Developing Villages of Baltimore County

Agency: Baltimore County
State: Maryland
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jan 26, 2024
Due Date: Mar 15, 2024
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Title: Developing Villages of Baltimore County
Applications: BCDA Village RFP (PDF) Grant Affidavit (PDF) Baltimore County Certificate of Non-Discrimination (PDF) Baltimore County Application for Financial Assistance Grant Application Form (PDF)
Description: Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is pleased to release this Request for Proposal to establish Villages designed to cater to the needs of low-income older adults 60+, older immigrants, older adults in rural settings, and/or from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

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GRANT TO BEGIN May 1, 2024
Pre-proposal Conference:
Proposal Due:
Friday, February 16, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.
Via WebEx
To request the link contact
Diane Hock at
Friday, March 15, 2024 by 3:00 p.m.
611 Central Ave., Room 223A
Towson, MD 21204
CONTACT: Eram S. Abbasi
Chief of Community Services
Department of Aging
Funding: Up to $50,000 per grantee
Grant Period: May 1, 2024 - April 30, 2025 (subject to change)
I. Introduction
The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is pleased to release this Request for
Proposals (RFP), inviting eligible organizations to establish Villages designed to cater to the needs
of low-income older adults 60+, older immigrants, older adults in rural settings, and/or from diverse
ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to foster inclusive and resilient communities where older adults
can thrive in their homes and communities.
BCDA is committed to supporting organizations that are deeply rooted in and responsive to the
communities they serve, ensuring inclusivity across all facets of their leadership and services.
Additionally, we aim to partner with organizations that proactively address and mitigate disparities
prevalent in our communities.
II. Background on Villages
According to the National Village to Village Network (VtVN), Villages are grassroots, volunteer-
driven organizations committed to strengthening local communities and assisting older residents
who aspire to age comfortably in their homes and neighborhoods. Villages respond to the interests
and needs of community members. They provide activities and programs that minimize social
isolation; create caring communities with meaningful reciprocity between those offering and those
receiving assistance; build interpersonal connections, trust and social support’ and foster
communities of mutual assistance that offer members the opportunity to age successfully1.
Villages are designed to be sustainable through a combination of community engagement,
volunteerism, partnerships, and membership fees. Examples include:
I. Utilizing a membership fee model, with revenues covering operational costs such as staff
salaries, administrative expenses, and program funding. The active involvement of
community volunteers further enhances sustainability by providing services like
transportation, home maintenance, and companionship.
II. Partnering with local businesses, healthcare providers, and community organizations also
play a vital role in sustaining Villages, bringing additional resources, expertise, and
Specific sustainability strategies vary among Villages, adapting to factors such as community size,
demographics, and local resources.
III. Award
Multiple grants will be awarded with the grant request not to exceed $50,000 per proposal. Funds
for this initiative are provided by a grant from the Baltimore County Department of Aging.
1 Village to Village Network
IV. Eligibility
To be eligible, applicants must be: a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization serving residents residing in
Baltimore County, an organization affiliated with a fiscal agent that is prepared to receive grant
funding that serves Baltimore County, or an individual who has a non-profit applying as a lead.
Organizations must be in good standing with the State of Maryland.
V. Target Groups
This RFP seeks proposals from organizations who will develop villages tailored for low-income
older adults aged 60 and above, who often grapple with financial constraints while seeking safe
and supportive living environments. Additionally, the RFP targets older immigrants, acknowledging
the unique challenges they face in terms of cultural integration, language barriers, and the desire to
maintain their cultural heritage within a new setting. Older adults residing in rural areas form
another critical segment, as they often encounter issues related to geographic isolation, limited
access to support services, and transportation challenges. Lastly, the RFP emphasizes the
inclusion of older adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds, recognizing the richness of their
experiences and the importance of providing culturally sensitive amenities and programs.
Collectively, these groups encompass a diverse range of needs among the community and
proposals should aim to create inclusive, accessible, and culturally responsive Villages to cater to
their specific requirements.
VI. Scope of Work
The selected organization(s) will be responsible for:
1. Conducting a needs assessment to identify specific requirements and preferences of the
