FAC: Heating Oil Tank Removal

Agency: City of Manchester
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Posted Date: Oct 18, 2021
Due Date: Nov 9, 2021
Solicitation No: FY22-210-13
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FAC: Heating Oil Tank Removal

Questions: Ken Hopple

RFP Proposals Due: Tue Nov 9th, 2021 by 4:30PM

Attachment Preview

Department of Public Works
Facilities Division
475 Valley Street, Manchester NH 03103
(603) 624-6444
Issued October 18, 2021
Bids to be received no later than 4:30 PM Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Removal of Seven Heating Oil Tanks with Appurtenances
The City of Manchester, NH, through the Department of Public Works, Facilities Division, is requesting quotations/proposals via
this Request for Proposal (RFP) from interested contractors for the following:
The City of Manchester (via The Manchester School District) has one existing heating oil underground storage tank (UST) system
at each of its (7) seven school locations. The basic project scope involves removal of the complete heating oil UST system - from
the outside underground storage tank on through to the school’s interior at the point where the system lines connect to the boiler.
This includes, but not limited to: Removing the UST; sumps; all oil, vent, and electrical lines; interior pumps; electrical conduits;
and any alarm or monitoring panels complete, associated with the UST system; backfill and compaction. No asphalt replacement
will be included in this bid/RFP.
The City reserves the right to extend this contract to include additional related services at other City of Manchester facilities, other
School locations, and other City of Manchester departments for an additional three (3) years from contract execution.
It is anticipated that the work will begin, weather dependent, during the last week of April 2022 (April School Break Week); then
thereafter, the last week of June, and unless stated to the contrary by the Owner’s Representative, all work must be 100%
completed (for the April work) within the April School Break Week; and for the subsequent project(s) starting within the summer
month period (June, July, August), 100% completed within two weeks after the project’s start date, for each tank site contracted.
All (7) seven UST system removals will take place over the course of a two-school-year-period, April 2022 through August 2023,
containing within it two April School Break Weeks and two summer month periods.
If interested, requests for proposals will be received at the Public Works Department, front reception desk, Facilities Division, 475
Valley Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103, on or before November 9, 2021 not later than 4:30 PM. Proposals received
after 4:30 PM on the above date will not be considered. Any proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly marked
in the lower left hand corner “Removal of UST Systems FY22-210-13”.
The City will enter into a contract with the Awarding Contractor (Contractor) whose purpose will be responsible for all aspects of
the project. The Contractor will conduct a thorough review of all current existing conditions. The Contractor will be responsible
and must take responsibility for the entire contract performance, whether or not subcontractors are used.
The successful candidate will provide a Project Manager acceptable to the Facilities Division, having similar successful project
experience to the proposed project, and who shall personally supervise all aspects of the project through completion. The Project
Manager shall be the person who communicates with the Owner's Representative(s) and the New Hampshire Department of
Environmental Services (NHDES), attends any required site meetings, and follows through with all required NHDES
requirements. The Project Manager shall also attend (as requested) any meetings to justify change orders or assist in construction
problem resolution; this includes all project coordination, scheduling, sequencing, and implementation.
Interested candidates can visit all (7) seven schools (see Exhibit C for list of school addresses, tank location at each school, and
site walk-thru sequence of the schools) on Monday, October 25, 2021, the first walk-thru starting at 9:00am at the Parker Varney
Elementary School. Each meeting shall take place at the school’s UST location. Only one date (listed above) will be offered to
view any of the UST systems on the interior of the school buildings; however, the exterior of the UST systems can be viewed
alternatively after school hours (after 4pm) unescorted, provided prior email notice is given to the City’s Representative of their
Once proposals are received and vetted, the City shall prepare a Contract for the selected firm, to reflect the scope of services of
this RFP.
Josh Gagne
Chief Facilities Manager
Instructions and Requirements to Proposers:
All proposals must be received, no later than Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 4:30 PM at:
