Estimating Services, Vehicle Damage, Term Contract

Agency: Baltimore County
State: Maryland
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Jan 25, 2024
Due Date: Feb 9, 2024
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Title: Estimating Services, Vehicle Damage, Term Contract
RFB Number: B-10000200 (PDF)
Description: Baltimore County is soliciting bids to establish a term agreement for vehicle damage estimating services. This solicitation may result in multiple awards, with general rotation between the Contractors.
Bid Due Date/Time: 02/09/24, 3 p.m.
WebEx Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: None
Buyer: Brian Mohney, 410-887-3243,

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Due Date: 02/09/24, Time: 3:00 PM
PHONE: 410-887-3243
Amendments to solicitations often occur prior to bid opening and
sometimes within as little as 48 hours prior to bid opening. It is the
potential vendor’s responsibility to frequently visit the Procurement
Services web site
( to
obtain amendments once they have downloaded a solicitation.
____Have you signed your bid?
____Have you signed the Procurement Affidavit?
____Have you filled out all applicable forms?
____Have you returned the original? (and required duplicate
copies when required?)
____Have you signed and returned amendments?
____Have you included the bid bond, if required?
____Have you completed, signed and included all
required MBE/WBE forms and documents? (if applicable)
Revised 06/26/2012
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General Instructions for Solicitations
1. Instructions, Forms and Specifications
2. Award of Solicitations
3. Reservations
4. Delivery
5. Competition
6. Terminations
7. Hold Harmless - Indemnification
8. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Notice
9. Authority
10. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
11. Reports
12. Terms of Contract
13. Severability
14. Counterparts
15. Survival
16. No Waiver, Etc.
17. Maryland Registration / Qualification Requirements
18. Eligibility of Candidates for Employment
19. Warranty
20. American Manufactured Goods Required for Public Works
II. Procurement Affidavit
III. First Source Hiring Agreement Overview Acknowledgement
IV. Intent To Bid Form
V. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification
VI. Insurance Provisions
VII. General Conditions
VIII. References
IX. Bid Signature Cover Page
X. Price Sheets
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Revised 06/26/2012
General Instructions for Solicitations
1. Instructions, Forms and Specifications
1.1 All bids/proposals are to be submitted on and in
accordance with the forms provided by the Division of
Procurement Services. All bids must be submitted in a sealed
envelope/carton or electronically as specified in the
General Conditions. All bids must be clearly identified with
TIME for mailed and/or hand-delivered submittals and
SOLICITATION NUMBER for electronic submittals. Bid
times are either Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight
Time, whichever prevails. Late bids will not be considered.
1.2 Responses to Requests for Bids and Requests for
Proposals shall be accompanied by an executed
Procurement Affidavit, as provided by the Division of
Procurement Services. This does not apply to Requests
for Quotations.
1.3 Amendments to solicitations often occur prior to bid
opening and sometimes within hours prior to bid opening.
All bidders are responsible for frequently visiting the
Procurement Services web site to obtain amendments
once they have downloaded a solicitation.
1.4 Additional information or clarification of any of the
instructions or information contained herein may be
obtained from the Division of Procurement Services. The
County assumes no responsibility for oral instructions or
suggestions. All official correspondence in regard to this
solicitation must be directed to, and will be issued by, the
Division of Procurement Services.
1.5 Bidders finding any discrepancy in or omission from
the specifications, in doubt as to meaning, or asserting that
the specifications are discriminatory, shall notify the
Division of Procurement Services in writing at once, but in
no case later than five (5) business days prior to the
scheduled opening of bids. Exceptions stated do not
obligate the County to change the specifications. The
Division of Procurement Services will notify all bidders in
writing, by amendment duly issued, of any substantive
revisions to specifications or instructions.
1.6 Unless a written exception detailing non-conformance
to specifications is noted on the bid, any part number,
product number, catalog number, etc., noted on the bid will
be considered in full compliance with the specifications.
1.7 Submission of a bid in response to this solicitation
evidences the bidder’s acceptance of these General
Instructions and the terms and conditions of the solicitation.
Submission of a bid evidences bidder’s representation and
warranty that the person submitting the bid response is
authorized to act for and bind the contractor.
1.8 All original and duplicate bids/proposals and other
attachments, related documents and correspondence,
including all follow-up documents and correspondence,
shall be typed or written in English. All
prices/percentages and/or other monetary figures shall
be in United States dollars.
