Federal Lobbying Services

Agency: City of South Miami
State: Florida
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Posted Date: Mar 12, 2019
Due Date: Mar 27, 2019
Solicitation No: CSM2019-05
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Bid Number: CSM2019-05
Bid Title: Federal Lobbying Services
Category: Bids & RFP's
Status: Open


The purpose of this Solicitation is to seek Proposals of experienced and qualified individuals and/or firms to advise, counsel, and represent the City of South Miami in pursuing legislative initiatives, grant applications and awards at the federal government level.

Publication Date/Time:
3/6/2019 10:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/27/2019 10:00 AM
Pre-bid Meeting:
None Scheduled
Contact Person:

Steven P. Kulick,
Chief Procurement Officer
Email: skulick@southmiamifl.gov
Fax Number:
Fax (305) 669-2636
Related Documents:

Attachment Preview

RFP #CSM2019-05
SUBMITTAL DUE DATE: March 27, 2019 at 10 AM
Solicitation Cover Letter
The City of South Miami, Florida (hereinafter referred to as “CSM”) through its chief executive officer (City
Manager) hereby solicits sealed proposals responsive to the City’s request (hereinafter referred to as “Request for
Proposals” or “RFP”). All references in this Solicitation (also referred to as an “Invitation for Proposals” or
“Invitation to Bid) to “City” shall be a reference to the City Manager, or the manager’s designee, for the City of
South Miami unless otherwise specifically defined or unless the context in which the word is used requires it to
mean the City of South Miami.
The City is hereby requesting sealed proposals in response to this RFP #CSM2019-05 “Federal Lobbying
Services.” The purpose of this Solicitation is to contract for the services necessary for the completion of the
project in accordance with the Scope of Services, (Exhibit 1, Attachments A & B,) and Respondent’s Cost
and Technical Proposal, or the plans and/or specifications, if any, described in this Solicitation (hereinafter referred
to as “the Project” or “Project”).
Interested persons who wish to respond to this Solicitation can obtain the complete Solicitation package at the City
Clerk’s office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by accessing the following webpage:
http://www.southmiamifl.gov/ which is the City of South Miami’s web address for solicitation information.
Proposals are subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions contained in the complete Solicitation Package,
including all documents listed in the Solicitation.
The Proposal Package shall consist of one (1) original unbound proposal, five (5) additional copies, (three (3) ring
binders are not permitted), and one (1) digital (or comparable medium including Flash Drive, DVD or CD) copy all
of which shall be delivered to the Office of the City Clerk located at South Miami City Hall, 6130 Sunset Drive,
South Miami, Florida 33143. The entire Proposal Package shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope or container and
shall have the following Envelope Information clearly printed or written on the exterior of the envelope or container
in which the sealed proposal is delivered: “Federal Lobbying Services,” RFP #CSM2019-05 the name of the
Respondent person or entity responding to the Solicitation.
Special envelopes such as those provided by UPS or Federal Express will not be opened unless they contain the
required Envelope Information on the front or back of the envelope. Sealed Proposals must be received by Office
of the City Clerk, either by mail or hand delivery, no later than 10:00 A.M. local time (the “Closing Date”) on
March 27, 2019.
A public opening will take place at 10:00 a.m. on the same date in the City Commission Chambers located at City
Hall, 6130 Sunset Drive, South Miami 33143. Any Proposal received after 10:00 a.m. local time on said date will not
be accepted under any circumstances. Any uncertainty regarding the time a Proposal is received will be resolved
against the person submitting the proposal and in favor of the Clerk’s receipt stamp. Hand delivery must be
made Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., unless a different time is provided above for the
Closing Date, to the office of City Clerk.
Proposals are subject to the terms, conditions and provisions of this letter as well as to those provisions, terms,
conditions, affidavits and documents contained in this Solicitation Package. The City reserves the right to award the
Project to the person with the lowest, most responsive, responsible Proposal, as determined by the City, subject to
the right of the City, or the City Commission, to reject any and all proposals, and the right of the City to waive any
irregularity in the Proposals or Solicitation procedure and subject also to the right of the City to award the Project,
and execute a contract with a Respondent or Respondents, other than to one who provided the lowest Proposal
Price or, if the Scope of the Work is divided into distinct subdivisions, to award each subdivision to a separate
Nkenga A. Payne, CMC
City Clerk
City of South Miami
RFP #CSM2019-05
The Scope of Services and the Schedule of Values, if any, are set forth in the attached EXHIBIT 1.
RFP #CSM2019-05
1 Advertisement/ Distribution of Solicitation & Cone of Silence
