DownTown Master Plan Update

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
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  • 541310 - Architectural Services
Posted Date: Jul 9, 2021
Due Date: Aug 27, 2021
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DownTown Master Plan Update Village of Park Forest

Park Forest, IL


Issued: July 1, 2021

NOTE: This is an abbreviated version of the full RFP. It is the Respondents' responsibility to obtain and read the full RFP, which can be obtained by emailing Hildy Kingma at or visiting the Village's website at .

The Village of Park Forest, Illinois, ("Village") is seeking Proposals from qualified Respondents to facilitate development of an update to the DownTown Park Forest Master Plan that will guide the continued maintenance and development of this important commercial area over the next 12 to 15 years.

This project includes two main components:

  • Capital Improvements Plan: The Capital Improvements Plan should examine the physical condition of the buildings and infrastructure in DownTown Park Forest to establish a comprehensive, long-term plan for capital improvements. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to, an assessment of the physical quality of the building canopies and support posts, the stucco facades, the roofs (including a determination of the ability to support solar panels), basements and lofts, parking lots, and landscaping. It will also include an analysis of the need for additional or upgraded electric service to outdoor users, outside lighting and sound systems, wayfinding signage, and ADA accessibility. If possible, an interior assessment of the privately-owned Building 2 (also known as the Theater Building) should be conducted. Cost estimates and a phasing plan for the implementation of the Capital Improvements Plan are expected as part of this project. Further, the Capital Improvements Plan should recommend design changes or additions to update the overall aesthetic of DownTown Park Forest to demonstrate that this is a vibrant, attractive place to Live, Grow, and Discover. The goal is to ensure that the physical and aesthetic quality of the DownTown serves the community for another 70+ years.
  • Master Plan: Equally important, the Master Plan Update should examine how DownTown Park Forest can continue to serve an increasingly diverse population with new shopping, recreational, and service needs. Some of the issues to consider include –
    • How can the public spaces in DownTown Park Forest become more active in the evenings and winter months, and when there are not organized events?
    • Are there improvements that would enhance pedestrian and bicycle accessibility and safety?
    • Where is the best long-term location for the Main Street Market (farmers market)?
    • What can be done to enhance the public's engagement with DownTown Park Forest based on the existing arts focus?
    • What land uses and businesses are missing that would enable DownTown Park Forest to serve a wider range of needs, and what improvements are needed to attract them?
    • Can the amount of parking be reduced in order to allow for additional development? If so, what development is appropriate?
    • Where is the best location for a public restroom facility and for storage for DownTown public events?

The Village seeks to retain a Consultant or a team of Consultants, with experience helping other communities assess and plan for a vibrant downtown commercial district, and with engaging a variety of residents, businesses, and investors in the planning process. The budget for this Master Plan Update shall not exceed $100,000. Responses to this Request for Proposals are due no later than Friday, August 27, 2021, at 5:00 pm. More detailed instructions for submittal of proposals can be found in the section entitled "Proposal Format".



Planning consultants should develop their best recommendation for how to accomplish the goals of this DownTown Master Plan Update as outlined above. The following elements should be included (more detail in full RFP):

  • Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Inventory and Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Capital Improvements Plan
  • Master Plan

The DownTown Master Plan should include both a narrative and a map showing the recommendations. A draft Master Plan should be submitted to the Village Team for review prior to preparation of a final plan and presentation to the Board of Trustees.

Final Report: After the Village Team has reviewed and made recommendations on the Draft Report(s), the Consultant(s) will prepare a Final Report to incorporate all of the work included in this project. All digital files and records will become the property of the Village of Park Forest.


All proposals must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Cover Letter: A cover letter, not exceeding three (3) pages in length that reflects the Consultant's thorough and complete understanding of the objectives of the DownTown Master Plan Update.
  • Experience and Qualifications: A description of the Consultant(s) and Sub-Consultant(s), if any, capabilities and experiences in providing similar solutions and/or rendering services.
    • Up to four (4) similar projects may be described along with two (2) references for the projects. Include references for all Consultants and Sub-Consultants. References will be contacted.
    • Each project summary should be no more than one page.
    • The qualifications and experience of the project manager and other key personnel who will be participating in this project should be documented by one page resumes. The level/type of participation in the projects described in the firm's qualifications should be noted, as well as any other relevant experience.
  • Study Approach: The proposal should describe, in detail, the manner in which the consultant will achieve the goals of the DownTown Master Plan Update. This should include
    • How the tasks will be allocated among Village Team members.
    • The role of the Village Team in each task.
    • The time required for each task and how they inter-relate with each other task.
    • The products (major deliverables) from each task.
    • When the Village can expect public meetings to occur and when major deliverables from each task can be expected.
  • Cost of Project: Indicate the total cost of the project, and the cost of each major sub-element. If additional, optional work tasks and products are proposed, the cost to complete those tasks should be indicated as well. This will be a fixed cost project, and as such any proposals that include time and expense items (e.g., travel and printing) should be kept to a minimum.

All proposals should be submitted to the Village of Park Forest at the following address no later than 5:00 pm on August 27, 2021.

ATTN: Ms. Hildy L. Kingma, AICP
Director of Economic Development and Planning
Village of Park Forest
350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466

NOTE ON COMMUNICATIONS: All communications by parties who have an interest in submitting a proposal, including any questions or requests for clarifications, submission of the proposal, requests for status updates about the proposal selection process, or any other inquiries related to this Request for Proposals, shall be sent, in writing by email to Ms. Hildy Kingma at the email address noted above. No contact is permitted with any other Village staff member with regard to this Request for Proposals during the process, unless specifically authorized in writing. Prohibited contact may be grounds for disqualification.

The Village will make every reasonable effort to keep Respondents informed about the process, including changes to the time line, amendments to the Request for Proposals, and other information about the project. Such notifications will be sent by email to Respondents who have provided an email address to Ms. Hildy Kingma and will be posted on the Village's website for this Request for Proposals. The Village's failure to provide such information shall not delay or invalidate the Village's right to make a decision to award a contract pursuant to this Request for Proposals.


All proposals will be evaluated by the Village Staff members of the Project Team consisting of the Director and Assistant Director of Economic Development and Planning, the Director of Community Development, the Director and Assistant Director of Recreation, Parks, and Community Health, the Deputy Village Manager/Finance Director, the DownTown Property Manager, the Cultural Arts Manager, the Community Relations Coordinator, and the Sustainability Coordinator. The Staff Team may conduct oral interviews of a short list of Consultants who best meet the criteria listed below. If interviews are conducted, all relevant Consultants will be notified. The recommendation of the Staff Team will be presented to the Village of Park Forest Board of Trustees for final approval.

Proposals will be evaluated based upon criteria outlined in the full RFP. It is within the Project Team's sole discretion to determine the value assigned to each of these criteria.

Insurance: The winning individual or firm must provide certificates of insurance in compliance with the Village's Illinois Risk Management Association (IRMA) Insurance Guidelines before proceeding with any work.

The Village of Park Forest reserves the right to select the proposal which it deems best meets its objectives without regard to cost. The Village may also reject all proposals.

The following schedule will be followed for submittal and review of proposals submitted in response to this RFP is included in the full RFP.

Twelve (12) copies of each proposal should be submitted to the address above, no later than Friday, August 27, 2021, at 5:00 pm.

Zoom link for July 21, 2021 Pre-Proposal Meeting

Hildy Kingma is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: DownTown Master Plan Update pre-proposal meeting

Time: Jul 21, 2021 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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