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Florida Atlantic University requires the services of a qualified elevator company to provide full maintenance services for Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campuses elevators. The campuses include listed below:

  • Boca Raton Campus, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • Jupiter Campus, 5353 Parkside Dr, Jupiter, FL 33458
  • Davie Campus, 3200 College Ave. Davie, FL 33314
  • HBOI Campus, 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946
  • Sea Tech Campus, 101 North Beach Road, FL 33004

See attached “APPENDIX A” - List of all elevators by campuses and contact information.

The scope of work includes fixed pricing for maintenance and repairs, annual testing and inspections, fixed hourly rates for routine service, on an as needed basis to service elevators, and on-demand (event stand-by) services.

The Contractor will accept the University elevators “as is” and will maintain all elevators in good working order.

FAU will not supply any tools and/or equipment. The contractor shall furnish labor, material, and tools, including all ladders to complete the work specified herein. No deviation from stated work is permitted without FAU’s authorization in writing in advance. All work shall be performed by qualified elevator technicians as outlined within these specifications.

All planned work shall be pre-arranged and coordinated with the respective campuses’ supervisor(s). Contact names will be provided to vendor upon contract award.


The duration of a contract resulting from this bid shall be five (5) years with three (3) two-year renewal options based on mutual agreement of both parties, unless otherwise specified.


There will be a guided campus site visit the week of June 11 th thru June 15 th , 2018 to see all elevators that are included in this ITN. Potential respondents (maximum 2 representatives per vendor, please) are encouraged to take photographs as needed. FAU will not be responsible for vendors who show up late to the site visit and are unable to locate the tour after it begins or vendors who are unable to schedule a visit at off-campus locations. A complete list of the elevator inventory is located on “APPENDIX A”.

The Non-Mandatory site visits are scheduled as follows:

June 11, 2018, 9:00 AM, Location Jupiter Campus, 5353 Parkside Dr, Jupiter, FL 33458

Building: MC4, Contact Jesse Perez at 561-756-7265

June 12, 2018, 10:00 AM, Location: Harbor Branch, 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946 Building: HB18 Link Building Lobby, Contact: Stewart Moreaux at (772) 242-2515 provide visitor name & company information for security gate entry can be arranged

June 13, 2018, 10:00 AM, Location Boca Raton Campus, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431 Building: 69, Contact: John Nicolosi at (561) 414-0062

June 14, 2018, 11:00 AM, 11:00 AM, Location: Davie Campus, 3200 College Ave. Davie, FL 33314 Building: LA-49, Contact Bill Hickman at (561) 617-6050

June 15, 2018, 11:00 AM, Location: Sea Tech, 101 North Beach Road, FL 33004

Building: ST01, Contact Bill Hickman at (561) 617-6050


A. The Elevator Contractor shall furnish full maintenance services to Florida Atlantic University (hereafter called FAU) in accordance with the terms and conditions specified herein on the following elevator equipment:

See attached, “APPENDIX A”

B. The entire elevator system shall be maintained as hereinafter described, in accordance with the following detailed terms: Trained employees of the Contractor will use all reasonable care to keep the systems in proper adjustment and in safe operating condition, in accordance with all applicable codes, ordinances, and regulations.

C. With respect to all units’ monthly systematic examinations, repairs, replacements, adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication of all machinery, machinery spaces, hoist ways, and pits.

D. With respect to all units, the Contractor shall maintain all parts of the elevators consisting of, but not limited to, machines, motors, generators, brushes, controllers, selectors, worm gears, gears, thrust bearings, brake magnet coils or brake motors, brake shoes, windings, rotating elements, contacts, coils, resistance for operating motor circuits, magnet frames, leveling devices, cams, car hoistway door hangers, tracks, closures and guides, door operating devices and door motors, safe edge detectors, car lights, push buttons, indicators, hall lanterns, solid state and microprocessor component systems, auxiliary rotating equipment, timing devices, computer devices, power drives, communication and intercom systems, cab ventilation fans, electrical wiring, door protection, emergency lighting, alarm bells, and safety systems complete, oil hydraulic tanks, manifolds, valves, screens, filters, pumps, belts, fittings, above-ground piping and supports, packing, "O" rings, cylinder head assemblies, pistons, and isolation equipment.