City of Manchester, DPW – Facilities, front reception desk, 475 Valley Street, Manchester NH, 03103, attention Ken Hopple.
Proposals received later than 4:30 PM on the above date will not be considered. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed
envelope and clearly marked in the lower left hand corner “Removal of UST Systems FY22-210-13”.
Questions or comments regarding this RFP shall be directed only via email to Ken Hopple at
khopple@manchesternh.gov and be received no later than Thursday, October 28, 2021. All questions and
responses pertaining to this RFP and/or any amendments will be posted to the City’s purchasing website at
www.manchesternh.gov/purchasing by Tuesday, November 2, 2021. It is the proposer’s responsibility to
check the website prior to the submittal deadline to ensure they have the most up-to-date information
pertaining to the RFP. In addition, any addendums must be acknowledged in the submitted proposal.
The DPW is not responsible for proposals not properly marked, omitted proposal documents, or proposals
not received as directed above.
Summary and Work Scope Requirements:
The Contractor will supply all labor, vehicles, tools, testing apparatus, material, and parts, satisfying all Federal, State,
and Local laws, requirements, and guidelines, to satisfactorily undertake, carryout, and complete the awarded project(s)
in a timely manner.
Any equipment or materials in conjunction with the project shall not be brought on-site more than (3) working days prior
to the start of any project, and must be removed no later than (3) working days after completion of the project - the
exception being (10) working days after project completion for the 55gal drum removal of the UST waste material.
Unless approved by the City’s Representative, once the project has begun the Contractor will be on-site each consecutive
day making reasonable progress, up through to the final walk-thru/punch list day (last day of work).
Unless approved by the City’s Representative, the on-site days/hours shall be limited to Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm.
The Contractor shall inform and give advance notice to NHDES (fulfilling their notification requirements) of any
anticipatory tank activates necessary for them to carry out State requirements, and throughout, shall fully cooperate with
NHDES in meeting all applicable laws associated with the project.
The Contractor shall be responsible for making sure a NH State Licensed Environmental Consultant (or equivalent)
satisfies all the NH State NHDES requirements for a proper UST removal and closure operation, when applicable.
All NHDES required documentation and subsequent submissions to NHDES will be the responsibility of the Contractor.
It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to make safe and secure the construction area from student/staff/general
pedestrian traffic, using appropriate barricades, caution tape, or whatever means necessary to reduce risk of injury or
It shall be the City’s responsibility to make safe electrical power feed to the UST system prior to contractor removal of
conduit, pumps, and monitoring or alarm panels.
The Contractor shall be responsible for properly removing and disposing off school property all liquid waste water/oil
and heavier sludge from each of the contracted UST systems.
Unless stated otherwise by the City’s Representative, the entire UST system, once removed, shall be transported off
school property and properly disposed of according to all applicable laws.
Any ground or groundwater contamination resulting from the project activities shall be the responsibility of the
Contractor, who shall bear the full costs associated with the subsequent cleanup, up to NHDES’ approval.
Deadmans or concrete ballasts connected with anchoring the UST are permitted to remain, but the upper portion of the
steel tank strapping used to hold the UST down shall be removed.
Any building thru-holes remaining after the UST system removal shall be thru-plugged with concrete to the owner’s
Any backfill material shall only be earth, free of any contaminants, whether trash or VOC’s and, in those areas where
asphalt pavement is expected to be laid, the top-most 12” shall be made up of a dirt/gravel mix customarily used as a
suitable subbase under pavement, deposited no less than 1” to the top of any existing pavement. Any backfilling shall be
reasonably compacted (in lifts not exceeding 8”) to prevent potential settling, leading itself to future pavement sinking, to
the owner’s satisfaction.
The Contractor will grade any disturbed earthen area so as to neatly and uniformly match the surrounding existing grade.
The Contractor will be responsible for full cleanup of any removed asphalt and excess backfill material off school
Content of Proposals:
The following information shall be required in the bid documents. Please keep in the order as
requested below:
