DPH Laboratory Expansion

Agency: State Government of Delaware
State: Delaware
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Oct 26, 2020
Due Date: Nov 25, 2020
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Bid Solicitation Details
Bid Status Details
DPH Laboratory Expansion,
Solicitation Ad Date 10/26/2020
Deadline for Bid Responses 11/25/2020 at 4:00 p.m. Local Time
Supporting Documents RFP - Professional Services
Public Notice
GSA SF330 - Architect-Engineer Qualifications
Contact Information wes.holleger@delaware.gov

Attachment Preview

STATE OF DPH Laboratory expansion
I. Overview
II. Scope of Services
III. Required Information
IV. RFP Miscellaneous Information
V. Attachments
I. Overview
Public Notice is hereby given that the State of Delaware, Department of Health and Social Services,
Division of Public Health, is soliciting letters of interest from professional services firms for DHSS21-
017-DHSS_LAB, Division of Public Health (DPH)- DPH Laboratory Expansion.
The Division of Public Health Laboratory (DPHL) is a 32,560 sf facility located at 30 Sunnyside Road,
Smyrna, DE. The DPHL includes administrative office space, four laboratories, and a warehouse for
supplies to be distributed throughout the state. This project involves the design of additions to the
building to include increased administrative areas for offices and multipurpose space, two additional
laboratories for increased SARS-CoV-2 testing, and increased warehouse and mechanical/electrical
space. Design of additional parking is also part of this project. A space planning study has been
completed, and a need for 22,805 sf of additions has been identified.
Each proposal must be accompanied by a transmittal letter which briefly summarizes the proposing
firm’s interest in providing the required professional services. The transmittal letter must also clearly
state and justify any exceptions to the requirements of the RFP which the applicant may have taken in
presenting the proposal. (Applicant exceptions must also be recorded on Attachment 3).
Furthermore, the transmittal letter must attest to the fact, at a minimum, that the Vendor shall not store
or transfer non-public State of Delaware data outside of the United States. For technology related
solicitations, Vendors may refer to the Delaware Department of Technology and Information identified
terms and conditions included in this solicitation.
The State of Delaware reserves the right to deny any and all exceptions taken to the RFP
II. Scope of Services
This project will be funded by a federal grant and possible state funding. The current cost estimate for
the entire project is approximately $11 million. The federal grant funding requires a project completion
date of November 2022. Due to funding and time constraints, it is anticipated that multiple bid
packages may be required for the project. It is possible that a Construction Manager may be selected
separately for the project.
Each respondent will be required to provide all necessary design services to complete the entirety of
the project in order to obtain competitive bids from responsible contractors. This may include, but is
not limited to, architectural, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, and possible specialty design
services. Preparation of bid documents and construction administration must also be provided as part
of the successful respondent’s scope of work. Copies of the space planning study and site visits will
not be available until after a selection is made.
Respondent bears the risk of late delivery. Any proposals received after the stated time will be returned
unopened. Responses shall include:
demonstrated experience with projects of similar nature
organizational structure established for the project (personnel)
defined approach firm/team will implement
knowledge of sites and project requirements
geographical location of main or branch office that will be assigned the project
familiarity with public works (including work in the State of Delaware, the Delaware Code and
other local requirements)
fees received by the firm for State of Delaware public works projects in the last five years (include
The department seeks to apportion work equitably to interested and qualified firms. The above criteria
will be used to select a firm to perform these services. The formal Architect/Engineer Selection Procedure
can be found at https://dfm.delaware.gov/profsrv/doc-forms.shtml . All information shall be submitted on
GSA Forms 254/255, SF 330 or equivalent. Respondents are reminded that the project engineer and
architect for this work must be registered in the State of Delaware. Selected firms who reply will be given
notice of times and dates for scheduled interviews. Facsimile submittals are not acceptable.
Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
A. RFP Issuance
1. Public Notice
Public notice has been provided in accordance with 29 Del. C. §6981.
2. Obtaining Copies of the RFP