Deadline to Submit Questions
Deadline to City Responses to Questions
Deadline to Submit RFP Response
6 Projected Announcement of selected Contractor/Cone of
Silence ends
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
7:00 PM
RFP #CSM2019-05
1. Purpose of Solicitation. The City of South Miami is requesting proposals for the lowest and most responsive
price for the Project. The City reserves the right to award the contract to the Respondent whose proposal is
found to be in the best interests of the City.
2. Qualification of Proposing Firm. Response submittals to this Solicitation will be considered from firms normally
engaged in providing the services requested. The proposing firm must demonstrate adequate experience,
organization, offices, equipment and personnel to ensure prompt and efficient service to the City of South Miami.
The City reserves the right, before recommending any award, to inspect the offices and organization or to take
any other action necessary to determine ability to perform in accordance with the specifications, terms and
conditions. The City of South Miami will determine whether the evidence of ability to perform is satisfactory
and reserves the right to reject all response submittals to this Solicitation where evidence submitted, or
investigation and evaluation, indicates inability of a firm to perform.
3. Deviations from Specifications. The awarded firm shall clearly indicate, as applicable, all areas in which the
services proposed do not fully comply with the requirements of this Solicitation. The decision as to whether an
item fully complies with the stated requirements rests solely with the City of South Miami.
4. Designated Contact. The awarded firm shall appoint a person to act as a primary contact with the City of South
Miami. This person or back-up shall be readily available during normal work hours by phone, email, or in person,
and shall be knowledgeable of the terms of the contract.
5. Precedence of Conditions. The proposing firm, by virtue of submitting a response, agrees that City’s General
Provisions, Terms and Conditions herein will take precedence over any terms and conditions submitted with
the response, either appearing separately as an attachment or included within the Proposal. The Contract
Documents have been listed below in order of precedence, with the one having the most precedence being at
the top of the list and the remaining documents in descending order of precedence. This order of precedence
shall apply, unless clearly contrary to the specific terms of the Contract or General Conditions to the Contract:
a) Addenda to Solicitation
b) Attachments/Exhibits to the Solicitation
c) Solicitation
d) Attachment/Exhibits to Supplementary Conditions
e) Supplementary Conditions to Contract, if any
f) Attachment/Exhibits to Contract
g) Contract
h) General Conditions to Contract, if any
i) Respondent’s Proposal
6. Response Withdrawal. After Proposals are opened, corrections or modifications to Proposals are not
permitted, but the City may allow the proposing firm to withdraw an erroneous Proposal prior to the
confirmation of the proposal award by City Commission, if all of the following is established:
a) The proposing firm acted in good faith in submitting the response;
b) The error was not the result of gross negligence or willful inattention on the part of the firm;
c) The error was discovered and communicated to the City within twenty-four (24) hours (not including
Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday) of opening the proposals received, along with a request for
permission to withdraw the firm’s Proposal; and
d) The firm submits an explanation in writing, signed under penalty of perjury, stating how the error was
made and delivers adequate documentation to the City to support the explanation and to show that
the error was not the result of gross negligence or willful inattention nor made in bad faith.
7. The terms, provisions, conditions and definitions contained in the Solicitation Cover Letter shall apply to these
instructions to Respondents and they are hereby adopted and made a part hereof by reference. If there is a
conflict between the Cover Letter and these instructions, or any other provision of this Solicitation, the Cover
Letter shall govern and take precedence over the conflicting provision(s) in the Solicitation.
8. Any questions concerning the Solicitation or any required need for clarification must be made in writing, by 10
AM, March 20, 2019 to the attention of Steven P. Kulick, Chief Procurement Officer at
skulick@southmiamifl.gov or via facsimile at (305) 669-2636.
9. The issuance of a written addendum is the only official method whereby interpretation and/or clarification of
information can be given. Interpretations or clarifications, considered necessary by the City in response to such
questions, shall be issued by a written addendum to the Solicitation Package (also known as “Solicitation
Specifications” or “Solicitation”) by U.S. mail, e-mail or other delivery method convenient to the City and the
City will notify all prospective firms via the City’s website. It is the responsibility of the Respondent to keep
apprised of the publishing of addenda on the City’s website.
10. Verbal interpretations or clarifications shall be without legal effect. No plea by a Respondent of ignorance or
