with this article and shall make such
records available to the District upon the District’s request.
5. All Offers and other materials submitted in response to this Solicitation shall become the
property of the Denver Public Schools.
Invitation to Bid BD1864
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6. Open Records. Disclosure of information to the District. The Vendor understands that all
material provided or produced under this Agreement may be subject to the Colorado Open
Records Act, § 24-72-201, et seq., C.R.S. (2006), and that in the event of a request to the District
for disclosure of such information, the District shall advise the Vendor of such request in order to
give the Vendor the opportunity to object to the disclosure of any of its proprietary or confidential
material. In the event of the filing of a lawsuit to compel such disclosure, the District will tender all
such material to the court for judicial determination of the issue of disclosure and the Vendor
agrees to intervene in such lawsuit to protect and assert its claims of privilege and against
disclosure of such material or waive the same. The Vendor further agrees to defend, indemnify
and save and hold harmless the District, its officers, agents and employees, from any claims,
damages, expenses, losses or costs arising out of the Vendor’s intervention to protect and assert
its claim of privilege against disclosure under this Article including, but not limited to, prompt
reimbursement to the District of all reasonable attorney fees, costs and damages that the District
may incur directly or may be ordered to pay by such court.
B. Worker's Compensation Insurance. Each contractor and subcontractor shall maintain at his own
expense until completion of his work and acceptance thereof by the District, Worker’s
Compensation Insurance, including occupational disease provisions, covering the obligations of
the contractor or subcontractor in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the State of
Colorado. The contractor shall furnish the District with a certificate giving evidence that he is
covered by the Worker’s Compensation Insurance herein required, each certificate specifically
stating that such insurance includes occupational disease provisions and provisions preventing
cancellation without five days’ prior notice to the District in writing.
C. Clarification and Modifications in Terms and Conditions
1. Where there appear to be variances or conflicts between the General Terms and Conditions,
the Special Terms and Conditions and the Technical Specifications outlined in this
Solicitation, the Technical Specifications then the Special Terms and Conditions will prevail.
2. If any Vendor contemplating submitting an Offer under this Solicitation is in doubt as to the
true meaning of the specifications, the Vendor must submit a written request for clarification
to the District's Contact person as stated in the Special Terms and Conditions. The Vendor
submitting the request shall be responsible for ensuring that the request is received by the
District at least five calendar days prior to the scheduled Solicitation opening or as stated in
the Special Terms and Conditions.
Any official interpretation of this Solicitation must be made, in writing, by an agent of
the District's Purchasing Department who is authorized to act on behalf of the District.
The District shall not be responsible for interpretations offered by employees of the
District who are not agents of the District's Purchasing Department.
The District shall issue a written addendum if substantial changes which impact the technical
submission of Offers are required. Such addenda will be posted on the Purchasing
Department web site ( Vendors are
responsible for either revisiting this website prior to the due date or contacting the designated
buyer to ensure that they have any addenda which may have been issued after the initial
download. The Vendor shall certify its acknowledgment of the addendum by signing the
addendum and returning it with its Offer. In the event of conflict with the original contract
documents, addenda shall govern all other contract documents to the extent specified.
Subsequent addenda shall govern over prior addenda only to the extent specified.
D. Prices Contained in Offer--Discounts, Taxes, Collusion
1. Vendors may offer a cash discount for prompt payment. Discounts will be considered in
determining the lowest net cost for the evaluation of Offers; discounts for periods of less than
twenty days, however, will not be considered in making the award.
2. Vendors shall not include federal, state, or local excise or sales taxes in prices offered, as the
District is exempt from payment of such taxes.
Invitation to Bid BD1864
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