E. All work, regular examinations, and repairs in accordance with the Contract are to be made during the hours of 7:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday.

F. The Contractor shall not be under any obligation hereunder to make any repairs or replacements, except that incidental to the normal wear, tear, and operation of the equipment typical of these facilities. With respect to all units, it is mutually agreed that the Contractor shall make any and all repairs or replacements damaged by the Contractor's improper repair, negligent or willful acts or omissions. The Contractor shall provide all necessary labor for required maintenance procedures and repairs over and above specified assigned or scheduled labor to properly service systems without extra charge to FAU.

G. The Contractor’s obligation (and pre-approved by FAU) for all invoices outside the scope of work shall include the:

1. Name and title of the employee(s) who performed the work.

2. Date and type of service performed.

3. FAU’s identification number and State serial number.

4. Defined hours worked and premium or travel hours expended.

5. Corrective action(s) performed.

6. Material used in the performance of the work.

7. Definition of any expense.

8. Applicable Purchase Order and Work Order numbers.

H. Proposals provided to FAU for requested work outside the scope of this contract shall have a detailed breakdown of labor rates, hours, materials, and expenses acceptable to the FAU prior to approval. An example of a proposal for work outside of the scope of this contract may be repairs due to lightning damage, damage due to vandalism, etc.

I. The Contractor is required to maintain a log sheet that will be kept in a designated location of FAU’s representative’s choice, each time they (the Contractor’s employees) are on the premise. Written memos from the building regarding any work requested shall be maintained at this location for the Contractor’s employee’s action.

J. The Contractor is required to provide FAU’s representative, within fifteen (15) days following notification official award for the work under this specification, a list of chemicals and copies of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any chemicals that will be used or stored on FAU’s property. A purchase order will not be issued unless the contractor is in compliance with the provisions in this section.


A. Depending on the type of elevators thirty (30) minutes to one (1) hour and for Hydraulic one (1) to two (2) hours per tractions or MRL.

B. Problem call backs and repair labor are not considered preventive maintenance. It is understood that such minimum service hours do not limit labor required to maintain the equipment in an operating condition of excellence.

C. Failure to provide and document (to FAU monthly) these minimum monthly hours shall cause the Contractor to add the missed equivalent number of hours to the next month’s schedule at no additional cost. At no time shall the missed hours exceed sixteen (16) hours per calendar month or be on consecutive days. Failure to provide the total minimum hours in any three (3) month period shall result in the credit or reimbursement of the total cost of one (1) month of this agreement for the quarter in question.


A. Include all costs for emergency call-back service, which consists of promptly dispatching qualified employees in response to a request, from FAU or their representative by telephone or otherwise, for emergency adjustments or repairs on any day of the week, at any hour, day or night.

B. Emergency repairs shall be made within two (2) hours to restore the equipment to operating order. If repairs cannot be made immediately, the mechanic shall notify FAU as to the reason why. See “APPENDIX A”.

C. If the response time is greater than one (1) hour for entrapments or group problem calls and two (2) hours for other problems, FAU has the right to a) have the Contractor defend any elevator related suit that may arise out of his/her failure to respond in the prescribed time and b) failure to comply with the aforementioned, at FAU’s sole discretion, shall be cause for termination.


A. Scheduled repairs, preventive maintenance, and/or adjustment procedures necessitating taking an elevator off line for extended period of time must be scheduled through FAU.

B. FAU retains the right to have such work completed during overtime hours with the understanding that the Contractor shall pay for the regular labor portion and FAU’s extraordinary obligation is the premium labor as noted below. When damage to the equipment is due to negligence on the part of the Contractor, the overtime portion will be the responsibility of the Contractor.


A. Pricing for labor rates and parts.

B. The Contractor labor billing rates for work not covered by the Contract. Premium time will be for work covered by the Contract performed on overtime.