the need for additional information shall exempt a Respondent from submitting the Proposal on the required
date and time as set forth in the public notice.
11. Cone of Silence: You are hereby advised that this Request for Proposals is subject to the “Cone of Silence,” in
accordance with Section 8A-7, of the City’s Code of Ordinance. From the time of advertising until the City
Manager issues his recommendation, there is a prohibition on verbal communication with the City’s professional
staff, including the City Manager and his staff and members of the City Commission. The Cone of Silence
ordinance, Section 8A-7, has been duplicated at the end of these instructions.
12. Violation of these provisions by any particular Respondent or proposer shall render any recommendation for
the award of the contract or the contract awarded to said Respondent or proposer voidable, and, in such event,
said Respondent or proposer shall not be considered for any Solicitation including but not limited to one that
requests any of the following a proposal, qualifications, a letter of interest or a bid concerning any contract for
the provision of goods or services for a period of one year. Contact shall only be made through regularly
scheduled Commission meetings, or meetings scheduled through the Purchasing Division, which are for the
purposes of obtaining additional or clarifying information.
13. Lobbying. "Lobbyist" means all persons (including officers and managers of a legal entity), firms, or legal entities
such as a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, employed or retained by a principal (including an
officer of the principal or an employee of the principal whose duties include marketing, or soliciting business,
for the principal) who seeks to encourage the passage, defeat, or modifications of (1) ordinance, resolution,
action or decision of the City Commission; (2) any action, decision, recommendation of the City Manager or
any City board or committee; or (3) any action, decision or recommendation of City personnel during the time
period of the entire decision-making process on such action, decision or recommendation which foreseeably
will be heard or reviewed by the City Commission, or a City board or committee. All firms and their agents
who intend to submit, or who submitted, bids or responses for this Solicitation, are hereby placed on formal
notice that neither City Commissioners, candidates for City Commissioner or any employee of the City of
South Miami are to be lobbied either individually or collectively concerning this Solicitation. Contact shall only
be made through regularly scheduled Commission meetings, or meetings scheduled through the Purchasing
Division, which are for the purposes of obtaining additional or clarifying information or as otherwise provided
for in the City’s Cone of Silence. Any presentation before a selection committee is considered to be lobbying;
however, the presentation team may avoid formal registration by complying with section 8A-5 (c) (9), of the
City’s Code of Ordinances. A presentation team affidavit is provided with this solicitation that may be used to
comply with presentations, if applicable. Anyone who submits a proposal, whether solicited or unsolicited, on
behalf of his or her principal or his or her employer is considered to be a lobbyist and must register. An officer
or manager of a legal entity who is submitting a proposal, whether solicited or unsolicited, is considered to be
a lobbyist. See section 8A-5 of the City’s Code of Ordinances for further information and contact the City
Clerk to register as a lobbyist.
14. Reservation of Right. The City anticipates awarding one contract for services as a result of this Solicitation and
the successful firm will be requested to enter into negotiations to produce a contract for the Project. The City,
however, reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to do any of the following:
a) to reject any and all submitted Responses and to further define or limit the scope of the award.
b) to waive minor irregularities in the responses or in the procedure required by the Solicitation
c) to request additional information from firms as deemed necessary.
d) to make an award without discussion or after limited negotiations. It is, therefore, important that all
the parts of the Request for Proposal be completed in all respects.
e) to negotiate modifications to the Proposal that it deems acceptable.
f) to terminate negotiations in the event the City deems progress towards a contract to be insufficient
and to proceed to negotiate with the Respondent who made the next best Proposal. The City
reserves the right to proceed in this manner until it has negotiated a contract that is satisfactory to
the City.
g) To modify the Contract Documents. The terms of the Contract Documents are general and not
necessarily specific to the Solicitation. It is therefore anticipated that the City may modify these
documents to fit the specific project or work in question and the Respondent, by making a Proposal,
agrees to such modifications and to be bound by such modified documents.
h) to cancel, in whole or part, any invitation for Proposals when it is in the best interest of the City.

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