Department of Social and Health Services ? Western State Hospital Audit

Agency: State Government of Washington
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Posted Date: Mar 27, 2024
Due Date: Apr 18, 2024
Solicitation No: 2020-403
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Project Name

Audit Consultant Services

Department of Social and Health Services – Western State Hospital Audit


Project Documents

2020-403 Audit RFQ

Due Date
Selected Firm

April 18, 2024

Selected Firm


Attachment Preview

State of Washington
Submittal Due Date: April 18, prior to 2:00 pm PT
Audit Services Required for Project No. 2020-403: WSH-New Forensic Hospital: Audit for, the
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) at Western State Hospital in Lakewood, WA.
Scope of Work
This Request for Qualifications is for selecting a firm to provide Audit Services for 20-403 WSH-New
Forensic Hospital project contracts at Western State Hospital in Lakewood, WA. This scope of work
includes audit services only.
The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) on behalf of the Department of Social and Health Services
(DSHS) has contracted architectural services with Hellmuth, Obata, Kassabaum, Inc. to design a New
350-Bed Forensic Hospital on the Western State Hospital campus in Lakewood, Washington. DES/DSHS
contracted with Clark Construction as the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) for this
project. The GC/CM Alternative Subcontractor selection process was used to procure Electrical,
Plumbing, Mechanical, Civil (Building and Infrastructure), Civil (Site), and Mass Timber subcontractors.
RCW 39.10.385 requires an audit to confirm proper accrual of costs.
The New Forensic Hospital is currently under design. Clark Construction is providing Preconstruction
services and enabling construction work.
Provide auditing services:
1. Conduct a pre-construction audit conference with contractor and DSHS to set the
foundation for the audit process.
Review of the GC/CM contract documents, specifically the Cost of Work for the
Alternatively Procured Subcontractors as required by RCW 39.10.385 and spot
check Negotiated Support Services (NSS) as it relates to costs to be reimbursed.
ii. Initial review of contractor's Schedule of Values at the start of construction.
iii. The initial conference shall facilitate smooth and timely information transfer
between the GC/CM, the Alternatively Procured Subcontractors, and Auditor.
2. Perform interim audits of contractor's construction costs when construction is
approximately 35% and 65% complete.
Audit of billings to date.
ii. This audit should identify items within the billing that the contractor may need
to address with future billings prior to the final audit.
iii. Provide preliminary reports based on the interim audits during construction. Include
recommendations regarding reconciliation of billed amounts and recorded costs.
3. Conduct spot check audits during construction when requested by the Project Manager.
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4. Perform final audit of contractor's construction costs at final completion of construction
and prior to contractor’s Final Payment.
Final audit shall be completed within 30 Days of delivery of contractor’s
records/final billing. Owner’s release of final payment is contingent upon a
completed audit.
ii. Final written report to be submitted at the time of completion of the audit.
iii. Reports to include recommendations regarding reconciliation of billed amounts
and recorded costs.
iv. The Consultant may be asked to provide additional related duties, not
specifically identified above on an as-need basis when requested.
Description of Facility
Western State Hospital (WSH) is a psychiatric hospital campus comprised of 43 separate buildings
located approximately seven miles south of Tacoma, WA in the city of Lakewood. Existing WSH facilities
are no longer suited to accommodate the delivery of core mental health services.
Twelve existing buildings and their infrastructure will be demolished and replaced with approximately
590,000 SF of new development, consisting of 3 new buildings: a 4-story hospital, a 3-story
administration building (ADM), and a 1-story facilities annex. Through a new approach to the design and
planning of the buildings and surrounding landscape, the campus seeks to provide a calming and healing
environment to facilitate patient recovery. This approach has a demonstrable record of helping to
minimize the length of patient stay for competency restoration and reduction in wait times for
accommodating new patients.
The approximate Total Contract Cost (TCC) for construction is $705,000,000. This Project is funded for
Design and partial construction in the 2023-2025 biennium with the remaining $250,000,000
construction funding anticipated in 2025-2027 biennium.
Project Goals
Create a positive community impact by supporting people who need mental health care.
Eliminate the backlog of patients waiting for treatment in jails.
Use state-of-the-art architecture to improve the therapy model and directly enhance the healing
of patients and support a new way to operate and deliver care.
Deliver the project within budget by proactively identifying and mitigating financial challenges
throughout the course of the project.
Timely project delivery so that DSHS can open the New Forensic Hospital and start treating
Foster communication to build trust, teamwork, and create an environment where everyone
wants to work together again.
Successfully deliver the new Hospital while demonstrating fiscally responsible accounting.
Submitting firms should have a strong background in auditing construction contracts. Experience
auditing GC/CM contracts is preferred, but not mandatory.
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Project-Specific Information
The GC/CM Contract Documents for project 20-403 can be found here:
Anticipated Selection Schedule
RFQ Notice Issued
Informational Meeting
Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Due
Short-listed firms selected and notified
Interview Period
Firm(s) Selected and Announced
Agreement(s) Executed
March 27, 2024
April 10, 2024 at 10:00 AM PT
