Engineering Services

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Aug 20, 2019
Due Date: Sep 16, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP RFP#2019-TERM-SDR-2
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  • Engineering Services
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:26 days
  • Closing: 9/16/19 4:00 PM
  • Issued: 8/1/19 8:00 AM
  • Last Amended: 8/20/19
  • Buyer:Deanna Fehrer
  • 434-392-3782

  • Issued By:Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Type:Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Category:Professional Services
  • Work Location: Structures are located throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Web Address:
  • Pre-Bid Conference:
  • Open Responses:
  • Description:Engineering Services for Virginia Regulated Impounding Structures owned by Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
  • Amendment/Cancellation Information:Addendum #1 Q&A

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SDR_EngineeringRFP_2019_8-1_FINAL-1.pdf (867.53 KB) SDR Engineering RFP 2019 07/30/19 Solicitation
Q&ARFPTERMSDR.pdf (1.89 MB) 08/16/19 Solicitation

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Piedmont Soil & Water Conservation District
100-B Dominion Drive, Farmville, VA 23901
(434) 392-3782 •
Serving Amelia, Nottoway and Prince Edward Counties
Request for Proposals for Engineering Services for Virginia Soil and Water
Conservation District’s Small Dam Repair Program
Issue Date: August 1, 2019
Title: SWCD Engineering Contract Project Code SDR
Issuing District: Piedmont Soil & Water Conservation District, 100B Dominion Drive,
Farmville, VA 23901
Participating District: Blue Ridge, Hanover-Caroline, Lord Fairfax, Mountain Castles,
Peter Francisco, Piedmont, Robert E. Lee, Shenandoah Valley, Southside, and Thomas
Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Sealed Proposals are due to the above address by 4:00pm local time on September 16,
In compliance with this Request for Proposals (RFP), which includes the attached Table of Contents and all
provisions and appendices attached and referenced therein, and subject to all the terms and conditions set forth
herein, the undersigned offers and agrees to furnish the services described in the RFP cited above and submits
this signed proposal which includes this completed and signed page and all other required information and
forms as outlined in Section 5.0 on page 4 and 5. It is understood that this proposal and the scope of services
may be modified, by mutual agreement in subsequent negotiations.
Name and Address of Proposer:
Date: __________________________
By: _______________________________
(Signature in ink)
Typed Name: ________________________
_______________________________Zip: ___________
Title: _______________________________
FEIN/SSN# ____________________________________
Telephone No. (___) - _________________
Date: August 1, 2019
Email: ______________________________
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Section Description
Page Number
Owner’s Right to Issue RFPs and Project Orders
Scope of Services
Proposal Timeline
Proposal Requirements
Evaluation and Award of Contracts
Contract Term
Project Orders
Instructions to Offerors
Terms and Conditions
Appendix A - List of Owners and Dams
Appendix B Potential Projects
Appendix C DGS -30-018 - Terms and Conditions of the A/E Contract
Appendix D – DGS Forms AE1…AE6
Appendix E eVA Vendor Registration Requirements (DGS-30-384)
Electronic copies of the Request for Proposal can be found on the following website:
Date: August 1, 2019
Page 2 of 16
The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain the services of a qualified engineering
firm(s) to provide professional services for Virginia Regulated Impounding Structures (4VAC50-20)
owned by Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD), hereafter referred to as “Owners”. A list of
participating SWCDs (Owners) and dams is included in Appendix A.
The intent of this RFP is to contract with an engineering firm(s) who will agree to be available to
provide these services in a timely manner, thereby reducing SWCDs cost and time for advertising and
developing numerous RFPs, and generally to increase the efficiency in obtaining professional services.
The successful engineering firm(s) (“Consultant”) must demonstrate proven management skill and
technical competence in assisting SWCD clients with engineering services on dams. The Contract will
be on an “as needed” basis for a one (1) year base period with up to four (4) additional one year terms at
the option of the Issuing District.
Once a contract has been negotiated with the Consultant, all Owners will work directly with the
Consultant, independently of the Issuing District, including submitting project order for projects,
providing project oversight, negotiating project costs and making payments directly to the Consultant.
The Owner(s) reserves the right to issue RFPs for similar work as the need may occur. The Owner(s)
reserves the right to issue Project Orders to other Consultants under term contracts at its sole discretion,
based on its evaluation of Consultant’s current workload, capabilities, location or distance to the project,
and other factors as may be pertinent to the particular project.
All offerors must be able to provide engineering and other professional services as needed. Specialties
may include general civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, land surveying, hydrologic and
hydraulic engineering, environmental, cost estimation, and others as needed to fulfill the requirements of
the project. The following generally summarizes the types of scopes of services that the engineering
firm may be required to perform, depending on the individual Project Orders:
A. A project order must be issued from the Owner for each task prior to the start of work.