C. The University will have a need for an elevator technician to perform stand-by services. The stand-by services will be for football games, housing move in and out, and special events. The technician duties will be to pre-check the elevators’ operations prior to start of the event; monitor elevator operation during the event; and be readily available and prepare to return any inoperative elevator to service as quickly as possible. The stand-by technician will not perform any other duties. The stand-by hourly billing shall be calculated:

1. One way travel time from the shop or closer, to the nearest half hour.

2. The time the technician is at the site as required to report to the event.

3. The time the event ends and/or when the technician is released.

D. Repair services will be services required for emergency repairs. Emergency repairs will be established by the Facilities Contract Manager. The following guidelines will apply:

1. All labor rates will be as established in the Contract per labor rate fee schedule Appendix NOTE: Parking Permit required at the Contractor’s expense.

2. FAU will not pay for travel, labor, or mileage fees. Only the time spent on-site will be billable.

3. Signing in and out is mandatory for processing payments.

4. Parts for repairs to the elevator will be sold as new and be OEM or equivalent only. No substitution allowed.

5. The Contractor will guarantee that at least one (1) portable generator (300 KVA or higher) with cables will be available for emergency needs.

E. The Contractor’s repair estimate will be evaluated to determine if the scope has been clearly and accurately understood, the hours have been accurately applied, the work has been properly estimated with supporting data presented, and that material and equipment estimates are reasonable and properly documented. After the estimate has been reviewed, the University’s authorized representative(s) will negotiate with the Contractor. The Facilities Operations’ authorized representative(s) will approve a fixed price for the work described in the work order and a purchase order will be issue for the work.


A. The Contractor shall examine, at least monthly, all safety devices and governors and conduct Category One (annual) and Category Five (5 year) tests of the safety mechanisms, overhead speed governors, car, and counterweight buffers in accordance with ASME - A17.2 procedures. Additionally, during these tests, the car balances will be checked and the governor re-calibrated and sealed for proper tripping speed.

B. The Contractor will assign a dedicated elevator technician to the elevator inspector to perform annual and required State inspections. The Contractor will assign additional staff to respond to elevator calls and not “pull away” the assigned technician from the inspections.

C. Elevators will be maintained in a safe condition. It is expected that each elevator unit will pass the annual inspections and testing during the inspector’s visit. If the elevator does not pass the initial annual inspection, the deficiencies will be corrected and ready for re-inspection within 30 days.

D.Because of class schedules, the majority of the annual inspections and testing will be done during the winter holiday, spring break, and summer breaks.

E. The Contractor will be responsible for filing all the necessary documents with all governmental authorities for all required tests including, but not limited to, the Category One (annual) and Category Five (5 year) tests. The inspector should be independent of the elevator company hired by FAU. https://www.myfloridalicense.com/CheckListDetail.asp?SID=&xactCode=1035&clientCode=2101&XACT_DEFN_ID=7947

F. FAU shall hire an independent third party State certified elevator inspector. The Contractor shall be responsible for all filing fee requirements of the governmental authorities and re-inspection fees incurred by FAU from State inspections, except for FAU’s cost of Certificates of Operation issued by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

G. The Contractor will perform a monthly test of the elevator Fire Safety System, i.e., manual recall and firemen's elevator operation on the designated elevators at their cost.

H. Results of all tests shall be presented to FAU within twenty four (24) hours.


A. The Contractor shall lubricate monthly (12 times per year at regularly scheduled intervals) all mechanical parts recommended to be lubricated by the original manufacturer of the elevator equipment or otherwise lubricate as often as and in the manner specified by said manufacturer.


A. With respect to all units, lubricants consisting of oils, greases, and compounds furnished by the Contractor, shall be the highest quality, the consistencies of which shall be proper for the purposes employed and for the parts to which applied. It also being understood and agreed between the parties hereto, that abrasive bearing lubricants shall not be employed except on new parts installed and only if, and for the period recommended by the original manufacturer (OEM) of the elevator equipment.

