Desk Lamps

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 335110 - Electric Lamp Bulb and Part Manufacturing
  • 337214 - Office Furniture (except Wood) Manufacturing
  • 423610 - Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Related Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
Posted Date: Jan 13, 2020
Due Date: Jan 21, 2020
Solicitation No: QQ EVA001_QQ233892
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  • Desk Lamps
  • Small Business Set-Aside Award Priority
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:7 days, 12 hours
  • Closing: 1/21/20 10:00 AM
  • Issued: 1/13/20 11:52 AM
  • Last Amended:
  • Award Method:Grand Total
  • Award date:
  • Buyer:Cheryl Lewis
  • 804-524-6029

  • Issued By:Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Type:QQ
  • Category:Supplies - Non-Technology
  • Bid Valid (Days):30
  • Service Area: Statewide
  • Comments: See attached Specifications and General & Special Terms and Conditions
  • Special Terms and Conditions: none

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Test Title


The Virginia Department of Transportation (herein referred to as “VDOT”) is soliciting bids from qualified firms to furnish and deliver Two Hundred (200) Desk Lamps - TaoTronics Metal LED Model Number (TT-DL16) or equivalent. Deliver to: VDOT Richmond District, Business Office, 2430 Pine Forest Drive, Colonial Heights, VA 23834.



Any questions regarding this invitation for bid shall be addressed to The issuing office shall determine whether any addendum should be issued as a result of any questions or other matters raised.


For the purpose of clarification, each firm submitting a Bid is referred to as a “Bidder” and the Bidder awarded the contract to supply the services is referred to as a “Contractor”. Virginia Department of Transportation is referred to as “Department” or as “VDOT”, and “Representative” refers to the VDOT Contract Administrator who will be administering the contract. This Invitation for Bids states the instructions for submitting bids, the procedure and criteria by which a contract may be awarded, and the contractual terms which will exclusively govern the contract between VDOT and the Contractor.


Desk Lamp/Office Light with 5V/2A USB Port. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Color - Iron Gray: (Model TT-DL16) with Power Adapter or Equivalent.

Desk lamp shall meet the following:

1. Five (5) Color Modes

2. Touch Control, Timer

3. Night Light

4. Durable full metal body

5. Multi-angle adjustable head and arm.

6. Six (6) brightness levels up to 1200 Lux

7. 5V/2A iSmart USB Charging Port

8. Light guide panel that transmits light sideways for glare-free illumination

9. Functions: 5V/2A smart USB port, memory function, 60-minute timer, night light

10. Single button to set and activate color/brightness setting - color temperature : 2700 – 6500 K

11. 120 volts

12. Wattage: 12 watts

13. Type of Bulb LED

14. Number of Handles: One (1)

15. Display Style: Modern

16. Switch Style: Touch

17. Lamp Color: Iron Gray

All two hundred (200) lamps shall be of the same make and model.

Price shall include shipping costs.

Desk Lamps shall be received within thirty (30) days of issuing eVA Purchase Order.

Clearly and specifically, identify the product offered to show that it meets the specifications by enclosing complete and detailed descriptive literature.


Payment will be made (in accordance with the Virginia Prompt Payment Act) within 30 days after receipt of valid invoice and verification of satisfactory goods received and/or completion of work. Invoices shall be submitted to the address listed below for all items completed within the designated billing period. VDOT anticipates payment by check, EDI or SPCC.


Invoice shall be submitted after delivery to the address and section listed below. Invoices shall include the contract number, purchase order number, itemized quantities, unit price, and extended costs based on the contract pricing schedule. No payment shall be made for work in progress on the prescribed payment dates.

Virginia Department of Transportation

Richmond District Business Office

2430 Pine Forest Drive

Colonial Heights, VA 23834

VII. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: eVA QQ General Terms and Conditions apply.


1. AWARD: The Commonwealth will make the award(s) on GRAND TOTAL basis to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder that is a DSBSD-certified micro business if such a bid is received, provided that the bid is less than $10,000 and the agency in its sole discretion determines that the bid price is fair and reasonable. Otherwise, award of the contract shall be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder that is a DSBSD-certified small business if such a bid is received, provided that the bid is not more than $100,000 and the agency in its sole discretion determines that the bid price is fair and reasonable. If, in the agency’s opinion, the criteria in the previous two sentences are not present, then award shall be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder of any size, provided the agency in its sole discretion determines that the price is fair and reasonable. If applicable, unit prices, extensions and grand total must be shown. In case of arithmetic errors, the unit price will govern. If cash discount for prompt payment is offered, it must be clearly shown in the space provided. Discounts for early prompt payment will not be considered in making awards. The State reserves the right to reject any and all bids in whole or in part, to waive any informality, and to delete items prior to making an award.

2. BID ACCEPTANCE PERIOD: Any bid in response to this solicitation shall be valid for (30) days. At the end of the (30) days the bid may be withdrawn at the written request of the bidder. If the bid is not withdrawn at that time it remains in effect until an award is made or the solicitation is canceled.

3. eVA BUSINESS-TO-GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND ORDERS: The solicitation/contract will result in (ONE) purchase order(s) with the EVA transaction fee assessed for each order.

Vendors desiring to provide goods and/or services to the Commonwealth shall participate in the EVA Internet e-procurement solution and agree to comply with the following: If this solicitation is for a term contract, failure to provide an electronic catalog (price list) or index page catalog for items awarded will be just cause for the Commonwealth to reject your bid/offer or terminate this contract for default. The format of this electronic catalog shall conform to the EVA Catalog Interchange Format (CIF) Specification that can be accessed and downloaded from Contractors should email Catalog or Index Page information to

4. EXTRA CHARGES NOT ALLOWED: The bid price shall be for complete installation ready for the Commonwealth’s use, and shall include all applicable freight and installation charges; extra charges shall not be allowed.

5. MINORS ON WORK SITE: No minors, under the age of eighteen, shall be allowed on the VDOT work site(s) where this contract will be performed, except those employed by the Contractor as allowed by the Child Labor Laws of the United States government and the Child Labor Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

6. PRODUCT INFORMATION: The bidder shall clearly and specifically identify the product being offered and enclose complete and detailed descriptive literature, catalog cuts and specifications with the bid to enable the Commonwealth to determine if the product offered meets the requirements of the solicitation. Failure to do so may cause the bid to be considered nonresponsive.

7. STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Pursuant to Code of Virginia, §2.2-4311.2 subsection B, a bidder organized or authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth pursuant to Title 13.1 or Title 50 is required to include in its bid the identification number issued to it by the State Corporation Commission (SCC). Any bidder that is not required to be authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth as a foreign business entity under Title 13.1 or Title 50 or as otherwise required by law is required to include in its bid a statement describing why the bidder is not required to be so authorized. Indicate the above information on the SCC Form provided. Contractor agrees that the process by which compliance with Titles 13.1 and 50 is checked during the solicitation stage (including without limitation the SCC Form provided) is streamlined and not definitive, and the Commonwealth’s use and acceptance of such form, or its acceptance of Contractor’s statement describing why the bidder was not legally required to be authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth, shall not be conclusive of the issue and shall not be relied upon by the Contractor as demonstrating compliance.

8. UNBALANCED BIDS: If the unit prices in the bid are obviously unbalanced, either above or below the estimated cost as determined by VDOT, the bid may be rejected as non-responsive at VDOT’s discretion.

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