a. Company name, owner, and principal contact, address, telephone, cell phone, and established date
of your company/firm.
b. If you or your agency has had a contract terminated for default during the past five years, all such incidents must
be described. Termination for default is defined as notice to stop performance due to the vendor’s
nonperformance or poor performance; and the issue was either (a) not litigated or (b) litigated and such litigation
determined the vendor to be in default. If default occurred, list complete name, address and telephone number of
the party. If no such terminations for default have been experienced by the vendor in the past five years, please
declare that.
c. Contractor may submit any additional information as deemed necessary or helpful to the City of Manchester’s
evaluation process.
d. Provide a completed Proposal (Exhibit A) for full services requested. Outline any additional costs
or upcharges.
e. A final signed and executed contract with the selected bidder/contractor must include all aspects of this RFP.
f. One (1) original of the proposal must be submitted.
Additional Bid and Project Information:
a. No late, telephone, fax, e-mail submissions, or modifications to proposals will be accepted.
b. Proposals that are incomplete to the discretion of the Owner’s Representative, not properly endorsed or signed,
incorrect, or otherwise contrary to these instructions, may be rejected by the DPW.
c. Costs incurred for the preparation of the proposal shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor/vendor
submitting the proposal.
d. Any travel costs, fuel surcharges, meals, and time for travel to and from Manchester shall be already included
and accounted for in the proposal. No reimbursements for these costs will be considered by the City during the
bidding phase or construction service.
e. A proposal may be withdrawn and resubmitted only if done prior to the stated deadline for submission. Such
request for withdrawal must be made via email only to: khopple@manchesternh.gov.
f. The successful bidder, within (1) week of being chosen and/or selected, will be required to supply a current
Certificate of Insurance (COI) that meets or exceeds the City's insurance requirements and to name the
Manchester Department of Public Works and the City of Manchester as “Additional Insureds” on their current
g. The City reserves the right to accept any proposal, in whole or in part, to achieve the best proposal as
determined by the City at its sole discretion.
h. The City reserves the right to request financial history of the contractor for internal use only.
i. The City shall prepare a contract agreement for the selected firm, to reflect the scope of services of this RFP
(See Exhibit F as an example).
j. All stated information in this RFP is to the best of our knowledge. It is the responsibility of the proposing
contractor to gather and review this information and any available documents or plans, in order to verify any
information necessary, to provide a complete and accurate proposal.
k. Proposers must specifically identify any portions of their submittals deemed to contain confidential or
proprietary information, or trade secrets. Those portions must be readily separable from the balance of the
proposal. Such designations will not necessarily be conclusive, and proposers may be required to justify why
the DPW should not, upon written request, disclose such materials.
The City shall require the awarded Contractor to hold their proposal pricing for a period of (1) year after the
proposal award date, with therein (4) four UST systems required to be removed within the first year, those
being Parker Varney, Highland Goffe’s Falls, McDonough, and Weston Elementary Schools), after which
the City will give a cost-of-living increase of 3% to the first year proposal price to the remaining (3) three
UST systems scheduled for removal during the second year. The awarded Contractor shall agree to hold the
per gallon tank liquid and sludge (non-liquid) waste as stated in their Exhibit A Proposal throughout the first
UST removal year, with an additional 3% cost-of-living surcharge to such pricing applicable to the UST
systems scheduled for removal the second year.
The City reserves the right to extend this contract to include additional related services at other City of
Manchester facilities, other School locations, and other City of Manchester departments for an
additional three (3) years from contract execution.
Evaluation Criteria:
1) Qualifications of Contractor and Contractor’s related experience
2) Contractor’s reputation for timely quality performance
3) Proposal costs, and rates (if applicable)
4) Contractor’s past performance(s)
5) Contractor’s ability to provide future maintenance and/or services
6) Location of Contractor’s proximity to Manchester, NH
7) Any other applicable factors as DPW determines necessary and appropriate

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