05-04FEB20- Underground LP Storage Tanks

Agency: Boone County
State: Missouri
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237120 - Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
  • 238910 - Site Preparation Contractors
  • 238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
  • 332420 - Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Manufacturing
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Jan 21, 2020
Due Date: Feb 4, 2020
Solicitation No: 05-04FEB20
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05-04FEB20- Underground LP Storage Tanks
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Request for Bid (RFB)
Boone County Purchasing
613 E. Ash Street, Room 110
Columbia, MO 65201
Robert Wilson, Buyer
Phone: (573) 886-4393 – Fax: (573) 886-4390
Email: Rwilson@boonecountymo.org
Bid Data
Bid Number: 05-04FEB20
Commodity Title: Underground LP Storage Tanks
Day / Date:
Location / Address:
Bid Submission Address and Deadline
Tuesday, February 04, 2020
1:30 p.m. Central Time (Bids received after this time will be
returned unopened)
Boone County Purchasing
613 E. Ash Street, Room 110
Columbia, MO 65201
Day / Date:
Location / Address:
Bid Opening Address and Deadline
Tuesday, February 04, 2020
1:30 p.m. Central Time (Bids received after this time will be
returned unopened)
Boone County Purchasing
613 E. Ash Street, Room 110
Columbia, MO 65201
Bid Contents
1.0: Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
2.0: Primary Specifications
3.0: Response Presentation and Review
4.0: Response Form
Standard Terms and Conditions
“No Bid” Response Form
Bid # 05-04FEB20
Page 1
County of Boone
Purchasing Department
Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
INVITATION - The County of Boone, through its Purchasing Department, invites responses, which
offer to provide the goods and/or services identified on the title page, and described in greater detail
in Section 2.
County - This term refers to the County of Boone, a duly organized public entity. It may also be
used as a pronoun for various subsets of the County organization, including, as the context will
Purchasing - The Purchasing Department, including its Purchasing Director and staff.
Department/s or Office/s - The County Department/s or Office/s for which this Bid is prepared, and
which will be the end user/s of the goods and/or services sought.
Designee - The County employee/s assigned as your primary contact/s for interaction regarding
Contract performance.
Bidder / Contractor / Supplier - These terms refer generally to businesses having some sort of
relationship to or with us. The term may apply differently to different classes of entities, as the
context will indicate.
Bidder - Any business entity submitting a response to this Bid. Suppliers, which may be invited to
respond, or which express interest in this bid, but which do not submit a response, have no
obligations with respect to the bid requirements.
Contractor - The Bidder whose response to this bid is found by Purchasing to meet the best interests
of the County. The Contractor will be selected for award and will enter into a Contract for provision
of the goods and/or services described in the Bid.
Supplier - All business/s entities which may provide the subject goods and/or services.
Bid - This entire document, including attachments. A Bid may be used to solicit various kinds of
information. The kind of information this Bid seeks is indicated by the title appearing at the top of
the first page. A “Request for Bid” is used when the need is well defined. An “Request for
Proposal” is used when the County will consider solutions, which may vary significantly from each
other or from the County’s initial expectations.
Response - The written, sealed document submitted according to the Bid instructions.
BID CLARIFICATION - Questions regarding this Bid should be directed in writing, preferably by
e-mail or fax, to the Purchasing Department. Answers, citing the question asked but not identifying
the questioner, will be distributed simultaneously to all known prospective Bidders. Note: written
requirements in the Bid or its Amendments are binding, but any oral communications between
County and Bidder are not.
Bidder Responsibility - The Bidder is expected to be thoroughly familiar with all specifications and
requirements of this Bid. Bidders’ failure or omission to examine any relevant form, article, site or
document will not relieve them from any obligation regarding this Bid. By submitting a Response,
Bidder is presumed to concur with all terms, conditions and specifications of this Bid.
Bid Amendment - If it becomes evident that this Bid must be amended, the Purchasing Department
will issue a formal written Amendment to all known prospective Bidders. If necessary, a new due
date will be established.
AWARD - Award will be made to the Bidder(s) whose offer(s) provide the greatest value to the
County from the standpoint of suitability to purpose, quality, service, previous experience, price,
lifecycle cost, ability to deliver, or for any other reason deemed by Purchasing to be in the best
interest of the County. Thus, the result will not be determined by price alone. The County will be
seeking the least costly outcome that meets the County needs as interpreted by the County. The
County reserves the right to compare the lowest bid received with the current State contract pricing,
and award in the best interest of the County.
Bid # 05-04FEB20
Page 2
CONTRACT EXECUTION - This Bid and the Contractor’s Response will be made part of any
resultant Contract and will be incorporated in the Contract as set forth, verbatim.
Precedence - In the event of contradictions or conflicts between the provisions of the documents
comprising this Contract, they will be resolved by giving precedence in the following order:
1) the provisions of the Contract (as it may be amended);
2) the provisions of the Bid;
3) the provisions of the Bidder’s Response.
by the County’s standard “boilerplate” terms and conditions for Contracts, a sample of which is
attached to this Bid.
Bid # 05-04FEB20
Page 3
County of Boone
Purchasing Department
Primary Specifications
ITEMS TO BE PROVIDED - Boone County, hereafter referred to as “County”, proposes to contract
with an individual(s) or organization(s), hereinafter referred to as “Contractor” for the furnishing and
delivery of Underground LP Storage Tanks for Boone County, Missouri, Office of Joint
Delivery Terms: Delivery shall be made FOB Destination with freight charges fully included and
prepaid. The seller pays and bears the freight charges.
