DPW Project No. 22-01 Request for Proposal Professional Engineering Services associated with the 9/11 Memorial at Manhasset Valley Park Manhasset, New York

Agency: Town of North Hempstead
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: May 20, 2024
Due Date: Jun 7, 2024
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05-20-2024-DPW_Project_No_22-01_-_Professional_Engineering_Services_associated_with_the_911_Memorial_At_Manhasset_Valley_Park, Due June 7, 2024 at 3:30 pm.pdf

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Town Board
Town Clerk
Receiver of Taxes
(516) 739-6710
FAX (516) 739-6717
May 17, 2024
Re: Request for Proposal
Professional Engineering Services associated with the
9/11 Memorial at Manhasset Valley Park
Manhasset, New York
DPW Project No. 22-01
The Town of North Hempstead, Department of Public Works is requesting a proposal from your firm
regarding the design and preparation of construction bid documents associated with advancing next
phase of 9/11 Memorial at Manhasset Valley Park. The 9/11 Memorial, located on East Shore Road
side of Manhasset Valley Park, consists of a monument that features a 19-foot-long beam from the
World Trade Center which commemorates the 56 North Hempstead residents who lost their lives on
September 11th.
The next phase shall include design of following features but not limited to:
Design and Construction of Remembrance Wall. The consultant shall provide the Town with
material options and methods to engrave names.
Design of ADA compliant seating area.
Design of designated area of information panel(s) for educational opportunities.
Assess existing concrete plinth (with 9/11 beam attached), determine if plinth needs to be
relocated/rebuilt according to site layout and design.
All proposed work shall complement existing field conditions and features.
Photos of existing memorial are attached to RFP for reference as well as conceptual design of
requested improvements prepared by N2 Design and Architecture PC.
The Consultant may utilize the existing information that the Town provides, however no material
that is supplied from the Town shall be considered as ‘existing and/or as-built conditions’ and utilized
for design work. All existing conditions must be measured and confirmed in the field by the
Consultant utilizing whatever means is necessary.
The consultant is solely responsible for providing Contract Documents that represent the most
accurate, current, as-built existing conditions for the project.
It is assumed a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) will not be required. However,
consultant to confirm and note otherwise in proposal.
The services requested of your firm shall include the following:
1. Topographic survey as required for basis of design. Preliminary design survey
services are subject to NYS prevailing wage rates. Survey data shall be in applicable
NAD 83 and NAVD 88 format. Consultant to identify any additional survey services
that may be required.
2. Utility mark out. Consultant to identify all underground and overhead
3. Evaluation of existing memorial conditions. Consultant to provide recommended
improvements in Proposal Technical Approach. It shall be noted the Town has
salvaged and stored material from cleaning the existing beam prior to installation. The
consultant shall evaluate existing material (concrete sections/pieces with some having
areas of exposed rebar) and advise if this material can be utilized at any capacity under
this scope.
4. Evaluation of existing trees that may be impacted by proposed design. Consultant
shall identify trees that will need to be removed/trimmed to implement proposed
5. Prepare, file, and secure all necessary permits. The Consultant shall identify all
required permits in proposal. It shall be noted, the Consultant will be responsible for
preparing, filing, and securing all applicable building department permit approvals
under this task. It should be noted that Manhasset Valley Park has a stream and
wetlands traveling through the property which may impact the area of proposed
work. The consultant shall evaluate and advise if permitting from the New York
State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC.) is required. If required,
preparation, filing, and securing this permit shall be inclusive of this task.
6. Preparation of budgetary construction estimates and anticipated construction duration
and schedule.
7. Preparation of construction bid documents (construction drawings, specifications
following the Town’s Boiler Plate format). All proposed work shall confirm to
applicable New York State Building Codes and Regulations. The consultant will
furnish all applicable CAD files to Town prior to bid solicitation phase.
8. Attend up to four (4) meetings with DPW, Town representatives and 9/11 committee
to discuss project design.
9. Preparation of two (2) renderings of proposed conceptual design. All associated costs
with design and fabrication these renderings shall be included with this task.
10. Conduction of pre-bid activities up to contract award, including an evaluation of bid
proposals and reference check.
