DeGray Lake Resort State Park Admin and 2 Residence Roofing

Agency: State Government of Arkansas
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238160 - Roofing Contractors
Posted Date: May 13, 2024
Due Date: May 27, 2024
Solicitation No: MMQB-24-005R
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description agency opening date/time bid number buyer
DeGray Lake Resort State Park Admin and 2 Residence Roofing Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism 05/27/2024 02:00 PM CDT MMQB-24-005R

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Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism
1 Capitol Mall Ste. 3B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Park Operations Major Maintenance
Solicitation Number: MMQB-24-005R
Date Solicitation Issued:
Admin Bldg and 2 Residences, 3 roofs total
Parks Operations DeGray Lake Resort State Park
Bid Due Date:
p.m., Central Time
Bid responses for this Competitive Bid must be emailed to by the
designated due date and time. Bids received after the submission deadline may be rejected as untimely.
Response email subject line must be "Bid Submission for Bid MMQB-24-005R "
Your Bid Submission could be misplaced and not considered if the email subject line is anything else.
Location Contact:
Email Address:
Department Website:
Brad DePriest
Telephone Number: (501) 865-5812
Email Address:
Department Website:
Adam Smith (501) 324-9582
Alternate Number:
(501) 682-6910
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This Quote Bid is issued by the Department of Parks Heritage and Tourism for the Parks Operations
division to obtain pricing and a contract for a Major Maintenance project.
Direct all communications regarding this Solicitation to the Buyer on page one (1) of the Quote Bid.
A. As a result of this Quote Bid, the Department intends to award a contract to a single Contractor (see
Contractor Selection).
B. The anticipated starting date for any resulting contract is within 30 days of Bid Due Date except that
the actual contract start date may be adjusted unilaterally by the State for up to three (3) calendar
months. By submitting a signed bid in response to the Quote Bid, the Prospective Contractor
represents and warrants that it will honor its bid as being held open as irrevocable for this period.
A. Unless otherwise defined herein, all terms defined in Arkansas Procurement Law have the same
meaning herein.
B. The terms “Quote Bid,” “QB,” and “Solicitation” are used synonymously in this document.
C. “Prospective Contractor” means a responsive and responsible bidder who submits a bid that meets
the Requirements and criteria set forth in this Solicitation.
D. “Requirement” means a term, condition, provision, deliverable, Specification, or a combination
thereof, that is obligated under the Solicitation, resulting contract, or both.
E. “Responsive Bid” means a bid submitted in response to this Solicitation that conforms to all
Requirements, criteria, and Specifications in this QB.
F. “Shall” and “must” mean the imperative and are used to identify Requirements and Specifications.
G. “Specification” means any technical or purchase description or other description of the physical or
functional characteristics, or of the nature, of a commodity or service. “Specification” may include a
description of any Requirement for inspecting, testing, or preparing a commodity or service for
H. “State” means the State of Arkansas. When the term “State” is used herein to reference any
obligation of the State under a contract that results from this Solicitation, that obligation is limited to
the Department using such a contract.
A. If it is in the best interest of the State to do so, award will be made to the responsible Prospective
Contractor determined to have submitted the lowest priced Responsive Bid, based on the Official Bid
Price amount entered on the Bid Signature Page.
B. A contract is not effective prior to final award being made by the State; some contracts may be
subject to Legislative review prior to final award.
A. All bids must be submitted to the Buyer email address and before the submission deadline on page
one (1) of the QB.
1. The following are bid submission Requirements and ALL must be submitted for a response to
be considered responsive:
a. Fully completed, legible and Signed Bid Signature Page; signature may be ink or digital.
b. Official Bid Price must be proposed in U.S. dollars and cents.
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c. Official Bid Price must be a firm offer and adjustments may be negotiated prior to contract
award. The State has the right to approve or deny any request for a price adjustment.
d. State and local sales taxes should not be included in the bid price.
e. Proposed Subcontractors Form (see SRV-1 or Standard Commodities Contract, section 14)
f. Combined Certifications Form completed and signed.
g. EO 98-04 Contract & Grant Disclosure Form
2. Prospective Contractors should not include any other documents or ancillary information, such
as a cover letter or promotional/marketing information.
B. Prospective Contractors shall not alter any language in Solicitation document(s) or Official Bid Price
Sheet provided by the State.
C. Prospective Contractors’ bids cannot be altered or amended after the bid opening except as
permitted by law or rule.
D. As requested, Prospective Contractors shall provide clarification regarding Prospective Contractor’s
bid response.
E. Prospective Contractors may submit multiple bids.
See Attachments A, B and C Specifications
A. A Prospective Contractor’s past performance with the State may be used to determine if the
Prospective Contractor is responsible (OSP Rule R1:19-11-235).
1. Bids submitted by Prospective Contractors determined to be non-responsible will be rejected.
B. A single Prospective Contractor must be identified as the prime contractor.
1. The prime Contractor shall be responsible for the resulting contract and jointly and severally
liable with any of its subcontractors, affiliates, or agents to the State for the performance thereof.
C. By submitting a bid, the Prospective Contractor represents and warrants:
1. That the prices in the bid have been arrived at independently, without any collusion with
another competing Prospective Contractor.
a. Collusion violates Arkansas Procurement Law and can lead to suspension, debarment,
and can be referred to the Attorney General’s officer for investigation and appropriate legal
action (Arkansas Code Annotated § 19-11-240 and 19-11-245).
