Farm Photography Services

Agency: City of Redmond
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541922 - Commercial Photography
Posted Date: Mar 22, 2019
Due Date: Apr 12, 2019
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RFP 10638-19: Farm Photography Services

The City is soliciting proposals from qualified photographers to provide professional photography services at Farrel-McWhirter Park for the City's Parks and Recreation Department.

RFP 10638-19
Attachment A, Statement of Acknowledgement and References
Questions and Answers
Contact: Lucas Cometto, Sr. Purchasing Agent
Phone: 425-556-2184
Proposal Due Date: April 12, 2019, 2:00 p.m.
Status: Open, accepting proposals

Attachment Preview

City of Redmond, Washington
Purchasing Division, M/S: 3NFN
15670 NE 85th Street
PO Box 97010
Redmond, WA 98073-9710
RFP 10638-19
Request for Proposals
Farm Photography Services
The City is soliciting proposals from qualified photographers to provide professional photography
services at Farrel-McWhirter Park for the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.
Posting Date: March 21, 2019
Proposals Due: April 12, 2019 at 2:00PM (PST)
The City of Redmond, Washington (the “City”) requests interested parties to submit proposals for the above
referenced Request for Proposals (RFP).
Farrel-McWhirter Park is a 68-acre natural oasis of forest and farm located in northeast Redmond,
Washington, located at 19545 NE Redmond Road, Redmond, WA 98053. The park offers a truly unique
opportunity to interact with agriculture and nature, and members of the public have been enjoying the quaint
educational farm, birthday packages, horseback riding school, and fields and trails for nearly 40 years. In
addition to its beautiful landscape and engaging nature trail, the park contains a children’s animal farm and
horse arena that provides unique interaction with farm animals. To accommodate the popularity of capturing
Farrel-McWhirter’s many assets, the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation department seeks to provide
professional photography services and packages to the public.
Park Assets
The City of Redmond will provide access to the many unique and wonderful amenities at the park to help the
selected photographer create unique and memorable photographs for clients. Farrel-McWhirter has numerous
farm animal species including rabbits, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, ponies, sheep, and a cow. There are
numerous potential props ranging from the 1930’s hay barn, to straw bales, and natural elements such as
Mackey Creek and old growth forests. A John Deere tractor and farm equipment is also available for staging.
Onsite staff will provide support and animal handling, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the trails, fields, and
beautiful locations within the Park.
Desired Qualifications
An ideal candidate possesses 3+ years of professional photography experience and a robust portfolio that
demonstrates aptitude photographing families, babies and young children, high school senior photos, holiday
and themed photos, pet photography, engagement photos, and nature and animal photography. This work
RFP 10638-19Farm Photography Services
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calls for an artistic-oriented individual with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to photograph in outdoor
environments under varying weather conditions. Candidates must also possess excellent and responsive
communication and customer service skills.
Scope of Work
1. Potential candidates should be available on pre-scheduled Saturdays and Sundays. Photo sessions will
be advertised in the quarterly Recreation Activity Guide, Social Media, and on the web.
2. Photoshoot subjects will be children, teens, families, and adults. Anticipated requests include senior
photos, engagement photos, family portraits, pregnancy announcements, and children’s portraits. Ideal
candidates will be well versed with portfolio examples of each anticipated category.
3. The photographer will have access to client information after registration with the City of Redmond. The
photographer will be responsible for designing and creating a photo package that meets client needs.
4. The City of Redmond will work with the photographer to establish the price and the number of digital
photos included in the photo packages based on the photographer’s established professional rate.
5. Equipment: The selected photographer will supply their own professional photography equipment and
will use equipment advanced enough to capture quality photos for clients. The City maintains no
responsibility for the malfunction, wear, or breakdown of any camera equipment. In the event of camera
breakdown, the photographer will work to repair equipment as quickly as possible. The City reserves
the right to use other photographers during this period if the selected primary photographer cannot
service the City’s immediate need.
6. Inclement Weather: The selected candidate will provide an inclement weather photography policy that
will detail creative solutions for dealing with inclement weather, and will help limit cancellations.
Please note that one or more photographers may be selected to enter into a contract with the City, as a result
of this RFP process.
Background Checks
The selected photographer understands that the work to be performed under an agreement with the City may
involve the photographer having unsupervised access to children under sixteen years of age, developmentally
disabled persons, or vulnerable adults, as those terms are defined in RCW 43.43.830. The photographer
shall be responsible for the conduction of background checks on all of its staff/employees and shall be
prepared to provide proof of such, upon request by the City. The background check(s) shall be adequate
such that the photographer can certify that none of its personnel who will or may be given such access shall
1) Been convicted of any offense against children or other persons, as defined in RCW 43.43.830;
2) Been convicted of any crimes related to financial exploitation, where the victim was a vulnerable
adult, as defined in RCW 43.43.830; or
3) Been adjudicated in any civil action to have committed child abuse, as defined in RCW
43.43.830; or
4) Had a disciplinary board final decision rendered against them or has been convicted of criminal
charges associated with a disciplinary board final decision, as defined in RCW 43.43.830.
Should the City exercise a renewal option, the City and the photographer may discuss any necessary changes
to services and will confirm price/rates prior to each renewal. Acceptance of such a request will be at the sole
discretion of the City.
RFP 10638-19Farm Photography Services
Page 2 of 7
Proposed Timeline