B. With respect to all units, the Contractor shall keep the guide rails clean and properly lubricated except when roller type guides are involved, no rail lubrication shall be used.

C. With respect to all units, when necessary, the Contractor shall renew guide shoes and/or rollers and their related components as required insuring smooth and quiet operation.

D. Approved fire rated metal containers shall be provided by the Contractor for the storage of wiping cloths.


A. Cleaning components, wiping cloths, and other materials are to be supplied by the Contractor. It also being understood and agreed that cleaning agents employed shall not be flammable or noxious and must always be stored in approved metal containers and/or fire rated cabinets provided by the Contractor. FAU is to approve all locations.


A. The Contractor shall, during the course of all examinations, immediately remove and discard all accumulated dirt and debris from the elevator machine rooms, car tops, and pit areas. All elevator equipment located in the elevator machine room will be vacuumed monthly. A vacuum cleaner shall be provided by the Contractor and stored onsite. Upon the commencement date of the Contract and every two (2) years thereafter, as a minimum, the Contractor shall clean all elevator hoistway equipment.


A. The Contractor shall keep the exterior of all components and machinery and any other parts of the equipment subject to rust properly painted, identified per code, and presentable at all times. Motor windings, microprocessor components, and controller coils shall be annually treated with proper insulating/cleaning compound. All elevator machine room floors, equipment, and storage areas shall be painted in the second and fourth year of this agreement with good quality floor enamel.


A. All control systems shall be maintained to provide smooth acceleration and retardation. The Contractor must maintain elevators in accordance with the standards of performance as herein prescribed.

B. Elevators shall be adjusted to meet these performance requirements:

1. Lobby dispatch time - adjustable to sixty (60) seconds; set to twenty-five (25) seconds; subject to loading, system programming, and demand factors.

2. Non-interference (stop for car call) - adjustable to ten (10) seconds; set to A17.1 and all handicap standards minimum of three (3) seconds.

3. Non-interference (stop for corridor call) - adjustable to twenty (20) seconds; set to A17.1 and full handicap standards (including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) minimum based on distance and five (5) second advance audible signal provisions.

4. Reduced non-interference time (short door dwell after interruption of safe edge beam and reestablishment of safety provision) - adjustable to ten (10) seconds; set to one half (½) second.

5. Door closing pressure shall be adjusted to be less than thirty (30) kinetic pounds per code.

6. Door close time shall not exceed three and one half (3 ½) seconds.

7. Door open time shall not exceed two (2) seconds.

8. Operating speed +/- five present (5%) of the rated speed in both directions of travel under load and no load conditions.

9. Floor stop landing, under varying load conditions, shall be accurate within one quarter inch (1/4"), for all units with a sill to sill to commencement of door opening cycle with machine brake mechanically set. No pre-door opening during deceleration mode will be accepted.


The Supervisory System and/or dispatching signal system shall be checked and tested quarterly to insure that all circuits and time settings are properly adjusted in accordance with the standards of performance as herein prescribed.


A. The Contractor shall provide and maintain a supply of contacts, coils, solid-state boards, PC boards and associated components, leads, brushes, lubricants, wiping cloths, rollers, guides, switches, and other minor parts for each elevator for the performance of routine preventative maintenance.

B. All other components required to maintain and correct problems, must be available within four (4) hours.

C. The Contractor will provide FAU with a list of recommended spare parts and components, at the request of FAU, for FAU to purchase if so chooses.


A. The Contractor shall comply in an expeditious time frame with all written recommendations of FAU including building management, independent inspectors, consultants, and insurance carriers employed by FAU for repairs or preventive maintenance as covered herein. The Contractor shall furnish, within five (5) working days, the list of discrepancies discovered with a schedule for corrective work.

B. The Contractor is required to be completed with all work within thirty (30) days unless otherwise agreed to by FAU. Items which are not covered within this document shall be presented in the form of proposal with estimated labor and material necessary to complete the item. Proposals shall be detailed as requested.


