360-Degree Street Level Imagery

Agency: City of Berkeley
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Aug 15, 2019
Due Date: Sep 10, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-11279-C
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specification # Title/description & related specification files due date contact
19-11279-C 360-Degree Street Level Imagery 9/10/201 Debra Montgomery

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Finance Department
General Services Division
Specification No. 19-11279-C
Dear Proposer:
The City of Berkeley is soliciting written proposals from qualified firms to provide 360-degree street level imagery
of the public right-of-way. As a Request for Proposal (RFP), this is not an invitation to bid and although price is
very important, other factors will be taken into consideration.
The project scope, content of proposal, and vendor selection process are summarized in the RFP (attached).
Proposals must be received no later than 2:00 pm, on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. All responses must be in a
sealed envelope and have “360-degree Street Level Imagery” and Specification No. 19-11279-C clearly marked
on the outer most mailing envelope. Please submit one (1) unbound original and three (3) unbound copies, plus
one (1) electronic copy (flash drive) of the proposal as follows:
Mail or Hand Deliver to:
City of Berkeley
Finance Department/General Services Division
2180 Milvia Street, 3rd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
Proposals will not be accepted after the date and time stated above. Incomplete proposal or proposals that do not
conform to the requirements specified herein will not be considered. Issuance of the RFP does not obligate the City
to award a contract, nor is the City liable for any costs incurred by the proposer in the preparation and submittal of
proposals for the subject work. The City retains the right to award all or parts of this contract to several bidders, to
not select any bidders, and/or to re-solicit proposals. The act of submitting a proposal is a declaration that the
proposer has read the RFP and understands all the requirements and conditions.
For questions concerning the anticipated work, or scope of the project, please contact Debra Montgomery,
Information Systems Manager, via email at demontgomery@cityofberkeley.info no later than Monday, August
26, 2019. Answers to questions will not be provided by telephone. Rather, answers to all questions or any addenda
will be posted on the City of Berkeley’s site at http://www.cityofberkeley.info/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=7128. It is
the vendor’s responsibility to check this site. For general questions concerning the submittal process, contact
purchasing at 510-981-7320.
We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal.
Dennis Dang
Acting General Services Manager
City of Berkeley
360-degree Street Level Imagery
Specification No. 19-11279-C
Page 2 of 22
Release Date: 08/15/19
I.1. About the City
The City of Berkeley (City) is located in Alameda County on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. At the
geographic midpoint of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the City is 20 minutes from San Francisco and within
easy proximity to population centers in Contra Costa County and Silicon Valley. Encompassing 17.69 square miles
and with a population of 120,000 residents, Berkeley has the highest population density of any city in the East Bay
region. The City is defined to a large degree, both culturally and economically, by the presence of the University of
California campus located on the eastern side of the City.
The City operates under its own charter with a Council/Manager form of government. The City Council consists of
eight Councilmembers and one Mayor, elected for four-year terms. The City provides a comprehensive set of
community services common to similar-sized California cities such as public safety (police and fire); sanitation and
sewer; public maintenance and infrastructure; leisure (parks, recreation and marina); animal control; planning and
development (land use, building & safety, code enforcement, permitting, sustainability); general and administrative
services, and housing advocacy and support services. In addition, the City offers support services for public health
and human services, and a City-owned public library system.
The Mayor and Council select and confirm the City Manager, who acts as Chief Executive Officer for the day-to-
day operations of the City government. The City Manager is responsible for the administration of City services and
programs, enforcement of the City's Municipal Code and ordinances, and preparation of the annual budget.
Department directors are selected by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council.
More information is available in the City located at the link below: https://www.cityofberkeley.info/Home.aspx.
I.2. Project Background
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support the activities of the City and its community. The City of Berkeley
Enterprise GIS empowers staff and the community to make decisions that impact the future of the City of Berkeley
in a conversant and logical approach.
Imagery data has become one of the most useful layers available in GIS. Imagery today is typically very accurate
spatially and provides a snapshot of real world conditions. It can be used to understand real world relationships of
terrestrial features more readily than other GIS data.
360-degree Street Level Imagery provides an immediate and comprehensive overview of the public right-of-way.
Using this imagery, staff will be able to view, analyze, measure, and extract infrastructure assets without leaving
the office. Efficiency gains expected are as follows:
Save time, effort, and money by doing virtual inspections and automated asset management
Optimize asset inventory & condition assessment (Public Works)
Optimize and update building and zoning review processes (Planning)
Respond to emergencies with knowledge and confidence through detailed emergency response plans and
better situational awareness (Public Safety)
Monitor, analyze and document existing street conditions (Transportation)
The City wishes to engage a vendor to acquire current 360-degree Street Level Imagery that fully integrates into the
City’s existing GIS environment and provides tools for measuring, viewing, and extracting data.
City of Berkeley
360-degree Street Level Imagery
Specification No. 19-11279-C
Page 3 of 22
Release Date: 08/15/19
The consultant is to provide professional services required to develop 360-degree street level imagery of public
right-of-way areas within the City of Berkeley, provide tools to access the imagery, as well as provide tools for
measuring, extracting data, and reporting.
The list of detailed task and deliverable requirements are:
Capture spherical 360o imagery for the approximately 285 total miles of public right-of-ways within the City of
Berkeley. At minimum, this task will include:
High resolution, 100 megapixel images
Imagery and LiDAR capture and processing
Cloud-based storage and access