1.9 Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals
should be accompanied by an electronic version
(Compact Disc) of the bid proposal in PDF format. It
shall be the bidder's responsibility to verify that the
electronic version is complete. The electronic version of
the non-successful proposal response will be the only
version retained by Baltimore County. The Compact
Disc must be labeled with the bid number, the bid title,
and the bidder’s name submitting the response. All
bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope or carton
as appropriate. This does not apply to Requests for
1.10 Issuing Officer: The sole point of contact for the
County for purposes of this solicitation is the Buyer,
listed on the cover page; questions regarding any
aspect of the competitive process must be directed to
the Buyer, in writing.
2. Award of Solicitations
2.1 Any award pursuant to Requests for Quotation
and Requests for Bid is made to the lowest responsive
and responsible bidder following the public opening of
bids under Section 10-2-406 of the Baltimore County
Code, 2003, as amended.
2.2 Awards on Requests for Quotations and
Requests for Bid will be made within sixty (60) days
after bid opening unless otherwise indicated in this
solicitation. No bidder will be allowed to withdraw a bid
during that period.
2.3 The successful bidder may be required to give
security or bond, as stated in the bid document, for
performance of the contract.
2.4 When there is a conflict between the unit price or
percentage and the extension, the unit price or
percentage will prevail as the amount of the bid.
2.5 Cash discounts will be considered in determining
awards. However, cash discount offers must allow not
less than 30 days to be considered in bid evaluation. A
bid offering a cash discount in a period of less than 30
days will be evaluated as a bid without a discount offer;
however, should that bidder obtain award by
consideration of the gross price, the County shall make
every effort to obtain the discount. The County will not
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accept any payment terms with a period of less than 30
2.6 Invoices against resulting order(s) must be submitted,
in duplicate, to the Office of Budget and Finance,
Disbursements Section, 400 Washington Avenue, Room
148, Towson, Maryland 21204-4665. Invoices must show
the vendor's Federal Tax Identification Number or Social
Security Number, as appropriate, and order number and
line number(s) that correspond with resulting order(s).
2.7 The County will not pay interest charges or other
penalties for invoice payments.
3.7 Notwithstanding any other terms or provisions of
the contract, in the event the County is temporarily or
permanently prevented, restricted or delayed in the
performance of any or all of the duties and obligations
imposed upon or assumed by it thereunder, by act of
the General Assembly of Maryland or the Baltimore
County Council, by a court of competent jurisdiction or
by administrative delay not due to the fault of the
County (and its members and agents) shall not be liable
directly or indirectly for any claims caused to or suffered
by the Contractor or any other person in connection
with or as a result of such prevention, restriction or
2.8 Prices quoted shall be exclusive of all non-
applicable Federal and Maryland State taxes. Tax
exemption certificate will be furnished if required.
2.9 The County reserves the right to consider making
payments via electronic funds transfers (EFT) on contracts
for which this payment vehicle may be appropriate.
3. Reservations
3.1 The County reserves the right to reject, in whole or in
part, any and all bids received, and to make a whole award,
multiple awards, a partial award, or no award, to best serve
the public interest.
3.2 The County may waive formalities in bids as the
interests of the County may require.
3.3 The County reserves the right to increase or decrease
quantities by approximately twenty (20) percent to be
purchased at the prices bid.
3.4 The County reserves the right to award solicitations
or place orders on a lump sum or individual item basis, or
in such combination as to best serve the public interest.
3.5 The County may waive minor differences,
irregularities, and technicalities in the specifications,
provided they neither violate the specifications intent,
materially affect the operation for which the items or
services are being purchased, nor increase estimated
maintenance and repair costs to the County.
3.6 At any time during normal business hours and as
often as the County may deem necessary, the Contractor
shall make available to and permit inspection and
photocopying, by the County, its employees or agents, of
all records, information and documentation of the
Contractor related to the subject matter of this contract,
including, but not limited to, all contracts, invoices, payroll,
and financial audits.
3.8 The County further reserves the right to make
such investigation as it deems necessary to determine
the ability of bidders to furnish the required services,
and bidders shall furnish all such information for this
purpose as the County may request. The County also
reserves the right to reject the proposal of any bidder
who is not currently in a position to perform the contract,
or who has previously failed to perform similar contracts
properly, or in a manner acceptable to the County, all
of which shall be in the County’s sole discretion.
4. Delivery
4.1 Bidders shall guarantee delivery of materials in
accordance with the delivery schedule stated in
specifications. All items shall be delivered F.O.B.
