Fall Resurfacing 2019 Invitation to Bid

Agency: Campbell County
State: Kentucky
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
Posted Date: Aug 2, 2019
Due Date: Aug 21, 2019
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Fall Resurfacing 2019 Invitation to Bid

Invitation to Bid

Bid Sheet

Affidavit of Residency Status

Affidavit of Non-Collusion

Attachment Preview

Date issued: Friday, August 2, 2019
For specification information call: Luke Mantle, Road Supervisor 859-635-9100
Bidders Name: ___________________________________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________________________
Firm/Company: __________________________________________________________
Phone # and email:________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________________________
Each bid should be in a SEPARATE ENVELOPE and have stated the opening date and time. Campbell
County Fiscal Court will not be responsible for any premature opening or failure to open a bid not properly
addressed or identified as stated above.
Bids must be received in the office of the County Business Analyst, Campbell County Administration
Building, 1098 Monmouth Street, Suite 323 Newport, Kentucky 41071, in a sealed envelope no later than:
2:00 P.M. Wednesday, August 21, 2019
At which time all received bids will be opened and read publicly in Conference Room 137 at the above address.
Bids may be rejected unless filled out in ink or typewritten and signed in ink by a proper agent of the firm.
Quotations must be submitted on Bid form indicating unit price for each item bid. If applicable, total extension
and a grand total bid shall be submitted.
Bidders are strongly encouraged to visit individual project locations. Bidders are invited to attend public
bid opening.
Campbell County Fiscal Court
1. All materials, equipment, construction procedures and any or all regulations that would pertain to a
similar project let to contract by the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highway or State of
Kentucky shall apply to this project.
2. All equipment (road broom, grader, rollers, self-propelled paver, safety edge block) shall meet the
current specifications and be approved for similar projects let to contract by the Kentucky Department of
Transportation and Bureau of Highways.
3. All cost of preparation (sweeping, cleaning, grading, tack coat, cutting key-ways at all intersections,
milling of bridges, membranes, posting of project date signs and no parking signs on streets to be milled
and/or resurfaced, traffic control, temporary traffic control signs, etc.) shall be incidental to the cost of
the mix laid. Contractor is responsible for installing advanced warning signs prior to project in
order to inform local traffic of expected start date.
4. Contractor will provide all necessary traffic control and flagging for project. Minimum two day notice
will be provided to residential streets by contractor prior to starting project.
5. Bridges - If bridge is part of the project - All bridges are to have key ways cut and not resurfaced unless
otherwise noted. Note (1) Bridge is to be milled to top of original deck and inspected. Do not damage
bridge deck. After CCRD inspection and, if needed, CCRD repair, membrane shall be installed and 1.5”
of bituminous surface applied. Royston Bridge Membrane 10A Easy Pave is required and will be
installed per manufacturer directions. Milled keys ways must accommodate 1.5” of applied bituminous
surface. See Bid Sheet.
6. Bituminous concrete base and bituminous concrete surface shall be based upon the current Campbell
County & Municipal Planning and Zoning Commission Subdivision Regulations, Appendix B.
7. Minimum asphalt content for asphalt base shall be 4.5% and for asphalt surface 5.5%.
8. Fabric or grid pavement reinforcement system/membrane installation maybe required, not to be
confused with Item #5, Bridges. Material shall be laid in place after leveling course is applied. Care will
be taken to ensure there are no ripples or tears in the material. Additional tack coat on top of leveling
course and other circumstances may be required per manufactures recommendation. See bid sheet.
9. Tack coat shall be as per Section 406 of the 2012 Edition of the Kentucky Standard Specifications for
Road and Bridge Construction. Uniform and complete coverage is expected. Tack coat must be fully
cured prior to asphalt application. After curing 0.4 pounds (0.05 gallon) per square yard application is
10. Bituminous concrete surface and/or base estimate based on per road calculations including; road
preparation, tack coat, application, placement, rolling, and flagging as measured by bidder.
11. Key Ways to be made will be marked in white paint by county. Key ways will be made at all
intersections and driveway entrances as needed. All debris from key ways WILL BE swept up and
12. Milling of existing concrete pavement or asphalt as needed. SEE BID SHEET.
SPECIFICATION- Areas to be milled listed on Bid Sheet. Existing pavement shall be milled at a width
Campbell County Fiscal Court
of 6 feet along indicated lines at a depth of 1.5 inches towards outside of roadway to ¼ inch nearest
centerline (width, depth and direction changes can be made at the discretion of the Road Department).
All work shall meet the latest specifications of the Kentucky Department of Highway’s Standard
Specifications for Bridge and Road Construction Section 408, 2012 edition. All tons to be figured in US
Tons. The Contracted scope of work will include all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals to
complete the milling job, including; all flagmen, trucking and disposal of the cuttings and cleaning of
milled surface and any temporary traffic control devices. County may keep some millings. Contractor
will post notifications on streets to be milled.
INSURANCE – Contractor shall submit a “Certificate of Insurance” showing proof of Kentucky’s
