3-D Scanner and Equipment

Agency: Department of the Army
State: Tennessee
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • 70 - General Purpose Information Technology Equipment (including software).
NAICS Category:
  • 334118 - Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
Set Aside: Total Small Business
Posted Date: Sep 21, 2017
Due Date: Sep 25, 2017
Solicitation No: W912EQ-17-Q-0032
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Solicitation Number :
Notice Type :
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Synopsis :
Added: Sep 19, 2017 5:03 pm
This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial supplies prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.
This procurement is 100% Set-Aside for Small Business. The associated NAICS code is 334118 with small business with a size standard of 1,000 employees. All responsible sources may submit a quotation, which shall be considered by the agency. Quotes may be submitted in hard copy or electronically, either through regular mail, email, or by facsimile. Regardless of method of delivery, it is the offeror's responsibility to ensure receipt of quotes by the time and date stated herein. Contractor shall submit a price to include all charges on a company letterhead form to the contracting office.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District has a requirement for the purchase of computer &Scanning equipment. The Contractor shall provide all materials, parts, warranties training & technical support for the requested items

Deliver to Ensley Engineering Yard Building 8, 2915 Riverport Road, Memphis, TN 38109 within 120 days of contract award.
This is a brand name or equal requirement. All quotes must include enough detail for the government to determine the quoted items as "equal". The following saline characteristics for each specified item must be met to be considered "equal".


1. HANDHELD 3D SCANNER (HandySCAN 700 or equal):

? The weight of the handheld 3D device should not exceed 2 pounds
? The dimensions of the handheld 3D device should not exceed 4.8" X 3" X 11.6" (length X width X height)
? The measurement rate in which the 3D devices takes data in should be at least 480,000 measures per second
? The scanning area of the 3D device should be at least 10.8" X 10" (length X width)
? The light source of the 3D device shall have at least seven laser crosses plus one extra line
? The laser class shall be Class II, which is eye-safe
? The resolution of the 3D device shall be at least 0.002"
? The accuracy of the 3D device shall be up to 0.0012"
? The volumetric accuracy shall not exceed 0.0008" + 0.0007" per foot
? The volumetric accuracy shall be supplemented with additional capabilities enabling accuracy that shall not exceed 0.0008" + 0.0003" per foot
? The stand-off distance, which is the distance between the handheld 3D device and the object being scanned shall be approximately 12"
? The depth of the field of the scanned object shall be at least 10"
? The size of the parts being scanned shall be as little as 0.3 feet and up to at least 12 feet
? The software for the 3D scanner shall be VXelements or equivalent
? The output formats shall include, but not limited to the following: .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, and .zpr
? Compatible software shall be the following or equivalent: 3D Systems (Geomagic Solutions), InnovMetric Software (PolyWorks), Dassault Systemes (CATIA V5 and SolidWorks), PTC (Pro/ENGINEER), Siemens (NX and Solid Edge), Autodesk (Inventor, Alias, 3ds, Max, Maya, Softimage)
? The 3D scanner should be able to hook up to a laptop via a USB 3.0 cable
? The 3D scanner should be able to work in the following temperature range: 59-104F
? The 3D scanner should be able to work in the following humidity range: 10-90%
? The 3D scanner should be able to conform to ISO 10360 standards

2. LAPTOP COMPUTER (HP Compaq ZBook15 G3 or equal)

? Laptop shall have at least 1 TB Solid State Drive - 64 GB Eng
? Laptop shall have an Intel Core TM i7-6820MQ or better processor
? Laptop shall have Nvidia Quadro M100M 2GB grapics card or better
? Laptop shall have Windows 7 Professional 64bits or better
? Laptop shall have a 15.6" diagonal LED FHD, anti-glare screen
? Laptop shall have 64 GB 2133DDR4 memory kit
? Laptop shall include mouse and a USB key (recovery)
? Laptop shall include carrying case
? Laptop shall include 3 years manufacturer's warranty

3. SOFTWARE (VXModel or equal)

? The laptop shall come with software that is capable of Scan-to-CAD or Scan-to-Print
? The laptop shall be fully equipped with software that enables complete reverse engineering of the 3D scan