CONTRACT DURATION - The contract shall be effective from the date of award until the date of
project completion.
CONTRACT DOCUMENTS - The successful bidder(s) shall be obligated to enter into a written
contract with the County within 30 days of award on contract forms provided by the County. If
bidders desire to contract under their own written agreement, any such proposed agreement shall be
submitted in blank with their bid. County reserves the right to modify any proposed form agreement
or withdraw its award to a successful bidder if any proposed agreement contains terms and conditions
inconsistent with its bid or are unacceptable to county legal counsel.
PRICING – All prices shall be as indicated on the Response Form. The County shall not pay nor be
liable for any other additional costs including but not limited to taxes, packing, handling, shipping and
freight, insurance, interest, penalties, termination payments, attorney fees, liquidated damages, etc.
The unit price for the item(s) identified on the Response Form shall remain fixed for the identified
original contract period.
These specifications describe the purchase of three (3) underground LP storage tanks to be used as part
of a new building construction project at 2177 E. County Drive, Columbia, MO 65202. The new
structure is the Support Building located just north of the Boone County Emergency Communications
Center and will house Emergency Management material storage, a Boone County Joint
Communications technical shop, and a County operations storage area. Two (2) of the tanks will be
connected together with a basic manifold system furnished by Contractor and will supply fuel for
building heating. One (1) tank will be connected directly to the outdoor pad-mounted standby power
generator. Pipe extensions to generator and building will be provided by general contractor.
The work will include Contractor furnishing the three tanks, delivering them to the construction site,
unloading them at a location near the installation site, and performing specific piping work following
tank installation. The overall tank installation will be the responsibility of Little Dixie Construction,
the general contractor for the project. Contractor will be responsible to provide first stage regulators for
all three tanks and manifold together two of the tanks to provide extended operating time for the
building heating system. Little Dixie Construction will be responsible for piping from the tanks to the
building and to the generator.
Contractor will assist general contractor (or specialty subcontractor) in an advisory capacity regarding
tank positioning, support, leveling, backfill materials and placement, and overall tank and piping
Contractor will remove any shipping materials, cribbing or crating that arrived with the tanks and
dispose of materials offsite.
Contractor will have free access to the construction site for delivery by using an established direct route
that is provided for construction vehicles from Roger I. Wilson Drive through the Boone County Fire
Protection District training area.
Contractor shall contact County’s representative prior to delivery to make certain the tanks can be
received. Normal work hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, M-F.
2.7.1. Furnish quantity three (3) LP tanks specifically designed, engineered and finished for direct burial.
2.7.2. Capacity of each tank shall be nominal 1,000 gallons liquid.
2.7.3. Furnish each tank with vertical shroud assembly. Shroud assembly shall have a hinged lid for access to
top mounted fuel gauge and will protect line connections to tank. Shroud will anchor to tank with
provided metal tabs. Contractor to furnish nominal 28” high riser/shroud.
Bid # 05-04FEB20
Page 4
Contractor shall touch up any surface finish or coating damaged in shipment or handling by using a
manufacturer-approved coating product.
Contractor shall furnish the quantity of manufacturer recommended sacrificial anode devices with the
Contractor shall work cooperatively with County’s representative and general contractor in preparation
of site for installation of buried tanks.
All attachments shall be considered a part of this specification.
The following drawings and documents are included for use by Vendor:
A. C-3 Civil Site Plan
B. ME-1 Construction Details
The following items shall be submitted with the bid:
A. Project Pricing
B. Estimated delivery date
C. Detailed manufacturer spec sheet for tanks and any accessory items
SALES/USE TAX EXEMPTION - County will provide the Contractor with a completed Missouri
Project Exemption and Missouri Tax Exemption letter for Boone County, Missouri and the Contractor
shall be responsible for furnishing the exemption certificate and tax exemption letter to all authorized
sub-contractors and suppliers providing materials incorporated in the work. All invoices issued for
purchases for such materials, supplies, and taxable rentals shall be in the name of Boone County and
contain the project number assigned by Boone County for the contract awarded. It shall be the
responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that no sales or use taxes are included in the invoices and
that the County pays no sales/use taxes from which it is exempt. The Contractor shall be responsible
for obtaining revised exemption certificates and revised expiration dates if the work extends beyond
the estimated project completion date or a certificate expiration date. The Contractor shall also be
responsible for retaining a copy of the project exemption certificate for a period of five years and for
compliance with all other terms and conditions of section 144.062 RSMo. Not otherwise herein
specified. The Contractor agrees not to use or permit others to use the project exemption certificate
for taxable purchases of materials or rentals and supplies not directly incorporated into or used in the
work to which it applies and agrees to indemnify and hold the County harmless from all losses,
expenses and costs including litigation expenses and attorney fees resulting from the unauthorized use
of such project exemption certificates.
Invoices - The County’s Bid number should appear on the invoice.
Billing and Payment - Payment shall be made at the contract unit price of each of the pay items included
in the Contract and will be considered full compensation for all labor, material, and equipment. An
invoice should be submitted to Boone County Joint Communications for payment after project
completion. The billing address is Boone County Joint Communications, 2145 County Drive,
Columbia, MO 65202.
BID CLARIFICATION – Any questions or clarifications concerning bid documents should be
addressed in writing, PRIOR TO BID OPENING, to Robert Wilson by email to:
DESIGNEE: Boone County Joint Communications
AWARD OF CONTRACT - The County of Boone reserves the right to accept or reject any and all
bids in the best interest of the County.
Warranty - Attach detailed description of warranty or describe on Response Page.
Bid # 05-04FEB20
Page 5

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