A. With respect to all units, a complete permanent record of inspections, maintenance, lubrication, and call-back service for each unit under service will be kept at a location designated by FAU. FAU may keep a log which shall be kept updated on every visit of the service mechanic to the property. The mechanic must have his time ticket signed and leave a copy with FAU or designated person in his absence. Failure to do so is a violation of the Contract.

B. A summary of preventive maintenance, major repairs, passenger entrapments, and call backs shall be provided to FAU at any reasonable time upon request.

C. PM checklist should be uploaded into FAMIS (current work order system) – each PM is attached to an automatically generated Work Order each month. The vendor must maintain the work orders and collaborate with FAU Work Control.

D. If you request a price adjustment at the end of the Sixty (60) month initial term, the document shall be hand-delivered to the Director of Procurement ninety (90) days in advance of the anniversary date by the Contractor’s representative. Along with the price adjustment document, a summary (computer printout or hand records) of all the prior year’s activity shall also be delivered for the Manager’s review. This document shall include hours of preventative maintenance performed for the year, number and type of call backs, and summary of major repairs performed.

E. The Contractor representative shall ride the elevators with FAU, walk the machine room area, and generally review the equipment and equipment spaces with FAU. They shall also answer any questions and make notes of requests from FAU for prompt response.

F. Real-time, daily event-driven emails shall be provided to FAU for all work performed on units under the Contract. Including, but not limited to, preventative maintenance visits, repair work, response to callbacks, and when a unit is returned to back service.

G. The Contractor will provide FAU access to the web-based client portal that will provide online records for performance, maintenance records and include but not be limited to:

1. Review of an individual unit or building.

2. Review of the complete portfolio.

3. Date range searchable.

4. Ability to review three (3) years backlog data.

5. All reports shall be available for download in PDF format.

6. Available on FAU’s mobile devices.

7. Maintenance histories and service activity.

H. Failure to conform to the above will be reason for FAU to delay payment of the new price adjustment until the requirement is fulfilled.


A. The Contractor shall, at any reasonable time during the term of the Contract and upon written request of FAU or their representative, render a report of inspections, repairs, or replacements made by the Contractor at the premises herein, itemized as to parts installed or services performed and supply samples of lubricants, compo ends, or other materials employed.

B. The Contractor shall provide, upon the request of FAU, a representative to meet with FAU’s representative with records as requested by FAU.

C. Failure to comply with any provision in this section to FAU’s satisfaction may be cause for termination


The maintenance work shall be performed only by elevator technicians directly employed and supervised by the Contractor, who are experienced and skilled in maintaining automatic group control elevators similar to those to be maintained under the Contract and shall not be assigned or transferred to the Subcontractor or any agent. Repair work and/or major adjustment procedures shall be by another team, not the assigned maintenance mechanics, and subject to FAU's approval.


A. Repairs, renewals, and replacements shall be made by the Contractor as soon as examinations reveal the necessity therefore or when FAU so advises the Contractor under the terms of the Contract. Should the Contractor not provide FAU at least three (3) weeks’ notice of the need to shut down a unit for repair, replacement, or renewals of all components covered by this agreement, any overtime cost must be approved by FAU case by case basis.

B. It being understood and agreed that repairs, renewals, and replacements shall be made in accordance with high standards of preventative maintenance practice and that the repair and renewals of parts made shall be equal in design, workmanship, quality, finish fit, adjustment, operation, and appearance to the original installation and that replacement shall be with new and genuine parts equal to or better than those parts supplied by the manufacturer of the original elevator equipment or its successor, and shall apply to the repairs, renewal, or replacement of all mechanical, electronic and electrical parts, including but not limited to the following:

1. Automatic power-operated door systems, car door hanger, car door contact, door protective device, load-weighing equipment. Car safety mechanism, platform, floor covering (flooring if damaged caused, either directly or indirectly, by the Contractor or any agents of the Contractor). In the elevator and communication devices – not covered by vendor – FAU handles car, elevator car guide shoes, gibs or rollers, and accessories.

2. Machine, worm gear, gear, thrust-bearing, drive sheave, drive sheave shaft-bearings, brake, pulley, brake coil, brake contact, shoes and linings, components part, and all associated castings.