target aging populations.
2. Developing a comprehensive plan for establishing or enhancing Villages, including
governance structure, service offerings, volunteer engagement strategies, and
sustainability plans.
3. Implementing culturally sensitive and inclusive programs and services that address the
unique needs of diverse senior communities.
4. Establishing partnerships with local stakeholders, service providers, and community
organizations to leverage resources and support.
5. Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the Village model in improving well-being,
social connections, and overall quality of life of older adults.
The funding provided through this RFP will allow for the following types of activities:
Hiring of staff or consultants to provide duties such as but not limited to:
o Outreach, volunteer coordination, administrative support, community relations, fund
development, engaging in cross-cultural connections; and/or
Establishing a method for supporting membership of low-income older adults to ensure equitable
and equal access to the benefits of the Village;
Supporting collaboration among established or emerging Villages to provide shared administrative
services, outreach to diverse populations, training or consultation, or other services that support
diverse membership in the Village model;
Purchases of equipment;
Purchase and development of data systems technology;
Social Engagement activities that are culturally relevant to the focus population/s.
Enabling access to technology that allows members to connect with volunteers and other members
of the Village;
Volunteer background checks and training with the goal of ensuring the safety of Village
Consultation for outreach and development of service and support culturally relevant to the
intended focus population;
Operational costs;
Other activities intended to strengthen sustainability of the Village model proposed.
Data Collection and Reporting
For Villages to operate effectively, data collection is crucial. Villages must gather information on
membership demographics, volunteer involvement (including the number of active volunteers and their
roles), community engagement events involving partners, and the usage rates of various services.
Additionally, sharing client narratives can be invaluable. Quarterly reports, centered on these data metrics,
must be provided. Furthermore, Villages are expected to submit an annual narrative report, including
aggregated client data, to convey insights on operations, client experiences, initiatives for systemic change,
and any other pertinent details as requested.
Participation in Meetings and Trainings
Organizations that receive funding will be expected to attend periodic meetings, including those specifically
organized for recipients of this RFP, as well as any training sessions provided by the BCDA to enhance
system integration, service coordination, and skill development. The BCDA team will prioritize equity when
determining the dates, times, and venues for these gatherings.
Program Outcomes and Client Satisfaction Survey
Villages are required to conduct regular surveys or feedback sessions to gauge member satisfaction,
identify areas for improvement, and understand emerging needs. Regularly reviewing and analyzing this
data will not only help villages measure their effectiveness but also adapt and evolve based on the
changing needs and preferences of their members and the broader community.
VII. Timeline
RFP Release Date:
Important Grant Dates
January 26, 2024, ET
Pre-Proposal Conference:
Written Inquiries Due by email:
Responses Due:
Award Announcements:
Initial Mini-Grantee Meeting
Grant Start Date:
Projects must be completed
Final evaluations due
Mini-Grantee Summit
February 16, 2024, 3:00 PM, ET
March 8, 2024, 3 PM, ET
March 15, 2024, 3 PM, ET
Week of April 15, 2024, 3 PM, ET
Week of April 22, 2024 (exact date and time
May 1, 2024
April 30, 2025
May 30, 2025
TBD – Fall 2025
VIII. Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Program model (50 points)
1. What are your goals as a new, existing, or expanding Village? Describe how this funding
will help you achieve those goals, especially in light of the particular focus population(s)
you hope to serve.
2. Describe your program model:
a) Who will you serve?
b) How will you ensure equal and equitable access to membership for rural and/or
diverse older adults who are low-income?
c) How will you recruit/sustain a volunteer pool?
d) How will you ensure volunteers are sufficiently vetted and appropriately trained?
e) How will your Village be staffed and what will be the roles of your staff?
f) What services will your Village include and what is the role of this funding in
establishing, sustaining or expanding those services?
3. Describe how older adults participate in the Village or become part of the Village. Describe
exclusion criteria, if any. How will participants know they belong to the Village? e.g.:
membership fees, shared community identity, requirements for time contributed to Village,
4. How will you reach older adults who are in your focus population and what actions will you
take to ensure their equal inclusion as members of the Village?
5. Please describe the impacts of the development, expansion, or strengthening of your
Village for the geographic areas and/or the communities you propose to serve.

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