The following table outlines the anticipated schedule for this RFP process. The City reserves the right to
modify or reschedule milestones as necessary.
RFP Announced
Proposals Due
Photographer(s) Selected and Contract(s) Developed
Main Task Order Timeframe
March 21, 2019
April 12, 2019 at 2:00PM (PST)
April 18, 2019
May 1st, 2019 to December 31th, 2020
Proposal Due Date/Time
2:00PM (local time) on Friday, April 12, 2019. The City’s Purchasing & Contracts Division must receive
proposals no later than said date and time. Submissions received after such time will be returned unopened.
By submitting a proposal, respondents acknowledge their satisfaction as to the size, scope and location of
the work to be performed. Proposals may be hand-delivered or mailed.
Hand-Delivery or FedEx/UPS:
Redmond City Hall
Purchasing Division, MS: 3NFN
15670 NE 85th Street
Redmond, WA 98052
(For hand-delivery, drop off on 1st floor at the Customer Service Desk)
U.S. Mail:
City of Redmond
Purchasing Division, MS: 3NFN
PO Box 97010
Redmond, WA 98073-9710
No emailed or faxed responses will be accepted. It is the respondent’s responsibility to ensure that any
mailed responses are received by Purchasing on time. Please place solicitation/RFP number on delivery
Response Requirements & Format
All costs for developing a response to this RFP are the obligation of the respondent and are not chargeable
to the City. The respondent must bear all costs associated with the preparation of the proposal and of any
oral presentation requested by the City. All responses and accompanying documentation will become
property of the City and will not be returned. Proposals may be withdrawn at any time prior to the published
close date, provided notification is received in writing to the below listed City agent(s). Proposals cannot be
withdrawn after the published close date.
RFP 10638-19Farm Photography Services
Page 3 of 7
Proposals must include all information requested and meet all specifications and requirements outlined in
this RFP. The following submittals must be part of your proposal; if any are not included, your proposal may
be judged as non-responsive. A committee will evaluate the submitted proposals. During the evaluation
process, the City reserves the right to request additional information or clarification from firms responding to
this RFP.
A complete proposal will include:
1) Cover letter stating:
a. Artist biography and background
b. Brief overview of relevant experience and qualifications
c. Experience working in inclement weather
d. Interest in work
e. Photographer contact information
2) Description of proposed product for Clients (i.e. print photos, a disc of photos, etc.) and proposed fee
structure and client photo packages. Note the City’s standard revenue-sharing breakdown splits profit
65/35 (the photographer retains 65%). Please include this calculation in the proposed budget.
3) A calendar of times and dates available between May 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2020. Please also
list preferential times and days of the week.
4) Description of photography equipment to be used on assignment.
5) Link to online portfolio or copies of relevant pictures attached that demonstrates competency towards
the desired qualifications.
6) Please complete and return Attachment A: Statement of Acknowledgement and References. This
attachment includes requirements for providing an Inclement Weather Plan and acknowledgment of
City of Redmond Business Licensing requirements.
Additional response requirements include the following:
7) Copies The City requires one (1) printed response copy, submitted on unbound, double-sided pages.
In keeping with the City’s environmental sustainability efforts, no bindings, cover page or table of
contents are required. Use of recycled content paper is preferred.
8) Business Name Proposals must be made in the official name of the firm or individual under which
business is conducted (showing official business address) and must be signed by a person duly
authorized to legally bind the person, partnership, company or corporation submitting the proposal. A
corporation must indicate place and date of incorporation.
9) Valid Time Period Provide a statement indicating the number of calendar days the submittal shall be
valid (the City’s minimum number of days is 60).
RFP 10638-19Farm Photography Services
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Selection and Award
All interested parties are requested to provide a response containing all required elements herein to the City by
the deadline given. A selection committee will review and evaluate all proposals, with the intention of selecting
a photographer who provides a proposal that, in the opinion of the City, provides the best value (receives the
highest score, as determined by the evaluation criteria listed below). If the selection committee so chooses,
respondents may be invited for an interview to supplement their submission.
One or more photographers may be selected to enter into a contract with the City, as a result of this RFP
process. In return for the listed services, the City agrees to purchase photographic services from the selected
photographer at the agreed-to prices for a period of one year from the date of contract execution. The City of
Redmond reserves the right to use other photographers if the selected primary photographer cannot service
the City’s immediate need.
Evaluation Criteria
Cost to Public; Pricing Structure; Fees
Quality and Creativity of Portfolio
Availability; Ability to Meet Program Scheduling Needs and Deadlines
Demonstrates Desired Qualifications Background, Experience Working
in Inclement Weather, Equipment
Inclement Weather Plan
Special Features, Talents or Aptitudes
100 pts
The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any irregularities or information in the
evaluation process. The final decision is at the City’s sole discretion and respondents to this request have no
appeal rights or procedures guaranteed to them.
The City reserves the right to re-evaluate photographers who were not originally short-listed at any time before
the determination of a finalist is made. Upon notification of an intent to award, the City reserves the right to limit
the period of contract development to thirty (30) days, after which time project award may be rescinded. The
City has the option not to award a contract at the end of this process.
Terms and Conditions
The City reserves the right to amend terms of this RFP to circulate various addenda, or to withdraw the RFP at
any time, regardless of how much time and effort firms may have spent on their responses. Terms of the
agreement are outlined in this solicitation and include the following documents, which are incorporated herein
by this reference:
RFP 10638-19
RFP 10638-19Farm Photography Services
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