11. Construction administration Services. Under this task, the consultant will provide
services including but not limited to: Shop drawing/submittal review, preparation of
documents/sketches as required during construction phase, attendance of construction
progress meetings as required, and regulatory compliance needs.
Please forward a response to this office regarding your interest in performing this work. Proposals
shall include a fee proposal for completion of the work with details regarding your technical approach
and fee. The fee shall be a “Not-to-Exceed” fee based on hours billed by only technical personnel.
All administrative and clerical costs shall be included in your billing rate or multiplier. The proposal
must contain a task by task cost summary with estimated hours of effort and include project specific
organizational chart and resumes of appropriate staff. Also provide a schedule for completion of the
project, with detail regarding the length of time which will be required to complete the design phase
and a projection of the duration of the construction period.
Provide your proposal to the TONH Department of Public Works office at 285 Denton Ave, New
Hyde Park (three hard copies with electronic copy) by June 7, 2024 at 3:30 pm.
Note that the following conditions apply to this RFP:
1. There is no express or implied obligation for the Town to reimburse responding firms for
any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this RFP, and the Town will not
reimburse such expenses.
2. During the evaluation process, the Town reserves the right, where it may serve the Town’s
best interest, to request additional information or clarification from a proposer, or to allow
corrections on non-material errors or omissions or waive non-material requirements.
3. Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in
this RFP, unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the
contract between the Town and the firm selected.
4. The Town reserves the right, as best serves its interest, to change the due date for receipt
of proposals.
5. The Firm selected to perform the services requested in this letter will be required to
execute an agreement with the Town for the services on the Town’s standard form. The
selected firm will be required to, to the fullest extent provided by law, defend and indemnify
and save harmless the Town from claims, suits, action, damages and costs of every nature,
kind, name and description resulting from the negligent performance of the services. Such
defense and indemnity shall not be limited by reason of enumeration of any insurance
coverage provided by the firm. Negligent performance of service shall include, in addition to
negligence founded upon tort, negligence based upon the firm’s failure to meet professional
standards and resulting in obvious or patent errors in the progression of its work. Nothing
The signatory of this questionnaire certifies under oath the truth and correctness of all Statements and of
all answers to interrogatories hereinafter made.
Provide answers to each of the following and supporting documentation,
where necessary:
1. Adverse Equal Opportunity Determinations: Identify all adverse determinations against your
Company/Corporation/Partnership, or its employees or persons acting on its behalf, with respect to
actions, proceedings, claims or complaints concerning violations of state, Federal or municipal equal
opportunity laws or regulations.
2. Convictions and Unscrupulous Practice: Has your Company/Corporation/Partnership, or any of
its employees present or past, or anyone acting on its behalf, ever been cited for unscrupulous practice, or
been convicted of any crime or offense arising directly or indirectly from the conduct of your
Company/Corporation/Partnership’s business, or has any of your Company/Corporation/Partnership’s
officers, director or persons exercising substantial policy discretion ever been convicted of any crime or
offense involving business/financial misconduct or fraud? If so, describe the convictions and surrounding
circumstances in detail.
3. Pending or Threatened Actions/Suits: Describe any past or present action, suit, proceeding or
investigation pending or threatened against your Company/Corporation/Partnership including, without
limitation, any proceeding known to be contemplated by government authorities, private parties, or
current or former clients.
4. Criminal Misconduct: Has your Company/Corporation/Partnership, or any of its employees, or
anyone acting on its behalf, been indicted or otherwise charged in connection with any criminal matter
arising directly or indirectly from the conduct of your Company/Corporation/Partnership’s business
which is still pending, or has any of the Company/Corporation/Partnership’s officers, directors or persons
exercising substantial policy discretion been indicted or otherwise charged in connection with any
criminal matter involving business or financial misconduct or fraud which is still pending? If so, describe
the indictments or charges and surrounding circumstances in detail.

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