Destination/Inside Delivery, unless otherwise indicated,
with delivery costs and charges included in the bid
4.2 The County reserves the right to charge the
Contractor or vendor for each day the materials,
supplies, or services are not delivered in accordance
with the delivery schedule. The sum established by the
specifications may be invoked at the discretion of the
Procurement Services Agent, said sum to be
considered not as a penalty, but as liquidated damages,
and deducted from final payment, or otherwise,
charged to the Contractor or vendor. This remedy is
not exclusive but shall be in addition to all other rights
and remedies available to the County. These liquidated
damages shall be in addition to any and all actual
damages incurred directly or indirectly by the County,
its agents, assigns, and contractors.
4.3 All bidders and vendors are to ensure that
packaging materials used for this requirement are not
made of non-recyclable Styrofoam (Polystyrene).
Additionally, any materials used in packing to cushion,
protect and ship are to be made of recycled, recyclable
or biodegradable materials.
Revised 11/18/13
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5. Competition
5.1 The name of any manufacturer, trade name, or
vendor catalog number mentioned in the specifications is
for the purpose of designating a standard of quality and
type, and for no other purpose unless otherwise stated in
the solicitation.
5.2 A bidder may offer a price on only one unit per line
item. Even though two or more units may meet the
specification, bidders must determine for themselves which
to offer. Submission by a bidder of prices for more than
one unit shall be sufficient cause for rejection of the bid for
that specific item.
5.3 Bids which show omission, irregularity, alteration of
forms or additions not called for, as well as conditional or
unconditional unresponsive bids, or bids obviously
unbalanced, may be rejected.
5.4 All bids must be accompanied by such descriptive
literature as may be called for by the specifications or
5.5 If products to be provided to the County contain any
substances that could be hazardous or injurious to a
person's health, a material safety data sheet (MSDS) must
be provided to the Division of Procurement Services. This
applies also to any product used by a Contractor when
providing a service to the County.
5.6 Specifications are based on County needs and uses,
estimated costs of operations and maintenance, and other
significant and/or limiting factors to meet County
requirements, and to ensure consistency with County
policies. Minimum specifications, and maximum
specifications where included, are not established
arbitrarily to limit competition or to exclude otherwise
competitive bidders.
5.7 Unless multiple or alternate bids are requested in the
solicitation, these bids may not be accepted. However, if a
bidder clearly indicates a base bid, it shall be considered
for award as though it were the only bid submitted by the
6. Terminations
6.1 Termination for Convenience: The County may
terminate a contract, in whole or in part, without cause, by
providing written notice thereof to the Contractor. In the
event of termination, without cause, the County shall advise
the Contractor in writing of the termination date and of work
to be performed during the final days prior to contract
termination. The Contractor shall be paid for all reasonable
costs incurred by the Contractor up to the date of
termination set forth in the written notice of termination.
The Contractor will not be reimbursed for any
anticipatory profits, which have not been earned up to
the date of termination. Payments to be provided on a
lump sum basis shall be prorated by the County based
on the services rendered or goods delivered up to the
date of termination set forth in the written notice.
6.2 Termination for Default:
6.2.1 In addition to other available rights and
remedies, the County shall have the right upon the
happening of any default, without providing notice to the
Contractor: 1) To terminate a contract immediately, in
whole or in part; 2) To suspend the contractor's
authority to receive any undisbursed funds; and/or 3)
To proceed at any time or from time to time to protect
and enforce all rights and remedies available to the
County, by suit or any other appropriate proceedings,
whether for specific performance or any covenant, term
or condition set forth in the contract, or for damages or
other relief, or proceed to take any action authorized or
permitted under applicable law or regulations.
6.2.2 Upon termination of a contract for default, the
County may elect to pay the Contractor for services
provided or goods delivered up to the date of
termination, less the amount of damages caused by the
default, all as determined by the County in its sole
discretion. If the damages exceed the undisbursed
sums available for compensation, the County shall not
be obligated to make any further disbursements
6.3 Funding Out: If funds are not appropriated or
otherwise made available to support contract
continuation in any fiscal year, the County shall have
the right to terminate the contract without prior notice to
the Contractor and without any obligation or penalty.
7. Hold Harmless – Indemnification
7.1 The Contractor shall defend, indemnify and hold
harmless the County, its employees, agents and
officials from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, or
demands including attorney’s fees and court costs
which may be incurred or made against the County, its
employees, agents or officials resulting from any act or
omission committed in the performance of the duties
imposed by and performed under the terms of the
contract. The Contractor shall not be responsible for
acts of gross negligence or willful misconduct
committed by the County.
7.2 The Contractor shall also defend, indemnify and
hold harmless the County, its employees, agents and
officials from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, or
demands including attorney’s fees and court costs
Revised 11/18/13
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