2. That the Prospective Contractor has not retained a person to solicit or secure the resulting
contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage, or
contingent fee, except for retention of bona fide employees or bona fide established
commercial selling agencies maintained by the Prospective Contractor for the purpose of
securing business.
D. Qualifications, services, and commodities must meet or exceed the required Specifications as set
forth in the Solicitation.
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A. The Contractor must be registered as a vendor to receive payment and may register online by
visiting and clicking the Start Here button.
B. Pursuant to Arkansas State Procurement Law, the Contractor shall certify that, unless they offer to
provide the goods or services for at least twenty percent (20%) less than the lowest certifying
Prospective Contractor:
1. They are not engaged in and shall not, during the aggregate term of the resulting contract,
engage in a boycott of Israel (Arkansas Code Annotated § 25-1-503),
2. They are not engaged in and shall not, during the aggregate term of the resulting contract,
engage in a boycott of an Energy, Fossil Fuel, Firearms, or Ammunition Industry (Arkansas Code
Annotated § 25-1-1102).
C. Pursuant to Arkansas Procurement Law, the Contractor shall certify that the Contractor does not
knowingly employ or contract with illegal immigrants and that the Contractor shall not knowingly
employ or contract with illegal immigrants during the aggregate term of any contract with the State or
any of its departments, institutions, or political subdivisions (Arkansas Code Annotated § 19-11-105).
D. The Contractor shall invoice the State as required by the Department and should not invoice the
State in advance of delivery and acceptance of any commodities or services (Arkansas Code
Annotated § 19-4-1206).
1. The Contractor should invoice the agency by an itemized list of charges. The Department’s
purchase order number and/or the contract number should be referenced on each invoice.
2. Payment will be made in accordance with applicable State of Arkansas accounting procedures
upon acceptance of commodities and services by the Department.
3. Payment will be made only after the Contractor has successfully satisfied the Department as to
the reliability and effectiveness of the commodities or services purchased as a whole.
E. The Contractor should be able to accept the State’s authorized VISA Procurement Card
(p-card) as a method of payment. Price changes or additional fee(s) must not be levied against the
State when accepting the p-card as a form of payment.
F. The Prospective Contractor shall certify that they are not a company owned in whole or with a
majority ownership by the government of the People's Republic of China (a “Scrutinized Company”)
and that they do not and shall not during the aggregate term of the resulting contract employ a
Scrutinized Company as a contractor (Arkansas Code Annotated § 25-1-1203).
G. This QB incorporates all terms of the Services Contract (SRV-1) Fillable Form (found here) or
Standard Commodities Contract Template (found here).
1. A Prospective Contractor’s bid may be rejected if a Prospective Contractor takes exception to
any terms, conditions, or Requirements in this QB.
H. The Prospective Contractor agrees and shall adhere to all terms, conditions, and Requirements if
selected as the Contractor.
1. Items may only be modified if the legal requirement is satisfied and approved by the State during
A. The State may inspect all work and commodities delivered, tendered, or identified to the State as
being procured under a resulting contract to determine whether they conform to the contract.
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1. The State’s right to inspection may be exercised at any reasonable place and time and in any
reasonable manner, as determined in the State’s reasonable discretion, prior to acceptance of
and payment for any commodities procured under a resulting contract.
2. If the work or commodities are found to be conforming as the result of inspection, the State will
bear the cost of inspection, if any.
3. If any of the work or commodities are found to be non-conforming, the State:
a. May elect to recover expenses of inspection, if any, from the Contractor and the Contractor
shall bear the cost
b. The Contractor shall be responsible for the cost of any retrieval, return, or disposal of the
commodities. Payment for commodities does not constitute acceptance of the commodities
as conforming to the contract if the State has not had a reasonable opportunity to inspect
the commodities or in the event of Contractor’s fraud or concealment of defects.
B. The State has the option to return any product(s) within the thirty (30) day timeframe for any reason.
C. The Contractor shall include a total satisfaction return policy for all products and shall not impose
any liability on the State for such returns.
A. A minority-owned business is defined by Arkansas Code Annotated § 15-4-303 as a business owned
by a lawful permanent resident of this State who is:
African American
American Indian
Asian American
Hispanic American
Pacific Islander American
A Service-Disabled Veteran as designated by
the United States Department of Veteran Affairs
B. A women-owned business is defined by Act 1080 of the 91st General Assembly Regular Session 2017
as a business that is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by one (1) or more women who are lawful
permanent residents of this State.
C. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission conducts a certification process for minority-
owned and women-owned businesses. If certified, the Prospective Contractor’s Certification Number
should be included on the Bid Signature Page.
A. The release of public records is governed by the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (Arkansas
Code Annotated § 25-19-101 et. seq.).
B. Submission documents pertaining to the Solicitation become the property of the State and may be
subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
C. In accordance with FOIA, and to promote maximum competition in the State competitive sealed
bidding, the State may maintain the confidentiality of certain types of information described in FOIA.
Such information may include trade secrets and other information exempted from public disclosure
pursuant to FOIA.
D. Under no circumstances will pricing information submitted in response to an invitation for sealed bids
be designated as confidential after the sealed bids have been opened.
E. Consistent with and to the extent permitted under FOIA, any Prospective Contractor may designate
appropriate portions of a bid as confidential by submitting a redacted copy of the bid. By so redacting
any information contained in the bid, the Prospective Contractor warrants that, after having received
such necessary or proper review by counsel or other knowledgeable advisors, it has formed a good
faith opinion that the portions redacted are not considered public records under FOIA.
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