This RFP is available in electronic form through the State of Delaware Procurement
website at www.bids.delaware.gov and through Bonfire at https://dhss.bonfirehub.com
Paper copies of this RFP will not be available.
3. Assistance to Vendors with a Disability
Vendors with a disability may receive accommodation regarding the means of
communicating this RFP or participating in the procurement process. For more
information, contact the Designated Contact no later than ten days prior to the deadline for
receipt of proposals.
4. RFP Designated Contact
All requests, questions, or other communications about this RFP shall be made through
Bonfire at https://dhss.bonfirehub.com in writing to the State of Delaware.
Address all communications to the person listed below; Communications made to other
State of Delaware personnel or attempting to ask questions by phone or in person will not
be allowed or recognized as valid and may disqualify the vendor. Vendors should rely only
on information posted at https://dhss.bonfirehub.com
The RFP designated contact.
Wes Holleger
Division of Public Health-Office of the Medical Director
Delaware Public Health Laboratory
30 Sunnyside Road
Smyrna, DE 19977
B. RFP Submissions
HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES’ Eprocurement portal, which is currently found
at https://dhss.bonfirehub.com/. Responses submitted by hard copy, mail,
facsimile, or e-mail will not be accepted.
2. Acknowledgement of Understanding of Terms
By submitting a bid, each vendor shall be deemed to acknowledge that it has carefully
read all sections of this RFP, including all forms, schedules and exhibits hereto, and
has fully informed itself as to all existing conditions and limitations.
3. Proposals
To be considered, all proposals must be submitted through Bonfire at
https://dhss.bonfirehub.com/ and respond to the items outlined in this RFP. The State
reserves the right to reject any non-responsive or non-conforming proposals.
All proposals must be submitted prior to 4:00 PM (Local Time) on November 25,
1. Proposals must be received before the Proposal Due Date and Time, as identified in the
Procurement Schedule for this RFP. Responses received after the Proposal Due Date and
Time will not be accepted
2. Upload your submission at: https://dhss.bonfirehub.com
Important Notes:
• Logging in and/or uploading the file(s) does not mean the response is submitted. Users
must successfully upload all the file(s) and MUST click the submit button before the
proposal due date and time.
• Users will receive an email confirmation receipt with a unique confirmation number
once the submission has been finalized. This will confirm that the proposal has been
submitted successfully.
• Each submitted item of Requested Information will only become visible to DHSS after
the proposal due date and time.
• If the file is mandatory, you will not be able to complete your submission until the
requirement is met.
• Uploading large documents may take significant time depending on the size of the
file(s) and your Internet connection speed. The maximum upload file size is 1000 MB.
• Minimum system requirements: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome,
or Mozilla Firefox. Java Script must be enabled.
• Notarizations are no longer required.
Need Help? Please contact Bonfire directly at Support@GoBonfire.com or 1(800)354-8010
ext. 2 for technical questions or issues related to your submission. You can also visit their
help forum at https://bonfirehub.zendesk.com/hc.
Any proposal submitted after the Deadline for Receipt of Proposals date shall not be
accepted. The contents of any proposal shall not be disclosed as to be made available to
competing entities during the negotiation process.
Upon receipt of vendor proposals, each vendor shall be presumed to be thoroughly familiar
with all specifications and requirements of this RFP. The failure or omission to examine
any form, instrument or document shall in no way relieve vendors from any obligation in
respect to this RFP.
RFP Question and Answer Process
Questions must be submitted before the due date identified in the Procurement Schedule for
this RFP. All inquiries must be submitted in the Q/A section of the project listing in the Bonfire
Procurement Portal (https://dhss.bonfirehub.com.)
The Department’s response to questions will be posted, according to the procurement
schedule, under the project listing in Bonfire and to the State of Delaware Bid Solicitation
Directory Website: http://www.bids.delaware.gov/.
To contact Delaware Health and Social Services or ask questions in relation to this RFP,
respondents must register with the Organization’s public purchasing portal at
https://dhss.bonfirehub.com (the “Portal”) and initiate the communication electronically
through the Opportunity Q&A. Delaware Health and Social Services will not accept any
respondent’s communications by any other means, except as specifically stated in this RFP.

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