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and Liability insurance of not less than $500,000.00 prior to the
County issuing a Purchase Order for the project.
13. All material generated from milling and key ways will be picked up and hauled off site.
14. Leveling/scratch course material shall be bituminous surface or base and applied with paver. Needed
leveling/scratch course materials shall be approximated on Bid Sheet. Tonnage used for leveling/scratch
course will be kept separate from tonnage used for resurface course. Leveling/scratch course material
shall not exceed approximated tonnage without notification to Road Supervisor.
15. Billing to be from material installed based on the unit price. Contractor will provide Campbell County
with copies of all asphalt tickets. Contractor is encouraged to install all material that is bid. Contractor
will be responsible for a professional installation of bid material. Overruns of material will be discussed
PRIOR to installation. The contractor is responsible for not overrunning bid amounts of material and
may wave the costs of overruns.
16. Joint Sealing specifications are dictated by Section 807 of Kentucky Standard Specifications for
Road and Bridge Construction. All joints, except at driveway entrances, associated with the
project, including concrete joints in curbing, will be crack sealed and price included in the cost per
ton. Crack seal to be applied at intersection joints.
17. Striping may or may not be included. See Bid Sheet. If included all striping to be completed within
TWO business days or resurfacing being completed. Temporary striping to be installed as needed.
Penalties incurred for striping not installed equal to project not being complete. All Striping installed per
KYTC Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.
18. Contractor required to raise storm/sanitary sewer rings and water valve covers that are present within the
project extents. Contractor will have all necessary rings prior to resurfacing project.
19. Contractor will be required to not widen the project road with the bid depth of asphalt and only install
asphalt over existing asphalt unless otherwise directed by Campbell County. This will prevent asphalt
edge failure do to bid depth being installed on unprepared shoulder. Asphalt surface failure along the
edge of the project road which is a result of said practice will be the Contractors responsibility to repair
with 8” base and 2” surface installation at point of failure plus 25’ from either end for a period of six
months at no cost to the County. Best asphalt construction/installation practices should be employed.
Please talk to Road Supervisor for further questions.
20. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to include the installation of 30 degree safety edge (when
asphalt, new plus old, is greater than 1.5”), paving of field entrances, road approaches, driveway
entrances, milling to effect drainage etc. and perform any other duties as directed by the County.
Campbell County Fiscal Court
21. The Contractors Certified Technician shall furnish the County a report covering asphalt content and
gradation for all mixes laid. Copies of all Load Tickets must be furnished. These documents shall be
furnished during project and/or along with normal billing documents.
22. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids, or parts of bids, and to waive
irregularities and to negotiate with the best qualified bidder if they deem it to be the best interest of the
County to do so. Each bid total, road, is considered a separate project.
23. Reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders as described in KRS 45A.490-494 shall be applied
in accordance with 200 KAR 5:400.
24. Do not add or include Kentucky Sales & Use Tax. (County is tax exempt)
25. Contractor shall be on the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highways Approved and Pre-
qualified bidders list.
26. In the event of a tie, the bid with the earliest date/time received will be considered the successful bidder.
27. Each bid must be accompanied by a bid bond payable to the owner for (5%) FIVE PERCENT of the
grand total of the bid. The bid bond of the successful bidder will be retained until the performance bond
has been executed and approved, after which it will be returned. A certified check may be used in lieu
of a bid bond.
28. The successful bidder will be required to post a performance bond in the amount of (100%) ONE
HUNDRED PERCENT of the bid. Contractor is responsible for all permits, licenses, insurance and
incidentals. The bidder shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws.
29. The successful bidder shall commence substantial work on the project within thirty (30) days of the
acceptance of the bid by the County and direction of the Road Supervisor, and the project shall be
finished by the completion date:
Wednesday, November 11, 2019
This provision shall be binding on the successful bidder unless waived in writing by the County.
30. In the event the successful bidder fails to commence substantial work on the project within thirty (30)
days and the County does not waive this requirement, the County shall have the option to reject the bid
and to void the contract, and in such event to either accept the next lowest and best bidder or to negotiate
with the best qualified bidder.
31. In the event the successful bidder fails to complete the project by the completion date and the County
has not waived this requirement in writing, the County shall receive from the bidder (or withhold from
the bidder, at its option) liquidated damages of 1% per project per calendar day.
32. All the terms and conditions of these instructions to bidders and the specifications for this project shall
constitute, the part of, and incorporate into, the contract between the County and the successful bidder.
Campbell County Fiscal Court

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