3. Motor, motor generator, motor windings, rotating element, commutator, field coil, brushes, brush holders, bearings, rotors, starters, slip rings, solid-state power drives complete, and all associated apparatus, speed-monitoring equipment, and attachments.

4. Controller, selector, motor drives and dispatching equipment, all relays, solid-state components, resistors, condensers, transformers, contact leads, dashpots, timing devices, computer devices, insulators, solenoids, resistance grids, and mechanical and electrical driving equipment, diagnostics, trouble-shooting tools, monitors, and associated apparatus.

5. Governor, governor sheave and shaft assembly, bearings, contacts, cables, and assemblies.

6. Deflector or secondary sheave, bearings, car and counterweight buffers, car and counterweight guide rails, top and bottom limit switches, governor tension sheave assembly, counterweight and counterweight guide shoes, including rollers or gibs.

7. Hoistway door interlocks, hoistway door tracks and hangers, bottom-door guides, and auxiliary door-closing devices, hoistway landing, leveling, and encoding systems complete.

8. Hall lanterns, main lobby fixtures, main and auxiliary car operating panels, car position indicators, door operators, safety edges and photo eyes, electronic safe edges, devices and auxiliary audible/visible signals and controls, complete emergency power panels, communication devices, and signaling equipment.

9. With respect to all units, the Contractor shall be responsible for re-lamping all lighting fixtures in the pit, machine room, and hoistway (excluding cab lighting) as required (the FAU shall supply the material).

10. The Contractor shall examine and equalize tension on all hoisting, compensating, and governor cables, suspension means, and renew them whenever necessary to insure the maintenance of adequate safety factor. The Contractor shall also shorten all cables or suspension means as required to maintain legal bottom run by clearances.

11. The Contractor shall repair and/or replace all electrical wiring and conductors extending to the elevators from mainline switch in the machine room and outlets in the hoistways.

12. Oil hydraulic tanks, manifolds, valves, screens, filters, pumps, belts, fittings, above-ground piping and supports, “O" rings, cylinder head assemblies, pistons, and isolation equipment.


The following items are excluded: car enclosure (including removable panels, suspended ceiling, light diffusers, etc.), car door panels, hoistway enclosures, hoistway door panels, door frames and sills, exterior portion of underground hydraulic cylinder, underground piping and mainline switch. There may be exclusions for obsolescence and old equipment. This exclusion shall not relieve the Contractor from the maintenance of components subject to rust as set forth in this section and replacement or repair of those components if not maintained.


a The University and the Contactor will work together as partners to develop and sustain top performances for all campus elevators. Metrics and key improvement indicators (KPI) will be established. Parameters Metric Examples are:

1. Dispatched response times.

2. Elevator run time versus downtime (uptime).

3. Number of dispatch calls due to maintenance.

4. Operating and housekeeping.

5. State inspection failure rate.

B. At the end of each ninety (90) day period, the Contractor shall meet with the University's representative to review performance and schedule major repairs contemplated during the next ninety (90) day period. The Contractor shall submit written performance reports to the University at the end of each quarter (three month period). This report shall include any notification of obsolete equipment requiring replacement or known safety issues. This report will be in an Excel spreadsheet format by building name and number, cab number, state serial number, parts required, and total dollar amount for replacement.


A. The Contractor agrees, upon reasonable request, to substantiate that its billing is in conformity with the terms of the Agreement and to furnish documents verifying each charge billed to the Customer on a time and material basis.

B. A monthly billing shall be rendered by the Contractor for regular monthly maintenance service and any FAU authorized extra work itemized by building name, building number, work order number, and FAU purchase order number. Lump sum billing is not authorized. The Contractor is responsible for all shipping and freight costs.

C. Any unit added or deleted by the University will result in an equitable adjustment to the Contract price. If added, the price will be negotiated by the parties. If a unit is deleted, the price as then in effect on said individual unit will be prorated over the remainder of the term of the Contract, and so subtracted from the contractual amount due under the Contract. All changes will be administered through addendum signed by both parties.

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