? The equipment shall come with on-site training

? The equipment should come with at least 10,000 black contour self-sticking positioning targets

? All equipment shall be covered for at least one year of updates and maintenance after the initial year

Energy Star
As required in clause 52.223-15 Energy Efficiency in Energy-Consuming Products, the contractor shall only provide products that earn the ENERGY STAR label and meet ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency. The contractor is encouraged to visit http://www.energystar.gov for complete product specifications and updated lists of qualifying products.
The contractor shall exclusively provide EPEAT-registered products under this contract, as applicable. The Contractor is responsible for ensuring products meet the latest EPEAT requirements at the time of delivery. Visit www.epeat.net for complete product specifications, registration requirements, and updated lists of qualifying products.

- Sustainable Product Reporting: The contractor shall submit a [quarterly/semi-annual/annual] report to the Contracting Officer's Representative quantifying the number of EPEAT-registered products delivered under this contract (by product type and EPEAT rating). The report shall include data for the current quarter, current fiscal year, and total contract period. A sample matrix for this data is shown below.

- Asset Take-Back: The Contractor shall assess the remaining value of purchased equipment at the end of its useful life based on its current value. The Government may return the equipment to the Contractor and use the assessed value to offset the purchase price of a new device. As part of the proposal, the Contractor shall clearly identify its approach to device end-of-life management. Unless approved by the Government as a management option, electronic assets shall not be disposed of in a landfill or by incineration. For any equipment removed by the Contractor and scheduled to be refurbished or recycled, the Contractor is required to demonstrate as part of its management plan that those actions will be handled by a refurbisher or recycler that is third-party certified to one of the known electronics recycling certification programs that is used in the United States, the Responsible Recycling Standard (R2) or the E-Stewards Standard.

Delivery: NLT 30 calendar days from the award date.

Question Submission: Interested offerors must submit any questions concerning the solicitation at the earliest time possible to enable the Buyer to respond. Questions must be submitted by email to LaTasha.n.martin@usace.army.mil .Questions not received within a reasonable time prior to close of the solicitation may not be considered.

Contractors shall submit quote on company letterhead to include pricing for the requested supply items, with its unit price, extended price, freight charge, total price, pick-up and delivery date (if applicable), prompt payment terms, remittance address, Tax Identification Number, DUNS number, and Cage Code.

Response to this combined synopsis/solicitation must be received via email, fax, mail, or delivery by Monday September 25, 2017 no later than 11:00 AM (CST) at 167 North Main Street B202, Memphis, TN 38103. Quotes should be marked with solicitation number W912EQ-17-Q-0032 addressed to LaTasha Martin, Phone (901) 544-3037, Fax (901) 544-3710, email: LaTasha.n.martin@usace.army.mil. Vendors not registered in System for Award Management Registration (SAM) database prior to award will not be eligible for award. Vendors may register for SAM by registering online at www.sam.gov or by calling 1-866-606-8220.
FAR 52.212-2 Evaluation - Commercial Items:

The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose quote conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers:

All quotes submitted will be evaluated for (1) Technical Acceptability, (2) Satisfactory Past Performance & (3) Price. The government will issue award to the offeror whose proposal is the Lowest Price of those determined to meet at least the minimum requirements to be determined Technically Acceptable & Demonstrates Satisfactory Past Performance.

Technical Acceptability- is defined as the capability to PROVIDE THE ITEMS as specified in this Solicitation and the attached Scope-of-Work (SOW), and the ability to meet or exceed the specified delivery schedule.

To be determined Technically Acceptable Offerors Shall Submit the following with their quote package;

Evidence of the Capability to provide the items specified, such as a product description, technical specification sheets, product drawings and/or any other documentation necessary for the government to make a determination of technical acceptability of the item quoted.

Offerors Shall Submit, with their quote a project delivery schedule/date and certify with their quote that they are capable of completing delivery two to three week ARO.

Satisfactory Past Performance- A review of past performance will be conducted on this requirement. The quality and delivery classifications identified for a supplier in the Past Performance Information Retrieval System??Statistical Reporting (PPIRS?SR) application (http://www.ppirs.gov/) will be used by the contracting officer to evaluate a supplier's past performance. In the case of a supplier without a record of relevant past performance history in PPIRS?SR for the FSC or PSC of the supplies being purchased, the supplier may not be evaluated favorably or unfavorably for its past performance history.