The project order will constitute the notice to proceed, unless otherwise indicated.
B. All individuals performing work under this Contract must have the appropriate licenses,
certifications or credentials that prove competence in tasks being performed.
C. Consultant shall perform services in compliance with industry standards and all federal,
state and local laws, ordinances and regulations including Virginia Dam Safety, United
States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-
NRCS), State Health Department, Virginia USBC, Virginia Occupational Safety and
Health Agency and OSHA regulations.
D. The services that may be provided under this Contract include but are not limited to the
Date: August 1, 2019
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1) Evaluations, analysis, surveys, designs, permitting, preparations of documents
(including drawings in latest AutoCad version or equivalent), specifications, field
inspections and investigations, cost and time estimates and As-Built records.
2) Engineering designs must be consistent with Virginia Regulated Impounding
Structures (4VAC50-20) and USDA-NRCS standards and specifications.
3) Coordination with Owner (SWCD) staff, USDA-NRCS, VA Dam-SWCD
engineer, other consultants and any contractors if necessary.
4) Investigate problems and prepare recommendations for corrective action on
SWCD owned dams.
5) Dam Break Inundation Zone Modeling and Mapping, ACER Technical
Memorandum No. 11, and Incremental Damage Analysis.
6) Other types of services of a nature consistent with the intent of this RFP as so
directed by the Owner.
7) Provide contract documents for bidding of construction projects.
8) Provide oversight of construction projects.
9) Prepare any needed applications for DCR Dam Safety Alteration Permit and any
other required project permits.
E. Project types that may be provided under this Contract include but are not limited to the
1) Wave Berm Design and Construction
2) Road Relocation Design and Construction
3) Graded Filter Design and Construction
4) Slope Grading Design and Construction
5) Low-Level Drain Replacement Design and Construction
6) Mid-Level Gate Design and Construction
7) Remote Monitoring System Design and Construction
The timeline for the RFP is as follows:
A. Issue RFP August 1, 2019
B. Receive Questions August 15, 2019
C. Receive Proposals- September 16, 2019
D. Review Proposals September 23, 2019 to October 4, 2019
E. Announce Short List October 7, 2019
F. Conduct Interviews November 4, 2019 to November 15, 2019
G. Notice of Award November 26, 2019
The instructions for submitting proposals set forth certain criteria which will be used in the evaluation of
proposals and selection of the successful offeror. In addition, the criteria set forth below will be
A. Proposals shall be signed by an authorized representative of the engineering firm. By submitting
a proposal, the proposer certifies that all information provided in response to this RFP is true and
accurate. Failure to provide information required by this RFP will ultimately result in rejection of
the proposal.
Date: August 1, 2019
Page 4 of 16
B. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise
description of the engineering firm’s capabilities for satisfying the requirements of the RFP.
Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content.
C. The engineering firm’s proposal shall include: the completed and signed RFP cover page 1; the
completed and signed Forms AE-1, AE-1A, AE-2, AE-3, AE-4, AE-5 and AE-6. One (1)
manually signed original and [three (3) copies] of the proposal shall be submitted to the Issuing
District. Each copy of the proposal shall be bound in a single volume where practical.
D. All documentation submitted with the proposal shall be included in that single bound volume.
Elaborate brochures and other representations beyond those sufficient for presenting a complete
and effective proposal are neither required nor desired.
E. Any information thought to be relevant, but not specifically applicable to the enumerated scope of
Work, may be provided as an appendix to the proposal. If publications are supplied by the
proposer to respond to a requirement, the response should include reference to the document
number and page number. Publications provided without such reference will not be considered
relevant to the RFP.
F. To reduce the effort and expense of responding to RFPs, provide uniformity in the type of
information requested, and enhance the review and evaluation process, the standard Forms AE-1
through AE-6 shall be completed and included with the engineering firm’s proposal.
G. The AE-1, AE-1A, AE-2, AE-3, AE-4, AE-5, AE-6 data forms and instructions for completing
are available for download from the DGS Forms Center website ( )
using the search term DSG-30-004.
H. Provide three (3) similar projects that are in progress or have been completed within the past five
(5) years that best illustrate the capabilities of the engineering firm in relation to this RFP Scope
of Services. Use Form AE-5
Proposals shall be evaluated by the Owners, DCR SWCD Engineering staff, and NRCS
engineering staff who will review and evaluate each proposal and select contractors for the short
list using the criteria listed below:
1. Expertise, experience, and qualifications of the engineering firm’s personnel in each
discipline that may provide services relevant to the RFP.
2. Expertise, experience and qualifications of any special consultants proposed.
3. Geographic location of the engineering firm’s office where work will be performed in
relation to the project location(s).
4. Engineering firm’s plan to respond to requests for services and ability to complete any
Project Orders in a timely manner.
Date: August 1, 2019
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