See above date and time
Week of April 29, 2024
Week of May 13, 2024
Week of May 20, 2024
First week in June 2024
Informational Meetings and Site Tours
An informational meeting will be held virtually for this project.
Informational Meeting Date/Time
Video Teleconference Meeting Links / Call In
April 10 at 10:00 am PT
Join the meeting now
Meeting ID: 262 453 226 243
Passcode: Cakehn
Dial-in by phone
+1 564-999-2000,,502754942# United States, Olympia
Find a local number
Phone conference ID: 502 754 942#
Firms who have previously not performed business with the state are encouraged to attend. Any
information provided at the Informational Meeting will be posted on our Current Projects webpage
(provided above) including a Q&A sheet from the meeting.
For directions for the pre-submittal informational meeting, please contact the DES project manager at
Addenda to this Notice
It is the responsibility of the interested firms to track and changes to this solicitation. Refer to the DES
website any addenda to the published public notice and/or RFQ. (
Submittal Maximum Page Count and Additional Content
SOQs must not exceed fifteen (15) single sided pages (total) of content using 8½ x 11 size sheets.
Provided informational content is not included, the following will not be counted against the maximum
page count:
Page 3 of 9
Title and Back Cover Pages
Section Dividers/Tabs
Consultant Selection Contact Form
Attachment 2 Federal SF330 (Part II only) Form
When 11”x 17” size sheets or fold outs are used, each side will be counted as two 8½ x 11 sheets.
A submitting firm may elect to include any other pertinent data it deems appropriate to address the
selection criteria and assist the Selection Committee in evaluating the qualifications. Additional content
must remain within the maximum page count.
Submittal Requirements
DES is accepting only electronic submittals. All electronic submittals must be uploaded and received no
later than the date and time specified.
Format the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to meet the following requirements. SOQs that do not
follow this format may impact final scoring:
Title Page indicating: (not included in page count)
o Project No. 20-403: WSH-New Forensic Hospital: Audit
o DSHS, Western State Hospital
o Name of Firm
o Date of Submission
Cover Letter (not included in page count)
Consultant Selection Contact Form (see description below) (not included in page count)
Executive Summary
Qualifications of Key Personnel
Relevant Experience
Past Performance
Diverse Business Inclusion Strategies
Federal SF330 (Part II only) Form (not included in page count)
The Consultant Selection Contact Form must identify the Designated Point of Contact, contact
information, and address the Firm. Form must be situated behind a Title Cover or Cover Letter AND
before any table of contents. Consultant Selection Contact Form may be found in the Consultant
Selection Documents, located on our Current Advertised Projects for Consultant Selection Page.
Federal form SF330 (Part II only) may be found on our Current Advertised Projects for Consultant
Selection Page.
How to submit the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)
DES has created a secure access point for uploading your SOQ for this project: This link will be active until the
submittal deadline, at which point the upload access will be removed.
If you have trouble uploading or would like confirmation of your upload, please contact Angeline Butros
via email:
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Failure to submit the SOQ by the specified date and time above will render the SOQ as non-responsive
to this notice and rejected by DES for consideration. Failure to adhere to the submittal requirements
may also render the SOQ as non-responsive to this notice and rejected by DES for consideration.
Supplemental RFQ Documents
The following forms/instructions are located on the DES Current Advertised Projects for Consultant
Selection page in the RFQ Consultant Selection Documents section
Consultant Selection Contact Form
Federal Form SF330
Diverse Business Inclusion Plan
Selection Process
The selection process will consist of two phases: Phase 1 SOQ Evaluation and Phase 2 Oral Interviews.
The firms submitting qualifications in Phase 1 will be scored and ranked using the Phase 1 evaluation
criteria in this RFQ. The most qualified firms (Finalists) will be invited to Phase 2 Oral Interviews. The
Finalists will be scored and ranked based on the Phase 2 evaluation criteria. The Finalist with the best
Phase 2 rank will be chosen to begin negotiations to provide consultant services for this project. Note,
Phase 1 and Phase 2 scores are NOT combined.
Phase 1: SOQ Evaluation (total 100 points)
Each SOQ received and deemed responsive to this notice will be reviewed and evaluated by a selection
panel as determined by DES. This panel will review each SOQ for responsiveness and apply the following
weighted selected criterion to determine a score for ranking:
Weighted evaluation criterion for the Phase 1
SOQ Evaluation will be used by the selection committee to score each top-rated firm as follows:
Qualifications of Key Personnel
Identify specific individuals and sub-consultants for key positions and show
interrelationships and reporting hierarchy for your proposed team. Describe
how each individual’s professional experiences are relevant and bring value to
30 points
the project. Provide proposed percentage of time that the Owner intends to
assign each individual or sub-firm to the Project.
Relevant Experience
Discuss projects your firm has undertaken of similar scope, size and
complexity within the past five to eight years. Describe attributes of past
projects that have met goals similar to the Owner’s goals for this project.
35 points
Identify delivery methods for each project. Provide original project budget
and actual completed costs along with current contact information for
reference checking.
Past Performance
Describe the approach the Proposer might utilize to achieve and maintain
35 points
Owner’s project scope, schedule and budget. Describe and provide examples
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