Privacy filter (faces and license plates blurred)
Imagery recorded every 5 meters along right-of-ways to provide multiple viewing perspectives of all objects
High quality images, free of digital artifacts, excessive shadows, radiometric and tonal imbalance, glare,
extreme contrast, smearing, warping or distortion of features, ghosting, voids, and artificial colorations
Collection timeframe less than 30 days including contingency time for bad weather with initial delivery of
images within three weeks of start of image collection
Metadata with information on the date and time of capture, the accuracy of each recording point, the spatial
reference system, and the camera system information
A. Complete street level 360o imagery dataset of public right-of-ways within the City of Berkeley
B. Quality control report that includes summary of miles driven, areas collected and positional accuracy of the
recording points
Provide an interactive web-based application with unlimited logins for City staff that provides cloud access to the
imagery dataset and tools for measuring, collecting data, and reporting.
At minimum, this task will include:
Ability to use different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.
Mobile responsive imagery
Search with address, zip code, and or coordinates
Integrate with our applications and work processes using an industry standard Javascript API
Determine the location and dimensions of objects in imagery
Create precise point, line, and area measurements
Overlay City-provided spatial data in the imagery in formats such as Shapefile or Geodatabase
Create reports
Save views as images
City of Berkeley
360-degree Street Level Imagery
Specification No. 19-11279-C
Page 4 of 22
Release Date: 08/15/19
a) An interactive, responsive web-based application with unlimited logins for City staff
b) Web-based training with an option to purchase onsite training(s)
c) Technical support services via phone or email
Milestone 3: ArcGIS TOOLS
Provide tools within ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and/or Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS that
integrates imagery display, editing, and measuring into the City’s existing ArcGIS environment.
At minimum, this task will include the ability to:
View and measure on the images
Use the native editing capabilities of ArcGIS to collect features in 2D or 3D from the images
Save views as images
a) ArcGIS tools
b) Web-based training (minimum 2 sessions) with an option to purchase onsite training(s)
c) Technical support services via phone or email
The implemented system shall provide identity and access security by groups and individual users/services.
Security must include minimum inquiry, add, update, and delete levels.
Security functionality must map to and address each function, category, and subcategory of the current NIST
Cybersecurity Framework. Core (NIST CSF). Security must apply to the hosts, infrastructure, database, screen,
processes and secured data elements. Security must be enforced across all transactions, workflows, modules, and
queries. Security identity and access includes user / job role-based access, authentication (account management,
password management and other account related activities) and single sign-on, mobile device business application
access, database access security, etc., utilizing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) which supports
single sign-on, account management, authentication, password policy, and access control services.
Service Levels: System Performance, Scalability and Availability
The proposed solution will meet or exceed the following system / service levels:
Hardware to handle the average transaction load with an average CPU utilization of no more than 35% - 40%
of the CPU capacity. The peak CPU utilization shall never exceed 70% of CPU capacity at any
given time.
Maintain 99.99% availability — including planned maintenance.
Security Documentation
Provide security documentation for your proposed solution. This should include security diagrams and other
documentation such as architecture, policies, procedures, and compliance with laws, NIST CSF, SSAE-16, HIPAA,
SOX, FedRAMP, etc. Security patches and software upgrades should be current, and backup procedures for remote
files and databases should be in place. Third party software integration should be verified.
City of Berkeley
360-degree Street Level Imagery
Specification No. 19-11279-C
Page 5 of 22
Release Date: 08/15/19
a) Disaster Availability
In the event the Hosted Service or any component thereof is rendered permanently inoperative as a result of
a natural or other disaster, Provider will communicate immediately with the City, and make all
commercially reasonable efforts to facilitate the expeditious restoration of the services. Where Provider is
unable to restore Services in a reasonable timeframe, City may exercise its right to terminate the
b) Return of City Data
Within thirty (30) days of notification of termination of this Agreement, Provider shall provide City with all
City-owned data in dedicated data files suitable for importation into commercially available database
software such as MS-SQL, ESRI Shapefiles. The dedicated data files will be comprised of the City’s data
held in the Provider’s system. The structure of the relational database will be specific to the City’s data and
will not be representative of the proprietary provider’s database.
a) Please attach the Data Center Security Guide, including but not limited to:
1) Physical, Administration, and Technical Security Controls;
2) Data Breach Notification Procedures;
3) Security Program; and
4) System Upgrade Policy
All Exhibits and RFP responses will be made part of the Agreement.
All proposals shall include the following information, organized as separate sections of the proposal. The proposal
should be concise and to the point.
1. Contractor Identification:
Provide the name of the firm, the firm's principal place of business, the name and telephone number of the
contact person and company tax identification number.
2. Proposal Describing Service:
Provide a minimum of three (3) client references. References should be California cities or other large public
sector entities. Provide the designated person's name, title, organization, address, telephone number, and the
project(s) that were completed under that client’s direction.
3. Price Proposal:
The proposal shall include pricing for all services. Pricing shall be all inclusive unless indicated otherwise on a
separate pricing sheet. The Proposal shall itemize all services, including hourly rates for all professional,
technical and support personnel, and all other charges related to completion of the work shall be itemized.
4. Contract Terminations:
If your organization has had a contract terminated in the last five (5) years, describe such incident.
Termination for default is defined as notice to stop performance due to the vendor’s non-performance or poor
performance and the issue of performance was either (a) not litigated due to inaction on the part of the vendor,
or (b) litigated and such litigation determined that the vendor was in default.

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