Price - Price quotes will be examined to determine the extent to which proposed prices are comparable with the Government estimates, and previous procurement history and a determination made of Price Reasonableness. The Government may reject any proposal that is determined to be Not Fair and Reasonable, unrealistically high or low in price when compared to Government estimates, or are unbalanced, such that the proposal is deemed to reflect an inherent lack of competence or failure to comprehend the requirements.

The following clauses and provisions are incorporated and will remain in full force in any resultant award. The full text of these clauses can be accessed electronically at website: http://www.farsite.hill.af.mil.

FAR 52.204-7 System for Award Management
FAR 52.204-13 System for Award Management Maintenance
FAR 52.204-16 Commercial and Government Entity Code Reporting
FAR 52.204-17 Ownership or Control of Offeror
FAR 52.204-18 Commercial and Government Entity Code Maintenance
FAR 52.204-19 Incorporation by Reference of Representations and Certifications
FAR 52.211-6 Brand Name or Equal
FAR 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors-Commercial Items
FAR 52.212-2 Evaluation - Commercial Items
FAR 52.212-3 Offeror Representation and Certifications--Commercial Items (See Attachment)
FAR 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items
FAR 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statues or Executive Orders-Commercial Items
FAR 52.225-18 Place of Manufacture
FAR 52.232-39 Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations
FAR 52.232-40 Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors

The following are applicable from 52.212-5:

FAR 52.219-6 Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside
FAR 52.219-28 Post Award Small Business Program Representation
FAR 52.219-13 Notice of Set-Aside of Orders (Nov 2011)
FAR 52.222-3 Convict Labor
FAR 52.222-19 Child Labor-Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies (JAN 2014)
FAR 52.222-21 Prohibition of Segregated Facilities
FAR 52.222-26 Equal Opportunity
FAR 52.222-36 Equal Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities (JUL 2014)
FAR 52.222-40 Notification of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act (Dec 2010)
FAR 52.222-50, Combating Trafficking in Persons (March 2, 2015)
FAR 52.223-18 Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving
FAR 52.225-13 Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases
FAR 52.232-33 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer - System for Award Management (SAM) (JUL 2013)

The following DFARS Clauses and provisions are incorporated and will remain in full force in any resultant award. The full text of these clauses and provisions can be accessed electronically at website, http://www.farsite.hill.af.mil

DFARS 252.203-7000 Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials
DFARS 252.203-7003 Agency Office of the Inspector General
DFARS 252.203-7005 Representation Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials
DFARS 252.204-7003 Control of Government Personnel Work Product
DFARS 252.204-7004 System for Award Management, Alternate A
DFARS 252.204-7008 Compliance with Safeguarding Covered Defense Information Controls
DFARS 252.204-7011 Alternative Line Item Structure
DFARS 252.204-7012 Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting
DFARS 252.204-7015 Disclosure of Information to Litigation Support Contractors
DFARS 252.211-7003 Identification and Valuation
DFARS 252.213-7000 Notice to Prospective Suppliers on Use of Past Performance Information Retrieval System - Statistical Reporting in Past Performance Evaluations.
DFARS 252.223-7008 Prohibition of Hexavalent Chromium
DFARS 252.225-7001 Buy American and Balance of Payments Program
DFARS 252.225-7002 Qualifying Country Sources as Subcontractors
DFARS 252.232-7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests
DFARS 252.225-7048 Export-Controlled Items
DFARS 252.232-7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports
DFARS 252.232-7010 Levies on Contract Payments
DFARS 252.244-7000 Subcontracts for Commercial Items
DFARS 252.247-7023 Transportation of Supplies by Sea

Contracting Office Address :
167 North Main Street, Room B-202
Memphis, Tennessee 38103-1894
United States
Place of Performance :
Ensley Engineering Yard
2915 Riverport Rd.

Memphis, Tennessee 38109
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Phone: 9015443037
Fax: 9015443142

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